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Born: March 27, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 12
Affiliation: Valar Morghulis Mail Replies Sent: 38
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 10
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06/20/18 at 6:52 pm
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Master Slayer

Ella Donovan
Blood Demon

Jameson Orlav

Remi Rose

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New OrleansBetween things that can and can't be said
Created by Jack Horton
New OrleansClear and Present Danger.
Created by Cirilla Renarde
New OrleansSeven Deadly Sins.
Created by Cirilla Renarde
Kristoffer Forseti 06/17/18 Random Party Girl
I don't know who you are but I am so down to clown!
Remi Rose 06/14/18 New Orleans has become quite lonely. Ella was gone. Michael was gone. Even the sanctuary seemed empty - at times. There was a younger, more spritely tenant than she whom also occupied the home. Hadn't exactly met the girl. Just a random cry for help via group text. There was no response from Remi. She'd been busy wallowing in her depression which had been lingering all too long.

Though Michael hadn't passed, it was as if she was going through the stages of grief from a loss. Now, she was determined to pick herself up from her slump but wasn't sure she could do it alone. She needed a friend, someone who has no clue what was going on.

Not sure where she was but outside the basement they were the only ones. Remi sniffed at the air and quickly a scent would trigger her senses. It would take her a moment to filter it out from all else that lingered within the air as she moved about. Tucking her supernatural tendencies into her back pocket, she'd take a moment to correct herself before tapping a nail against the door of an occupied room. "Hello?"

Violet Adler 06/13/18 To: 🙌❤️😀
Thatís AMAZING! You go, Glen Coco!
You definitely didnít text who you thought, but Iím still damn proud of you. 👊

Jameson Orlav 04/10/18 Jameson watched the newcomer carefully. Every time she stepped foot off of the front step, he saw. Every time she ventured too close to the door, he saw. When she woke, he heard her heart beat come alive. Thump-Thump-Thump. When she went to sleep, he'd listen for the steadying rhythm of her breath; slow and sweet to match her pulse. Sufficed to say, Jameson was everywhere. The new girl might not have been aware of his existence, but he was very aware of her. Unlike most of the tenants in the rooms upstairs, she was human. Young, supple and full of life.

Ella did very well with this one.
Ella Donovan 04/09/18 Ciri
Any empty room is yours! Don't go into the Basement... yet.
Ella Donovan 04/09/18
Beau Theroux 04/07/18 Upon the woman's evasion of eye contact Beau decided not to press for it any further. From the pocket of his jacket he revealed a pair of sunglasses that were unfolded then placed so that his eyes could no longer be seen. The woman's reaction was one he was familiar with and he wasn't one to make others uncomfortable. "maybe I'll be seeing you around one of those angles. Fate has a knack of causing such occurrences."

Beau Theroux 04/07/18 A small chuckle escaped the male's lips. Green hues glanced away from the woman for a moment before returning them to meet her own. A grin slid across his features with the toothpick returning to the corner of his mouth. "Well, from my experiences, anything can be a curiosity from the right angle. You just gotta think outside'a the box."
Beau Theroux 04/07/18 A slender dark brow quirked upward at the woman's peculiar statement. A tattooed hand reached upward to remove the toothpick from his mouth before speaking, a thick Cajun accent evident in his every word. "Thank you. And is it? I have always been a fan of curiosities."
Camille Hammond 03/28/18 Welcome to the Realm.
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