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LillyEmperium 10/28/20 *nodding Lilly looked to the woman* crazy I tell ya....and I know crazy....I just heard a lot of muttering about noises, clearly this one lost her way when she hid the dismembered body, one could argue that the ethereal woman lost her way when she did the murdering, but I’m sure that’s normal. The only other thing I could really get from the rambling was something about going to kill some fairies
Calico 10/26/20 Calico had been out walking with her arms wrapped around her slender frame. The murderer had been looking at her as they went past, she had noticed the eyes. Over the years she had seen countless of the most vilest but this one was bad. She said wearily "aye, i be seeing dah murderer but not much" she stepped back and lowered her eyes “All I saw were the eyes and wicked sharp nails… I did hear multiple voices, if that helps!”
Jude Hawthorne 10/23/20 The day had started off normal by Jude's standards. Get up before sunset. Check her schedule. Do what needs done. Murder wasn't on the docket, but who was she to be picky. As a Hawthorne, she tried to stay well out of the spotlight, at least the one that the cops were always shinin. It was just her luck she was caught in the crosshairs so to speak. What she was doing out by the ocean at that time, who could say? That wasn't the important bit.

The important bit was now, thanks to seeing what she did and being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, everyone and their mother was comin to her. And not in the usual way. But to ask about what she'd seen. She wasn't too broken up about it and figured there wasn't a reason to withhold information. The cops hadn't asked her to after all.

So when they started approaching, she started chatting away like it was perfectly natural. “Well now, it was just getting dark, you see. I was out on an evening stroll in a manner of speaking. When I came across the damnedest thing. I've seen couples arguing before. That's normal enough. But it escalated so quick. Her pulling out that gun and all. Seemed liked the sort who could kill without prejudice. That sorta vibe.” Jude thought for a moment, tiltin her head to the side. “Had the most beautiful baby blues hidin the beast inside her. Like she was some sort of Goddess in another life.” The woman shrugged. “Shame about the beach being closed. At least it's easy to get blood outta sand.”
__Nyx__ 10/21/20 *While cleaning myself I was approached by a man, asking about what I had seen. My telepathic voice echoes in his head. Being a cat I am able to witness such a grisly act without punishment. No one ever suspects the cat.* Indeed it was gruesome. She was petite and I’m pretty sure she was packing; you’d never think such a pretty little thing could do something like that, but then you never know about people. Her husband could easily be the neatest monster you meet. *I stretch out and resume cleaning my paws.*
Farren Seaver 10/19/20 Farren had been on the hunt for her seal skin when she had come across a murder so foul; it should have made her a little squemish about being out and about like this but when you have a Siren for a mother.... A little death doesn't mean much.

"So, I was out hunting down males, because who else would have taken my seal skin, right? And I thought I had found one that was very sketchy. Young male, maybe late teens. But I was WRONG. That was totally a woman. And wow, was she ever good. The man paid no mind to bleeding everywhere, but kept rambling on and on and on. It was like he was hypnotized. I wonder if she could help me find what I'm looking for. She seemed like she could. If you can find her, that would be helpful to me. And if you see anyone else looking strange with a seal skin..."

Probably keeps rambling as she walks off...
Andy Codin 10/16/20 * I smile back * You're quite welcome. I was happy to help
Andy Codin 10/15/20 * I shake my head as another lady comes to me. Before I was married, I wondered if I was a vampire or a monk. Now that I'm married gorgeous girls seem to be falling out of the sky. I smile as I wonder if an Indian can do a rain dance like that. But I stop smiling so much as she speaks. I don't want her to think I find a brutal murder amusing * I did see someone get killed. I was out hunting one night, and saw a guy in a very nice and expensive suit walking along with some drunk guy. Something seemed off about them, so I followed along. They went into a house, and I looked for a window to look into. I found one just in time to watch the suited guy hack the drunk to death with an axe. Then something really unusual happened. The killer grabbed a bible, and started reading scriptures from it. That was kind of strange * Since this lady is single and beautiful, I decide to tell her something I didn't tell anyone else * The killer left the house then. I followed him, planning to drain him when he hit the corner * I roll my eyes * But before I got to him, some fool jumped out from behind a tree, and tried to mug me. He became an appetizer. But when I got done with him, the killer was gone. There was a church down the block, tho. Since churches seem to be on every street, it might not mean anything, but that's the best I can tell you
Mary Shelley 10/14/20 Mary could have tried to explain that she was only trying to find new subject material when she was tailing two men from a bar; but that would require too much time. People wanted the meat of it, the information on the killer.

“I’m pretty sure he was an American, the accent seems to lead that way and judging by the way he swung that ax, I’d say he was a sociopath. Or psychopath. I can never get those two right, maybe you’ll figure it out. Oh, you do have your work cut out for you. I do remember seeing an old book, it looked like a bible. Maybe it was a cult thing… regardless, I’m pretty sure this guy, with or without a pulpit, would demand blind devotion.”
Siobhan Boru 10/12/20 Siobhan looked at the person speaking to her. This was erie she never saw nothing like this before.

“I didn’t see much, I tell ya, but what I did would leave you scratching your head. Ever see a cat disappear in a fiery burst? No? Well, that could have just been her hair.”
The Raven 10/11/20 The bird was unaccustomed to the cage it resided; small, rusted, made for an avian much smaller. And had it known this would be the outcome of attempting to steal a small shiny from the ground, it would not have tried to emancipate the bauble.

Bored after so many hours of sitting in the cage, stygian eyes watched curiously those that came and went. Sometimes it even cawed for attention, or rather, help; but none came. The Raven, close to giving up hope, settled in for a nap (just a small one, its eyes had grown heavy watching passersby!) until a click was heard. Startled, obsidian lenses widened as corvid head then body forced their way through the small 'door'. A single caw to its 'Saviour'.
Kayla Holloway 10/10/20 Many a life here was cut short by an untimely death here in the Realm. Poor Jason Hendrick was just one face in a long line of victims. Their world revolved around it. She'd spoken with so many people wanting to know what she knew about how Jason met his end. She sat on a bench near where the police had first questioned her and along came another wanting details. "I found her to be a different sort of killer. I was headed home and there she was. She was singing as she worked this guy over the cliff; it was clear she has embraced her abilities." There was just one more thing. "I have to wonder if she was a professional... singer, that is."
Silviana Balkan 10/09/20 Miss Balkan. No one had called her that in years.. made Silviana shiver.. Hearing the women talk about how she was putting a piece together about all the murders.. “oh its wonderful isn’t it..” she smiled.. they finally let her out of the jacket for ‘good behavior’. Which basically meant she was playing her part in the investigation and giving everyone insight on what she saw.. when in reality.. she wanted to find that gorgeous man and pick his brain for another reason.. she didn’t want to find why he did it.. more so where all that rage came from.. it was glorious. So glorious it sent Silvy on a spiral inside of herself.. completely out of it by the time the cops showed up.. just standing outside the window. did he even notice what he grabbed to hit her with!! Spur of the moment, messy murder.. that was the way to do it.. Finally to the women who questioned her.. she spoke.. almost giddy about it.. “He’s so pretty, that smile could drive anyone wild; however, I really think he’s got issues with blondes. Or he just really, really, really likes them.” She paused and looked off to the side.. sinking back into the abyss of her mind.. “ good think im not blonde..”
Honoria Louviere 10/07/20 It was another normal one. These, these she liked. She didn't feel like she was talking to herself or she should be checked into the hospital for some kind of mental breakdown. Even better, this one was hunting it up for a story! Nora could relate to stories. Well, books. She did love her books.

"Oh, yes, I saw it all! In the woods, I was there to take photographs and all of a sudden, there was a sickening crack. So much blood. She killed her friends, can you believe that? Mi Madre, she always said I'd know when I ran into fuerza negra when it happens. She was right. It was literally Satan... but only prettier."
Savannah McCarthy 10/05/20 Savannah smiles and nods, "Thank you for taking the time to look into it! I'm sure those poor souls would appreciate your time and effort as well."
Savannah McCarthy 10/05/20 One would think that witnessing a few murders would be a traumatic experience for most people, but Savannah was not most people. Not when she's been around the block a few hundred times since the damn Dark Ages. Could she have helped those poor souls? Maybe, maybe not. Savannah was human now though and she wasn't about to become a victim herself.

She was told she would have to give her statement to those who asked, she when she was approached by those seeking answers, she told them exactly what she saw, "A crown sat on top of the murderer's head. Her face was hidden by the shadows. Yes, I'm quite positive the murderer was female...however, I could smell a strong scent of...burning moss and a lot of alcohol at each murder scene.”
cao cao 09/19/20 Thank you Miss Taylor. Of course I did. After all I have to keep these old bones from getting too stiff.
Pheenyx 09/18/20 It's that cute button nose that does it for me, sweetheart. A grin as she boops Shannon's nose with a single clawtip.
Pheenyx 09/18/20 You are such a cutie, darling.
cao cao 09/15/20 *a whistle comes sounding from everywhere yet nowhere. Then suddenly lotus blossoms fall all around you* darkest of eves my old friend.
Balthazar Remanzi 09/03/20 *walking up behind Shannon's unmistakable silhouette Balt smiles. Within his hands a bouquet of orchids, rose's, and babies breath* Flowers for such a beautiful woman my dear.
Elizabeth Hawkins 09/01/20 You managed to break out Shannon Taylor. London Dungeon RUN!
Jared 06/09/20 Thanks beautiful
Balthazar Remanzi 03/02/20 Thank you for the warm welcome. *Smiles innocently*
_author 01/18/20 Congratulations on Player of the Day. Seize the night!!
Jared 10/29/19 Feeling a hand in his back pocket he quickly spun himself getting behind the their, noticing it was Shannon he shook his head before leaving a kiss on her cheek "close but no cigar" Shannon Taylor just failed at stealing money from you!
Jared 10/18/19 Congrats on the rank!
Andy Codin 09/15/19 * i smile as i run out of the dungeon, and pause before i take off down the street * Thank you very much. That was very nice of you
Raven D Morningstar 09/09/19 "Welcome to the coven! I am Raven and should you need anything I will be happy to help!"
Kellie_Auber 09/09/19 A smile graced Kellies lips and she offered a hand. "Nice to meet you, Shannon. I am Kellie."
Kellie_Auber 09/09/19 Walking the halls and exploring Kellie runs into the newest member of Carpe. "Oh excuse me. Welcome to the Coven, Miss."
cao cao 11/29/16 Congratulations on player of the day luv. Xoxoxo
Katherine Murray 05/03/12 Awww! Thank you, Buttercup!
EtaineNightBreed 04/27/12 Thank you very much!
Shayden Rayne 04/07/12 Mischief was brewing on another sleepless night inside the plantation house, bare feet hardly making a sound as she paced the floor of her room wondering what she should do to celebrate the festive weekend.
An idea slipped into her head, as if a thought whispered from beyond, it led her out to an all-night supermarket where she purchased a couple dozen eggs, a couple packets of egg decorating kits, chocolate bunnies, wicker baskets and brightly colored grass among other assorted items. She hurried back to the manor and invaded the kitchen, boiled her eggs and then took them back to her room to begin the decoration process.
There would be one basket per resident, each one lacquered with a black coating, filled with the red plastic that was shredded in a vain attempt to resemble grass, a chocolate bunny was tucked into the basket along with an assortment of eggs. The eggs all had a mask design painted on them, highlighted by the use of red, gold or silver glitters, and the name of the recipient was painted in an elegant script on the very front egg in the basket.
Being satisfied with the arrangements it was time to slip into her delivery ensemble, a black latex bodysuit to which she added a pair of black bunny ears, white puffy tail, eyelash extensions and a cute and glitter bunny mask. She stepped into the hallway and begin making the rounds, if anyone spotted her, they most likely would not be able to tell it was her right away as long as she was able to keep from speaking.
She went about her route, leaving a basket in front of each door and knocking softly, unaware if the occupants of the room were asnooze or not, and haphazardly hopping down the hall to the next room.
Damian Veron 04/02/12 *Ignores her suggestion and escorts her off to the dungeon for ten lashings, for tongue-poking*
Shayden Rayne 03/03/12 Shayden bowed her head slightly, a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. The pewter hues peered out from behind a veil of raven locks as she shifted her gaze to the face of the other woman. A glisten of mirth was found in the depths of those haunted orbs briefly before it vanished as if it had never been.

Thank you kindly dear one.
Katherine Murray 02/17/12 *screams and tackles* MINES!
cao cao 02/16/12 Welcome to the realm. Should you have any questions, Feel free to ask. I promise I won't bite.
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