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Born: August 14, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
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Josie Collins 09/18/19 Oh, really? I don’t think that was me…
I didn’t know getting married made your eyesight go. I figured it was just the brains.
Wills Rosier 09/16/19 Wills had only allowed his attention to fall for a brief moment. Burnished orbs washed over the hand that was offered to him, and he took it, graciously. Or so it would seem. "Nicolas." Another name that he'd allowed to roll freely over his tongue. "Pleasure, Nic." He'd given the man a firm shake. "Your wife sounds lovely." While his words may have been laden with sarcasm, there was a humorous twinkle in his eye. "Have you been here long?"
Yule 09/15/19 Yule took an extra step back as the man slipped out of the cell, between her and the bars but hadn't moved any further than that. Her head jerked back as if she had been slapped at the sound of his voice – she hadn't been of course but gods be d*mned, the people around her really did know how to speak. Things had been odd recently, more odd than the usual chaos of blood and guts that was the Realm. It was like everyone had lost their tongues, or maybe it was just her. Just for her. Or maybe something strange really was going on.

She had started losing her tongue too and it took her a moment to find it again. Clearing her throat, Yule slide her hands into her jacket pockets – she really needed to get some new clothes since she couldn't say how long she'd been wearing the ratty garments she'd found in this body's closet – and sauntered after him. “I wouldn't mind. Rescuing you I mean. I'm pretty sure that old saying about honor among thieves includes a helping hand every now and again.” She smiled, just barely, and glanced back towards the dungeon depths. Then she shrugged and followed him towards the exit anyway.
Yule 09/15/19 Yule moved on to another cell, stopped, looked inside to see that it was occupied and pushed her hair away from her forehead. Or it would have been her forehead if not for the mask. Maybe would have been hers. This would be her body eventually after all. Exhaling slowly she leaned forward and wrapped her whole hand around the lock. Forgoing the flair of magic and deciding effective force instead.

Her hand spasmed around the lock as if it hurt, and then she ripped it free. At least she was getting stronger. That's all that mattered right? She pulled the door open and stepped back, shrugging her shoulders, expression empty. But her lips moved, formed words, at least she thought they did. Maybe. She tried again, opting for simplicity. "Time to go."

You managed to break out Nicolas Marceau.
Katherine Murray 09/12/19
Theodora Hawthorne 09/11/19
Yule 09/10/19 Yule wasted no time with formality. Exhausted and a little worse for wear, she cracked open the lock on the cell and swung the door open, her lips pulling into a tight smile.

"Slow night it seems. But at least there's time enough to get free of here."

You managed to break out Nicolas Marceau.
Flahme 09/10/19 Feeling the wet paint slide over her cheek, Flahme's eyes turn as red as the paint. Turning to watch Nic run like the devil, she knew she could catch him if she chose to. Instead, she let out a screech and a plume of fire that wouldn't harm him but might scare him a little.
"You're lucky it was red! It's just my colour."
Manannán mac-Lir 09/09/19 Shaking his head he couldn't be too angry, he had after all heard of this ahead of time and already 'tagged' their very own leader. Bold is, as bold does.
"I'll remember this! You and your fancy suit are going down," he called after the retreating figure.
Richard LaMonte 09/09/19 F-ckin' Kira. F-ckin' stupid childish game. Who even played tag anymore? Stomping down the halls of Sine the goliath of a man, Richard, mumbled and grumbled assorted disparaging comments about the woman. Running a hand through his hair he could feel the wet mass of paint she had left. And it was red. Of all colors, why the one he hated? Just as he hit an intersection of tunnels Richard caught a glimpse of another man.

Stomping towards the male his gaze was that of anger, though it wasn't necessarily directed at his victim. Using the available paint he dipped both thumbs then drew a big, red heart that encompassed the male's face. Squinting, he gave a nod at his art. "Tag. You're it or whatever."
Manannán mac-Lir 09/09/19 "Trouble you say? I can help always help with that."
Manannán put out a hand for the other man to shake.
"Name's Manannán, but Manny is okay too. Good to meet you, Nic."
Katherine Murray 09/09/19 Nicky
And a fire extinguisher.
Or two.
Katherine Murray 09/09/19 Nic
Define... stupid.
Liam Moore 09/08/19 Picks the lock to his cell slipping out, brown hues land on the male and arches his brow. "Up to no good and didn't invite me? How cruel." Moves to his cell and skillfully sets the male free.
You managed to break out Nicolas Marceau.
"Next time invite me! I'm fun to cause trouble with or so I'm told."
Mackenzie 09/07/19 -Grimacing-
Forgive my candor, but...
Is this really the kindest life, for her?
-Pushes hands into hair-
-Lowers voice-
By all means, explore options.
Just... don't let Jasper see her.
And for f-cks sake, get her some false teeth.
Yule 09/06/19 It was likely mere happenstance that Yule walked by what seemed to be the only occupied cell in the whole of the dungeon. She had spent so much time here that it felt almost like home, but that didn't mean others wanted to spend their days trapped in the dank, musty, underbelly of the Realm.

So when she passed by this particular cell and scented something, or rather someone, other than the normal unpleasant smells that flitted through the corridors, Yule paused. She considered a moment, hesitated, but it was only a moment and she hoped it wouldn't be held against her.

With care, Yule stepped up to the cell door, materializing from the shadows and stripping off the glove on her right hand at the same moment. She stroked her fingers along the lock, crystallizing the inside mechanism with ice until it coated the whole of the lock. Then, with a well-placed slam of the heel of her hand, the lock snapped and fell in two or three pieces onto the hard dirt floor.

She reached up and pulled the door open before replacing her glove and pulling it snug over her fingers. "It's quiet here tonight. I doubt your absence will be noticed. I hope you see your way from here safely."

You managed to break out Nicolas Marceau.
Katherine Murray 09/06/19

Come play with me?
Leigh Roberts 09/06/19 -snarled-
Yeah, yeah..
-waves him off-
-snuggles the cat as she wanders off-
Leigh Roberts 09/06/19 Nic! Really?!
-takes gently-
Thank you!
-would kiss him but doesn't-
-kisses the kitty instead-
Eat him? Never..
I like my meals in the form of humans. I try to keep the streets clean.. from homeless and hookers.
-sucks on a fang-
Now you're making me hungry..
Leigh Roberts 09/06/19 Ooo...
-closes the space between them-
It's official. I found someone more adorable than you.
-holds out hands-
-makes kissy face to the kitty-
Leigh Roberts 09/06/19 Sounds about right.
Been getting into much as of late?

Melinoe 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Liam Moore via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Mackenzie 09/04/19 -Takes a deep breath-
-Gives a look-
-Opens door, peeks in-
-Slightly terrified smile-
-Closes door-
Nicolas, dear... she's undead.
What are you looking for? Blood?
Leigh Roberts 09/04/19 Been busy, dove?

Mackenzie 09/03/19 Nicolas, what the f-ck!
-Is definitely handling this well-
What did you do?
She has no f-cking teeth.
I'm fairly certain her tongue fell out.
Or she swallowed it.
What are you doing?
Mackenzie 09/03/19 -Gives look-
-Breathes, coughs, holds breath-
-Desperately trying not to make a face-
-Points at Justine, looks at Nicolas-
What the actual f-ck?
Mackenzie 09/02/19 ...Okay...
Your ex-wife is in your room.
-Deep breath-
Let's go.
This was extremely dramatic. Ex-wife.
As if that is the worst thing.
Mackenzie 08/31/19 Okay but wait.
What did you need help with?
And who is Justine?
Mackenzie 08/30/19 ...Mmm... I need Kat to stay local.
There's this thing.
Who the f-ck is Justine?
You get around.
Mackenzie 08/30/19 Oh, sweetheart.
What did I tell you about leaving your prey out?
Did you break her legs?
Mackenzie 08/30/19 -squints-
-tilts head-
...Where's the body?
Katherine Murray 08/30/19
Katherine Murray 08/30/19
Katherine Murray 08/27/19

It was totally the chinchilla that won you over.
Katherine Murray 08/20/19 -gives herself a gold star-

LillyEmperium 08/17/19 Welcome to the coven
Aurora Crane 08/17/19 It's a pleasure to officially meet you, Nic.

*She grins, showing off her small, sharp fangs.*

I have plenty of kisses for handsome men like yourself. Come find me if you find yourself in need.

*She gives him a sassy wink before continuing on her way.*
Aurora Crane 08/16/19 *Spotting her newest coven mate, she wanders up to him, holding a bag of chocolates.*

I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself before. I'm Aurora.

*She pauses, chewing on her bottom lip.*

Flahme 08/16/19 Furrowing her brow as he kissed the back of her hand. She looked at it and then back at him.
"Nic it is then!"
Liam Moore 08/15/19 "Limiting your options does make for a rather boring time."
Looks the man over, before smirking.
"You will come to find there is very little I'm not up for."
Liam Moore 08/15/19
"I don't think you really know what you are saying."
"But I will have to think of the perfect place for us. And to answer your question when you are with me there isn't much else a man could want."
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 Spook? Me? Nahh..
-drags her tongue across a fang-
You'd protect me anyway, right?
-slipping in closer as she takes his arm-
Let's do it.
-let him lead her to their destination-
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 -tilts her head with a smirk-
You? Nooo..
I can not imagine, at all, that you would be into something like such.
You know places to get lost in?
-the humor wasn't lost on her-
I bet.
So, you know the way. Show me.
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 Unfortunately..
This Cali girl is new as well.
-hangs head in jest-
Perhaps.. we can explore together?
-lifts chin-
Maybe we can get lost.
Leigh Roberts 08/15/19 Well, well, well..
Guess I should be welcoming you to New York.
-rolls her wrist-
How do you find it so far?
Flahme 08/15/19 "A hearty welcome to the realm, as well as the coven. It is a madhouse here, which is what makes it so good."
With a cheeky grin, Flahme holds out a delicate hand to the newcomer.
"I'm Flahme, and you are?"
Melinoe 08/14/19 Welcome to Sine, mister!
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Jesus, you are easy.
I like it.
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Sure. I got a mirror.
At home.
-Quirks a brow-
You have two choices.
Roam the city looking like this, or...
Go to a strange woman's home and fix all the issues.
Which will you choose?
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "I do love me a party."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 Oh my..
-watched as he put on the moves-
Me too.
-gripped his hand and pulled him in-
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Worse. The hair.
It's like a hundred Alfalfa's sprouted in perfect unison.
Mackenzie 08/14/19 Oh, god.
You've already been maimed, haven't you?
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 -contemplates-
"Depends on what they offer."
"And your counteroffer."
Katherine Murray 08/14/19 -toddles by-
-hands a severed ear-
-keeps on toddling-
Aurora Crane 08/14/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 "If you are curious enough, Wahnsinn, my coven, is recruiting."
-hands card-
"I will conduct an interview to see if you are a good fit, but the offer stands. Otherwise, good luck."
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "Perish such thoughts, I would never do such a thing. Besides if something happens to me probably my own fault."
Has the grace of a dead gazelle.
"I so look forward to the risk we are going to take."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 Yes, it would help.
-takes offered hand; squeezes-
So, does that mean I can call you whatever I want?
-draws in lower lip and chews-
That leaves many options.
Daxx- 08/14/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 "Welcome to the Realm."
Liam Moore 08/14/19 Returns the handshake before letting his hand go.
"If I say no does that mean we can't have those future endeavors?
Nibbles on his own lip.
"If it helps my case I've come to find I am really hard to kill."
Was already dead but wasn't going to say that.
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 -let out a small chuckle-
Your feelings of no complaints are shared but..
I would enjoy knowing your name first before we trade bites.
-the joke not being lost on this vamp-
I'm Leigh and yourself?
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "Well lucky for us I'm adept at dealing with interesting situations. Most of the time. If anything I'm a quick thinker so I think I can handle any situation we might get into."
Takes the males hand.
"Liam, pleasure to meet you Nic."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 I'd love to believe that.
-smirks over a grin-
No poking. Gotcha.
Might just bite, eh?
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "You are most welcome."
Has no idea what he said to him at the end.
"If you need anything please feel free to ask, not that I usually know what I am doing. But I am really talented at winging it."
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 We can all hope, hm?
I hope, for your sake, they are.
Probably not as nice when angered, are you?
Not much for being upset myself.
Liam Moore 08/14/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Leigh Roberts 08/14/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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