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Maxel Jacobs


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Born: July 26, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 0)
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 3 (House only: 0)
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09/17/21 at 9:50 pm
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Maxel Jacobs's Biography
Maxel Jacobs was born as a Naturally Occurring Lycanthrope, though it was not known at the time. He grew up as the youngest child in a large family. He was close to his sister, Raya; while his brothers took pleasure in teasing him and beating him up for fun. As such, his sister was the only one who stood up for him, and this made him fiercely protective of her. The first time Max lost control, he put a student from his class in the hospital causing him to run away. His brothers were sent to bring him home, but chose to hogtie and intended to beat him for dragging the name of their family through the mud. Instead, he losses control again and kills them all. This sees Maxel leave home at fifteen. And he's been on his own ever since... Now 24, he is in this Realm? To start over...
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Fallon Parker


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Created by Maxel Jacobs
Raya 09/06/21 "Good... Until then, stay safe ..." With that she began walking away from the building
Raya 09/05/21 "I will be here for awhile....find me when you can"
Raya 09/04/21 Thinking for a moment " I think....for now you're good brother.
Raya 09/03/21 That dear brother...,is a good question
Raya 09/03/21 Letting out a soft sigh, she really didn't know how to answer. "I don't know for sure, they don't tell me anything" She truthfully had no clue, glancing towards the window she continued. "They nor the rest seem to happy with current events. You are safe, that's what matters.Dont worry, I won't say nothing"
Raya 09/02/21 She knew where he was, however she stayed across the street. Raya didn't want to alarm him. "If I ment you ill, they would know where you were." Looking towards a window, she quickly looked to the deli. "You're safe....that is what I wanted to be sure of"
Raya 08/30/21 Stopping, she glanced around. He was near, she knew it. Hearing his voice saying her name, she began walking in the direction of where he was. Glancing towards where she believed him to be. Softly she spoke.
"are you safe?"
Raya 08/29/21 She had been searching for him. A sound in the distance caught her attention. Stopping she slipped Into the shadows for a moment.
"where are you now"
Fallon Parker 08/14/21 *picking up his pack I went to the bathroom door and placed it down and knocked* " It's outside the door." * Turning I went back to bed and sat down. This was new for me I never ever let a strange man in my to before but he was different.I had a good feeling about h.*
Fallon Parker 08/11/21 *Seeing his condition I showed him where the bath room was. I didn't want to interfer or ask him questions since I hardly knew the man. But I saw no problem in asking how he was when he came out.*
Fallon Parker 08/09/21 *After my shower I laid down wearing a long tshirt and leggings. Stretching out on the soft bed as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell fast asleep. The dream I was having was very intense when in a distance I heard knocking. Opening my eyes I realized it was at my door. Getting up I go and look through the prep hole and saw the man I met. Opening the door I stepped aside so he could come in * " Hi, please come in." * I gestured with my hand *
Fallon Parker 08/06/21 *Taking his bag I watched him leave. I knew I could not stay on the streets so I began looking for a place. I walked down main street till I came across the Regency Motel. I went inside making my way to the front desk to register. The woman gave me a key to 1220. Going to my room I put the man's bag in the closet and decided to take a shower then a much needed nap.*
Fallon Parker 08/02/21 "Well I'm glad you like them."* Hearing the howl she looked around to try and catch the direction it was coming from *" Yeah wonder where it's coming from and why it's so loud."
Fallon Parker 07/31/21 *She watches him eat his fruit then nods to him.* " Well I am glad about that. Are they good? The fruit?"
Fallon Parker 07/30/21 *She gave him a smile as he took the fruit and she took hers as well. * " Your very welcome. I feel bad that yours got ruined. I'm Fallon Parker. Nice to meet you Maxel."
Fallon Parker 07/27/21 *she was waiting when the man in front of her tuned and bumped into her causing his apples to fall and get ruined. Looking at the grapes he couldn't buy she also grapes more ripe apples. And handed them all to the lady.* " So sorry here I got this." * She paid for the fruit and handed him apples and the grapes he couldn't get.* " Here take these it's the least I can do. It was my fault I didn't realize how close I was."
Mateo 07/27/21 "Welcome to the realm!"
Fallon Parker 07/27/21 * After going in and eating a nice warm meal my next duty was to find a nice motel or boarding house to stay in till I could find me a nice apartment. Walking a ways i found a fruit stand. Going over to it I saw some nice looking grapes, peaches and plums. After sorting through them I took my money out and waited for the gentleman who was before me.*
Baron Samedi 07/27/21 Welcome! Welcome!

So good to finally see you here! Once you get settled in, check out the FAQs in the Help & Links drop down menu at the top of the page. There is a lot of good information there, as well as in the Help Forum under the Realm drop-down menu.

If you need any kind of assistance, do not be afraid to mail me directly -Mail button on my profile- OR use the Mail the Admins option.

There are many players here who are willing to help as well, so please do not be afraid to reach out!

Lastly, I do hope you enjoy your stay!
Fallon Parker 07/26/21 *Carrying her suitcase leaving the ship she was amazed by her new surrounding's. Walking the street she stopped and bought a bottle of water then looked for a cafe or diner to get some real food. The sandwich on the ship was not all that good. She continued her walk till she found a quaint diner. She looked through the large window to see if it was crowded.*
Pheenyx 07/26/21 "Welcome to the Realm, Darling. Should you have any questions about how things work, don't hesitate to ask. My advice, watch out for the things that go bump in the night and squeal in the light. Lots of creepy crawlies around, especially the ones with wings and fur."
Elizabeth ORourke 07/26/21 Welcome.
Remi 07/26/21 Welcome to the Realm.
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