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Khellen's Biography

Ademre exists far to the northeast of Temerant’s great nations, and as such does not constitute part of “The Four Corners of Civilization”. This land can be a cruel home that demands tenacity and fortitude from her children, the Adem. It is surrounded on three sides by the great Stormwal Mountains, and vast stretches of rocky, barren fields comprise the majority of its landscape. To the northwest there is only the sea, a constant source of howling winds and battering rain. While the summers are warm and border on pleasant, the winters are bitterly cold and are marked by surges of perilous tempests from the sea.

Life in Ademre is centered around a village’s school. While most possess their own low, sturdy abodes whose austere construction is dictated by the severe weather conditions, children and adults alike are clothed, fed, and instructed within these most sacred of havens. From a very early age, children are taught the foundational code of conduct that is the Lethani, a way of life that defines every choice, action, and thought of the people. Alongside this mental discipline, they are also trained to perfect the Ketan, a series of movements that encourage proper form when training and fighting. In every village, the school provides a singular education in the ways of their particular path.

It is customary for Adem children to first complete their education in the path of their village, and to then travel from one village to the next, learning the ways of each path in turn. Once fully trained in the most suitable path, a series of tests and challenges may be requested to determine whether an Adem is fit to “take the Red” and venture into the lands beyond. For those who choose this mercenary’s life beyond the Stormwal Mountains, it is most common and expected practice that all excess wealth be sent back to the school to provide for future generations.

The Village
We are an isolated clan, even by Ademic standards. We live furthest to the north, occupying a steep, mountainous vale inhabited by few other species. To the best of my knowledge, we have never accepted the presence of outsiders, even fellows of Adem heritage. It has always seemed strange to me that we do not share our ways with our people, for this is how I have always thought of them; this is how I have been taught to think of them. It is our heritage. They are our people. It is, however, my village, shared by my immediate kin. We do not teach others our path, though we are free to seek mastery of the paths of our brothers and sisters to the south.

This self-imposed seclusion limits trade to those few of us willing to travel back and forth between the villages, spending what little the school has amassed to provide her children with the necessities. Unfortunately, our supply of coin has been steadily dwindling as the seasons seem to grow more harsh. The small, rocky gardens we rely on have not yielded harvests sufficient to our needs these past years. The animals grow thin, forcing our people to broaden their range and prolong their hunts. The young cry and the old seem downcast as all are forced to limit their meals, replacing sustenance with water and training.

I am the first in many years to complete my training here, and have hoped to support my people since the first strenuous winter. My mother, Caeth, spent more than a decade beyond the mountains, fulfilling her duties as a mercenary and providing our school with enough funds to keep our people well-fed and thriving. She returned only to bring me into the world, much to the delight of our kin. It is strange, of course, for an Adem woman to ripen so late for the first time, and her “belated maturity” remains a source of good-natured banter among the elders of our village. She has so effectively provided for us, however, that no one even thinks to mock her further.

Having contributed so much herself, I had thought Caeth would approve- even encourage- my willingness to follow in her footsteps and take the red. It came as a surprise and disappointment to both myself and the elders when she expressed her expectation that I first master the paths of our relatives to the south. I have felt the weight of my kinsmen’s developing necessity for years now, and while I adore and value my training ever so highly, the needs of my people come first in my eyes. If I could simply be allowed to take the red, to do as my mother before me, I could provide so much in return. The children would not cry; the elderly would not go hungry. Surely, she must know this. Why, then, does she hold me back?

It is my fourth year studying the way of the sword tree, and my training here is nearing completion. While at first my presence was met with mere toleration- even anger by some- the blooming of fellowship between myself and the village elder, Shehyn, eventually put most hesitancies to rest. Shehyn empathized with my intense devotion to home and kin, and offered to oversee my training herself once my demonstrations of the Lethani satisfied her.

Being the first in so many years to achieve mastery and venture forward had been no small affair. While we Adem take great pride in our comprehensive solidarity, taking on a member such as myself somewhat out of the blue would strain any family. How can one expect complete acceptance without offering the same in return? In my case, as it is forbidden for me or my immediate kin to share of our path, my arrival here provoked more than a few flared tempers and soured feelings.

Again I found an ally in Shehyn. She remains sympathetic to my plight, understanding that this precedent was neither set by me, nor possible to break. In all honesty, her unusual compassion in this regard continues to intrigue me. I have spent many sleepless nights wondering what insight she might truly have into my peculiar heritage. She seems much more knowledgeable than I have ever imagined an outsider to be, and I have yet to scrounge the courage to ask after the true extent of this knowledge as I do not wish the upset the balance of our relationship.

The teachings of the Letantha are very similar to my native path, as predicted, with but a few key aspects distinguishing them. It is frustrating to recognise these similarities, and to be unable to explain the parallels to my fellow students. Eventually, while these students came to respect my ability and trust my character to some extent, the underlying wariness pains me still. I love the people of Haert as dearly as any I have known, Shehyn particularly. We Northerners have never shirked our duty to nurture the kinship that defines all Adem, and as such I have spent these past four years holding true to these beliefs and demonstrating our shared identity.

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