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Born: November 12, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Affiliation: Wahnsinn Mail Replies Sent: 3590
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 I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm

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Raven D Morningstar


Crimson Belladonna

Athena Maximus


Last five threads posted in:
Raven D Morningstar 02/14/19 Laughs kissing his cheek filling his coffee. "Before coffee darling you can be a bit cranky."
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 "Oh! The age thing!" She smirked "well.. Went to a witch got potion and over a weeks time I ended up like this." She bit her lip and played with her keys. "Um..just going to um.. Visit! Yes visit." Her eyes rolled she couldn't tell him truth or he would try another way to prevent her from going. "Oh Ratz is here in the realm!"
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 Turns and looks at him. "I have no idea what you mean. Sam brought her back. But she will go back to hell with me. Need to get someone out."
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 Bell nods jumping off the counter and walks off with phone and keys in hand.
Raven D Morningstar 02/14/19 "Who pulled her out of hell!?!"
Lloth 02/14/19 Keep your voice down. No one needs to know I am back or why. Let's just say Sami decided to pull me from the pits of hell.
Raven D Morningstar 02/14/19 Looks around and notices the one pacing back and forth the child looked no older then Bells "I see her now! She must be one of Bell friends. Ask Bells. I'm sure she won't be the first one you will meet."
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 "Uncle this is my friend Lloth. She is a nervous one."
Lloth 02/14/19 Come now Luci. I would expect you to know your hunter no matter what meat suit she was in. *Silver blue hues turned to look at the man in question.*
Raven D Morningstar 02/14/19 "Another person?!" Stands next to him "have you gotten to much sun? Other then Sam and Bella who do you see?"
_Samil 02/14/19 reason. But I do need to get going. I have someone I need to go check on.
Raven D Morningstar 02/14/19 Yelling down the hall back at Luci "Love did you forget that Bells live with us now. Lyl left her to us when she went to hell!" Walking towards him "and since Az went M.I.A who else would she leave her to. Just be glad it is not a house full of teenagers."
Lloth 02/14/19 *She knew she shouldn't be here. She shouldn't be anywhere near Luci and yet she was waiting on Bells and the others at Ravens house. Or at least those were the cords she was given. She kept her eyes to the ground as she paced frantically.*
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 "Oops!" She giggled and sat on the counter. "Morning uncle! How was your trip?" Looking over at Sam. "No need to leave."
_Samil 02/14/19 *Sami sighed quietly. He had been cauggt in the act so to speak. He looked between Luci and Bells but remained silent.*
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 Bells found her uncle walking around the house. She stood quietly to see if he would notice her.
Crimson Belladonna 02/06/19 Paces around in circles waiting for aunt and uncle to return. She was anxious to see them. Although they had left her in good hands they were the only family she had left in the realm.
Crimson Belladonna 01/22/19 She giggled thinking about it. "YouTube? Chu and auntie Raves looking after meh nows? Mama dieds." She sniffled at the thought about her mother.
Crimson Belladonna 01/22/19 Runs to her uncle with her arms up "unkles Luci chu get the gremlin?
Crimson Belladonna 01/17/19 She finally came back from visiting her friend in hell and decided to go see her uncle and leave a gremlin for him.
Raven D Morningstar 01/17/19 *sees fluff coming*
*rubs his belly*
*reads note and smiles*
*writes one*
"have about 6 packs in freezer. Will bring fluff if he moves and breakfast!. Always yours!"
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 01/16/19 Cassie bowed in respect to the man.

"You have a great evening and thank you again for the kind words. It was nice to meet you."

She watched the man leave then she to took her leave.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 01/16/19 "Well good as you can be for now is always a good thing. Just means you are taking one day at a time is all."

She gave him a soft smile.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 01/16/19 Cassie looked at the man who approached and she bowed her head slightly as a smile appeared upon her face.

"Thank you for your kind words. How are doing?"
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