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The noblest art is that of making others happy.
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Beau Theroux's Biography

New Orleans Native.
Packless Wolf.
Childless Father.
B@stard Son.
Recovering Addict.
Part-Time Hedge Witch.
Ex-Circus Freak.
Professional Bartender.

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Remi Rose

Last five threads posted in:
Remi Rose 09/14/18 "Oops.."
-hadn't known he was an artist-
"Only thought you were the canvas."
-eyes the covered scar-
"Not afraid of dogs now, are you?"
-wonders how he feels about werewolves-
Remi Rose 09/12/18 "Oh yeah?"
-looks over his exposed arms-
-draws a finger over a tattoo on his forearm-
"Would this tatt be one of them?"
-was kidding-
Remi Rose 09/11/18 -shrugs-
"Well, yes."
"You have much of that? Regrets?"
Remi Rose 09/11/18 -smirks-
"Look at you.."
-lands a playful jab to his arm-
"Eh. I'd never say to a fault. No matter what, at least you won't look back at anything with regret."
Remi Rose 09/11/18 -smiles-
"That's good. Family means a lot, hm? You know, since we met I believe you've spoke of family a few times."
"Loyality is an attractive feature. It brings out your eyes."
-gives a little shrug-
Winter Summers 09/10/18 Winter's smile faltered as the male said he wouldn't be distracted. "Well I mean huh." His arms slide over his broad chest. "I talk a lot been told it's very annoying." Was that even a decent save? Perhaps Winter wasn't as smooth as he thought he was.

"Usually yes or I feel them up for money. Have you noticed that people's hands just find there ways into your pockets? And always the back one! To be honest those are old cards but the number still checks out handsome." Winter eyes went wide at the comment about physical pleasure. Certainly shot that plan in the ass.

"Straight to sex? Come now! I have some manners I must wine and dine first." An amused smile would creep upon his face. Winter accepted the card from the man studying it before his gaze returned to Beau.

"Just one? Isn't that a pity." His smile shifted to a smirk. "I will see you sometime soon then, try not to miss me. It will be hard I leave such great first impression."

"Good luck with your repairs." With those last few words Winter gave the male a wave and continued on with his jog.
Winter Summers 09/10/18 Winter's icy glaze never left the males face, he was handling this better then most! The confused look Winter was used to not getting flat out rejected was something he wasn't used to. He almost gave his own confused look but he kept it on lock!

"It is a rather great season, as for a name well not the best. Drug addict parents gave it to me though, literally I have all the season in my family. Summer, Autumn, and Spring great bunch really not nearly as good looking as me however very close."

"Oh we were doing last names as well? Winter Summers then. Like I said early not ideal name. However yours is rather interesting!" Winter watched as the male moved around him not necessarily upset he now saw the backside of the man. Thank god the little voice in his head kicked in reminding him to keep his mouth shut.

"Ah while I am Very good with my hands I fear I would be too distracting how would you get any work done?" A sarcastic smirk crept upon his face as the words left his mouth. His hand would reach into his pocket to retrieve his wallet. Where he would then produce a card and hold it out to the male.

"For when you are not booked, give me a call and we can do whatever word you said earlier." Winter would offer the male a small smile. "Do try not to keep me waiting."
Winter Summers 09/09/18 Winter was out for his levening jog, the air around him was finally starting to turn cool and the faint scent of fall was in the air. His second favorite season, would be his first if he didn't feel like he was betraying his own name for not liking winter best. He continued down the path he was on bobbing and weaving between people careful not to bump anyone and then it happened. He saw him out of the corner of his eye he even doubled back to make sure he was now standing in front of the man.

"Well hello handsome where have you been all my life?" Winter gave him a once over. Curse Winter for being weak to men with beards! Winter would give the other male a charming smile. "And how are you this fine evening hm? Doesn't matter! Why? Because I'm about to make your night, as long as you are into men more specifically ones that have a horrible past, a f*ck ton of scars and tattoos not to mention who are also incredibly handsome. If so then baby I'm your dream boat and lucky for you I'm taking passengers."

Winter would proceed to wink at the male. "So what do you say? Drinks? Dinner? Movie? Coffee, they are serving those pumpkin spice practically everything that people seem to go ape sh*t for. I personally have never tried one but the way people act about them it's gotta be f*cktastic." Winter would go silent as he waited for the male to respond though it lasted for only a mer moment. "Ah sorry where are my manners! I'm Winter." Now he was going silent.
Remi Rose 09/02/18 -cants head-
-would explore the subject but it brings too many questions onto her-
"Only one? Wow. You must be a horrible person."
-smirks, looking over-
"I'm sure you might have one or two out there."
-raises a brow-
"You run a bar? I'm shocked and amazed."
Remi Rose 08/30/18 "A few months or so."
-almost a year-
"Let me guess.. all ten of your siblings and the twelve of your offspring all rely on you? How.. heroic and manly of you."
Remi Rose 08/30/18 -gives in-
"Don't forget.. I also got a major credit card. "
-was trying to deflect-
"Glad you came back."
Remi Rose 08/30/18 "More like a stay-cation. Got lost in the sands? Yes. That long. Let's just say while you were gone I got married, became a widow, and I got a new credit card. Life just flashed by it seems." Shrugged a little.
Remi Rose 08/30/18 -blinks-
"He lives!!"
"..I think."
-pokes again-
Remi Rose 08/30/18 -pokes at-
Remi Rose 06/26/18 "Okay.. Well,.. I have no words! Can't go against momma.."
Remi Rose 06/24/18 Beau Theroux just failed at stealing money from you!

Beau Theroux just failed at stealing money from you!
"Aren't we persistent?"

Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 You know what I love? Country life. You?
Chase Cooper 05/26/18 Uh... Domo arigato?
Mr. Roboto?
Caitlyn Darrow 05/26/18 Caitlyn slurps from the empty orange juice container, as she stared at the other. Her blue-green gaze gawks unable to help it. The mom in her comes charging through the wall. " kind of look cranky. Maybe you should nap. Hi! I'm Cait!" A beaming grin is offered to the stranger.

Summer 04/26/18 The man’s unwavering smile let Summer continue on as though he hadn’t had an internal struggle after her mistaking ‘maw maw’ for mum. She didn’t know him well enough at all to pick up on any slight tells, plus, there was much distraction by way of the bar. At his beckoning for boudin, her stomach growled once more. Honestly, it was as if she hadn’t eaten in days. Wait, what day was it? Hell, time was slipping past her again. Giving her head a little shake, she resolved to worry about it later.

Following suit, she hopped on a bar stool, but kept her sandals on- for the time being at least. Her eyes widened at his explanation. “A circus troupe? An honest to god circus troupe?” Her tone was thick with amazement and a little bit of envy. Oh, how her life may have been different had she been able to run away with a circus like this one. Not that she had much complaints about her life presently. She was about to ask if he’d ever traveled with them when a robust feminine voice broke through the din of the bar.

Looking on and listening in with amusement, Summer smiled, whiskey colored eyes twinkling with mirth as she took in the exchange. He didn’t even need to introduce her- any woman who calls a grown man by his full and proper name is likely someone of familial authority. Maw-maw indeed. Their exchange had Summer chuckling, even though she did try to bite it back upon seeing his tinted cheeks. Perking up upon hearing him mention her as a customer, she nodded enthusiastically, breaking into a grin. “I hear you have the best boudin around!” Laughing, she nodded resolutely at the woman’s offer for assistance. Her amusement continued at the second smack to his head, then felt a pang of longing when she kissed his forehead. It was such a sweet and familiar gesture, one that any grandchild should experience no matter the age. The longing nearly took her breath away.

She too was masterful at keeping her face in a pleasant mask. Giving a smile, she nodded and chuckled. “I put two and two together. She seems like quite a handful. But a loving one. You’re a lucky man, Mister Beaudoin. I’m Summer, by the way.” She beamed a sunny grin at him.
Remi Rose 04/25/18 "Right?!" Dramatically extending the word. "So, you doing well around here so far? Have Dominos number? If not I hear they are finally bringing Uber Eats to the realm. Bet you could get some Taco Hell."
Remi Rose 04/24/18 "Beau? Nice." Simply smiled without an agenda. "Well, that's a good thing, you know? That'd be quite disgusting and not appealing at all. Horrible even. Glad you're not one of those types. "
Dovima Bastet 04/13/18 "Most likely. The bar is one of my favorite places to waste time." Vee inclines her head, still grinning, and goes along on her merry way.
Summer 04/12/18 "'The Rompin' Rougarou'" she murmured in a soft voice upon reading the sign, about to give the man a closer look when he opened the door for her. The idle and curious question on her tongue dissipated, his introduction of the place enough to derail her thoughts. A wide grin and delight lit her entire face. Giving his arm a playful swat, she said with surprise, "This is yours and your mum's! Brilliant!" Her hybrid British-Australian accent coming in thick. Looking around, her eyes slowly adjusted to the dimmer light inside, the Bayou sun shining bright outside.
It wasn't uncommon to walk down the street in a city any given day and happen upon one or two atypical people, whatever the definition of that may be. What was uncommon was entering a bar mostly filled with people who were atypical, with the societal standard of 'typical' people being in the minority. Despite that, Summer noticed that the energy of the place was that of ease. Of comfort. Like everyone here belonged. The sensation was like a firm hug, or the warmth one feels after laying in the sun all afternoon. Simultaneously soothing and a little intense, but in all the right ways. As he'd said, they were extended family. Summer knew as well as anyone that blood counted for something, but didn't account for all. Chosen family very frequently ended up being just as important -or even more important- than blood family. Her grin softened into a warmer, welcoming smile as they approached the bar. The smells, the sounds, the fact that her stomach growled loud enough to rival that of the strings, it was a feast for the senses and she didn't even have a plate of the renowned food or a drink yet. "I never mind a rowdy bunch. They're just visiting? Where from?"
Remi Rose 04/12/18 Admires. "Yes, yes. Like a beard God. So, do you eat stuff out of your beard?" Eyes him over, especially his chin growth area. "Seems as if you could keep a dinner up in there." Couldn't help but dangle onto the subject of his facial hair. It was fascinating. "I'm Remi. I could just call you bearded Adonis but.. eh.. What's your name?"
Dovima Bastet 04/12/18 "Good answer," Vee laughs while replying, "and that makes two of us. Although, I would argue that 'rich' depends on your perspective. To each their own," she winks. "Well, good luck with wherever you find yourself. I'll be around if you have questions."
Adara Doe 04/10/18 "Adara or Addie, if you please." A toothy grin would spread, he made her laugh and his offer proved to be from a generous nature, and for the angel in wolf's clothing (ha) that was all she needed to hear to make an offer of the same.

"I'll keep that in mind. And if you're ever in New York, come find us at The Lycan's Den. Drinks, food, and place to lay your head if you're inclined."
Summer 04/09/18 An eyebrow arched up, her dark eyes twinkled. “How do you think I got all this money?” She fanned the cash once more and laughed, finally tucking the wad into her back pocket. Adopting a horrified expression, she shook her head rapidly. “No, no, just kidding. I’ve no interest in angering a Voodoo Queen. Or princess. Hell, any on the voodoo hierarchy. While I am interested in all New Orleans culture has to offer, it’s a hard pass on the voodoo curse!” She snickered as they walked. As they approached what Summer took to be the bar (although it might not have, but the smell of fresh food wafting out had her thinking it was), she considered. “I’ve always thought I could hold my own, but maybe I could use a gris-gris bag? Hmm.”
Remi Rose 04/09/18 That had to be it. Her husband sported the unshaven look and it definitely did wonders for her. Would it be inappropriate to touch it? Yes, Remi. Yes. Keeping her hands to herself, she admires from afar. "You're the Adonis of beards. I salute your hairy chin." Salutes, playing.
Dovima Bastet 04/09/18 Vee grins. "Don't we all? But a little tarnish never hurt anyone. Makes us unique, yeah?" Then she feigns disappointed and grumbles. "That's playing dirty. Make me curious but won't scratch my itch. Entirely unfair, I say!"
Dovima Bastet 04/09/18 "It'll die down. The new and shiny will wear off. I do hope you'll stick around past the trial period. This place has a heavily used revolving door," she states matter-of-factly. "So, the circus? Legit circus? What did you do?"
Summer 04/09/18 “Holy crap, you must be an angel!” She murmured without a bit of irony, putting a hop to her step to follow him. Talented as she may be, determining who -or rather, what a person might be was not a skill she possessed. Plus, she generally ran on the assumption that most people were garden variety mortal humans. As such, she was largely teasing, rambling as she walked along side of him, “An angel-or given our location, a loa of some sort? There’s no other way to explain being mugged and then lead to Louisiana’s best boudin balls.” She paused, stopping and thinking with exaggeration. “Hmm, or maybe it was just one of those ‘right place, right time’ kind of things. Nah. That’s way too logical.” She laughed and quickly caught back up with him.
Adara Doe 04/09/18 It was probably the quickest nudge she's ever had, so taking her by surprise was an understatement; still, even with arched brows, Addie had to laugh and hand over some cash. "Have a few on me. Wouldn't want you dropping dead of dehydration, now would we?"
Remi Rose 04/09/18 Brow arches sharply as she watches his display. "Your eyes. Your colorful arms. Perhaps your beard. Not sure. I grade on a curve. There is something, though.." Not stroking an ego. She was just pretty forward.
Adara Doe 04/09/18 Welcome to the realm! Just give a nudge if you ever need anything!
Summer 04/08/18 Looking quite intrigued, she gave a slow nod. “You don’t say? It just so happens I love quaint, little old bars. And best liquor? Say no more. I insist you must show me this place.” Pausing, she looked at him, quite serious. “I have to ask- how’s their food? I could really put down some dirty rice or boudin balls right about now.” At the mere mention of food, of good food, her stomach growled audibly. Sheepish, she said, “I do crave some good food after a long flight.”
Dovima Bastet 04/08/18 "Looks like the welcome wagon has already rolled through, but welcome to the realm and all that jazz. It's a lovely place. Enjoy your stay."
Summer 04/08/18 His dropped jaw caused her to laugh further. Raising a brow, she gave a thoughtful frown, fanning the stack of cash. Humid air wafted past her face, a climate and sensation she didn’t mind at all. It was one of the reasons she came to this city, after all. That and the Southern hospitality. Giving him an agreeable look, she said, “That sounds mighty thoughtful of you. But since you didn’t snatch the money, does that mean there’ll be no apology drink? Hmm.” She twisted her lips in mock concentration.
Looking at him like a lightbulb just went on in her head, she said in a conspiratorial tone, “You know, this money isn’t gonna spend itself. And those drinks aren’t going to drink themselves. And perhaps you might be successful if you were properly hydrated.” She said all of this as though they were facts, plain as day.
Summer 04/08/18 She let out a good-natured laugh. “Smooth. I like it.” Her whiskey-colored eyes twinkled with amusement. “If you’d have 'admired the assets’ from the other pocket, you’d have hit pay dirt.” Fishing out a handful of bills, she held them up like a fan. “Should you have been so lucky, what did you have planned for such a bounty?” Her head tilted to the side, giving a toothsome grin.
Summer 04/08/18 She'd only just arrived in town when felt the familiar sensation of someone groping around in her pockets. Oh New Orleans, never change. the angel thought with a snicker.
Turning, she noticed the man within close proximity. Giving a cheeky grin, she clucked her tongue. "Nothin' back there but curves for days."

Beau Theroux just failed at stealing money from you!
Remi Rose 04/08/18 "You should be. Not everyday that I'm so pleasant to strangers.. or anyone."
Remi Rose 04/08/18 "I've noticed this of you. Color me impressed. I think you'll go far in life."
Remi Rose 04/08/18 gasps.

"You noticed! I'm flattered."

Remi Rose 04/08/18 "Welcome, man with colorful arms."
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