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Created by Mystic-husky
Hela Jones_ 04/19/20 "That family dinner was one for the history books."
Hela Jones_ 04/19/20 "Maybe so but not the same like you two."
Hela Jones_ 04/19/20 That maybe true. But in looks your not my little people anymore. *sniffles*
Hela Jones_ 04/19/20 Man you guys grew up so fast. *tears*
Hela Jones_ 04/19/20 So I hear your getting married. Congrats!
Uriel_G_Emperium 04/18/20 Drunken burbs "Let me in your head little man. I am in a zombie zone at the moment. Find Siri and grab what ever it is the two of you use as the little zombie squid." Shit yeah thats it. Get these things out of town."
Belladonna Jones 04/18/20 Cause you getting married before her. I will be sure to get with her and Ava to et details down. And when is this set for?
Belladonna Jones 04/18/20 Text:
Hela is going to be pissed xD. But Congratz! I think we could pull off a wedding.
Belladonna Jones 04/18/20 Lil Bro
Who is getting married this time?
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 When he started talking and she could hear the nervousness seeping in, she turned finding him beside her with the small box in his hand. No way it wasnt...was it? If there was a bug in that box she wouls smack him so hard, inbetween the tears that wree her give away that it likely wasnt. Pale lips parted slowly as the words hit her and she swiftly wrapped her arms around his neck t. Soft kiss to his ear and she stammered out the words, "Dear gods Malak, YES?"
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 "Well, least you'll never starve to death." She giggles She stares off over the area, glass in hand while it spun softly. Slowing her breathing to keep herself in check. He was her best friend and sole confidante all their lives. Something inside her stirred softly around him.she places her hand on his. "This really is beautiful Malak."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She grins and picks up a plate with pasta and a fork. her free hand she takes a drink and lays it down. Then takes a decent fork fill and puts it in her mouth. Where the hell did he get this? omg it was awesome. she puts up a finger and picks up her glass to take a sip. "I dont know who cooked this but they are needed in the coven kitchen like forever. Its awesome Malak, I love it all. You have outdid yourself."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 eyes opened wide."Really? holy hells bells you were busy. I didn"t think I was gone that long." She listened some more and smirked. "both mom and Uriel. Wow, well I am guessing you found mom, Uri decided to stay in cancun longer. Think it has to do with Angel."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She puts out her hand for the cookie then noticed actual food.And pulled it back. Well he either learned to cook or got Jeeves to make it as Hela hadn't come home yet. Thinking of that girl she grins. "Yeah she did get you good that day. "So did you do all this your self?"
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She giggles and bites her lip. "No I suppose you don't. Last time we did this we did in a closet and hid Bruce there after wards. So This I have to say is a whole lot better." She cross her legs and looked around, normally she could figure out places when arriving this one no. Watching him riffle through the basket she tipped her head. Boy had he changed in so many interesting ways. His eyes would always give him away, his cheekbone set harder now. His hair an interesting set of salt and pepper.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 "Hush now. I was mad at the time." She whispers softly grinning. Her hearing clicked in and she could hear his breath and her own. The sounds of the coven creaking and the gears of the vator moving them. She could feel him heat up and the slight almost not noticeable dampness from his hand. With that everything curled around as she felt the air shift and him pull them through the shadows to an unknown place. Sounds of nature passed her ears as the scents in the air captured her senses. He had said to remove the blindfold, and she did slowly slipping it down over her nose to allow it to rest around her neck. Icy hues opened to the sight before her and a soft gasp left her chest. Hand in his she slowly looked back at him. "Malak this is beautiful." She moved towards the picnic and sat down removing her sweater. "Whats the occassion?' Had she missed something?
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She looked at him and watched as he pulled out the bandana. She laughs nervously as her eyes are covered."If I shock you sorry up front nerves tend to set of sparks at times. And I can be bit clumsily." Eyes covered she breaths out and holds out a hand to him. "I am ready."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 "Might surprise you Malak I do behave, more so when it comes to medical.You missed seeing all we love, hacking and sneezing and puking them selves to death." She hops down and walks over leaning her back again the counter watching him wash his hands and smirks. "Yeah I will, not likening the bad thoughts of cliffs and ditches and metal hitting metal.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 Letting out a yip as the beast of a man worked on her arm."No telling your Lyl's son. Talk about torture much." She says bitting into the sandwich to loose he taste of the pills. An eye brow raises and the grins. You may need to teach me a some point then. Being four a month ago I couldn't see over the dash." Icey hues look at him. "So where we going?" Does she ever shut up...not really.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 With a thump she landed rump onto the count and leggs swayed as he talked. It was awesome listening to his voice the older soothing sound that came from him. "I guess a sandwich would be okay." she says rolling up her sleeve to look at the gooey seeping ozzing bite on her upper arm. "Thats attractive." she whines and look up. "Where we going. Road trip... do you even know how to drive?"
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 Resting her elbow on his back she leans her chin on it. Blue eye sparkle as her almost fall and she smirks. chewing on her inner cheek now she. traces circles all over his back playfully.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She giggles."Malak the brains thing was a joke honest. But do mean like here?" She says running her finger along the hemline of his jeans. "Or here?" She moves her fingers to outline his pocket curves.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She glances back at him and giggles really. Do you know how close I am to slapping at arse from here." Instead she runs a finger along his spin seeing it was the best reach for shivers. "Would it kill you much if I said I had a craving for brains." She covers her mouth to stop the giggle from forming.
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She smirks."Believe me Malak. Its blood and your body does relay on it. You are the child of a vampire. Blood is life Malak. Its the caps or feeding off the humans, your choice."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She pretty much knew the answer the moment he started counting his fingers and toes in his head. an eye brow lifts and she pulls out a jar from her sweater pocket. and lays it down. Malak your old enough you can take these on your own. There is no taste like when you had it in a bottle and such." Slides it to him. "You will find a huge different I promise."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She clears her throat. "So I have a new matter for you to think on. Malak when was the last time you had actual blood? Alot of control problems come from the lack of which is needed in your system. I was once your pediatrician. Now I'll speak as your doctor. Lyl may not have been mother of the year Malak. But she did follow the strick diet on you the whole time you were a baby, knowing full well you would need it your whole life.""
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She grins."Honey, It will come. Yes Siri had me. But you now have all of us. Stop thinking in the past Its gone live for now and the future. If you will it you will learn. Siri cant always control herself either."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 "Malak honey your only four, if you get right down to it. You have plenty of time to learn. We all have had to, you will be no different. Just as Siri has to with her own abilities. Believe it or not having us all around can be helpful. You where never meant to have to go through it on your own." She pats his shoulder. "Any time you want a safe training place let me know. I can create you a bubble in which you can work on it safely. As for Lucifer I doupt he is worried about it or He would have contaced the coven by now."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She laughs."Well better them yes. As much as I like our zombies. They also have a service as well. Use them to your advantage Malak. With out zombies Uriel would have leveled Italy when he was younger."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She listened as she stood up and walked to the pantry. "lets see, So I suspect ye were out at the zombies again." she says while pulling out two jars. "The red and yellow caps are antibiotics. The salve is cause it will likely rash up. Other then that your good with what you did. " she hands them to him and smirks. "I have told you both a number of times not to play with the zombies. She grins. "bout time one of you got bit."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 She laughs softly and then grins."Sorry Malak. Brain turns into a bubble at times."She sits down looking over at him while taking her cup into her hands. "Really Malak, right now The only one I can think of who has issues is Conner here. But thats Cause Uri and Siri have grown and he hasnt. But other wise..." She puts a hand on his. "Malak darlin, least 90% of the coven could see where you two would likely end up." She sighs out and smirks. "I am not going to say if you hurt her I will kill you. Cause hurt comes at times and it can be a hidden blessing and something to learn from." She nods lightly and smiles..Picking up a sandwich she hands it to Conner. "You have my blessings, don't worry about Uriel. Even though he isnt here he seen what she went through to change as well. You have his blessing as well, if you seek it."
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 "Panty Raid with Siri. Malak please tell me you have no idea what that even is you just said to me."She smirks and looks at Conner and the twins.Conner looking at Malak then goes back to eating. "Anyway dont mind him, he is still sore about the changes that Siri and you have had take place. Big little brother problems I suppose." She hands Malak to sippy cups for the twins. "Least they still love everyone." She giggles. "So whta is it you need to talk to me about?"
Mystic-husky 04/17/20 Two high chairs with the twins and one five yr old sat waiting, while she handed out plates at the kitchen table. Hazel eyes glance at the door way to see Malak. She smiles and lays down a sandwich. "Not sure if your interested but there is extra sandwichs made."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 And over she went. Well his shoulder that is. This had to look interesting to most. Blinking as he asked she sighed and ribbed her arm "Just a zombie wound." Dare she say bite around here she would likely get tossed in the dungeon to make sure she didn't turn or something. Not finished talking? "Okay didn't think we had stopped talking." glances back at the back of his head "whats the chance of this talking happening near food?" Glances down at his arse and grins, well somethings do look better from behind.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 He hadnt dragged her around like this since the cookie raids. And well even though peanut butter cookies sounded awesome. god damn that arm being squeezed smarted. "Ouch not so hard." she yipped. Before she had a chance to fix it,it was out. "okay so we don't tell her. I had to put one down as well." She says while still being dragged. "Malak please if you want to drag me least you can do is switch arms."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She pushs the gate open and was swiftly surprised when he grabbed her and pulled them back inside. Hiding the wince from her arm she shakes her head. "Nothing much other then unhappy zombies on the back fence." She nods. "Just got a little stuck back there and decided were ever you where had to be better then where I was at the time." Yeah yeah thats it.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She was slinking along the edge of the fence when he answered "Hey no worries not peeking. Pee if you must! Just make it quick. I'll be there in a min." She disregarded the part of whats wrong. And rubbed her arm a bit before shimmering to the gates a couple feet from him. An eye brow raised as she grumbled about more zombies. And backs her self up and slides towards him.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She was working her self free as she put out her hand out to the ground. Silly girl your an elemental witch use it. The pebbles shoke then the dirt softened. The ground lifted smelling of death and decay. Blue eyes turned white as the ground opened and swallowed the zombie. Slowly they faded back to blue as she stood staring at the ground. Slowly watching the other zombie she backed her self up against that fence to the back yard. While entering his head, even if she knew he hated it. "Where are you right now?" plan a go over fence, plan b go to him, plan c melt these zombies and deal with mom in the morning. Umm yeah no plan b it is.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 Look your not giving yourself or her enough credit. You would for damn sure protect that girl. The one who can easily put you on your ass if push came to shove. You understand estimate her and what she can do for you. Even in small forms she could knock you. Give yourself the chance is what I am saying.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 By the time he would be finished. The smell of burnt grass and leaves would surround her and she yawns. Ghost like coloring shifted inside her robes as she motioned back to her feet. If this was what she was going to have to do to stop herself from electrocuting those around her so be it. Getting up she covered her shoulders and shivers as she walks home. She was greeted by several zombies as she got closer yet just walked through them silently. Very rarly did they ever touch her. But their would always be one, normally a newly turned one.

Feeling a grip on her arm she, gasped and turned to be face to face with it. "please not tonight she thought. Her hand lands on its arms when she relizes she had just displaced that power and she growns. "Really.." she mutterswhile trying to reach for her dagger on her thigh with her wrong hand. "No bite, no bite noooo."She kept saying while wiggling around to pull the knife free. Stabbing its hand to release it. "I said no bite."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 That may have been the case. But nephew you have more control then you think. And your biggest control factor is her. You may not see it now but trust me in time you will.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 Once where her feet decided to stop. She pulls off the robe and lays it down. Going to her knees she sighs and places her hands on the ground. The surging from earlier was heavy on her and with out a place to send it she had learned she needed to give it away. So now fingers dug into the ground so she could release it some way. This was the safest way she knew. without it she wouldn't zap or scorch people. And it way to late to use the firing range. Plus a sleeping siri there would bring more questions. Least the woods would cover her and protect the witch who had spouted out the no need for protection rant not to long ago. So when the energy escaped and drained her slightly. She would curl into her robes and doze.
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 She listened and watched as he jumped into the shadow. Ice blues looking over the fence to the outside world of the coven.She had set him off...again. Maybe he was right.

hoping off the roof she lands in a squat with a finger touching the ground to balance herself. She stands up and pulls her hood up as she climbs the back yard fence. Four going on twenty sucked big balls. She hops off the fence and walks through the zombie hordes towards the wood lands above the Coven grounds. Momma new she was coming back for Malak and said she wouldn't interfere. Uri knew it was coming as well. Why the hell couldnt Malak. The girl as stubburn as she was needed a time out. And a forest full of crazy ass zombies and gods knows what else was her answer. Looking back she blows a kiss at the coven sending a note to hang on the bench. "Gone hunting.....S"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 Right and wrong there man. Right I was his friend. But let's be honest would you want one of your friends dating your mom. No wait don't answer that cause I did marry your mom. But I don't think he was thinking at any point that you was trying to steal his thunder. If I remember correctly again. Bells was trying to get him to go to you to understand his shadows. Something he had forgotten long ago.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 We all saw this. As far as Uri well.. I am sure that if you promise to protect her like you did when you was 4 he might be alright. I thought the same thing. And I was wrong.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 But you didn't which shows you have more restraint then you think you do. You have more deeper feeling for her then you think you have. Let me ask you a question..that whole time you was gone trying to protect her from yourself, who was the one you thought of? Who was the one that you was actually learning how to control your inner demon for? Think about it. You yourself said she brought you to your knees man..
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 Okay that last part only ones who can answer that would be Bells, your grandfather or grandma. I didn't have that issue.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 "Man have you seen the women she grew up around. Honestly it is not a bad thing to want to do that. But these girls just don't know how to take no for an answer."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 "Wow! This is going to call for the good stuff." Patti g him on his back Jake shook his head. "You damn well know that, that girl was one person that was not going to let you go that easy. She never did. Or don't you remember how she would go where you would. Hell it was even the video versa. The battle you made sure she was safe. And you thought coming up here to say goodbye was going to be okay.. Na..nope..never that.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 Jake pressed his lips together "you look like you can use a drink. Let's go have a chat. There seems to be a lot going on that I am missing here."
Siri Ridire 04/17/20 Rolls eyes. "They learn how to control it Malak. And many vampires marry and stay together for hundreds of years." She gets up and walks to the edge of the building. looking over the edge.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/17/20 "Wait does this have to do with a white hair blur that just passed me? Siri?"
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 She face palms."Man you are so hard to get things into your brain. Malak I love you, you dork. Alot of that will go away for a bit with a simple fix of feeding. Second you cant kill me...I am I am not human I am immortal like you kind of! Third Momma has humans in the basement for the vampires of the coven."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/16/20 "Well damn man you are now taller then me!" Jake chuckled "are you trying to kill your sister? What she do?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/16/20 Again another puzzled look on his face. Tilting his head "Lady killer?"
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 She takes his hand walking him to the bench. "Malak you were born of a vampire and vampire crossed with a shadow lord. The things your dealing with are symptoms that new vampires deal with all the time." She nods softly.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 "Do you know you pretty much described a newborn vampire right?" She looks at him. "Yours and Uri's dad was a vampire as well Malak. We can work with that." She gives him a sage nod.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 "Malak.... you will learn how to control it. Uri did so can you. Shadow lords aren't that rare." She looks up at him. "You need to give yourself some credit. And I will be right here to help in any way you need me to." She was being totally honest with him. Hell she could even help him create something that could bind the beast side unless he needed it.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 She stood dumbfounded, and slightly breathless. Ice hues look at the locket and then back up at him. Her hand reaching to run her thumb along his cheek "Malak I have no intention of going in there unless its with you." She says softly. "I am fully ready and able to contend with everything life wants to throw at us."
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 "Guess what Malak, news flash. Your and I are not them. I am not my mother nore my father. And you are not your parents either." She places her hand on his back softly. "Tell me, you don't want me, make it said... Malak. Then its over we wont fight and we can both go to our own little parts of hell forever." She opens a portal. "Its there waiting."
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 "So being surrounded by those who love me. Is more important then Me getting to have that choice is it. I think I am the one who should get to choose that don't you. Siri do this, Siri do That. Siri what ever... Protect Siri, some one watch Siri. When will any of you realize. Princess Siri would like o get to be her. And get to make her own choices. Malak of all people you should know all this.Who the hell did I run off with to Bells coven to get away from being the little coven princess?" She breaths out and closes her eyes. "If protecting me means not having you, don"t protect me teach me to do it my self at your side!" She sighs and looks at the stars. "Cause if you don't I am going to Hell."
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 A short trip to the old elevator and ice blue eyes opened to the darkness of the port au prince skies. every step she took towards the edge of the roof looked as if it had been hit by lightening.

Then a hand and arms enclosed her around her as the surges just stopped dead in its tracks.

"Dont even what Malak? Don't admit that with out you I am nothing but a the daughter of a coven leader. Or admit that I have been chasing a dream since I was a little girl. Or admit that I have loved only one boy in my life and don't have time for any other. Admit that its only ever been you!" She breaths out softly. She would be damned if she was going to stay up here with out him. She watched Lil and Az fumble with life and death, watched Bella fumble with Lokis disapprence. Watched her mother through the years of hell she went through. If she couldn't have Malak she would just leave.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 She was her own person and not one in her family would dare. Uriel could kiss her ass. Feeling him pushing away from her she steps back and lets go. Tear filled eyes looking like roaring glaciers melting. She wimpers and the electricity surges through her fingers. She pushs past him letting him get shocked by the energy surging through her as she takes off towards the roof tops. "I only came back for you, and you alone. Bye Alak." Yes her voice cracked."Tell everyone I have gone to find Uncle Lucifer."
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 Son of a itch he was just as stubburn as he had been as a child. But she was to. And her only reason for being home was him. One way or another she would make sure he knew this. She was slightly taller then her mother but still small then him. That wouldn't stop her though. "FINE! Have it your way!" She sucker punchs him in the gutt and waits for him to clinch and bend then reachs up and takes a fistful of hair in her hand and pulls him into a kiss. Take that!
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 She listened and she felt the slight buzzing in her ears. Siri calm down she told herself. Ice blue eyes dimmed at his words and speak she couldnt do. Inside she was already screaming. His hand on her cheek a smaller hand fell upon. "Malak, don't please. Cuase if you do. You can Say good bye to Bella. But be warned I will leave with you." She had never had any fear of him nore would she ever. She had seen and heard of that many different beasts That Malak wasn't one she would ever fear. And if anything like his beast within would try to kill her. She knew deep inside Malak could and would stop it.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 "You was only gone five months when I felt you return. It was then I burst into a explosion that Momma had to Hide in Cancun. To protect the masses as she called it. When I woke from it this is what I found" Her eyes lowered and she sighed out softly. Finger tips giving off the odd spark now and again. That stupid bug had to have hit her when they where trying to catch it. "We came back yesterday and I learned you was resting again." She opens the door to her room showing her back pack. "I was coming to get you."

She swallowed hard and then looked back up at him.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 She was almost breathless. well seemed they had both been hit with the genes of aging beautfully. And a first blush would appear over pale cheekbones. As the sparks at her finger tips fizzled out softly. It was him in all his adult wonders. A smile would slip out as eyes would travel up the towering man. where she could now see the boy inside. Soft like she pushed her hands into her pockets.
I am well, Malak. Looks as if we both have did a bit of growing up." She did once say she would follow him to the pits of hell and back again. Would he ever know that she knew the day and hour he grew up with out even being at his side.
Siri Ridire 04/16/20 Giving that silly little dragon her flying lesson turned out to be more then she had bargained for. Darn thing almost toasted the zombies that lived outside the back wall. After putting her back in her enclosure, Siri went back inside to check and see if Malak had come back yet as well.

Ice blue orbs stopped dead as she seen the man at her door. Her head tipped lightly as she glanced back towards the offices had someone new arrived? Heart beating swiftly she slowly made her way to the door he stood at. It was then when butterflies hit her stomach.

"Malak?" she said just above a whisper as her fingers twitched with light blue sparks
Mystic-husky 04/16/20 "Honey you will find your grounding point. Everything takes time. And yes thats what I keep telling Siri as well. Harming us is not something to think to hard about. Most of us have enough Power and such to protect our selves as well. When Uriel was taming his powers things where blown up daily. Angel calmed him. Your will find your grounding point as well."
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 There is nothing at this point I can't face. Death, kid and a bunch of other stuff. Your a walk in the park. So.. *blows a raspberry*
Mystic-husky 04/16/20 She nods softly."Well I doupt I can control the Siri part darlin. Her power surges are of sometime else and She is home now as well. So I cant say she wont find you."
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Meh..little bro no matter what you think we always here to help. Even if you think otherwise.
Mystic-husky 04/16/20 "Dear gods." Looks around, looks back and takes off her shawl. Hands it to him. "Great gods Malak, put this on." Pulls out house keys and hands them to him. "These are yours. And before you asked, I know those dimples I did deliver you." (Welcome back)
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 And just where do you think your going?
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Grins "oh I have a feeling they have."
Belladonna Jones 04/16/20 Well it seems you have out grown me! Still lady killing?
Ice Queen 03/04/20 I have given up as there is no Prince charming for me in dis world.
Ice Queen 03/04/20 She sighed "see all the good males are taken so how be ye help meh"
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Ice gave a softly smile to Malak, "All the males out there have mates who they love...tell meh ye have a girl of ye own too"
Ice Queen 03/04/20 She tilts her head "if you see him den send him mah way" she grinned as her eyes sparkled softly.
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Tilting her head into his hand as she felt the tear whipped from her cheek." Thank ye so much. He was nay good for meh, I just wished I knew dat back den"
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Leaning in and whispers in his ear "I was hurt by a man, who thought it was funny to make out he never knew me. Breaking may spirit and heart." As a tear fell upon her cheek.
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Ice chuckled softly "nay may name is ice...I beh untameable" she smirked at him as she turned her back.
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Her green eyes lowered as her heart quickened deep within her chest. "I nay be that enticing just alluring with the wilderness within men...I beh ice"
Ice Queen 03/04/20 She chuckled softly in so long "dey nay stay alive long enough. Or at least the last male who laid his hand on men"
LillyEmperium 03/04/20 Welcome back
Briahne Christiann 03/04/20 Welcome home Malak, need any help you know where to turn.
Ice Queen 03/04/20 She bit her lip as her eyebrow rose "Thank ye male, nay person has said dis in all my life"
Marina Pershing 03/04/20 Welcome to the Realm;
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Ice stared at the male as the color rose to her cheeks "I nay be beautiful"
Ice Queen 03/04/20 Welcome back
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