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Los AngelesLovin’ with No Meaning // Running from a Feeling
Created by Erica Stone
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
Read 9:35 am
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
I wanted to be friends.
From day one, all I wanted was to get to know you.
But, apparently that isn't good enough.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
Don't pretend to know what I want, or don't want.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
It might be. But, I'm really not looking to get played.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
Nothing, I guess.
I just figured we could start over.
But, I realize now that was stupid of me to assume.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
I don't have to, if that's what you'd prefer.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
I'm not sleeping with you again, Zara.
You're in a committed relationship, and had I known, I never would've come over in the first place.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Because you have a girlfriend.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
No. Ice cream.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Admittedly, Rickie is in a good mood. But, she wouldn’t dare let Zara know.

Zara Peer
Yeah, maybe.
When do you want to go?
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Milkshake. And maybe extra whipped cream.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
No, no. I can pay. I’m a generous person.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
I passed out because of the blood rushing to my head.
You’ll “let” me pay? Wow, good to know some things haven’t changed.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Well, you screamed like a little b*tch, so...
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Does it change your perception of me, at least a little?
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Look, I seem to recall a very explicit statement about us not being friends.
But, fine. If bungee jumping will prove to you that I'm really not uptight, let's go.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I still don’t know what you’re playing at.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I’m not sure if I’m obligated to prove anything to you, though.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Not a lot scares me.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Camaraderie requires two parties.
If that’s your idea of fun, we’re definitely on different pages.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
My perception of you is based on observation.
Do you not agree that our interactions have been... less than friendly?
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Sure. But, your definition of fun is different than mine.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I don’t think I’m uptight.
I’m sorry you think having discipline is equivalent to being uptight.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I’m not uptight.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Excuse me?
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
Last time I checked, you texted me first.
Sex isn't a form of validation, either.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
I think you'll be seeing her before I do.
Or, maybe not. It's not like she has all that much to come home to.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
The experience was mediocre, at best.
But, at least now I can kind of understand why Singh clocks so many overtime hours.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
Certainly a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. Bold, fierce, resolute.
DA's office is lucky to have talent like her.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
I work in law enforcement.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 A small smile tugs at the corner of Rickie’s mouth when Zara says the word ‘detective.’ But, she suppresses it before the barista could take notice. Squaring her shoulders, Rickie replies, “Don’t bank on it being any time soon. So, you’ll have plenty of solo time.

Just as she turns to leave, she notices a framed photo mounted on the wall. It’s of two women, one of which is undeniably Zara. The other is a familiar face Rickie just can’t place in that moment. They’re leaning into eachother; Zara’s hand is placed possessively on the other woman’s thigh - body language indicative of a close relationship. But, Rickie doesn’t come to the realization until she reaches her truck: Zara is involved with Lyla Singh, one of LA’s most distinguished prosecutors. To what capacity? Well, she has her suspicions. And they leave her feeling dirty and amoral.

Zara Peer
Lyla Singh a close friend of yours?
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Rickie scoffs. Forgetting her wallet had been an honest mistake. But, it's clear that Zara is otherwise convinced. "You give yourself too much credit, babe."

She taps her back pocket, and then lifts two fingers to her forehead in the form of a sloppy salute - one that her commanding officer would, no doubt, find offensive. "You're welcome for brunch, by the way," she continues, backpedaling toward the door.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 It’s all yours,” she responds quickly, gesturing to the bowl between them. She’s thrown by the woman’s seemingly genuine cordiality. But, in catching the minute change in Zara’s expression, she’s immediately reminded of her own suspicion. She’d asked this question before, but was given an unsatisfactory cop-out of a response. So, she tries once more.

What’s the play here, Zara?
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Eyebrows knit together as frustration begins to build in her chest cavity. She finds everything about this young woman irritating - her unwavering self-assuredness and nonchalant attitude, the way she can see right through her resolve, her high cheekbones and glorious smile. Ugh, stop it.


To both inquiries.

Very rarely am I rendered speechless by the sheer arrogance of another human being,” she states, indignantly, “And believe me, I deal with stupid sh*t like that everyday.”

With that, she sets down the bowl of popcorn, folding her arms across her chest thereafter. She’s internally screaming “Move!” but her muscles refuse to comply. Instead, she stares. Just... stares.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Rickie stands in the doorway, blinking down at the bowl of popcorn that had been thrust into her hands. Stay or go, stay or go? When Zara retreats, the detective follows.

Stay, I guess,” she mutters to herself. Zara’s apartment is uncharacteristically clean, and Rickie is almost compelled to comment. But, the compliment get stuck in the back of her throat, and is replaced with a strangled cough. Awkward.

Soooo, uhm...

Double awkward.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Admittedly, Rickie is pleasantly surprised to find the contents of her wallet untouched. She hadn’t left it on purpose, but Zara would think as she pleased. With one hand on the truck doorhandle, she pauses. Somehow, her feet develop a mind of their own, carrying her back into the building and straight toward the elevator, thereafter. She’s silently protesting against her own muscles, and yet, she steps forward, and reaches for the 6th floor button. She doesn’t know what to expect; she doesn’t even know why she’s allowed herself to be so weak-willed.

I suspect you’re looking for some kind of reward,” she grumbles, rapping her knuckles against the apartment door. As if brunch wasn’t enough, already.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Ah, for a second there, I thought you were exhibiting something called ‘human decency’.
Shouldn’t have assumed. Just like you shouldn’t have assumed I would willingly want to see you again.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
I’m surprised you didn’t just run off with it.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
You’re insufferable, and I’m beginning to regret extending an invitation.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Congratulations. The level of disregard you have for human life is unparalleled.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
No, implying that I have other priorities. A legitimate career, for example.
I don’t know why I’m justifying myself.
You offered, I obliged. End of story.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Case in point: you have no idea how good the Overland is. You actually should be thanking me beforehand.
I’m well aware, but don’t flatter yourself too much by thinking it was anything but desperation. I needed to break a dry spell. You were convenient.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
For the brunch.
What makes you think I’m willing to sleep with you again?
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
A genuine ‘thank you’ will suffice, actually.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Guess I’ve hit my quota for good deeds this year.
I should be canonized.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
It’s called charity.
Considering your “job” and your habits, I can’t imagine you’re able to treat yourself to a halfway decent meal very often.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Bad taste in my mouth already.
Don’t need you to make it worse, thanks.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Not in the mood for games, Zara.
If you really want brunch, I’ll be at the Overland in an hour.
Don’t feel inclined to rush, though. I’d like at least 3 mimosas in me before I have to talk to you.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Implying that I’m your last resort doesn’t necessarily help your case.
I’m nursing a massive hangover, and I really don’t think I can handle a huge pain in the ass, too.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Bottomless brunch. Tempting.

Zara Peer
It's Mother's Day. Don't you have better things to do than torture me?

Erica Stone 05/13/18 Rickie's bones protest as she groggily pushes herself upright. A lithe body shifts in the bed next to her, which isn't any immediate cause for alarm. She's been known to reel in the occasional lay just by milking the whole 'LAPD Detective' thing; yet, lately, she's been a little too hung up on... Zara. In that moment, to Rickie's displeasure, the stranger's sienna colored hair becomes all too familiar. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

Frantically, she reaches for her phone, which, as expected, has been flooded with iMessages, and missed phone calls. She scrolls past the blue dots, makes a mental note to text her partner back ASAP. She's searching for one message thread in particular. With what she discovers, she doesn't know if she should be horrified, or relieved.

Zara Peer
Guess there's no going back now.

Erica Stone 05/13/18 It’s 1:14 am, and Detective Rickie Stone is belligerently drunk. Her team had cracked a major case earlier in the day, and her sergeant insisted on buying a round of celebratory drinks. But, one round turned into four. And four turned into “too many to count.” Fumbling, she retrieves her phone from her jacket pocket. Numb hands and blurred vision are not conducive to efficient texting. Or to having a filter, apparently.

Zara Peer
I dint know what it is about tou that I find so f*cking attractive. Youre a b*txh and a half with the perosnality of a goddamn bear.

Zara Peer
I hate not being in control of how I feel. I find it to be just about as annoying as you are really.

Zara Peer
I don't even know why om texting you right now it just proves that you have some kindof dumb hold over me. Im goin to regret sending this but you know, whatver.

Zara Peer
You win. ok?

You win,” she whispers, head tilting back against the wall she’s propped herself against. The world is spinning, and her co-workers are much too loud. Only the image of the barista’s smile is clear in her mind. And Rickie absolutely hates it.

Erica Stone 05/12/18 Rickie doesn’t realize how badly her last text has backfired until a read receipt appears under the blue bubble. Of course Zara would take advantage of her folly. Rickie’s hooked, and the barista knows it. But, true to stereotype, she is also impossibly stubborn. So, she swipes her thumb quickly over the message thread, deleting it thereafter.

RIP to that opportunity.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You know what else is cute?
You, leaving me the f*ck alone.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Read 3:59 pm
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You obviously don’t know me as well as you think.
In my line of work, repeating mistakes costs lives.
Brewing coffee is a little more forgiving, no?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Safe bet that’ll never happen.
Not because I’m incapable. Rather, you’re just not worth my time.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Maturity? You’re one to talk.
You’re a 25 year old junkie who brews coffee, and gets off by being a public menace.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Read 3:29 pm
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Haven’t you ever just had sex with someone you despise, and left it at that?
Interest is not required for a one-time mistake.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I have no particular interest in knowing you.
So, thanks for the sex. I’ll be on my way.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
That’s not really my concern.
You were right, I needed to get laid. And I did.
I’m feeling much better, now.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I was trying to be cordial. But, since we’re being honest. .
Not really sure that trek across the city was worth those 20 minutes.
Could’ve done it myself in half the time.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Last night was fun. But, now do us both a favor, and lose my number.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Temptation, temptation. Rickie shuts her eyes, and sighs. To Zara's credit, she's persistent. And smooth. So, f*cking smooth.

Zara Peer
Once. And then never again.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
My entire career revolves around details.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You despise me, huh?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Truth is, Rickie never filed an official report. She'd kept the small vial of cocaine in her desk, and had every intention of submitting it to evidence. She just hadn't gotten around to it, yet.

Zara Peer
There shouldn't be a current conversation right now.
What's your play? What on Earth could you possibly be getting out of this?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I find that hard to believe.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You're aware that it is illegal for me to fraternize with felons, right?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I don't know what it is you can offer me.
You've made it abundantly clear that the extent of this relationship is you make coffee that I drink.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Rickie stares at her phone. And continues to do so until a speech bubble appears and disappears. in the corner of her screen. This is a joke, right?

Zara Peer
I'm not interested.

Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
What exactly is it that you want, Zara?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Are you done?
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
How high are you?
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara
I think you need to get off my case.
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
I just deal with a lot of bullsh*t on a daily basis.
You're no exception.
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
There's only one that lacks enough self-respect to even glance in your direction.
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
That would make sense.
You're both raging b*tches.
Erica Stone 05/10/18 It’s been a while since Rickie’s seen that b*tch of barista. Funnily enough, she hasn’t even crossed her mind. The precinct has been so inundated with work that Rickie barely has time for the love of her life, Barney. But, a series of rather rude texts from an unknown number has her searching in the police database in her very limited free time. Of course, the name that appears doesn’t come as much of a shock.

Of f*cking course,” the detective grumbles. She’s surprised that Zara had somehow obtained her personal cellphone number, clearly unaware of the barista’s resourcefulness. She’d left her on read a few days prior, having no particular urge to provoke the offensive conversation any further. But now? Well, now she finds herself tapping out a quick message.

Zara Peer
Just out of curiosity, how did you get this number?
Erica Stone 05/07/18 New Number
Read 8:55 pm
Erica Stone 05/06/18 New Number
Excuse me?
Erica Stone 10/31/17 RS
"I don't know, I just don't particularly remember us ever being friends."
Erica Stone 10/30/17 RS
"Flowers? This is... a joke, right?"
Erica Stone 10/12/17 It doesn’t take a f*cking detective to pick up on the reluctance in Zara’s voice. “Jeez. Sorry I asked,” Rickie quips, “I was just trying to make up for all the times I practically drooled on your register.”

If she had been so inclined, Rickie could’ve found all kinds of information on the young barista with the swift click of a mouse. Even without a last name. After all, it’s what she does for a living. Instead, she chose to be less creepy and admire from across the coffee shop.

That is, before she tried to hold a real conversation with the woman.

Quickly and dismissively, she mirrors Zara’s two finger salute. No one likes an attitude, even if it has a pretty face. And a smile brighter than the sun. Evidently, Rickie needs to re-evaluate her taste in women because, as it stands, Zara’s kind of a b*tch.
Erica Stone 10/12/17 Rickie clears her throat. ”Detective. It’s Detective Stone.” The correction isn’t meant to be attitudinal. She’s just so exasperated with how her brothers call her ‘Officer Erica’ that such a reaction has become habit. Before she can continue, the barista is already slipping past her.

”Yeah, tomorrow - Wait!”

She’s not quite ready for this interaction to be over yet. So, the redhead takes a few steps forward to close the distance. ”You know my name, but I don’t know yours.” Rickie arches a brow, a small smile now tugging at the corner of her lips. Somehow, she’s growing comfortable in conversation. Maybe it’s the lack of pushy, demanding, impatient coffee drinkers behind her, or maybe it’s because seeing this woman outside of her workplace has brightened her day some. Either way, she gives herself a mental pat on the back for forming some coherent sentences.
Erica Stone 10/12/17 Rickie is tempted to launch into a longwinded explanation as to why she’s without her coffee, but instead chooses only to shrug. ”To work, yeah. Not, no. Not to the café. I’m already late. You should tell your mother, though, that stabbings rarely happen in broad daylight.”

Rickie will never know how that is supposed to be, in any way, reassuring to the barista’s mother. With a shake of her head, she reaches to pluck her phone from the woman’s small hand. Glancing down, her lips press into a thin line. Of f*cking course. Her eyes slide shut as she takes another moment to collect her composure.

”Good thing I’m booked solid for the next two weeks. This is exactly what I needed.”

Sarcasm is palpable in her tone as she pockets her phone, shattered screen and all. She presses a palm to her forehead, sighs, and then attempts a smile. “Sorry for the collision,” she says, finally, “I have to run. Sarge… my boss is already mad at me, and I…”

Her shoulders bob in a defeated shrug. “I gotta go. See you around?”
Erica Stone 10/12/17 She remembers. Holy sh*t, she remembers. Rickie feels the heat of embarrassment rush into her cheeks, and she knows they’re almost the same color as her hair.

Of course she remembers, you d*ckhead. When're you ever not loitering when she's on the clock? Jesus.

Rickie almost rolls her eyes in response to her silent monologue. She inhales sharply, re-centering herself. When she’s ready, she can only a sheepish grin. ”Yeah. With a ‘c’,” she responds, "How... I'm sorry I ran into you. I hope you're alright?”

She begins to reach toward the woman, but stops abruptly. Not okay. One would think that Rickie Stone, an LAPD detective, would have more cool than this. Sad reality? She doesn’t. At least, not when The Cute Barista is involved. It’s borderline pathetic. Her hovering hand reaches up to tuck a strand of red hair behind her ear, then moves to rub the back of her neck nervously thereafter.

“Day off?”

Erica Stone 10/12/17 Rickie Stone is running late. She's hardly ever known to be tardy, but today is just going to be one of those days. She could feel it in her bones - she’d already had a rather disastrous morning. Her mother had called to remind her that she was visiting in two days; not that Rickie would admit to forgetting in the first place. Barney, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, got sick all over the carpet, which, of course, she had to clean up on her own. Not to mention she didn’t have time to stop for coffee on her way to the precinct. F*ck today.

Her phone rings as she makes her way across the street. “Stone.”

A pause.

“I’m a block away. No, my f*cking dog… yes, sir.” A quiet groan.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m hustling.”

Rickie’s pace quickens; taking the street corner a tad too swiftly, she collides with the slight frame of a young, brown haired woman. She’s sputtering apologies before she can collect herself.

“I’m a f*cking mess today. I’m really…”

Her next words get caught in the back of her throat as she finally catches a glimpse of the woman in front of her. It’s the barista she’s had total heart eyes for. Naturally. That particular café isn’t even on Rickie's direct route to work. But, she’d made the habit of leaving a little earlier, just to stop in to catch a glimpse of this Earth angel. Of course, she justified it by saying the establishment had “good vibes, and good coffee.”

“Uh, hi."
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