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Mariah Locksley
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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"You be the killer, and I'll be the victim
and we'll figure out how this happened."

Off to Cancun for a break

Mariah Locksley's Biography
Profile coming shortly to a player near you lol!!!

Here's a bare sketchyaroo of Mariah...


Dr. Mariah Locksley was a former forensic pathologist who left her job with New York City medical examiner's office because her passion for solving homicides frequently extended beyond the autopsy table. She resigned from the medical examiner's office, rather face a court-ordered anger management training in NYC.

Present day:

Mariah finally found she had the time to indulge her private life. The ability to travel and study abroad. She took a trip to United Kingdom to visit it's countryside of Yorkshire and do some genealogical research (a favorite pastime). She was very astounded to find some very distant cousins whom her family thought of as rather eccentric and odd. Mariah's cousins found her extremely odd (Mariah is a Goth), coldly logical, and extremely self opinionated. Mariah knows she is feisty and mercurial and a pain in the butt.

There was one cousin Robert Locksley who saw through her fašade and became her best friend. It was he who encouraged her to seek a position at Scotland Yard. She applied and was accepted on a 'temporary' part time basis. She and her distant cousin at times would solve crimes together by using a role-playing game It goes: "You be the killer, and I'll be the victim and we'll figure out how this happened." The driving force in Mariah's life and career was the crime she took the longest time to solve -- her mother's murder. She had achieved that with the help of her cousin Rob.

Her distant cousin (a retired detective with Scotland Yard) was killed while being consulted about a murder. Rob Locksley left her his one prized possession, his German Shepherd called Snooks. Again the driving force in Mariah's life and career was re-awakened and she swore she would find his killer and solve his murder.

Possible Future
To solve this murder of her cousin led Mariah to London....seeking Yet another detective and his aid in solving the death of her cousin. Mariah and Snooks were on the look-out for a detective called Lestrade or something like that. A great friend of Rob Locksley...with a sniper on her trail. Mariah confused by emerging gifts managed to allude her would-be assasin
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