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Artemis~ Huntress of Souls~
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Born: May 28, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 11
Affiliation: Reid Funeral Home Mail Replies Sent: 209
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 56
In Union With: Pericles Galanos Last Login:
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08/18/18 at 12:55 am
Current Mood: Pleased 

Artemis's Biography
"If you seek an angel with an open heart... You shall always find one."
- Michael- Artemis 's old time friend and mentor said these words to her. When he returned her yet again to the Realm. Will she be the same Artemis who walked this realm, many seasons ago? NO this is a totally different Artemis. Her story will soon unfold should she find those who were willing to befriend her, this Huntress of Souls~~ Sitting on a park bench, Artemis Hunter, ponders her own unwilling return to the place known as the Realm.

-Michael- "I am very sorry to inform you Artemis Hunter, your orders have come through. There is no rejecting them this time. Father has taken a special interest in you. His Orders can not be refused. YOU must return."

-Artemis- "I have served faithfully and I have done my tour of duty in the Realm. What did it get me. My death, loss of my beloved Vincent and now my children..
. I have buried some of our children there...Vincent now sleeps..I had wished for eternal sleep beside him.."

She clenches her fists angrily. Rage boiling inside her as she stood in front of Michael, her teacher, mentor and good friend. The next minute there was a crack of thunder and a flash of lightning. Gone was her white flowing gown in it's place her old black leather battle armor, her sheild and her double edged sword. A duffle bag worn through the long years of usage lay at her feet. Vincent's ancient katana and his sais lay on top of the bag.

-Father- Artemis Hunter! You are hereby re-banished to the Realm. You will relearn all your powers. Your fighting skills. You will no longer follow the path of neutrality. YOU are now a Huntress of Souls. You will learn what it is to be one and you will learn to obey your Father in all things!

Another crack of thunder and a flash of sudden light blind Artemis. She lands on her butt in an old park near her old home. Clad in her old fighting leathers and a black duster that is torn and tattered. A duffle bag, the katana and sais land beside her.

-Father- "You are stripped of all your powers! You will atone for your disobediance. If any one chooses to befriend you Artemis Hunter, it will be a mercy given you. Each person you help will restore a bit of your lost skills. You will be marked by this angel wing necklace. You will walk among the people of this Realm and learn to be the Angel you were meant to be!"

Artemis Hunter has returned...A Huntress of Souls... There maybe a select few Souls she will be a Guardian Angel too.. and only if she chooses too.

((Ooc: Original date: Born March 2nd, 2008. Open to role play keep it clean!))
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Pericles Galanos

Tucker Reid

Dovima Bastet

Kenny R

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W_Kat 07/31/18 Congrats on PotD!
Alrick Ivanoff 07/18/18 Congrats
Pericles Galanos 07/18/18 PoTD Artemis? How did that happen?
W_Kat 07/18/18 Congrats on PotD!
Summer 07/18/18 Seeing the posters around town, she gave a slow nod of approval. Seemed only natural the Enforcer would be so widespread in the Realm.

Congrats on PoTD!
Devika Draculesti 06/19/18 Thank you!
W_Kat 06/14/18 "Kat. You can call me Kat and don't ask about the full name." *Raising a brow, takes the feather and looks rather confused* "Umm..Thanks. And for the record, everybody's crap stinks. Haven't smelled a nice one, just saying.. "
W_Kat 06/14/18 *Quickly gives a high five.* "Hell yeah! Ahh..I mean..yes..yes I do. This place gives me the heebie-jeebies. Time to run!"
Maya Hall 06/11/18 Ah, yeah, thanks...
Seraphina Morning Star 05/29/18 "Welcome!"
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