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Alyssa Beleren


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Alyssa Beleren's Biography
My name is Alyssa Beleren. I am the progeny of the two most powerful beings in the history of the Realms. The Living Guildpact of the realm Ravnica and ruler of Vryn, Jace Beleren and the Mistress of Necromancy and first Daughter of Tepes Dracul the King of Vampires, Liliana Vess.

My birth was the result of a primal and lustful night between the once sworn enemies. As such I have my fathers' adeptness with Blue and Ice Magic that allows me to use water and ice as attacks and my mothers' prowess with Black and Necro Magic to reanimate the dead, corrupt the living, and unlock power from death.

I was considered an abomination amongst the people and was treated as such after the brutal murder of my parents. I was sold into slavery and treated like a plague anywhere I went.

Finally escaping my shackles, I found myself at the place my parents once called home. Using the inate power of the Living Guildpact I found myself in a place simply known as the Badlands under the rule of a man known as the Regent. Chosen as his Colt I underwent his brutal training and my own personal hardships and became his Clipper and as such took a new name to befit my cold and deathly exterior; Alaska.

With the benefits afforded to me as the Regent's Clipper, I began researching a way to leave this place and I found it. A spell from an age long forgotten in these Badlands that opened a portal to a place called the Realm. Now I find myself in this Realm with the hope of finally having peace.
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