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Tuesday Ryan


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body of an angel
tongue like a serpent
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Born: May 22, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0
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06/01/20 at 10:24 pm
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[Thank you for the low profile ratings. You aren't anyone until you've upset someone by just being yourself.]
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Cassius Blake

Last five threads posted in:
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 I've been around the block once or twice, yeah.
-stomps his cigarette on the ground-
None of those uppity, fancy places, though. Too rich for my taste.
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 If I saw someone about my mental issues, I'd get committed for sure.
You'd think it would be but I see more glittery silvers and reds than anything.
Then again, they throw off the clothing so saves me the trouble.
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 I'm being completely serious. I might be allergic to magenta.
It's a serious condition.
Nah, either or work. Mostly depends on what the deal of the night is.
I'm a bit cheap and like a good deal.
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 -wrinkles nose-
A rare steak should not be magenta. It should be a healthy crimson.
And, correct. If you wear magenta around me I cannot be held liable for my actions as they are involuntary.
-takes a drag from his cigarette and contemplates-
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 -snorts-
If it is magenta I will throw it at the nearest wall.
It's just a reaction I have.
I can't really explain the unadulterated anger magenta brings me.
-hints at a grin-
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 -contemplates-
Well done beef.
It's an disgrace.
Same goes for those who cook it that way.
Cassius Blake 05/25/20 Magenta is pink but obnoxious. Nobody looks good in it. It's a pointless color.
Just my humble opinion on the matter.
Cassius Blake 05/24/20 -goes to take another drag-
-stops at her odd question-
-the Welshman contemplates this-
Well. Any color but magenta.
-continues the drag-
It's a pompous color.
Cassius Blake 05/24/20 -takes a drag from a cigarette-
-lets out a plume of smoke-
The Realm, huh?
-flicks ash to the ground-
Well, color me welcomed. Thank you.
Irene Laurie 05/22/20 Welcome.
Dexter Gein 05/22/20 Welcome to the realm realm Tuesday.
Briahne Christiann 05/22/20 Welcome welcome! The Realm where the impossible becomes the possible. Get yourself settled in, if there's anything you need help with, reach out. There's always someone around to assist you as best they can.
Dr Van Helsing 05/22/20 Welcome to the Realm!
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