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Josie Nathan
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Josie Nathan's Biography
Name: Josephine Lily Nathan
Age: 10 (eternally)
Location: Unknown
Parents: Unknown, both deceased

Not much is known about what happened to the little girl previously known as Josephine Lily Nathan. The report from the police states that on Christmas Eve of 1928, an unidentified man had broken into the home where the child lived with her father and mother, Michael and Sarah Nathan. The intruder proceeded to stab her mother where she slept, but Michael hadn't been in the room. It seems that he had been somewhere else in the house when the intruder broke in, and had gone to protect his ten year old daughter. There was evidence of a struggle between the intruder and Michael, as his body was found laying next to the door of the bedroom where Josie had been hiding.

When the police breached the bedroom door, they were shocked at the scene they found. While the mother's murder was clean and easy, just a simple slice across her neck, and the father's murder was a single stab wound in the chest, directly into the heart, Josie had been killed in a different way. Multiple stabs were found on the young child's body. But she wasn't laying in her bed, hiding under a blanket. Rather, she was found in the middle of the room. Blood covered the walls and floor, as if she had struggled. It was obvious the child fought for her life. The multiple stab wounds were due to the fact that the intruder had a hard time getting the wounds deep enough and dangerous enough to end the girl's life.

Studying the case notes would reveal that there was blood on the crime scene that did not match any of the three bodies found in the home. Unfortunately, the blood sent to the labs for tests came back inconclusive, with no data as to who the blood belonged to. The case of the Nathan's gruesome deaths is hidden deep within the cold case files of the police, and no one was apprehended for their deaths.


It was snowing when Josie woke up from what she thought was a deep sleep. Sitting up, powdered snow fell from a pure white dress. Weird, she didn't remember sleeping in a white dress. In fact, she didn't remember ever having a dress this pretty. Pushing herself to a stand she brushed off the remaining snow, just now realizing that she couldn't feel the cold bite of the flakes on her fingers. Confused, she cried out for her mother, but there was no one around. Just her.

Looking down at her arms, she was confused by the scary amount of scars covering her body. When did she get those?

Suddenly, a warm light surrounded her, pushing thoughts she didn't understand into her mind.

Death. Angel. Innocents.

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Santa Diabla

Silviana Balkin

Kayla Holloway
Templar Knight

The Preacher

Last five threads posted in:
Kayla Holloway 10/31/20
Kayla Holloway 10/09/20 Kayla blinks as Josie approaches. She'd grown used to some of the child's antics but her boisterous ways still startled her sometimes. Flowers. Skipping. Kay was getting a big dizzy with it all. "Oh, great! Thanks Josie!" She put her hand out to Josie's shoulder to stop her mid-skip. "It's hard to make eye contact with you bouncing around... so Thanks again!"
Drago Fyre 10/01/20 "Well mine are from being a dragon. You are a little lady and need wings that match you." He smiled at her and bowed his head.
Drago Fyre 09/30/20 "Well yes I have wings now." he shows off his large leathery wings. "I am learning to fly high. I can fly a little maybe I can help you learn one day."
Drago Fyre 09/30/20 Drago looked at the little lady and smiled. He tilted his head and spoke softly. "My name is Drago. The resident Dragon." He tried to not be so intimidating cause he didn't want to frighten her.
Avalon Blackstone 09/29/20 Katarina smiled as she tucked a curl behind her pointed ear. “Thank you I’m happy to be here”
Nessa Oisin 09/29/20 *Nessa gave such a scenario her consideration, a finger adorned with chipped varnish tapping her lips whilst she pondered* "That does sound a productive way to pass the time, is the breakfast good? If there isn't maple bacon, that may be a deal breaker"
Nessa Oisin 09/29/20 *Slowly crouches to the younglings level, a mischievous and slightly predatory smile finding her lips* "No what makes you think the likes of me would end up in such a place?"
Kayla Holloway 09/27/20 "Well! Then Josie it shall be. Very nice too meet you as well!"
Kayla Holloway 09/26/20 She smiles in return and offers a hand to the little angel. "Hello. I'm Kayla. What's you're name?"
Kayla Holloway 09/24/20 "Hello, hey! Welcome!" Kayla waves at Josie.
Santa Diabla 09/24/20 Welcome to the crew! If you need anything feel free to ask!
Raven D Morningstar 09/24/20 The sent of a familiar hit the demons nose. She followed it till she found who it was. "Is that you little angel? Have you come back?" Raven smiled as it had been ages since she last seen the child. "Welcome back little angel. If you need anything at all just give call." The demon has a heart and a spare phone. She gave it to Josie. "You be good now!" She smiled and headed off
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