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Gideon Abernathy


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Born: April 26, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 33
Affiliation: Valar Morghulis Mail Replies Sent: 811
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 16
In Union With: Quinn Abernathy Last Login:
Currently Online:
01/16/18 at 2:30 am
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 Best RP September 2017

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Amazing profile brought to you by Quinn.

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Quinn Abernathy
Doom Bringer

Saito Eiji
Master Slayer

Ella Donovan

Elis Griffyn

That Girl

Remi Rose

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Created by Quinn Abernathy
Realm2017 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
New OrleansDeath visits NOLA
Created by Spring Taylor
RealmPeople change for two main reasons
Created by Quinn Abernathy
Created by Elis Griffyn
Quinn Abernathy 01/15/18 Giddy
I took the truck to New Orleans, Giddy. I took an Uber from VM to town.

I'm real sorry. 😕 I also got us junk food and stuff for s'mores. And some new clothes. It wasn't just Uber, I promise.
Quinn Abernathy 01/15/18 Giddy
I was going to transfer it back. And no. I didn't wreck the Uber. There was a charge increase because it was peak hours on a busy night and a longer drive. And I also wanted to see if you'd notice.
Saito Eiji 01/14/18

Quinn Abernathy 01/13/18 She doesnít like this. There is a sensation in the pit of her stomach that refuses to be overlooked, though she pushes it to the back of her mind. Would this be their lives? Miserable together at the compound, miserable apart in the real world? Sighing, Quinn folds, nodding gently. They need breaks. They deserve them.

Okay... Iíll just drive home and Uber into the city. Spend the night. Iíll pick up somethings, too.
Quinn Abernathy 01/13/18 Giddy
Youíre always invited.


Iíll stay. I donít want to leave you here.
Quinn Abernathy 01/13/18 Giddy
You donít want to come with? 😕
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Giddy
I'm going to go into town.
To the bar. Yes. I want a drink. And karaoke.
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Giddy
Why not name the pony Eiji?
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Giddy
Giddy! Not nice! Now I'm gonna have to apologize to Eiji.
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Giddy
They're rats. They're little helpers. What's so hard?
And that isn't very nice, Giddy. It's already hard enough to tell if Eiji likes you. Naming a rat after him would make it easy.
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Giddy
No, you won't. You love me too much. Plus, I make great sandwiches. And no. I mean rats. Rats are way cool, and they live longer, and they don't bite.
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Giddy
Since you got a pony, I decided that I am going to get a family of rats to help me with the housework and get dressed in the morning, and stuff. Rats do that. They're super smart.
Quinn Abernathy 01/05/18 Giddy
That's not very nice.
I love you too much to kill you.
Quinn Abernathy 01/05/18 Giddy
I don't think it's that mysterious, Giddy.
Quinn Abernathy 01/05/18 Giddy
Since when are you into donkeys?
Quinn Abernathy 01/05/18 Giddy
Secrets don't make friends.
Quinn Abernathy 01/05/18 Giddy
...why was the donkey's family killed?
Quinn Abernathy 01/03/18 Giddy
I never said I didn't want it.
It's just.. didn't Jesus have donkeys, or something?
Quinn Abernathy 01/02/18 Giddy
Can it be a unicorn for Halloween?
Quinn Abernathy 01/02/18 Giddy
Ponies are itty bitty.
Derek Norse 01/02/18 Yo mama.
Quinn Abernathy 01/02/18 Giddy
Cheeto is a big animal...
Quinn Abernathy 01/02/18 Giddy
Remi Rose 01/02/18 ...And all there was to be found was a ball of lint attached to her clothing. Sighed softly with relief before her gaze lifted back towards the man. Shaking her fist angrily towards his back which was all that faced her now.
Remi Rose 01/02/18 "Spider.. WHAT?!" Fidgets about manically, silly enough to believe anything the man told her, attempting to remove this so-called spider.
Quinn Abernathy 01/02/18 Giddy
Is it a goat?
Remi Rose 01/02/18 Gideon Abernathy just failed at stealing money from you!

Smacks at his hand.
"Could you, please.. ?" She'd inquire laced with annoyance as if she was used to his pickpocketing ways.

Derek Norse 01/01/18
Quinn Abernathy 12/19/17 Giddy
That's a trick, and I'm not falling for it. If I say yes, I agree with you. If I say no, I support your claim.
Not today.
See? I'm learning. :D
Quinn Abernathy 12/15/17 Giddy
I'm Yes.
Quinn Abernathy 12/14/17 Giddy
It just seems like something they would come up with. Or maybe they think we are Yes and No.
Quinn Abernathy 12/13/17 Giddy
...your name is definitely Boris.
Quinn Abernathy 12/11/17 Giddy
Do you think Eclair and Cheeto know our names?
Quinn Abernathy 11/28/17 I just can't get you out of my head, today...
More than usual.
Quinn Abernathy 11/23/17 But you can tell when a cat doesnít like you...
Quinn Abernathy 11/22/17 How do you know if Eiji likes you?
Saito Eiji 11/15/17 -Jots down a URL and passes it over discretely.-

Never speak of this again.
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