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Created by Maeve
Mortal ThoughtsFour word story(All are welcome)
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Mortal Thoughts13 Great Years
Created by -Julian Michaels-
Jewel 06/08/20 Stared, not giving in a bit. "Could you manage?" Not sure what else she could say in the moment. Would simply follow up on her own words.
Jewel 06/06/20 Destroyed. That was quite a word. Perhaps not destroyed but was definitely crippled. Was damaged goods. It wasn't written on her face but was noticed within a conversation with a stranger. That was no good. Once he spoke, she'd turn once more. It was simple. Atleast she thought it was but expected nothing from him. For him to place her problems on his shoulders seemed almost like a set up. Who would do that?

"You couldn't handle it."

Jewel 05/27/20 Paused in her steps, wiping her hands over her cheeks to wipe away tears which flowed with ease at the sadness of which she has endured. One swift move, she'd turn to face the man.

"You did. Discomfort? You know of nothing you speak. Not everything is some joke."

The look of hurt was evident on her features. The fact she had mentioned these things happened recently meant nothing to him. His sensitivity was lacking or he simply was that dim to other people's thoughts and feelings. Jewel huffed as she shook her head, brows knitted together before she again went to turn to walk off.

Would eat his soul this very moment if she thought it would be worth it.

Jewel 05/20/20 Just stared at this point. He was trying to be funny but he wasn't. Took her previous coven with serious and true love. If Mackenzie was to ever return, there she would be.. by her side.


Sighed ever so softly. He didn't understand. Esper never understood. No one would. Her head felt heavy as it dropped while she sulked a moment before turning. She began to walk away as tears welled up within her eyes and she'd cry. Soft whimpers followed the hollow claps of her heeled feet.

Jewel 05/20/20 "Ha. No. I run nothing.. nor do I follow anyone, anymore. Simply teasing you. Really was just wondering if you belonged anywhere." Has to know if this casual encounter may end in murder.. and if so, would she have to defend herself from a group? Or was she free to kill at will.

Not that she planned his death but did like to always think optimistically. One never knows. Could get many things from this encounter. It was all in the eye of the beholder.

Jewel 05/20/20 Was fully dressed, as any woman of the day was. Some cleavage poked free from her top but nothing was exposed. If she had a mother, she would be able to stand infront of her in his attire. Was all talk; little action. Last anyone had seen action from her was.. dead.

He could be the next.

"So, how does a tall man in skinny jeans become bashful? Should I leave? Am I bothering you?" Fears that at this rate he may start screaming for someone to save him from her sexuality.

Might have to make her way to the Preacher in hopes he ends her life if this is the case.

Jewel 05/20/20 "I bet."

Her words were slick with soothing charm, as if she was quick at work. Hadn't been in such a position in such time. She almost didn't know what to do with herself. "So, now that you're drawn in.. with such ease as my bosom. Shat now? Can we skip the kool-aid and work our way towards ritualistic torture? Excuse me. I'm getting ahead of myself.."

"How do you feel about foreplay?"

Jewel 05/20/20 Was glad she was so transparent.

"Coven. Yes. You know where we draw you in with tits and a cup of kool-aid while we plan your sacrafice for our well-being. Ready? Your easy. I didn't even have to mount you with my sexual charm."


Jewel 05/20/20 Nods. "Sounds favorable. I mean, who could go wrong in a place such as this, just going about on a whim?" Teased him. Playing with him a bit. It sounded good.. two months ago. This would be the moment she offered to introduce him to Mackenzie and the world of Sine Metu but here we are.

"Were you apart of a coven in your last visit to the Realm?" Couldn't imagine a new home for her but was open to hear of others.

Jewel 05/20/20 "Alright.. just making sure. Would hate to see you die because of something like that." It was weird. He sort of reminded her of her ex. His entire look made her think of that demon. It was slightly comforting.

"So.. now that you're alive, you've been welcomed, flirted a little bit.. what are your plans, if any?"

Jewel 05/20/20 "Ha.. no." Her ex husband killed himself. Was more so a black widow. No man -ever- persued her besides Esper. He couldn't even handle her completely. "Actually all I get are some compliments.. like those.. and then? Nothing. But thank you for what you could manage. Makes me believe I'm not a complete hag." For now.

"The Preacher isn't a name to just toss around. He isn't a joke. I warn you. I'd hate to see you die.. so soon, again." Offers half a smile. Wasn't much for smiles these days.

"I was going to claim the name Cain. Doomed to walk the world alone."

Athena Maximus 05/20/20 She had been wondering around the realm running errands for most of the night. She was onto her last stop of the night when she felt a different presence in the realm. Her curiousness got the best of her and she began to investigate. After wondering around around for a while, she was about to give up when she found him. Grinning she walked up to him. “Hey! Are you new here? I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Athena” She said as she stuck out her hand to shake his.
Jewel 05/20/20 "I'm not so sure if he does.." The demoness just stood there with the look of uncertainty. "I can not confirm.. or deny." Was still recovering from the loss. Had always lost. Husband, leaders, friends.. "I may need a name change. Speaking of, I'm Jewel."
Briahne Christiann 05/19/20 Welcome back Mr. Michaels, need any help, let us know.
Dr Van Helsing 05/18/20 Cool profile!
Jewel 05/17/20 Lips twisted as she again gave a look around. "Many have died.. many.." There was really too much to remember to say it all at the moment. "And there was no sickness that killed them. They say.. those that survived said it was a Preacher." Would softly sigh as she glanced down before looking to him again. "Some finished themselves off.. in anger, in fear, and with sadness."
Switchblade- 05/17/20 Welcome to the realm. Killer profile.
Jewel 05/17/20 "Good to hear. You'll need that fire these days. It hasn't been the same.. Things have changed."
Jewel 05/17/20 Glances about. "It happens around here. One day a cough, next day six feet under." Gives a small shrug. "Glad to see you've found your way home."
Dexter Gein 05/17/20 Welcome to the realm Julian.
Jewel 05/16/20 Welcome back.
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