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Born: January 30, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 7 (House only: 5)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 124 (House only: 15)
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 1212
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 75
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09/20/21 at 7:06 pm
Current Mood: Totally happy 
You want me to be a bitch then the real Katherine is back. I will defend my family and fuck the rest.

All moods are in character unless otherwise
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Katherine Pierce-'s Biography
General Information:
Name: Katherine Pierce
Born June 5, 1473
Turned by Rose in 1492
Status: Claimed by her true heart 27/5/2021
Occupation: Nobelwoman Socialite
Species: Human Doppelganger Vampire
Gender: Female
Family Information

Family: Daughter Ami and Granddaughter Hope
Exes: Elijah father to her daughter and his Brother Nikolaus

Katerina Petrova (Cyrillic: Катерина Петрова) was born into a noble and wealthy Bulgarian family on June 5, 1473. In 1490, when she was about 16 or 17 years of age, Katerina became pregnant by an unknown man, a Traveler, and her family disowned her for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter. She carried the child to term, but seconds after her daughter's birth, Katerina's father took the child away and gave the child to another family, claiming it would be better for both of them to never see one another. Katerina was devastated by this and was banished to England, where she admitted to "quickly becoming English." In 1492, she met Trevor, who introduced her to Lord Elijah, who in turn introduced her to his younger brother, Lord Niklaus. Katerina was attracted to Klaus, until she found out what he was, and that he was planning on using her as a sacrifice to break the the Hybrid Curse placed on him. She escaped with the help of Trevor, who had fallen in love with her. He led her pursuers astray and told her to go east to a cottage in the woods where she would be safe. When she arrived at the cottage, Katerina met a vampire named Rose.

When Rose found out that Katerina had escaped from Klaus with the moonstone, she locked her in a room and told her that she would take her back to Klaus as soon as the opportunity arose, not wanting to suffer Klaus' wrath. Katerina tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a knife, saying she would rather die than go back to Klaus, but Rose force-fed her some of her blood to heal her. When Rose turned her back to confront Trevor, Katerina hung herself with a length of rope. Later, when Katerina woke up in transition, Trevor asked why she did it and claimed he would have helped her live. Katerina responds by saying that he would have been able to help her run and that running was never going to be enough.

Rose then explained to Trevor that Katerina used him to escape, and, knowing Klaus would find out their role in the escape, Rose attempted to kill Katerina with a stake. Katerina used the owner of the cabin as a shield, which resulted in her death. Katerina then gave in to her instincts and drained the little old lady, completing her transition into a vampire. She then threw the body towards Rose and Trevor and fled into the night. Katerina returned to Bulgaria in the later months of 1492 to find her entire family brutally slaughtered by Klaus. She knew he had done it as revenge for her escape and subsequent transition. She was last seen weeping over her mother's dead body.

Katherine may have stolen the spell for making Daylight Amulets from Esther's grimoire before fleeing from Klaus as this may explain how Emily was able to make Katherine, Bethanne, Pearl, Anna and Harper daylight rings and her a necklace in 1864.

Sometime during 1498, Katherine returned to Bulgaria after escaping from Klaus. Katherine searched every village and cottage for her daughter, Nadia Petrova, who was eight at the time, but had no luck in finding her.

Present day
Katherine gave birth to a daughter and named her Amethyst, but was adopted by Lilly , when she was in no frame of mind due to the lose of her husband Mick. Leaving the Realm only to be capture and kept hidden in the heart of New York. She escaped to find her girl and granddaughter to make amends with them only parts of her mind started to leave her with hearing voices and missing memories of the days gone by.

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Last five threads posted in:
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Created by Katherine Pierce-
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Created by Katherine Pierce-
LillyEmperium 08/27/21 welcome to the coven. If you need help, feel free to ask.
Amethyst Boru 07/13/21 Ami just finished giving Dorian and Lilly their bottles when she heard Katherine. Looking over at her she smiled a little. " Hey.. how have you been. Haven't heard from you in a while ."
Amethyst Boru 07/11/21 Getting a text she saw it was from her mother. Texting back.
" Im in the village with Kat,Kris,Dorian and Lillian. We're going to be in the cafe on Main Street.
She hit send and went inside with the kids. She ordered them a juice and her a frappe.
Amethyst Boru 06/30/21 Ami was glad that her daughter was back and things were getting back to normal. Dressing Lillian and Doran she told Kat and Kris to get in the car. Putting the babies in their car seats she got in started the car and headed to the village. Once there she got the kids out putting the babies in their stroller and headed to the department store.
Eleri Nenharma 06/23/21 Katherine Pierce- just failed at stealing money from you! El felt a pair of hand tug on her medical bag. She let the medical bag go from her grasp, Her moss green moon eyes turned to a red hue as the flame red of her curly tendril crackled with sparks. She let go with a fire bolt from her small hand toward the woman's bottom. She hoped it would connect and give the would be thief a lesson. Those blood bags were meant for another. She sent another fire bolt toward the woman;s rump.
Jaqs 05/23/21 He got out of his car, wearing a pair of jeans and a nice shirt of bluish purple, his hair long and white. His eyes purplish blue, bkending in with gold. His hair was put in twists and breads,with purplish blue beads snd gold hair jewelry every where. His shirt blung to his muscles shoes was of todays casual but expensive type shoes. He looked of rich, and he was of rich royal blood. He put on his sun glasses, and walked out of the car, pushing thr button as it made, a sound letting him know it was locked. He then walked into the store, he had on a mask, he always wore one, this one matched his outfit. As he walked in, he got a hello from one of nice workers. He was looking for something for his own nephew.
Rian_S_Reilly 03/18/21 Congrats on POTD
Ice Queen 03/18/21 "Ye most wanted woman and better run the guards are coming" ice grinned
Calico 03/18/21 "Congratulations on making most wanted"
LillyEmperium 02/15/21 Ugh that makes it hard
LillyEmperium 02/13/21 Do you know who may have done it
LillyEmperium 02/11/21 What did you hit your head on
LillyEmperium 02/10/21 You ok
Murmur 02/07/21 You managed to break out Katherine Pierce-. " Enjoy your freedom!"
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