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Born: July 27, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
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You were successful in stealing $290,000.00 from Jamison King.
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Jewel Valari 07/13/19 Esper
Just nothing?
Nothing at all?
Jewel Valari 07/05/19 "Do you?"

Jewel would turn her head to face him after asking the daring question. Some of his recent behavior has questioned it all and as the display of affection was being laid on thick, she came to the realization. Was he truly satisfied? Is was a hard look upon herself.. then on him.

Shuffled from the chair in a hurry with a huff, away from him. She'd move swiftly leaving him in her dust.

Theo Barnas 06/28/19 "Ah, hey thanks. I appreciate the warm welcome you guys have been giving out. S'nice to be here." Theo smiles.
Averly Amoret 06/27/19 A chill had the hairs on her arms rising, and the tingle at the nape of her neck had Averly looking around. It was easy to tell she was being watched. But by whom? Or what?

Her leisurely walk had quickly turned sour at the thought of being followed. The young witch was already on edge when she saw a familiar vehicle pass. She had already watched it drive past twice, but three times was peculiar to say the least. Unfortunately for her, the driver was mostly hiden from view behind tinted windows and sunglasses. Though she thought she recognized him all, though she couldn't place from where.

These thoughts still fresh on her mind, she decided once she reached home that the hairstyle was popular enough that more than one man would posses the cut. It was likely that he was part of the neighborhood watch, or that's what she would tell herself to help her sleep at night. Whatever the case, Averly would need to start taking extra precautions to guarantee her safety.
Jewel Valari 06/25/19 Had always wondered if he truly knew. Hell -- if he even cared. But for now, they would simply indulge in each other's ignorance. That was okay with her since her reality over the years wasn't something she cherished. Simply accepted. Figured eternity would be too long to be bitter of her fate. After all, this was how she was created.

Took in this moment with Esper. She never knew how long she had him for. This was a rare occasion for them and relished in it. She'd allow the pampering to continue, enjoying the food and wine along with the effection.

Jamison King 06/24/19 "What th-.. Motherf-cker! Can't keep anything around here.."
Melinoe 06/21/19 "Thank you, mister. Pleasure to meet you." Mel grinned happily at the man.
Jewel Valari 06/20/19 With his guidance, she would move into the room of their destination. Unaware of what she was to expect. Afterall, Esper was unpredictable. It was of course part of his appeal. Hands lightly pressed over his own, she trusted he wouldn't have her walk into anything intentionally.

Soon her nostrils were overwhelmed with the scent of her favorite food, from her favorite resturant. His hands had fell from her face to reveal his thoughtfulness. Corners of her lips lifted to a large smile which took over her face. "So nice.." Twisted in her stance, grabbing his face to place a kiss to his lips.

Definitely something she had missed. His company. A lovely dinner between wedded partners. Sighed contently. Drawing closer to the table as she inhaled the savory pleasures placed so beautifully before her. "It's lovely, Esp." And it was. He always knew what little touches it took to warm her.

He was lucky that she was no mind reader. Friend? What friend? Dinner date and murder? She would hope that would be the company they would keep. Liked him all to herself. Doesn't share well with the other kids..

Jewel Valari 06/19/19 Esper always puzzled her in his thinking. Sometimes wondered if he even remembers how they met? It was far from any pleasant place. Jewel held no judgement on her husband. Even what he might view as his short comings, she saw nothing but the man she married. Flaws and all. After all, she was no angel..

He had her hook, line, and sinker from the get-go. Even through her denials and stern sense of always being the strong, almost silent-type. Though, she was no mind reader and without him discussing his feelings she was at a loss. For all she knew, he was simply conducting business. Was she upset at his absence? Not at all. Lonely? Yes. Completely.

Would follow his guiding hand, gripping onto his wrist as he insisted her eyes be covered for the reveal. Slipping from the bed, she would go willingly as he snuck behind her to cover up her vision. "Esp? Wh- I.. where are we going" Luckily, she trusted him. Wasn't frightened, just shocked. Had her observant eyes missed something? This would be a first..

Jewel Valari 06/10/19 He'd always been gentle and sweet. Thoughtful. She was a lucky girl. Smiled sweetly as she bashfully looked down before looking to him again.

"You got something? Is that what you've been up to?" It would figure. He wasn't exactly predictable. It was part of his charm.

Jewel Valari 06/10/19 Exited. Had seen his shadows within the dark room with only the glow from their closet to give any cast. Once he eased in closer, over the bed and his hands on her. She would meet his touch with her hands resting against his chest.

"Good. I was about to run away with Mackenzie and never look back", grinned. "It's about time." Placed a kiss to his lips.

Jewel Valari 06/10/19 Had been deep in work and constant keeping busy to keep her mind occupied. Would be surprised as she heard a familar voice as she laid out over the bed in a restless slumber. There was little sleep with him away. Blue eyes fluttered open as she lifted up to quickly look about to see if it were true.

"Esper?", her words faint as if she were desperate for him. Her husband.

Averly Amoret 06/03/19 As coven mates, I'd be honored if you voted for me.

Jewel Valari 05/13/19 Babe? I love you.
Jewel Valari 04/30/19 Love.. I'm not sure you could ever keep up with me.
Sloane Shepherd 03/29/19 Thank you!
Jamison King 03/26/19 "Oh."

Smirked with a shrug. "He's just a lost puppy that likes my scent, is all." Hadn't thought much on the kid. Really just the next hustle she needed to pull off. She was a user and fully self reliant in her eyes. Simply just a narcissist. The boy was doomed.

Jamison King 03/26/19 Had burned him and he just laughed it off like typical 'teen sh-t' or something. Jamison quickly turned as he shouted someone was asking for her.

"Who???" The two had never exchanged names.

Jamison King 03/26/19 Narrowed her gaze as she stared deeply up towards him, if it were possible he'd see the flames behind her stare.

"And apparently you didn't hear me.. I said, get her. Like get off your smart-ss and actually look for her."

Still angered by his reaction to her helpful suggestion, she'd rip the lit smoke from her lips and press it into the back of his hand before walking off.


Jamison King 03/26/19 Stared quietly. Her face drew down as she thought of what to say to that. Looking back up and quickly snatched his smoke from his lips and placed it between her own.

"Well, if I were you.. I wouldn't just wait around. I'd get what I wanted back."

Mystic-husky 03/26/19 Thank you Esper, its is greatly appreciated!
Jamison King 03/23/19 Hey, stranger..
Shouldn't you be occupying a particular blonde?
Elisa Stratten 03/22/19 "Thank you, Esper! Gotta keep my mind busy somehow "
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Same to you, my friend. Itís good to be home.
Jewel Valari 02/08/19 Hubby
Only if you get caught, love.
Jewel Valari 02/07/19 Hubby
Fvcking fvck.
You better get better at this!
Murder your way to freedom.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/06/19 It has been a while since she had seen the one she thought of as a big brother Espar. She swiped a bottle of the good stuff and put it in a pretty gift bag just for sh!ts and giggles. Knocking on his door she left it on his door with a note 'Enjoy! From Bella!'
Jewel Valari 02/05/19 Hubby
What the fvck?!
Jewel Valari 02/04/19 bae-bee
Only if you pick a cuter nickname to call me other then Esper.
Jewel Valari 02/03/19 Hubby
Miss your face.
And your hands.
Iva Herrera 02/03/19 Esper
How'd you get this number?
Just f-ckin' with you. Yes. Something with rum sounds perfect in this terrible winter weather. See you there.
WildKat 02/02/19 "Thank You very, very much. Gonna keep on getting stronger. See what happens when you find loose change?!"
Iva Herrera 01/29/19 New pic, new lipstick.
Same me, same bull ****.

I think I just wrote a poem!
Jamison King 01/28/19 👌
WildKat 01/26/19 "Not my fault that you leave a paper trail. I just lookd down..and follow the path. So much better than playing follow the leader...mmaybe.. "
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 -cants head to the side-
It means you showed up a bit early, Esp...
-laughs uproariously-
Jamison King 01/26/19 "Pft."

Typical teen response when they don't have a good one but love to continue to irritate. Esper was like Jasper. He looked past all the words and enjoyed her for her. Thinking of Jasper.. where was he lately?

Flicked the butt of her smoke from her. "Until next smoke break?" She'd be back in like five minutes. Really had a problem.

Jamison King 01/26/19 "You don't know sh-t."

A bit much? Possibly. Couldn't control these raging hormones. Teen years. What could you do? Sucked on that cancer stick like it was the last in the world.

James Grayson 01/26/19 I'm old enough to make my decisions.

He took the pack of cigarettes with his right index and middle finger, when the lighter was thrown at him he let it hit the ground and fidgeted with his left pocket to grab his own Zippo to flare the stick ablaze.

You gunna get that... Esper.

The kid said in a mocking tone of voice. James was definitely a punk a** kid but, life had made him that way in more then one reason or not. Slipping the pack Esper had thrown at him in his hoodie front pocket. He smiled as he lifted himself from off the picnic table and made his run to the monkey bars where he took each one by one getting on top of the play set and spoke out loud to the man afar.

Thanks for the smokes bro...

James Grayson 01/26/19 He had his hands crossed over his knees as he slumped down, he knew it was bad posture but what wasn't bad with this kid. His smug look on his face like a chip on his shoulder not a fear in his eye anymore that the heat was off his back how easy for him to act so tough now.

You got another one of those?..

He asked as he looked up the to man who was sealing his own fate behind laced poison tobacco made from rat poison and god knows what else.

All monsters are human..Mr...?

James Grayson 01/26/19 Thanks, for all the help back there.
Jamison King 01/26/19 Like the typical radical teen, she was out to prove herself. Everyday. Prove just how much she didn't give a f-ck. It was working, right. Pft. Was a f-cking genius.

"Gimmie that."

Snatched a smoke. Jamison's rudeness proved just how badass this teen was. Lighter came from literally no where and soon she was sucking down the sweet, sweet taste of tobacco. Addiction. F-ck it. She was cool.

Jamison King 01/26/19 "I don't know. Jewel frightens me. I feel like I should ask her permission to take your cigarettes."

Eyes the pack, trying not to drool.

"I'd give an arm and a leg for a smoke right about now. Not my arm or leg but you understand. Which is why I'm hesitant to take the smoke. I enjoy my body parts attached."

Jamison King 01/25/19 "Yeah, you look the type."
Jamison King 01/25/19 "Told you, old man. Wait. You said Jewel? Wow. Watch out. She has that whole 'femme fatale' look about her. She might actually be trying to kill you."
Mackenzie 01/23/19
WildKat 01/23/19 "See? You can be taught!"
Jewel Valari 01/22/19 Left herself vulnerable with him; smiling. Hadn't even noticed. She was just content and with that comfort came a smile. Not yet moving from him, she enjoyed being near him. With a lifted chin, she'd stare before deciding to speak.

"What would you be happy with?"

Wondered. It was almost always about Jewel and never really asked what he ever wanted. Even when it came to their nuptuals. He patiently always went along and gave little fuss. It was her way of showing she cared, by asking.

Crimson Belladonna Jones 01/22/19 Runs around yelling "congratulations!"
Jewel Valari 01/22/19 He was wrong. He was always wrong. It was part of what she loved about them together. No matter how heated he may have made her for the little, insignificant things he did to irritate her. She adored and loved him. He was hers and she was his.

"It's alright. I suppose we have much to work on?"

But it wasn't necessary now. Moved towards him, closing the gap between them. Jewel grabbed for the front of his shirt, tugging him to her as she placed a kiss to his lips.

Dita Morgenstern 01/22/19 Thank you!
Jewel Valari 01/22/19 With a heavy sigh, she'd just continue to stare at him. He was lucky -- soooo lucky. Shook her head before speaking.

"Dear.. no. So, you know, we might have something to claim as ours. Not just yours or mine. You know.. as if we were married."

Tried not to get heated, just stood calm with a slight smile across her lips from which could be hard to describe as either happy or angry or simply about to attack. He should fear she will attack. Marriage didn't mean she could no longer make him bleed.

WildKat 01/21/19 Laughing out loud, her head shook."I don't want your wallet. You just need to learn to hang onto your money better. So not my fault."
Albert Harris 01/21/19 "No, I've been here before. I've been most places before by now." Albert smiles in response, holding out a hand for the lighter. "I don't see anything wrong with being nice though. If you'd been out to get me, I mean, well, you could have just jumped me here and now."
Jewel Valari 01/21/19 Who was he kidding? It always got him in trouble. His mouth was the worst and best quality all in one. Smirked, staring; eyes narrowing.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll be in my room. We should really make other arrangements.."

Her words trailed and her features softened as his ring was rightly placed where she'd hope it stayed. Til death do they part.

Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 Esper
ESPER! No!! xD I'm not in anyone's underpants. I've just ..walked through a door with Jack and have no clue where I am? It's a long story.
Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 Esper
I'm not sure where I am right now? It isn't London and it isn't France. O_o
Albert Harris 01/21/19 Albert stops, spinning on his heel to face the direction of the voice. And when he spots its origin, he smiles and nods. "Mmhmm." he replies, slipping a hand into his pocket to fish out an old Zippo. He holds it out to the stranger.
WildKat 01/21/19 "You know? I can't remember. I was always told not to because it could cause death. Now, I don't know if that's true or not but he made me I bit him."
WildKat 01/21/19 "No. Wait..oh you don't know. Well, I'm a vampire and him and I got into it and he made me mad, so I sunk my fangs into his neck. Needless to say, it was painful and now my eyes are...neon green. Cool, right? " She smiled and nodded. "Don't freak out. I only bit him 'cause he pissed me off. "
WildKat 01/21/19 She couldn't help but snicker. Shaking her head, Kat found "No, no, no..I didn't bite you for if I had, you would know. I bit a demon last year and my changed in color. "
WildKat 01/21/19 "Hey! In my defense, I only bit one. And the only affected were my eyes. Could've been worse."
Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 Esper
Oh-kay! See you ..wait.. when? And where am I going?
WildKat 01/21/19 "'re just easy. So not my fault! It was there and I followed it and when I looked was you but you didn't even see me and that was the best part!"
Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 Esper
Are you sure? Where do I pick up your friend Jack?
Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 [blinks.]

Jack is my friend. Kind of like booze, I guess. You'll think you're drunk.
Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 [giggles quietly, taps out another message.]

Sounds fun! I'll bring Jack with me! I mean, if you don't mind.
Dita Morgenstern 01/21/19 [laughs, types a message back.]

Oh! I thought you were lurking near. And do you mean my camera? Is there something you saw that you found interesting?
WildKat 01/21/19 Kat couldn't help but think to herself. -He makes it so easy. Not my fault. Totally not my fault. If he only knew how to hang on to it. Maybe he needs lessons? So not my fault!- However, this didn't stop her from becoming giddy.
WildKat 01/20/19 "Not. My. Fault."
WildKat 01/20/19 "Thank You very much! I'm pretty busy...or try to stay busy."
WildKat 01/20/19 "Hey! It is not my fault that you left a paper trail. I mean, I looked down and BAM! There it was. I'm surprised that you didn't notice how light you felt. I mean..I would notice but I pay attention...sometimes. Not all the time but I do. For me, that's odd.'re the devil himself for teasing me like that. Who doesn't like all that money? Not my fault."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 01/20/19 Waking to find the figrling and note the child smiled and hid it in a safe place for later. She then went in search for him and left a gremlin in a jar with holes in his room.
Dita Morgenstern 01/20/19 A chime. Dita has a text message. Curious, the girl retrieves her phone and reads the message ..from Esper. A face he hasn't seen in a while? Slowly the young woman turns to look over one shoulder then the other.

If you can see me ..why are you texting me? O_o
WildKat 01/19/19 She had just walked past when a scent..a scent that always grabbed her attention and always intrigued her. An eyebrow raised as she heard his voice. -mmhmm, a Demon. How interesting.- The corners of her lips tugged, forming a smile. It was more forced than anything. Her bright green eyes saw the man who'd spoken. Very rarely did something like this happen but Kat went with it. "Sometimes. Although in these parts, you never know what might happen or take place for that matter."
Arthur 01/17/19 Sad but true man
Arthur 01/17/19 Here's hoping for that one... Waited long enough for the demon to win the big one again.
Arthur 01/17/19 Bbrrroooooccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk Leeeeessssssnnnnnnaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!
Elisa Stratten 01/12/19
Jamison King 01/12/19 Meant what she said. Esper belonged. They all did -- as odd as it was that there was so many made from the same mold. It was weird meeting everyone. Wanted to hate them all. Just couldn't. Admired most. Hopes to achieve their greatness as she grew.

"Perhaps. Hope you got more than that. I have a feeling these ladies might not be easily impressed."

Took offered smoke. "Sure." Placed it between her lips a moment before removing it and sliding it behind an ear. "Thanks." Hooked a thumb pointing in another direction. "Gotta get going. See you around, right?" Of course. It would be hard not to run into him at this point.

Jamison King 01/11/19 It took a special kind of person to see the funny in her. Not many could look past her bold rudeness and plain arrogance. Jamison was young and it showed when she spoke.

"You definitely belong."

With the last drag of her cigarette; flicked the lit butt away from them. Pushed a smile right on past all that angst.

"You could clean up nicely. You should. Some babes in Sine."

Jamison King 01/11/19 "One could never be too cautious, hm?"

Another draw from the offered smoke as she stared up towards the man.

"With much offense, you don't seem the type to get kidnapped. More of the type to do the kidnapping. How did 'The' Mack get you?"

Jamison King 01/09/19 "Clearly."

Looking back to him, smirk streaked across her lips. Peered into the offered box and snagged one.

"This isn't poisoned, is it? Cause I'm a b-tch when I wake up from being unconscious."

Slid the cigarette between her lips before lighting it with one of her many lighters she carried. Liked burning stuff.

Jamison King 01/09/19 The best in people? She was the absolute worst -- self proclaimed. Wore the badge proud. Hated greeting people. Thought it had shown clearly in the lack of excitement in her words. Where was Jasper when she needed him? With a narrowed gaze she'd stare momentarily before she spoke.

"You know.. I'm practically a child and you're definitely a stranger.. I think I seen this episode on SVU. Anyways, I'm quite capable of keeping my own ciga--.."

Her words trailed off as she went to pop open her box of Marlboro Lights.. and there was none.


LillyEmperium 01/09/19 *slowly her slender hand touched his, as she gave him a gentle but firm handshake* partake or trade, both is fair. You're welcome Mr. Valari. If you need any help, feel free to look for me. My name is Lilly.
Iva Herrera 01/09/19 Biting her lower lip, she leaned forward, elbows on the table. Looking him in the eyes with a coquettish look on her face, she nodded. "Oh, I'm familiar with Dahmer. He's the guy who killed 17 boys and men."

Sitting back, she giggled lightly, glad he was a good sport about being teased. "I enjoyed it quite a bit, thank you. And...I don't know. Perhaps the poison is slow acting. You'll lure me somewhere quiet, private. Then do unspeakable things to me!" She said in a theatrical voice before chuckling again. "I mean, that's how I'd do it if I were Dahmer."
Iva Herrera 01/09/19 Iva gasped, eyes widening as she put her fingers to her throat. "I'd be your first?" A coy and proud look covered her face. "How exciting!" Her tone was downright giddy.

Looking into her half-consumed cup, she glanced back up at him with all the apt interest of a young child learning something new. "How much did you put in here?"
Iva Herrera 01/09/19 A dark brow arches as she takes another sip, unfazed. "Jeffrey Dahmer, huh?" She chuckled in her coffee. Glancing down at her pants, she gave a little shrug. "Perhaps I look the part." Her red lips twisted into an amused smile and she leaned across the table. "I wasn't mocking you before, but I might be now." She gave a toothy grin and winked. Sitting back, she took another sip. "What do you do with them after you poison them?" Her tone was serious, no longer mocking.
Iva Herrera 01/09/19 Sipping the coffee, she savored the smooth flavor. "What brings you out and about today?" She asked easily. She too had one leg crossed over the other. Her wool coat was off and hung on the chair behind her, purse at her feet.
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 Smiling warmly, her dark eyes twinkled with appreciation. "Well aren't you a surprise?" Accepting the cup, she brought it under her nose and inhaled. Was there any aroma better than fresh coffee? "I love it black. One of life's simple pleasures, wouldn't you agree? Sit, join me if you have some time."
LillyEmperium 01/08/19 *walking up, Lilly handed the man a bottle of Jack* welcome to the coven....
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 Good meeting you, Esper. Iíll be seeing you around. Either when your mug is on posters or maybe before then.
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 *tilts head thoughtfully and nods*
Fair point. I won't starve myself until then.
I'm Ivelisse, by the way. Pleasure to meet you.
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 *shushes him!*
Tsk, your mug does not require an apology. Just...bring me food when it happens. I don't know why you should, but I declare that is the rule.
*nods definitively*

(Toasts pitas!)
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 It is kind of a lottery yes. Although luckily for us all, it isn't like Shirley Jackson's Lottery where the lucky "winner" gets stoned to death. Everyone just has to endure looking at our mug for a day. To my understanding, it is totally random.

(hell yes to fat asses and PITAS)
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 *gives a little shrug with a laugh*
You know me well enough. You've seen my face on the poster around the Realm. You know my intuition is second to none- specifically about food. And lastly, your own intuition knows I am a pain in the ass*. That is pretty much all there is to know about me.
*gives a wide grin*

(*hence wanting to type PITA!)
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 *Presents a plate with fresh pita, hummus, and baba ghanouj*
I could hear your stomach rumbling from a mile away, dude.
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 Thank you!

(For the record, PITA would have been accurate as well. :D )
Jasper Thompson 01/07/19 ďI donít think thatís sad at all. We all need things, whether we want to admit it or not. If you need a place to belong, we can give it to you. And thereís nothing wrong with taking it.Ē Shrugging amicably, Jasper looks away from the man, allowing him his private moment to recenter himself. It takes a lot to open up to people, and oftentimes, it leaves one feeling drained.

After pouring another couple shots, he returns his sights him, laughing lowly. ďIt was one time...Ē A shake of his head, and he sighs into himself, wondering where to begin. ďIíve been around for a long time. But Iíve only just returned, hell, a few months ago? Iíve made a lot of poor decisions in my life that led me to do some pretty sh-tty things. But Sine Metu has always been my home, and Iíve always proudly stood next to Mackenzie. Youíve come to the right place.Ē For now, heíd leave it at that, raising a toast to new friends and new beginnings.
Jasper Thompson 01/07/19 A laugh follows Esperís assessment, and Jasper claps him on the back jovially. ďIf thatís what you feel is necessary. But all we ask for is loyalty and you seem to be keeping your end of the bargain pretty well. We take care of our own.Ē And thatís all he would say on the matter. Being a prideful being himself, heís not one to step on anotherís toes when it comes to how they choose to go about things. If Esper had a particular way of earning his keep, thatís none of his concern.

ďSo whatís your story then? What brought you here?Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/07/19 Watching the manís antics, Jasper canít help but to chuckle. ďYou donít have to call me Boss all the time. And you can approach me yourself, with the drinks. Weíre friends, after all.Ē He nudges him gently, waving for the bottle and an extra glass. While he pours out a shot for Esper, he nods toward his clothing choice. ďIs this a statement thing? Because if so, I get it. If not, Iím sure I can get you some new clothes.Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/07/19 Vodka. Jasper shivers involuntarily; itís been a long time since heís enjoyed the brine from of a potato, but why the hell not. Without even looking up, he waves the generous man over, patting the stool beside him with a wry grin. ďI said you owe me drinks, Esper, and I canít drink drinks by myself.Ē
Jamison King 01/02/19 Welcome to Sine Metu..
Jasper Thompson 01/02/19 After a very clear victory, Jasper pumps the air with both fists, accepting his win gracefully as ever. ďYou owe me alcohol, and lots of it.Ē With another loud whoop, he takes off, fully intent on making good on Esperís loss.
Mackenzie 01/02/19 ďYou always think twice? You have to take what you want. Life isnít promised. Donít waste it.Ē Greed and confidence: Mackenzie. So, she would take Esper home with her. She would give him a place to stay, and a means to better survive the harsh Realm they find themselves in. Why? Because itís who she is, and any friend of Jasper is a friend of hers.
Jasper Thompson 01/02/19 Pfffffffft.

An expertly aimed snowball knocks the cigarette from the original assailants hand, and Jasperís head pokes over the barricade to set a pair of stormy hues on the newest member. ďAnd you have it. Iíll give you three minutes to boss up, then all bets are off. Loser buys drinks, and I donít lose.Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/02/19 A flurry of movement catches his attention, but as he turns to take in the culprit, a snowball hits him smack dead in the face. Sputtering slightly and more than a little embarrassed, he immediately drops in the snow, hands working to create a barricade and simultaneously making projectiles of his own.

If itís a war he wants, itís a war heíll get.
Mackenzie 01/02/19 Mackenzie listens closely, looking signs of crazy she doesnít quite find. The way he speaks of Jasper brings an upward curl to her lips, telling of her pride in the man. He would soon learn there are no secrets between them, as the pair tells of all - even something seemingly mundane. Taking the offered hand, she gives a deceiving, dainty shake. ďMackenzie.Ē

A moment of consideration is had before she would speak again. ďCímon. Letís get you cleaned up.Ē
Mackenzie 12/29/18 So... you like my Jasper, hm?
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 -offers exaggerated bow-
Whatever did I do to deserve such kindness?
-smirks and salutes-
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 To each his own, though.
We all have our vices.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 True, but... maybe not the kind that make your ass bleed.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 -mock gasping-
What are you accusing me of?
As if Iíd be so cold-hearted.
Sounds like you need new friends, though, if Iím being honest.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 -chuckles-
I imagine youíd have to be.
Did you expect it go well?
Also... how drunk?
-eyebrows cinch; itís a very important question-
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 -contemplates, tapping chin-
Walk me through the process?
Why were you in this position?
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 -c0cks brow-
Sorry, what now?
Sounds like you have a lot more fun than me.
Howíd that go for you?
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 -shrugs-
I do like the taste.
You should try it sometime.
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