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Born: July 24, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 18
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Lesprit's Biography
Aurelia Wick is a girl many would call unremarkable. Not known for her beauty or skills, more so known for her family. A father gone mad, a cursed mother, and a grandmother who had been suspect of witch craft for longer than anyone in London could remember. When her mother passed Aurelia was sent away to live with her grandmothers in the countryside near Paris and it was there she learned just how remarkable she could be. Trained by her grandmother, a renowned Hedge and Green witch, Aurelia was tutored and trained to accept a gift that witches whispered about in the shadows.

Aurelia had the title of Solitary witch. It is believed that a single soul that has gone through lifetimes of learning and understanding the Craft might one day be blessed by the Divine Goddess with a gift. Upon reaching puberty the Goddess would offer the Solitary Witch her memories of lifetimes full of knowledge and experience as a gift for her devotion.

Upon the evening of her 13th birthday Aurelia was visited in dream by a great witch, with hair like moonlight and eyes of ice and the woman asked a single question. Would she like the power of lives past? Echoes of memory that could make her more powerful than anyone could have hoped for? A fantastic offer was lain before the young girl and her answer was quite simple. “No.” The Divine was shocked by her response but gladdened by her reason. “I may have done those things in the past, but I am me. I wish to earn my own merits and skills.” When she awoke Aurelia decided it was time to expand her horizons and with the help of her grandmother and a few rather odd friends she traveled the world over the coming years, seeking out new teachers and new forms of magic. Having finally arrived in the realm with her oldest companion, Sulfur a large black maine coon, Aurelia has decided to settle for the time being and find new avenues of study in this miraculous new place. Hopefully it will fill her with the peace and accomplishment she has dreamt of since refusing that gift so long ago.

Name: Aurelia Wick
Age: 28
Birthdate: September 14, 1989
Personality: Aurelia is rather quiet, she keeps to herself but is always willing to help though it may be from the shadows. Though she is a quick learner she is very thorough in her studies and can often be found any place that has books or someone who teaches.

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