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Born: February 08, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 1 (House only: 0)
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Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 45
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09/05/21 at 4:09 am
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 My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Best RP February 2019
I Survived the Red Death 2019 And All I Got Was This Lousy Trophy
Best RP April 2019
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Fought for survival against the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person

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Raven D Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar

Loki Jones


Siri Ridire


Last five threads posted in:
Elizabeth ORourke 08/15/20 You managed to break out Jacob Ander Morningstar. New York Dungeon "Lollipops!?!??! Run!"
Elizabeth ORourke 08/15/20 You managed to break out Jacob Ander Morningstar. New York Dungeon "Run free!"
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 Curled into him eyes stiring into his she smiles. "Well glad to hear it. Now I get you to myself."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 Arms around her wist and soft lips against her neck. Her body relaxed into his. "Oh Have I missed you to Jacob. More then you will ever know."
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 Runs by in new body, stops grins kisses his check and runs off again. "oh Missed you Jake!"
Siri Ridire 10/21/19 "Tag ou it!" Siri beams getting Ake out of da cell!
Mystic-husky 10/11/19 She pulled the sheet up around her as she yawns softly. Hazel eyes watching as he got up for his training. She glances at the clock and the cell notification. Laying it down she turns back and a bare leg settles on the sheet. Her voice soft as he was headed towards the door. "You know, you could just come back to bed." (congrats on ranking to seven)
Ramiel 10/10/19 He laughs"Well about time someone who doesn't need a farm supplier in the pork industry. So any info I can use other then the pasta. that I can do without a problem."
Ramiel 10/10/19 Smirks and follows "Ya know she did bring me here. So we have gotten as far as introduced nd showing me around. Working on food next" He looked over at him and then chuckles."Your gonna have to tell me sometime soon. What spell the tiny coven leader put on you."
Ramiel 10/10/19 "Yes yes I did. Bella well not sure what to say there. But Man I have no idea what the hell I am doing other then getting lost in the coven and Hoping Hela keeps finding me."
Ramiel 10/10/19 "Crazy ass women, come with life, and I have had a few lifes so Yeah I can deal with it with you." Glances back at Hela and grins.
Ramiel 10/10/19 Okay he took that way to well, most scream and run away. An eye brow lifts and he smirks. "Okay then, yes older. Luci fell and the first four were created. Az, myself Dues and Dagon. From there everything went to hell so to speak."
Ramiel 10/10/19 he gives the young man a nod."Yur welcome. I guess I should introduce my self seeing everyone has failed to go this far with me. Jake I am Ramiel, Ram, Rami for short. And well gonna confuse the crap out of you right about now. I am Azazel's brother. And um Lucifer's son. Guess Ya can say I am your brother." Now let the poor guy think about that.
Ramiel 10/10/19 He had seen the guy in the past and never realized who he was till now when the announcement went out. With a cheeky grin he pats him on the shoulder and smirks. "Congratulations Young Master Morningstar."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/10/19 Congrats! Might catch you at some point" *Chuckles*
Siri Ridire 10/09/19 She bounces on her bottom and looks at him. "Kays, we can gets dagon ady to eats dem to." Bright eyes sparkle. "We gets dem gones and ever body get cak to ormal."
Siri Ridire 10/09/19 Almost as if he wasn't there, she whispers so not to scare the bug away. "Ake I is unting Ub Uugs. Only finds spidders and ady Uugs." She pulls out a pile of movies and puts them on the floor. "Noes Uggies, just dem ol ust unnies." She looks at him. "Gotz ta finz dem so I cans end dem to far ways place not ere."
Siri Ridire 10/09/19 Siri was peeking around corners. Looking in cupboards and under tables. She had a jam jar in hand, as she crawled under the coffee table in the tv room, whispering "Ere buggy buggy buggy." While heading towards the dvd towers to pull out movies and look behind
Lucifer Morningstar 10/05/19 He smirks. "Well not really, its gonna come and go. But Calming down helps. Center your self as if it wasn't happening and its just part of who you are. Control my boy."
Siri Ridire 10/03/19 "Cause Woki has ta gets in dere somehows, Ake! ow comes im so ittle and hows ims get outs. Ells will plode if ims gets to bigs. We CANTs habs Ells plode, it be messy."
Siri Ridire 10/03/19 "Ake Ake ake, hows Ella get Woki in her belly?" Stares up at brightly full of confusion. "She lies cantz eats im, ur mouth isnt dat bigs."
Siri Ridire 10/03/19 "tink ou ake. Ties to be ike ou guys."
Raven D Morningstar 10/03/19 See what he is trying to say is.. Get over it!
Lucifer Morningstar 10/03/19 "So darling wife your up. Not much good at this other words. Help" Looks at son. "Its not aways a bad thing. Knowing who they were could be worst."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 Cant answer the parents thing for you but. Sometimes just sometimes its there all along kiddo. It takes a trauma to kick in. You landed in hell for what ever reason Likely cause demons don't go to heaven child or not. Then then angel side likely slept. And for some reason has just woke up.
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 Chuckles"No luv still here. Jake well a Nephalem is a angelic demon hybred. The eyes are a tell tail.They wont stay its just a ascending gift." Looks at Raven. "Feel better." Looks back at his son. "Kinda think you bio parents where a demon and angel buddy."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 "Raven, Think you can explain."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 He looks at them both and sighs. "It kinda looks like something a Nephalem can do"
Raven D Morningstar 10/02/19 -Gets there- Pulls off glasses- What in Unholy hell is that?! -Looks at husband- Wtf?!
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 Chuckles"I now know where you get all your questioning from. Oh she is on her way."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 He contacted that one and only person he knew could always help. "raven I need you, jake has a problem."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 "I need to check into why your eyes are glowing" He says extremely slow. "You asked."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 He had a feeling but it would need to be checked out further. He pulls out the sunglasses and puts them on him. "Keave them on. I need to check into something."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 Smirks and crosses his arms."Yes Jacob?" Wait what?" He look at again holding his hands on either side if his face. Do yiu have any idea what your blood lines carry at all?
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 *He stops and looks at his eyes, playfully kisses his nose and then grins* Okay so your eyes are beautiful, no I am not hitting on you. Kinda the ****ting brown color mine are. But a pretty power surge your on the verge of. Don't blow Ava's brains out at play time."
Lucifer Morningstar 10/02/19 He glances* I would suggest more fiber in your diet, you look constipated."
Mystic-husky 10/02/19 It was still pouring but now it was a warm wet. She finds him locking down the animals and grins walking past. She looks over her shoulder at him. "Beer? Crows nest? Blanket?"

Uriel_G_Emperium 09/27/19 Texts: Man I don't know where, they did that poof thing they all do? Texts: Found Siri we have visitors.
Uriel_G_Emperium 09/27/19 Texts: BIG-BAD-BrO-DADDY: rugrats escaped again
Uriel_G_Emperium 09/27/19 "Okay man, sooo this happened? Thats really vage ya know." He looks at him mom and back again. Then sighs. "You know what... weirder things happen around here. This I think I can actually handle." He puts a finger on his chest with the most incredible of grins. "Just saying this once.... I will not call you dad, Jake. I kidnapped you far and square, I suppose. So look after her."
Uriel_G_Emperium 09/27/19 He taps his mother on the shoulder and tips his head slightly. "Soo um you have something that your forgetting to tell me. Like okay so the baby shadow demon is back. And we are being attacked by other shadow creature. All that seems almost normal as of late around here. But Honestly Your smiling, happy no depressed." Glances at Jake and the giddy look. "Oh for the love of.... Really? Like when did you two actually have the time?"
Mystic-husky 09/26/19 She looks at him and breaths out. "Wonder who is going to say something first." She runs her thumb long the side of his hand gently finding her seat beside him.
Siri Ridire 09/24/19 Swaying back and forth she giggles."Itch and chadas gotz twinzie troubles. So I poofed for cookies."
Lucifer Morningstar 09/13/19 An eye brow raises and he sighs. "Really? I just crawled back up and now have to go hunting for a bloody something or other. Do we know what this one is yet?"
Lucifer Morningstar 09/13/19 With Fluffy Climbing out of the car he looks over his shoulder at Jake. "That she did, something about. Legions of something?"
Shannon Taylor 09/12/19 “Thanks Jake. I’m still learning my way around and having my things shipped from New York. Once I’ve got my things and checked out the greenhouses on the roof I will feel more at ease. Plants are a bit of a hobby of mine.” She laughed softly looking at the permanent green stain under her chipped black fingernail polish.
Shannon Taylor 09/12/19 Smiles at the young man and shakes his hand. “Thank you I am quite happy to be here a pleasure to meet you. My name is Shannon.”
Uriel_G_Emperium 09/10/19 "It did, your dad found me and sent me back. And told me If I ever am found down there again. I wont have to worry about Mom grounding me. He'll let yur mom eat me!"
Uriel_G_Emperium 09/10/19 Not very man like but, tackles into a hug!
Raven D Morningstar 09/06/19 "BLOODY HELL THAT BEAST IS LOOSE!" Shaking her head she ran to get dressed "welcome home kiddo!" The only one who could possibly tame..nope scratch that the only one who can tame that beast was out of town. Pulling out her phone while she was in her bathroom getting dressed she dialed it's owner. "Voicemail..dammit! Bells when you hear this call me ASAP Bruce is free!"
Raven D Morningstar 09/06/19 Grunts trying to ignore the first knock putting pillow over head. Hears second bang on door and sits up *for the love of all unholy things someone better be dying,dead,having a baby or hell has been set loose!" She yelled walking to her door to open it only to find her son standing there. A smiles grew on her face as her arms stretched out for a hug. "Yay your home! And where did you leave your dad?"
Lucifer Morningstar 05/06/19 And his job here is done. Mission accomplished!
Loki Jones 05/06/19 He tried soo damn hard not to read below. And now he wishs he hadn't. He would be forever scarred and it wasn't even focused at him. Pats Jake's Back then swiftly removes it. "Man here for you....not in that way though."
Lucifer Morningstar 05/06/19 *The joy of being a father, is the utter joy of tormenting them back. He smirks and then grins.* Rolaid? But think about it. Cant be any worse then if you had gotten with Bella. You could wake up any morning at random with her possessing some random creepy guy. Or Angel hanging off the rafters above you. Or even worse if you decided to change your preference spooning with LOki and Uri at the same time.
Lucifer Morningstar 05/06/19 Pops a heartburn tab and then grins. "Haven't ya noticed yur all a little weird son. She is no different, Think about it. You all were busy in your little worlds. She has no one, unless you include Loki. And who wants to hang out with her father. Voices are her friends" *God damn he had to keep a straight face and get that out with laughing his ass off.
Lucifer Morningstar 05/06/19 Chuckles* "Um okay, thats strange. But its kinda normal as well. In most cases, not all, it means she likes you Jake"
Lucifer Morningstar 05/06/19 "My son, there isn't enough spirits in this realm to even help with that. Your pretty much screwed kid!" There was nothing in his look that even gave the boy a glummer of hope. He would be in facts screwed.
Loki Jones 05/04/19 After checking to make sure he didn't pi$$ him self he gets up and chases him through the coven, then tackles him in the rec room. And does the unthinkable. Messes up his pretty man bun. "Gottcha!"
Loki Jones 05/04/19 What the hell, why was he bouncing? Nooo sleeps is important! cant be Bells. Okay maybe it is. An eye open and he realizes what it is. Dude NOOOOOOOOOOO! Screams and rolls off the bed!
Loki Jones 05/03/19 Brother Bear:
all is good so far. And yeah seems she likes the newbie bod. Cant say I am complaining.
Loki Jones 04/27/19 "Dude shifting into a rat to get out of Cancun, I have to admit was pretty funny. Did that fat lady notice you in her bag after?"
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