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Born: July 24, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 192 (House only: 7)
Affiliation: Pirates Cove Mail Replies Sent: 12
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 9
In Union With: Azreal Last Login:
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11/26/20 at 2:13 pm
Current Mood: Infuriated  Infuriated 
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 Best RP July 2020
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020

Quinn Whitmoore's Biography

Relationship Taken by my beloved Azreal my handsome Angel of Death.
Bio is in the works.
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Azreal 09/10/20 He raised an eye brow and poked her " So you want me to kill your uncle if he becomes a problem? Remember my love you cant keep anything from me i know all." He smiles giving her a kiss. " Let me know what i can do."
Azreal 09/08/20 Peek in and Poofs in a big thing of roses for his beautiful wife since he not been around. While he been taken souls to hell mainly leaving a note " I love you my beautiful Death Queen i will be around later."
Azreal 09/01/20 With a grin " I knew they couldnt resist this face too much longer. Haha thank you my beautiful bride of death." He gives her a kiss.
Gabe Marlowe 08/30/20 Mmm... Surely it had to be their time or I wouldn't have killed them *nods absently* ...I should probably go just incase. *waves* Later, Quinn!
Gabe Marlowe 08/30/20 *Gabe's eyes light up* Angel of Death? Amazing. I do hope he enjoys all the souls I've sent his way then. It was a pleasure to meet you, Quinn.
Gabe Marlowe 08/29/20 Pleasure, Quinn. My name's Gabe. Say, does your husband spend much time with you? *his smile softens and his face shows concern*
Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 *Gabe approaches the woman with blonde hair and smiles* Hello there. I just couldn't help myself...Your hair is very beautiful.
Vivian Fox 08/25/20 Uh oh. I'll go find her.
Vivian Fox 08/25/20 It's good to be back. :D
Vivian Fox 08/25/20 Congrats on PotD!
Marah Whitmoore 08/25/20 Congrats on making the realms most popular sister in law.
Draven Justicano 08/25/20 "Hey I will have you know I have good plans there lady. Anyways you get in this sac I have right here and I put you over my shoulder and sneak you away."

~He stood up really quickly placing his fist on his hips like he was a superhero.~ "I will be like Santa Claus saving the day. It will be a great story to tell my kids that I saved their auntie Quinn from being caught cause she is a bad ass who was wanted."
Skylar Justicano 08/25/20 *Skye goes to her sister with crossed arms*
"What the hell did you do this time sister dear?"
"Congrats on P.T.O.D. sissy"
Draven Justicano 08/25/20 ~When she got close to the bushes where he was at his hand reached up to her shirt pulling her down in the bushes. Placing his hand over her mouth he started to shush her.~ "Quiet lady you want to be caught? If you haven't noticed you are most wanted so I have a plan."
Draven Justicano 08/25/20 ~Looking at his God sister and sister n law he scratched his head when he saw the most wanted poster. Going to find her he pulled out a sac from his bag then started to climb in it to make sure she would fit in it. Shaking his head he was pleased with his plan. Once he got out of it he continued to look for Quinn then he found her. He then his in the bushes then he whistled.~ "Hey Quinn, hey Quinn over here come and walk to the sound of my voice."
Azreal 08/20/20 # Azreal walked behind his wife giving her a kiss on the neck and slips something around her neck " I know I'm a little late but i wanted to find something perfect for you my beautiful bride. Soon we can plan a wedding of our own soon." He smiles wrapping his arms around her holding her close to him #
Azreal 08/07/20 He grin at his wife “ Oh trust me your’ll Enjoy what I have plan just for you.” He leans in and whispers “ I’m going to make you feel things you have never felt before.”
Azreal 08/05/20 # Azreal wrap his arms around his wife gives her a kiss " I am here my love sorry i'v been bouncing about making sure all is well." With a grin his face " I have something special in stored for you." #
Saphire Justicano 07/31/20 Congrats Quinn keep it up.
Azreal 07/30/20 He grin down at her "Now that is what I like to hear from my woman."
Skylar Justicano 07/30/20 "Hello sis glad you came home. We really need you, Alex has gone mad. And I mean Mad in the head."
Azreal 07/30/20
" You invaded my dream you i see."
Cassandra Malinov 07/24/20 Cassie smiled when she heard that her goddaughter was back. Walking up to her she brought her into a soft hug.

"Quinn I am so glad to see you darling. How long are you back for this time?"
Briahne Christiann 07/24/20 Welcome to the Realm, if you need any help with anything please reach out. There's always someone around to assist.
Elizabeth Hawkins 07/24/20 Welcome to the Realm.
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