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Wilhelm Ruthven


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Born: January 13, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 1
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01/18/20 at 9:30 am
Wilhelm Ruthven's Biography

Name: Wilhelm Ruthven
Age: 694
Hair: Long Black Hair
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200
Occupation: Odd jobs

Wilhelm was born 1326. His parents was working people trying to have Wilhelm have a life they never had. When the Black Plague was taking over Europe Wilhelm's parents died from it and he had it since he was exposed to it when his parents had it. He couldn't afford a doctor since he was poor and his parents couldn't leave him any money. After several weeks after he got the Black Plague he was on his death bed, until a figure walked into his house asking if he wanted to live. Wilhelm said yes he was only 22 and he didn't want to die yet. The man nodded as he proceeded to bite Wilhelm. When he woke up thr next morning he felt good healthy and he didn't feel like dying anymore. Going to the mirror to see how he looked, giving out a startled scream he seen he didn't have a reflection but he knew he was there looking in his mirror. The figure walked in behind him and said" I turned you into a vampire that is why you still live if I hadn't you would have been dead in the morning." Looking behind him he was surprised confused but thankful that he was still alive. The older vampire trained him for a couple of years, he finally set off on his own and decided to settle in Transylvania. He bought him a manor and started working odd jobs.

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Silvia Black

Dayna LeBeau

Sava Dubrinsky

Last five threads posted in:
Dayna LeBeau 01/17/20 "charming name for such a charming man, a pleasure to meet you." I spoke as i looked at him.
Dayna LeBeau 01/16/20 "I am called Dayna." I spoke with a gentle smile as I put my hand in his. "And who might you be?"
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 She nodded " this is true, many loose their way if they don't find their mates and end up turning rogue. Killing for the sake of it,they lie to women making them think that they belong to each other" she shuddered as she rubbed her temples.
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 "We only drink from the willing mortals and then implant happy thoughts" she smiled softly
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 She blushed softly "then forgive me, it has been a long time in the healing earth back home" she chuckled softly
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 She gasped and wrinkled her nose "you ate animals, we only did that if we were healing" she shook her head
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 "The black death was the worst for many vampires as they couldn't feed well and finding a healthy mortal was hell." Lifting her head "I have come to terms with their deaths and my new role as the warriors princess" she began to smile slightly
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 "I just returned from the Carpathian mountains after a long visit with family only to be attacked by hunters and rogue vampires. They killed my parents" she suddenly became quiet and lowered her gaze
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 She laughed "they tend to smell horrible also" she smirked at him then shakes her head. "Tell me about your sire"
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 "That there is, demons that should be staying hidden away in the darkness. Scaring the youngster if they are bad and not in bed" she chuckled softly as she recalled her father telling her the story.
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 She gave a soft nod of her head "I was born with the vampire gene but wasn't a full vampire until I was 21 when and if I found my life mate. Its only then I turn fully, just the way of my people"
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 Extending her hand to him and smiled "not exactly young and haven't been for over six hundred years" a soft giggle escapes her lips
Sava Dubrinsky 01/15/20 Peeking from the shadows from beneath her hood as she sensed the newly risen vampire, "a belated welcome to the realm" her voice a soft Romanian
Eve Cascadia 01/15/20 "Oh it was been a pleasure Mr. Ruthven.", Eve replied as she let go of Wilhelm's hand. "I must unfortunately though go tend to some things out in the bayou.", she said with a bow.
Eve Cascadia 01/15/20 Eve extended her hand to meet the strangers. "Thank you for the welcome my name is Eve.", She said. "A great tidings to you as well.", she continued with a smile.
Dayna LeBeau 01/14/20 Walking down the pavement of the rain glistened street,I approach the new comer and remove the good of my jacket showing off my snow white hair. "Welcome Sir."
Marina Pershing 01/14/20 Welcome to the Realm!
mist 01/14/20
Liam Moore 01/14/20 "Welcome to the realm"
Ashlyn Snow 01/13/20 "Welcome to the realm!"
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