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Abram Gusto
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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WildKat 09/15/18 Congrats on PotD!
Summer 07/22/18 Sh-t. She was in trouble. How did she come to that conclusion? Because she couldn’t remember if she’d told him her name. Either way, she was boned. If she had not, then he’d gleaned it in some other fashion. Or -and this is the part that made her feel like her insides went to mush- he already knew and was sent for her. If she had told him, then he’d already distracted her enough that she couldn’t recall. Her back started to tingle. Scowling visibly, she struggled to maintain control of herself. Now is unequivocally not the time, Summer, she mentally coached herself. Brows furrowing, it came back to her. They had indeed exchanged names. His was old. Very old. At his words and her realization, she nearly sagged with relief. Was he actually interested in seeking out other creatures? Could it have been that easy to thwart his attention? Or was it a ruse? Chewing her bottom lip, she gave him a warm smile to hide her inner debate. “Oh, I definitely know where the freaky things hide. It would be my pleasure to show you around.” She beamed a bright grin at him. What was the saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Summer 07/22/18 Like two poles of a magnet, she felled strangely repelled from him, like a force was trying to drag her away from being in somewhat close proximity to this person. Instinctively, she took a step back. Her face still bore the expressionless mask, the only hint to her unease was the clenching of her jaw. She wasn’t afraid of him, per se. Or at least that is what she told herself. She knew her abilities, her own strength. Yet inexplicably, her most base fears kicked awake inside her belly, like a rat in a cage. Could he be…? Was it possible they’d found her? No. No. She very nearly shook her head. Giving a tight smile, she nodded slowly instead. “It is very interesting. Some fascinating creatures around here. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll find many that’ll pique your interest and capture your attention.” Yes, that was it. Get him to go look elsewhere, make him think she was a dreadful bore, not worthy of a second glance. Unable to help it, a nervous laugh bubbled past her lips.
Summer 07/22/18 Pulling a granola bar out of her back pocket, she opened the wrapper as he spoke, taking a crunching bite. Chewing and nodding, she swallowed the bite and looked upward in thought. “Sometimes I’m not entirely sure if I have a favorite thing about this place. The only way to leave is by willful acceptance of death.” She gave a half shrug, meticulously folding the now-empty wrapper and tucking it in her back pocket until she found a waste bin. Meeting his gaze, her face was impassive. “I suppose if I were to choose a favorite, it’d be pilfering. I’m fairly good at it and it gives a good quick rush.” It was a tepid, safe answer. Mostly true, but not elaborated on. Her face remained expressionless. This man, while he was attractive, (but who wasn’t around here? The Realm was littered with beautiful people. She made a note to look into that later) but there was something about him that made her uneasy. Not the normal, garden-variety ‘creepy dude’ uneasy. That was something she was exceedingly familiar with. That type of uneasy she knew how to handle. This was different. It made her want to shut down. But not run. No, her curiosity remained, steadfast and likely the exact thing that would kill her eventually.
Summer 07/20/18 And charmed she was. Summer was easily distracted by pretty things. And this man, well, he seemed quite pretty. She let her whiskey toned eyes take him in, being very obvious in her assessment. Mhmm, the welcome wagon would be out in force for this one. Once her gaze returned to his face, complete with the handsome smile, she gave one in return. Reaching out, she took his hand firmly to shake in greeting. “Abram. Now there’s a name that’s been around for a while. I’m Summer, nice to meet you. And yea...I knew you’re new to this place. I have an app on my phone that alerts me whenever someone new drops in.” Her smile was innocent, deadpan. Smile widening, she laughed and playfully tapped his arm in jest. “I’m just fvckin’ with you. I just haven’t seen your face around before. And you sir, have a face I’d remember.” She flashed a winning smile. The thing was, there was no pretense behind her words. No motive for anything. Strictly observations, just the facts. “How’re you gettin’ on? It can be kinda weird when you first arrive. Unless this is a return trip.’s even weirder.” Her laughter was light, sounding like a bell on a breezy day.
Summer 07/20/18 Seeing a new face, she gives a finger waggle and a sunny smile. “Hey there! Welcome to the Realm.”
Camille 07/20/18 -clears throat-
Hello and welcome! ...And all of that nonsense.
-waves a hand-
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