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Born: November 15, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 8
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 0
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12/15/19 at 8:20 pm
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Last five threads posted in:
Vexa 12/08/19 *bounces*
*hugs and forces a whisper* Thank you!
*rushes off to add the photo to the album, right next to Papa's photo!*
Vexa 12/08/19 *waves a photo she found of him a few days previous around*
*harasses* Hai hai!
*offers a marker to the man and holds out the photo* Sign.
*it will be going into her scrapbook of the tribe*
London 12/07/19 "Victoria keeps her secrets rather poorly, I'd say."
London 12/06/19 "Quite. We all have our secrets, don't we?"
London 12/06/19 *blinks*
"Oh, you aren't the first. Not even close. Things, people in particular, are rarely what or who they seem to be."
London 12/06/19 "It isn't unheard of for people in their early thirties to die of a heart attack, you know."
*looks him up and down*
"You can't be too far from there."
London 12/06/19 "Medically speaking, a fluttering heart is not a good sign. Perhaps I'm doing you a favor."
London 12/06/19 *gives a grudging smile*
"I'm pleased to hear it. Things would have gone downhill quickly if that was the case, but again, I don't do cute, so you'll have to settle with a simple wave."
London 12/06/19 *tsks*
*waggles finger*
"For shame. Telling takes all the fun out of the game. At this rate, next you'll be asking to Netflix and chill."
London 12/06/19 *scoffs*
"How juvenile. I don't do cute."
London 12/06/19 *lofts a brow*
"How does one make a finger wave cute?"
London 12/05/19 "Do you have a name, or should I simply say 'hey you' when I want your attention?"
London 12/05/19 *squints*
"I don't recognize you."
Ruby Krysta 12/05/19 Congrats on POD. Something tells me you deserve it.
Ferril Darklight 11/22/19 *Jumps back in suprised with a giggle* Your welcome!
Ferril Darklight 11/22/19 *Peeks in* Welcome to the coven!
Vexa 11/19/19 *hops through the shallow waters of the swamp*
*has new wellies*
*notices a new face and stops*
*approaches and waves*
*hands the man a card that reads..* 'Welcome to the tribe. I'm Vexa.'
Mackenzie 11/16/19 Cute, but too far.
Mackenzie 11/16/19 I see what you did there.
Mackenzie 11/16/19 Oh, no. Trust me. You are.
Eye of the beholder, and all that.
Nicolas Murray 11/16/19 Nic laughs and returns the firm shake with one of his own before his hand is released. He shrugs his shoulders, still grinning. “Hey! With all the interesting things roaming around here, you never know. We could have some sort of magical Buffalo Bill situation going on.” His arms crossed over his chest, but it was a relaxed motion. “Make sure you let me know if you need anything. Hell, I’d even off you a place to crash as long as you don’t mind the swamp. And pizza. Lots of pizza.”
Mackenzie 11/16/19 What a snack.
Aelin Galathynius 11/16/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Mara Lenore 11/16/19 Aba had forgotten that not everyone was like her in a sort. She gave a nod as a smile pulled at her lips. "Look forward to it when the time comes."
Nicolas Murray 11/16/19 “Hey, a new face!” Nic gives the newcomer a smile and then extends a hand to shake. “I’m Nicolas. Nic. Welcome to the realm.”
Averly Godfrey 11/16/19 Welcome to the Realm.
Liam Moore 11/16/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Mara Lenore 11/15/19 A grin pulled at her lips and a brow rose as she seen the newest member of the realm "Welcome darling! Should you need anything a drink, maybe destruction just give me a shout, name is Mara here or Aba."
Raven D Morningstar 11/15/19 Welcome to the realm!
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