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Seth Malone
Killed: December 15, 2019 at 12:01 am EST
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Born: September 25, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
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Gabe Marlowe 10/19/19 Thanks!
Hela Jones_ 09/26/19 Welcome to the realm! I do hope you enjoy your stay.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/25/19 Normally, Yule would send a letter to the new arrivals who found their way into her little black book. A few words, a gift, and leave it at that. But lately, she was of the mind that perhaps a more hands on approach wouldn't be so bad. At the very least, it would be amusing for her for no other reason that the look on the face of the person she approached. Strange things happened all the time in the Realm, under the cover of shadow, just out of sight of the ignorant humans who had the greatest claim to it.

And Yule, well, she just happened to be one of those beings who thrived in the shadows and strangeness that warped this world. She'd spent plenty of time as a spirit and the distance created from that had remained even after she had gotten this body. But slowly, ever so slowly, that divide was closing and she had grown accustomed to things.

So, she had taken out the leather-bound book and was systematically going down the list of names, making her way from one to the next. Luckily, the power she held sway over made this task easier than it might otherwise be. And she approached each of them, her steps light, the mask covering her gleaming eyes a little odd, but what wasn't these days?

Maybe she would seem like a con-artist, or something stranger to their eyes, something that shouldn't be trusted. But that made it all the more fun. So she approached them, one at a time, and pressed a small envelope into their hand, casual as could be. Some of them might react in an equally odd way, others might walk away confused or dazed. But that didn't matter. It was all for her self satisfaction.

Yule smiled, lips quirking up at the corners eerily, eyes gleaming with mirth and mischief as she said. “I'll be back for this.” Then she sauntered on by, looking for the next person on her list, wondering what they would do or say at such a strange interaction. Perhaps they would call out, stop her from melting back into the crowd. Or maybe, just maybe, they would meet again someday in the cemetery or a dark alleyway. But nothing could bring her more joy than the little burst of chaos it created.
Lucifer Morningstar 09/25/19 Scratching the back of his head he chews his inner cheek a moment. "That depends my friend. Somewhere between heaven and hell. They call it the realm. A place were the mundane really isn't and were things do go bump in the night and bigger things bump back. For most its home."
Lucifer Morningstar 09/25/19 He scratchs his face and looks at the new guy. He was a lot more antisocial then he thought. And his wife pointed it out. So here he stands. And of course the one on the welcome wagon he would get was none other then one who looked like he just crawled out of hell himself. A hand goes out and he clears his thoat. "Names Lucifer, yes that one. Just he to do my part at welcoming new comers. Have any questions give me a shout."
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