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Kaia Shani
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Kaia Shani's Biography
~ Kaia Rose Shani ~

Personality: Confident, Kind, Impulsive, Absent-Minded, Sarcastic

From the beginning Kaia knew she was different from other children. She was more perceptive to what those around her were feeling and whenever she would fall she would heal faster than was usual. This was normal for her kind, the child of a celestial and a human. Still it was apparent that she favored her mortal mother than her angelic father.

Her father died when she was just five years old, she was left to be raised by her father. He had one purpose in mind for his daughter: survival. She learned a a young age to track and hunt. As she grew older the purpose of the hunt changed and then she learned what her father was and what he wanted her to be.

Then she ran...
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Kenia Shani 11/15/18 The red head was familiar to her. Was her sight betraying her? In her years locked away she had glimpsed Kaia just once, the sister she didn't know that she had, well half-sister. She knew what Kaia was and what she did, she knew best to keep her distance. Kenia didn't look the same now, she could pass by easily without being noticed.

That was a hard choice. She wanted to tell Kaia she was wrong, that she hunted the wrong monster. How do you tell someone that their entire life was a lie? Maybe it was better to approach that topic at a later time.

For now she would offer a nod as she passed Kaia on the street. "Welcome." Then Kenia continued on her way.
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