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Jack Angiers 03/19/20 A shrug of his shoulders was all Jack gave to Greer for calling him strange. His human life had been beyond strange, but he could only see that from where he was now. “I don’t have the urge to harm people anymore, so it’s not an issue. For the record, you’re the first person I’ve told even that much of myself to; I’m not as open as you might think.”

Hercules then let out a single loud meow. “Alright,” Jack said to the cat who then leapt into his arms once he stood. Jack caught him on the fly and addressed Greer. “He needs food. Good chat, as always Greer, we should do this again soon. And girl, don’t overthink it, I told you we would be friends.” Jack grinned at her once more as he moved away.
Jack Angiers 03/18/20 Grinning wide at Greer’s words, Jack couldn’t help let a chuckle slip out. Then he shook his head, and because this wolf had always been so straight with him, he let a little of his past out. “Can I get that in writing? Use it as a reference if ever I need to.” Then he sobered, and a frown creased his brow. “You see, when I was human, I wasn’t a nice person. Killed a lot of people that didn’t deserve it.”

“Now how I got into heaven is neither here nor there. But for the grace of God, they let me remain an angel and sent me back to earth. They gave me a second chance with the caveat that if I kill anyone, then hell gets the soul it should have had in the first place.” Wow, just tell her everything! Then. Ah, shut up. Now he was arguing with himself.
Jack Angiers 03/16/20 “Really?” If he saw Beau wearing jewellery made out of bone, he would know where he got it, but his thoughts were that wolves were an interesting if odd bunch.

“Me? Got no real business unless heaven sends me on a mission which I’m guessing will happen from time to time. Otherwise, nothing but living a decent life, helping people, and making sure I don’t kill anyone.”
Jack Angiers 03/15/20 "Hmm, well I don't like it, but as always I appreciate your honesty." Jack decided he would keep Herc inside as much as he could, though he doubted any of the wolves would just change in the sanctuary if they don't have total control over their animal. This thinking prompted another thought, and he took a seat on the steps of the porch near his rooms.

"What did you ever do with that finger? Was that a trophy of sorts?" Greer had bitten a finger off of one of the guards when they made their escape from jail all those weeks ago. Jack had forgotten about the finger until now.
Jack Angiers 03/15/20 “Party pooper. Can’t say it doesn’t feel good to get one over on the law, but you’re right getting locked up is not a whole lot of fun.”

At that moment Jack’s Norwegian Forest Cat, Hercules, came out of his room and wound its way around his ankles rubbing against him. Jack smiled at this then looked back to Greer. “Yeah, no silver, I got it. Though it may be difficult to believe, I don’t want to do things that cause my sanctuary mates to be uncomfortable. Everyone else, they can suck it. By the way, this beautiful boy is Hercules. He’s mine. Or I’m his, I guess. So, when you wolf out, no eating him, okay?”
Jack Angiers 03/15/20 "I'll take your silence as a 'yes'. Aw well, I missed you too. We need more adventure in our lives, Greer."

Jack couldn't help but grin at the silent woman that held a world of grumbles and disapproval in her stare. He had developed a soft spot for her because regardless of how prickly she could be, Jack always knew where he stood with her. Plus, whether she or any of them liked it or not, he had claimed these people as his family, and he had never had a family before.
Jack Angiers 03/15/20 "Greer! Hey there pretty lady, how is life treating you? Bet you missed me."
Jack Angiers 02/17/20 Giving her a mock salute, Jack put the truck in gear and got them back to the Sanctuary fast. Parking the vehicle, he stopped before getting out and turned to Greer. “Well, we have had ourselves a time tonight. You can get the jacket back to me later and don’t worry about the truck. Thing’s as old as dirt and needs a refurbish anyway.”

Grinning wide, Jack got out and didn’t bother locking his truck. Hopefully, someone would steal it and he could claim the insurance. “See, now we aren’t complete strangers. You ever need rescuing again, just holler.” He bit his lip to stop laughing since he recognised Greer probably didn’t need his help at all.
Jack Angiers 02/16/20 After letting out a baleful howl that sent shivers down his spine, Jack watched the large wolf get in his truck. This creature could tear him to pieces, and regardless of his healing abilities he doubted whole limbs and extremities would just grow back.

When his truck started to shake side to side with all manner of sounds emanating from the interior, Jack swore, belatedly realising this may not have been the best idea. Once the noise stopped, he distinctly heard bones cracking as if being reset, and his curious ass just had to look in the truck at that point. Greer was back and very naked. Immediately averting his eyes, he took off his jacket and handed it to her, then going to the back of his truck he found an old blanket, shook it out and passed her that as well. He suspected as a creature that would regularly find themselves naked, Greer probably wasn’t overly worried about it but he couldn’t make that assumption.

At her request, he gingerly picked up the finger and as he slid behind the wheel and gave it over to her. “Well,” he started still trying to digest all he had witnessed. “You don’t see that every day.” He meant to start his truck. They needed to move. Instead, he looked at the ruined interior of his truck. Fuck it that was easily fixed. Then he looked over at Greer. “You good? You need anything? I think there’s some water in the glove compartment.”
Jack Angiers 02/16/20 Realising he was hungry, Jack decided he would take Greer for something to eat. Committing felonies always made him hungry.

A noise to his left had him turn his head sharply. Then his jaw dropped open, and he damn near jumped out of his skin when he found a large wolf was there giving him the stink eye and snarling at him. This wolf was much bigger than any he had ever seen, and the thing had something in its mouth. Cautiously taking a step closer he realised it was a human finger.

“Whoa, there,” Jack put both hands up to ward it off, or calm it down, he didn’t know which. Realising all his fingers were on display his closed his hands in case they were taken as an offer of another snack. “Okay, let’s calm down, and think about this,” he was reassuring himself more than the wolf. Finally, something in the back of his mind kicked in and he narrowed his eyes on the wolf. Could it be? The animal came right to where he was after all, and Beau’s talk of Lycans and wolves ran through his head. “Greer?”

Having zero experience with this sort of thing, Jack just stood dumbfounded for a moment. Finally, getting his brain back in gear, he opened the door of his truck and gestured for the wolf to get in.
Jack Angiers 02/16/20 Okay, so Greer didn’t exactly freak out on him, but she did make it clear the carrying thing was right out. Jack chuckled as he nodded in acquiescence. “Alright, no problem. If you get stuck, whistle or something.”

The air felt different for a moment like it rippled near him though Jack didn’t take his eyes from the guard situation so that he wouldn’t miss the opportunity when it arose. “Yeah, I’m ready. My truck is out back, meet you there.”

It wasn’t long before one of the guards stood and stretched, ready to do his rounds. As the cellblock door opened wide, Jack took a deep breath and whispered. “Now!” Then he was gone.

Minutes later, he was leaning against his truck, one leg crossed over the other, his arms across his chest as he waited for Greer.
Jack Angiers 02/15/20 “I am a fucken angel!” Jack couldn’t believe he had to convince someone of that, and it was likely his frequent f-bombs didn’t help his case but he didn’t much care.

Moving along the corridor until they came to a bend, Jack raised his hand to let Greer know to stop. Peering around the corner, Jack saw the same guard station he came through. He hoped they could get out the way he came in, which consisted of waiting until the guards open the door then move through at hyper speed. There was, however, one teensy problem. He had never taken a ‘passenger’ before, and at those speeds, it wouldn’t take much to take a limb off. Jack had had plenty of bruises and cuts when he was first trying it.

“Okay, here’s the plan. We wait until the next rotation, and when the guards have the cellblock door open, we make a run for it. I can move very fast, fast enough they won’t see me and I can carry you. Go it?” Jack looked to Greer to see if she understood what he said or if she was gonna freak out on him.
Jack Angiers 02/15/20 “Well looky here,” Jack drawled as he wandered up to the cage that held Greer. Leaning against the bars, he smiled. “See, now isn’t a good thing we met already.” Breaking the cell door open, he swung it wide for the woman to exit. “Makes this sort of thing a whole lot less awkward. Why it’s almost as if we are two friends out for a stroll.”

Jack found he liked the distrustful, somewhat blunt way of this woman. She made him smile.

You managed to break out Greer Luin.
Jack Angiers 02/15/20 With a soft chuckle, Jack shook then released the woman’s hand. “Greer, nice to meet you.” The distrust was apparent in her eyes, and Jack could understand that since he was new here. However, his sociability and current unusual openness are limited only to his sanctuary mates. Jack was determined to live this second life in a very different manner to his first attempt.

“I will leave you be, just wanted to introduce myself so if you see me around, you know I’m not the cleaner.” Jack gave her a wink, inclined his head and went about his business.
Jack Angiers 02/12/20 After settling in and sharing a drink or two with Beau, Jack then goes in search of his sanctuary mates. He could do this. The talking to other people thing. Coming across a face, he hasn’t met yet he wanders over to be all sociable-like.

“Hi, I’m trying to get around to meeting all the crew here. Name’s Jack – resident angel.” Jack sticks out his hand in greeting. See he can be friendly.
Beau Theroux 02/06/20 "It's 'bout damn time ya made your way back. I got a mason jar of moonshine with your name on it, cher."
Merida Campbell 02/06/20 A familiar scent was dancing in the cool crisp air. She turned to face within the direction that it came from. Merida hadn't truly met Greer but knew of her existence. Approaching her slowly with a soft smile upon her lips "Welcome back. If you need of assistance feel free to ask. I'm Merida."
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