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Liam Dromeo
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Born: November 10, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 4 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 138
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 11
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Run into the woods and change your name to something only the wolves can pronounce.
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 Secret Santa behind the Scenes - Christmas 2019
Golden Snowflake Pin ~ Yule Ball Participant 2019
Liam Dromeo's Biography
ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR RP, please feel free to send starters, ooc messages or requests to come join your forums...I'm onboard for all of it!

Basics for now:

-Please attack only offline for now
-Steal anytime

Looking for profile help, shoot me a message and we can talk details

Liam Dromio
Dark espresso hair/pelt
Evergreen eyes
Retired K9 Handler/MP
Come and discover the rest!
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Celestial Moon
Death Wolf

Sofia Johanneson
Doom Bringer

Lyric Hedley

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The Black Rose~Closed - Yule Ball in Valhalla 2019 - VIP Lounge~
Created by River Song
Andrea Ostergaard 12/04/19 Thanks for the offer. I'll be sure to do that.
Andrea Ostergaard 12/04/19 Glad to be here.
Asher 11/27/19 Thank you.
Nina Parrish 11/27/19 "Thank you for the welcome and the first attack. You must be the Realm 's Welcome Wagon." Cienwen grins at the man. "Do you have a spare ice pack?"
Sofia Johanneson 11/21/19 Houses and shops on either side of her became a quick blur as she remained transfixed on his body growing larger the closer she got to him. A smile was plastered to her face as she gave chase. She was just about to make her big move when she sensed him slowing down. At the same time she saw the well worn side of a building and sniffed at the unmistakable scent as it permeated the air the closer they got. At his side, she slowed to match his walk, canting her head to the side curiously at his question. "You couldn't ask me that back there? Were you afraid I'd say no?" Fia half chuckled and shook her head in amusement before nodding in the direction of the building. "Of course I'll help! Are we looking for someone in particular?"
Sofia Johanneson 11/17/19 She let out a growl when she saw him start running. "Hey no fair, do you really NEED a head-start army boy?" With a soft howl she took off after him. She had no idea where they were running to but it felt good to do it just the same. Her small feet touched the ground softly, even in her work boots. Small dust clouds followed the two of them in almost cartoonish fashion. It wasn't long before she had him in her sights and was closing inm, legs sure and steady as she felt the familiar ache inside for two to become four. She could smell his scent, a wicked combination of sweat and mirth. She didn't know what the Finish Line was, but she was determined to cross it before he did - just like old times.
Sofia Johanneson 11/17/19 She gazed up at him smiling, unable to wipe the expression of pure joy off her face. Sparkling blue eyes looked him over as if to make sure he was really there in front of her. She was positively beaming. "So where the heck have you been? It's been... ages! I figured you retired to the islands and were going to live out your days in a hut fishing and drinking from coconuts." She let out a soft laugh at the visual.

'Let me know when you get settled. come visit me in Sydney. I'm sure you remember the way. I think we were tied 2-2 from our Olympics match when you were called away." Her eyes teased him with the memory, wondering if he remembered.

Celestial Moon 11/16/19 *She nodded* well of course I wouldn't let you order food and not finish how rude would I be *she smiled as the scent of food filled her nostrils. It made her uneasy eating a meal with somebody she just met but she didn't want to be ride, this was not the kind of food she wanted to eat*. So please tell me a bit more about yourself, do you have any friends or family here in new orleans.
Celestial Moon 11/15/19 *She sighed* I apologize sir but how you said I was unwise for inviting people to my den made it seem like you might *she kept staring at him before she took a shot,of her drink never taking her eyes off him*. If you like we could go somewhere more private and we could get to know each other better away from all the staring eyes *dhe thought she seemed to forward with him, even so she thought maybe she could trust this guy and move things among from there*
Celestial Moon 11/15/19 *She shrugged* you only live once and than again maybe you don't *she laughed a little* are you by chance going to hurt me because they may or may not be unwise *she winked at him and took a sip of her drink looking around* when you have lived the life I have dear sir you see alot of things.
Sofia Johanneson 11/14/19 She heard he was back but she had to know for sure. She would recognize his scent anywhere, it didnt matter if it was a year or a decade. Fia went out in search, expecting to find him covered in sand and with a killer tan and an umbrella drink to hand.

Following the scent she finally caught up with him and wasting no time threw herself at him in a long embrace. "It's about time you returned!!"

Celestial Moon 11/14/19 *She stared up and smiled* I live here *she sais eyes wandering around the room, it seemed more lively than usually was*. I have a place upstairs, I made a deal with the owner and she agreed I could stay here I run special errands for her. *She sturned her head to the side not sayimg another word, perhaps she said too much to the New guy, she kept her diatance just a little*.
Celestial Moon 11/14/19 *She looked up and stared at him, his seemingly calm stature and very mysterious, there was something about him that she,couldn't put together like he was inhuman*. Uh sure I'll order a steak* a steak who was she kidding, she didn't like this kimd of prepared food, but she chose it and she has to eat it now or something.
Celestial Moon 11/12/19 *She stared him up and down trying to get a feel for him, he didn't seem like the others but it was still too early to tell* well nice to meet you *she smiled and lifted up the menu, she didn't use the menu to order food but rather to look like she was*
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 Oh you're right I'm terribly sorry about that *she blushes a little* My name is Celestial Moon and you are *She Smiles at you*
Aelin Galathynius 11/10/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 *She smiles and looks at the bar tender* I'll take a couple shots of patrón with a glass of red wine. *The bartender nods and walks away to serve up our drinks*
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 *She leads him to a table in the corner, it has good lighting and nice lofty seats for the two of them* Would you care for a drink, I always let my guest order first.
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 *She nods* uh huh, but we go through the back this way *she walks over to a back door and knocks four times, a grimacing looking man opens a peek hole slot and looks down* It's me ipen the door I'm thirsty *she smiles as he,opens the door witha growl*
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 *She smiles and shrugs* I'm just exploring different cities and their opportunities. *She skips ahead a little* maybe if I meet the right friends I can stay in one, spot for a while.
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 *She slows her pace to keep in timing with the new guy she just met, she was always friendly to new creatures but that didn't mean her guard was down either*. So how long have you been in town for, I'm new myself so forgive me if I haven't met you sooner. *She kept her eyes on him learning anything she could about the new guy*
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 It's just around the corner here you can't miss it, or you could always follow me if you want. *Turns around taking small steps away*
Celestial Moon 11/10/19 *Smiles and walks up to you* Welcome to the realm handsome, if you would like to be friends you may find me in the tavern *walks away slowly*
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