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Leigh Roberts
Killed: November 27, 2019 at 11:06 pm EST
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Born: August 07, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 10
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[looking to purchase a Donation Package #1 in exchange for cash or BM -- mail me!]

No new friends. Over it.

Special Items:
 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019

Leigh Roberts's Biography

keep the blood flowing
enjoying the way your life tastes
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Jasper Thompson

Last five threads posted in:
Jewel 10/02/19 Was unsure what was going on with Leigh but knew enough not to ask. Sometimes things just needed to be left unsaid. "No worries. He'll be fine." Taking the bag, she'd huff. "Take all the time you need. No worries. The pet is yours. Otherwise I will give him to Mel and she won't give him back. You've been warned." Smirked. Gave the girl a wave as she went to depart to her destination.

"Good luck."

Jasper Thompson 09/17/19 -eyes the little creature-
-offers a cautious scratch-
Why not name it after Nic, then?
Manannán mac Lir 09/12/19 "Hello Leigh, nice to meet you. I'm Manannán."

At that precise moment, Lilly decided to tag him with a balloon full of green paint. At least she got the colour right. Running a palm through the liquid that covered his shirt he looked at the hand offered by Leigh and immediately grabbed hold, covering her hand in the green tint. With a lopsided grin he spoke.

"I guess that means, Tag! You're now it."
Manannán mac Lir 09/12/19 "Thank you. I'm not in need of random body parts if that is the question. If your offering seafood, well then, that's a different story entirely. Happy hunting?"
He smiles at the woman and gives her a nod.
LillyEmperium 09/10/19 * from a darken corner in the hallway Lilly stood waiting before calling out* something for you... *At the first sign of movement she lobbed a balloon full of paint as she said* tag..... you're it
Mackenzie 09/08/19 Interesting question.
...You swerve.
Jewel 08/09/19 You're beautiful.
And hopefully single.
Not hitting on you. Just need one of my kind around.

Oh yeah!
Welcome to Sine Metu.

Mackenzie 08/07/19 -sniffs at-
-sniffs again-
-throws a bone-
Daxx- 08/07/19 "Your most welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Realm."
Daxx- 08/07/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Shadwyn Drake 08/07/19 Welcome to the realm.
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