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Born: October 09, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 0
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11/18/18 at 2:02 am
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Vladimir Volkov




John Preston



Last five threads posted in:
Vladimir Volkov 10/27/18 Lmao you weirdo
Vladimir Volkov 10/27/18 *picks you up* so dramatic xD
Vladimir Volkov 10/26/18 *pokes you* there I fought you lol
Vladimir Volkov 10/24/18 Why thank you xD
Vladimir Volkov 10/24/18 Soooo I like skidding with my paws o.o
Vladimir Volkov 10/24/18 I'm all sorts of fun c'mon now xD
Vladimir Volkov 10/24/18 You calling those pranks xD *paws all over your page*
Lylith_ 10/24/18 "You love it and you know it. Every single day."
Vladimir Volkov 10/24/18 *skids across with bloody foot prints* who said you were the only one making walls dirty xD
Lylith_ 10/24/18 "Ha I like taking the blame. It means that someone else is being left alone."
Lylith_ 10/22/18 "Everyone blames me already for everyone's evil ways. I've grown accustomed to the blame."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Ugh! I can't even deny that if I wanted to."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Rubs at her eyes. "Gross!!!! Some things a mother should not know.!!!!"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Your arse better be innocent, child." Shakes her head. No, no, no. She didn't those images.
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Looks around shocked. "What? What did I do? I am innocent."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Nope. They are fun to bounce and hear pop."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Why? They are just eyes."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Still have a lot to learn."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "I can't help it if they pop out when you hit just a little too hard."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "It's only a little mess. Guts, entails, a finger or two. I even think there may still be an eyeball." Shrugged.
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "And no going into the basement. I uh need to clean that mess up eventually."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "No, no. This is more of a covert type thing. Az doesn't even know."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Hey I am not prejudiced. But now I am going on a hunt. Will be out of contact for a while."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "You were the one talking about jumping bones."
Vladimir Volkov 10/20/18 Yes yes you are :*
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Who's bones you choose to jump is on you. I have the one who has put up with me and will continue to do so."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "I have learned to tune most noises out. Only some still get to me."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Wasn't anyone in our house. You sure you weren't hearing a wolf?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "I remember a lot of grunting but not so much whining. He isn't much of a whiner."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Be glad he didn't bare for you to see. I had to pull the buckshot out of his cheeks."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "That means you have to find him and currently I think he is hunting the birdy that shot him in the a$$."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Haaaa sorry if I don't believe you. If I were you I would be blurting it out quicker than I could blink."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Doooo not tell him that. It will be impossible to live with him if you do."
Jaxson_Cross 10/20/18 *tilts head and licks the blood* Thank you.
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "He's had to be evil to stick by me for milleniums. I'm not exactly sugar coated and honey sweet. "
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Means it will be absolute death."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Never ever ever say you got it from his stash even if you did. That is a death warrant."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Nooo. The good green home grown, knock ya on your a$$ stuff."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "He is always cranky. Just throw some good green his way and you're good."
Vladimir Volkov 10/20/18 I hear the same of vampires dear one.
Vladimir Volkov 10/19/18 Oh dear you have so much to learn about us bloodthirsty wolves. *smiles sheepishly licking the blood off my lips*
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "That takes milleniums to perfect. Ask Azazel. He was there."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Maybe once upon a time ago yes. I changed my ways though."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "No because I don't jump bones."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "This is true but I don't go around jumping people's bones. Haven't done that in milleniums. I just seperate their bones from the rest of them."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "My fault? How in the hell is this my fault?"
Lylith_ 10/19/18 Shakes her head. "I don't want to know. My bones aren't being jumped and we will leave it at that."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Who said anything about jumping someone's bones? I said bite people not jump their bones. "
Vladimir Volkov 10/19/18 Muddying up my page shame on you.
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "See, use that attitude to go taste people. And it is a good thing he isn't here."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "And there's your father talking. Hang with Raven and I and that will change."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Take your pick. There is plenty here to choose from."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 Smacks her forehead. "Oi, you need help child of mine."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "What did Raven do? She is just homicidal."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "At least domething works for you. That is a good thing."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Well unfortunately I can't help you there, unless we find high powered ear plugs."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Hence why I have a sound proof basement designed for the toture of others."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I prefer the screams of their soul as it goes down."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I don't rely on the tongue to tell me their lies or truths. Their eyes and the soul once I get that far tell me all I need to know."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Tongue makes good food for hell hounds. Thwy prefer it raw though."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 She grins and shakes her head. "You truly are my child. I, of course, grow tired of the screams and remove the tongue if I decide to keep them alive."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Do it correctly and you can feed from one like this for months. That is if you can stand the sight of them without their skin."
Lylith_ 10/18/18 Grins and rubs bloody hands together. "Of course but slowly. Otherwise thwy die too quickly and all the fun is gone."
Lylith_ 10/18/18 A wicked curl of lips form on her face. Dragging the body down to the basement, Lylith's silver blue eyes danced with glee at a promise of fun. Chaining the sacrifice to a chair the demoness carefully and slowly began removing the skin from the living person. The shouts of pain and torture music in her ears.
Lylith_ 10/18/18 "Don't let anyone hear you say warm and I in the same sentence. I have a reputation to withhold."
Lylith_ 10/18/18 "Welcome to thee realm, Little Missy."
Vladimir Volkov 10/11/18 I'll try no promises lol
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 True very true :*
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 *huuugs back* better :*
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 Hey that your choice tehee better be a hug o.o
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 Well if you prank me that be baaaaaaad your wonderbra will be malfunctioning for a while xD
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 And I get a bite...nice lol
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 Always bite when ya say hi? XD
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 Ey you bein mean from the start x.x
Vladimir Volkov 10/10/18 *grabs you by the teeth* bad girl!
Dessa Chambers 10/10/18 Welcome to the Realm
Raven_D 10/09/18 "Welcome to the Realm!
Vladimir Volkov 10/09/18 Oh ya welcome lady! :*
Vladimir Volkov 10/09/18 Welcome to the realm lady!
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