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Murmur 08/09/20 ** Text Message** Yay me and your nephew perpetrates it. Say hello to your parents for me.
Silas Coldwell 08/09/20 Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
*finger guns*
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20

#He smiled with no hesitation he hovered over her kissing her then he crawled up beside her wrapping his arm around her.# "I love it when you smile, laugh or that I can make you laugh and smile."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 #He laughed some more.# "I hate to tell you but uh it was an oxygen tank yeah."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20

"Oh come on. How are you going to survive a shark attack if you can't listen?"

#He laughed himself.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 #Rafe laughed some then continued to mimic the man from jaws once again.# "The thing about a shark..."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 #Rafe continued to look at her with a smile.# "This is important stuff why you laughing?"
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 #He looked at her with a smile.# "What? Why you laughing?"
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 #He smiled down at her as she touched the scar then continued to mimic the guy from jaws.# "Well sometimes you know chief a shark he looks into you, looks into your eyes..."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 #His eyebrows arched to her comment.# "Yeah we will not go into details with that one right now."

#He chuckled at the thought. He then pointed to the scar on his right right above his belt. He began to mimic the man from Jaws.#

"Now this one was a tiger shark, yeah a 13 footer."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/09/20 "That is so true." #He got up from the bed then took off his shirt.#

#Pointing at the one on his left shoulder he began.# "This one was special cause of my parents. The one on the back of my neck the star well that was a dare by Quinn no surprise there she double dared me."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/08/20 "No sleep yet. Did I ever tell you how I got my tats? Or what they mean?"
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/08/20

#Rafe cuddled up behind her wrapping his arms around her he whispered against her ear.# "I love you and want you always babe nothing will ever change that."
__Nyx__ 08/08/20 thank you
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message**

"On second thought I am coming home right now."
LillyEmperium 08/07/20 *laughing, Lilly smiled* yes I know
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message**

"I think we can manage that. I will say it again I don't think you are either. Will be home in a bit just finishing up here."
LillyEmperium 08/07/20 Ahhhhh I got you
*chuckling Lilly smiled*
could be worse dear
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message**

"Well yes and other places as well. Cold showers I see in our future lots of them."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message**

"I am at work woman which it was a nice surprise you coming over here. Talk about a extended honeymoon huh."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message**

"You are a bad influence woman. I miss you already though."
LillyEmperium 08/07/20 *raising a brow, Lilly looked to her with concern*

No, according to you, you're fabulous....but you said it alot..
*Looking to her, she looked Marah straight in the eyes, as she linked to her*
..Mar....if something is wrong, please let me know...I won't be mad
LillyEmperium 08/07/20 *nodding Lilly looked to her* are you ok dear
LillyEmperium 08/07/20 *chuckling she handed Marah the bags* Better dear... better. Oh these are for the kids...and the babies..
LillyEmperium 08/07/20 *walking up, Lilly gently poked Marah's side as her hands were full of bags containing outfits and toys* how you doing
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/04/20 "I do too love. But the way I see it they can either deal with it or don't. No one can stop us from being together we are old enough not to mention it is a little to late in your state for anyone to try to stop us. You have me always I don't plan on going anywhere I love you and want you."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/04/20 #Kissing her back he smiled. Wrapping his arm around her waist when she laid next to him kissing her forehead.# "I would so marry you everyday as well. Everyday with you feels like the first time. How did I become so lucky?"
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/04/20

"So will you again?" #He smiled at her.#
Ronan -R Boru 08/04/20 "So am I .Yeah I was down for a whole of 70 mins . Gotta be a family record there?" * He grins*
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/03/20 "You are mine always forever. I will always be here with you cause you were meant for me. You make me better." #Leaning in his lips were upon hers kissing her.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/03/20

#Rafe pulled his wife into his arms kissing her then twirling her gently bringing her back to him. She made him so happy that he just started to sing to her a song that just came to him as he looked into her eyes.#

I never needed love like I need you. And I never lived for nobody but I live for you. Ooh babe lost in love is what I feel when Im with you.

#He ran his thumb over her cheek as he continued to sing swaying them a bit.#

Maybe it's the way you touch me With the warmth of the sun Maybe it's the way you smile I come all undone Ooh babe lost in love is what I feel When I'm with you

Ooh babe Lost in love is what I feel When I'm with you Baby ooh I get chills when I'm with you oh Oh baby my world stands still when I'm with you When I'm with you.

#A smile appeared upon his face then kissed her.# "I so love you Marah Whitmoore."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/03/20 #Chuckling he moved his eyebrows up and down then winked.# "Hey I try not to but can not help it. You bring it out in me. But to the answer to your question or a statement before. I wanted to take you away a long time ago but couldn't cause I was trying to respect you. I knew you were my one and only but you needed to figure that part out. I am just really glad we have now."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/02/20 "Well you are one hell of a great kisser as well. You wouldn't have to run and hide from anyone if they saw us I will give you some reasons. We are married and well I can just take you into a room with locks on the door not having prying eyes. If they did see us kissing but didn't like that I give my woman the loving she deserves then they can stop staring or pluck out their eyes. But that would really suck cause then they wouldn't be able to see anything." #He continued to hold her in his arms with a smile.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/02/20 #He smiled at her then kissed her.# "Why Mrs. Whitmoore I do believe you have my heart, soul and body forever. No one could ever fill what you have."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/02/20 #He read her mind with a smile as he kissed her he then stared into her eyes.# "I do not plan on doing anything stupid love I have no reason to. I have you and our kids including the ones you carry. You are all the reason for me to never to anything stupid. Without you I can't breath I am where I want and need to be."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/02/20 #He kissed her again letting her go so she could get the kids.# "I know love and I love you. I will meet you outside."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/02/20

#Rafe kissed her then placed his forehead against hers closing his eyes.# "Go head get the kids let your family know that all is well that you coming home with me. I will just be outside."
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/02/20 #Not saying a word he just wrapped his arms around her pulling her close his face burying in her neck. He whispered to her.# "He is gone now can't hurt you or anyone ever again. Come home please. You do know how much I love you right?"
Rafe C Whitmoore 08/01/20 #Appearing in front of his wife he didn't care if he was not allowed where she was without permission he needed her now cause she was always the one person who could help him through this moment he was feeling.# "Marah."

Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 "I am counting on it and I love you too." #He kissed her once more then watched her flame out. He too left before anyone saw him and had a cow.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 #A playful growl escaped his lips then shook his head.# "Oh no most defiantly not. Woman you keep doing that I will never leave and I have to. Which means you have to go back in the house before anyone notices you gone."

#He got up placed his shirt back on then helped her up. Kissing her again he didn't want to go but knew he had to.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 #After a hour of being alone he sat up looking at her with a smile upon his face and a chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned over and kissed her again.# "You woman are a bad influence. Taking advantage of me you should be ashamed."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 #Looking around Rafe carried her off somewhere they could be alone for a little bit kissing her along the way.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 "I swear cold showers are going to be needed soon. I needed to see you and kiss you. This text messaging crap is for the birds at times. Being away from you is like I can't breath."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 #Before Rafe could reply he saw his wife grabbing her as she jumped into his arms kissing her.#

"God I miss you woman."
LillyEmperium 07/31/20 Congratulations on ranking
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 **Text Message**

"I missing you too. What if I tell you I am outside the gate sneak outside for a moment."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/31/20 **Text Message**

"What you doing?"
Saphire Justicano 07/31/20 Congrats on you new rank Marah
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"There is a lot of things you can hold me to cause once we are alone we won't be leaving the room for a while. Wink wink."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"We will be together soon I promise."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"I can do that. I miss you and the kids."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"That it will be love. Oh the kids will have a lot of fun with their aunts. Where shall we go to first?"
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"Well we still have our honeymoon to look forward to."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"Miss me?"

Vivian Fox 07/24/20 -But I haven't received anything. Has anyone else? -
Vivian Fox 07/22/20 -Marah! You can't do that right now. Jeez girl, this isn't good. You need more power, something a whole lot stronger, stronger people. Or just stronger powers. Shit Marah, you're gonna get yourself killed.-Scratching her head, she looked at the ceiling before finishing the text. -Don't get mad at this next part, but have you spoken to your dad..Ronan? That's the only one who might be stronger. I know it's most likely to soon but Marah, you can't be fighting this...this..entity. Which sounds really, really creepy. Not gonna lie. Have you seen or heard this thing before?-
Vivian Fox 07/22/20 -And you can kill it??-
Vivian Fox 07/22/20 -So it's...mist? Do you'll actually do something? Have you told Rafe?-
Vivian Fox 07/22/20 -Wait what? Who's phantom?-
Vivian Fox 07/22/20 Wondering how things were going, Vi sent her a text " Hey bff, how are things going?"
Killian _Doyle 07/18/20 You arent and he would never want you to feel that way which is why he does what he did and still does. NOne of you are with out allies should something happen to him. Ciaran has me ., Matt has jamie Fraser, and you and david have Rian. So there is no worries there. Just trust him on that.
Killian _Doyle 07/17/20 "I think he did that so you wouldnt feel like you were the constant reminder of her really a nd when David appeared again it was just the last straw for him."
Killian _Doyle 07/17/20 You can trust she will be watching. If she wants you too she will make herself known to just you to see. She was his light in the dark always. She had this gift of making you feel you belonged if if you didnt think you did.
Killian _Doyle 07/17/20 "Your father and I hold no secrets lass you know that.Yes he told me about that as well. He was having some issues with all of that. it was july 3 the anniversary of your mother and sister being killed. He still suffers from it but he has got it back under control."
Killian _Doyle 07/17/20 "I know. I heard about the other thing from your father with that Corvin girl. "
Killian _Doyle 07/17/20 "Are you causeing trouble? "
+ Killian looks at her and laughs a bit.+
"We will be there tomorrow afternoon your aunt and I."
Skylar Justicano 07/17/20 "Congrats as I told him it's about time. You waited so long for this. I'm glad the day is finally here."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/15/20 #Wrapping his arms around her waist his hands went gently to her stomach where their little ones were safe. He then kissed her cheek and placed his chin on her shoulder just holding her close.# "I think they did come out great my love. So I sent them already out to the list you gave me so we are good on that. Just need to figure out the rest like food and stuff."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/15/20 #Rafe walked up to his wife with a smile then showed her what came in.# "Well our invitations came in finally. They were cutting it close I think."

Vivian Fox 07/10/20 " If that's case, you will need to have your dress resized. Having no butt. That just sounds uncomfortable."
Vivian Fox 07/10/20 " Look at you lookin all muscular. Make sure you don't knock Rafe out. Congrats BFF! "
Vivian Fox 07/07/20 Thank You Bestie! You're so awesome!
Oz St Claire 06/17/20 "Yes Cousin had to come back to check on you make sure your behaving haha.. Oz Laughed *
Julia Silverblade 06/16/20 Juli smiled "Marah it is good to see you and thank you"
Killian _Doyle 06/04/20 "I am not a demon. I am still the witch I always was. Just a b it more beat to hell. I am me though and I still have all my powers."
Killian _Doyle 06/04/20 "Oh she already has . Though I was a demon . Its all good though.I am back."
Daxx- 05/18/20 Thank you. I hope it flies for a long time.
Vivian Fox 05/05/20 "No"
Vivian Fox 04/28/20 "I once had bright, green eyes."
Vivian Fox 04/25/20 Unsure of what to say, deep down she felt bad but cleared her throat before she spoke."I'm back...don't look the same nor sound it but I'm here."
-Savannah- 04/23/20 "Oh thank you Marah" she smiled softly
Rafe C Whitmoore 01/02/20 "Let's do it on Valentine's day this way we have a month to plan get everything in order."
Rafe C Whitmoore 01/01/20 "I do not see why not. What where you thinking for a date?" #He continued to look at her with a smile.#
Rafe C Whitmoore 01/01/20 #He felt a pinch on his ass then smiled cause he knew that touch. Turning around to face her he kissed her softly then pulled her into his arms.# "For you I have all the time in the world for. What's up?"
John Doe 01/26/16 John Doe Fact #308: John Doe once built a house from the sky down.
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