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ContestsSummer Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
New YorkThe Lycan's Den
Created by Adara Doe
Darcy Astor 10/26/18 +stumbles across+
+smiles prettily+
+isn't creepy at all+
You have some crazy going on in there, don't you? I like you. I'll be seeing you around.
+waves and trots off+
Mackenzie 10/18/18 But you, my sweet girl, are the loveliest of them all.
Rhiannon Whitaker 10/11/18 Oh! Hot one! You’re here!
-also bad with names-
-nudges right back-
Quinn Abernathy 10/10/18 "Sorry.." Quinn muses as Dempsey pulls away, her hands immediately moving to support her belly. It is so heavy, and she is so ready for this to all be over and done with. But, as Dempsey questions her, a small smile quirks at her lips and she nods, those chocolate hues rising to meet her friend's hazel.

"It's been a while." Quinn sighs, blinking back those pesky emotions. "I'm sorry. It must be alarming. I promise, it's okay."

Giving her friend an encouraging smile, she reaches forward and touches a hand to Dempsey's arm. "Just a few more weeks. But, enough about me. What're you doing here? I've been worried about you. You never texted that you were safe..."
Quinn Abernathy 09/23/18 Isolated. Quinn is thoroughly isolated. Especially now. Just barely a month away from giving birth to a son, her belly is swollen and her body tired. But today is different. Today, Gideon couldn’t tend to the market and she had been able to beg her way into making the trip. She just needs air. There is nothing she has craved more than civilization.

She had wandered away, but only to the surrounding blocks. Quinn understands that at this stage of the game, Gideon would have her watched like a hawk, even from a distance. In a hand, a bag is heavy as it hangs, holding a collection of tiny human sized things. Baby clothes. Blankets. A mobile of elephants, and a monitor. If today would be her last time going out, and it could be, she would make the most of it.

And then, she hears a familiar voice call out. Stopping just before reaching the edge of the market, she turns to find Dempsey. There is no helping it as her eyes well up with unspilt tears as a smile takes refuge upon her face. This is the first time she has seen anyone she’s known in what feels like forever. Coupled with her hormones, and it is a recipe for disaster.

Before she can even stop herself, she is reaching for a hug. “I can’t believe you’re here!”
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Dempsey
Try drawing. Or pick up an instrument.
Grand. Doing great. Doing a bit of traveling.
Mackenzie 08/27/18 Dempsey
Nope. Just thinking of you. Not watching. Haven't heard anything.
Mackenzie 08/25/18 Dempsey
How’s my favorite stranger danger?
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 Demps
Be safe, Demps. Text me when you are safe.
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 Demps
Dempsey, you should call the police. That's really bad! They can help you, and keep you safe.
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 Demps
You're in trouble? What's wrong? Are you safe? What happened?
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 Demps
Got it. No alcohol. No dirt. Juice always. :)
Quinn Abernathy 06/05/18 Demps
Just dirt... yea. You're right. You know, I never did like gardening. Dirt under fingernails is the worst. You?
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Demps
How do you feel about freshly turned earth?
Quinn Abernathy 05/18/18 Quinn stares at the message for several minutes, chewing at her lip in thought. There is a nagging feeling, some little voice cautioning her in the back of her mind. It goes against her nature, and she shoves it aside, assuming it to be a product of her environment. Still...

You are a really good friend, Dempsey.
Quinn Abernathy 05/18/18 Demps
But what if the adventure is what is scary?
Quinn Abernathy 05/15/18 Demps
Well, juice is a healthy crutch. I heard some people eat loads of Twinkies and watch Documentaries. Twinkies are okay, but too many give you a tummy ache. Are you not sure where you are? I'm still in New Orleans, but I think I'm moving soon. Not sure where. Suppose neither of us really know where we are. Twinsies!
Quinn Abernathy 05/14/18 Demps
Why are you lonely? Can you get more juice? Are you still in New York? Are people being mean?
Quinn Abernathy 05/13/18 Demps
Thinking about you. How is the juice going? Things getting better?
Quinn Abernathy 04/29/18 Dempsey
That's new. I really try to not kill people. But juice is good. Right now, I really want fruits and vegetables but can't have them. I can. But I can't. You should have some.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 -Passes a green seltzer water to-
Just... pretend.
Quinn Abernathy 03/16/18
Quinn Abernathy 02/28/18 Dempsey
Important question.
Purple, or green?
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/20/18 *hops up and down*
Come stay with us! We can play all of the board games!
And pizza. And beer. Oh! Beer and cheerios.
Soleil Whitaker 02/19/18 "Thank you, my dude!"
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/19/18 *gasps*
We gotta play board games right away!
My wife isn't fun. She only likes Yahtzee. Who the hell likes Yahtzee?
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/19/18 *squints*
How do you feel about popcorn?
*shifty eyes*
And... Toddlers. And three dogs and three cats.
Oh! And 'Connect-Four'?
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/19/18 *stops*
What?! Hi!
*excited waving*
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/19/18 *sneaks up*
Quinn Abernathy 02/08/18 Dempsey
Hour and a half?
Gotta get ready. :)

She's not kidding, either. For the remainder of her time, Quinn would find herself rooting through her suitcase searching for something that would protect her from the oppressive chill of the Northeast winter. With the imminent return to New Orleans looming overhead, Quinn is eager to go out, have fun, and be comfortable.
Quinn Abernathy 02/06/18 There needs not be some sort of introduction. When the text rolls through, Quinn is immediately sure that it is from Dempsey. She is, after all, the only person she had spoken to about juice. And, with her return to New Orleans looming overhead like a stormy raincloud, there is nothing more that she wants to do than to enjoy a last hoorah with her new friend.


She would stare at the message for a moment, trying to come up with something decisive. A plan. Where would they go for juice? What would they talk about?

Metro Diner?
Mackenzie 02/05/18 Dempsey
She's not THAT bad.
I like her. For the most part.
Yea. Don't stab her.
You can tell her eventually.
But definitely let her sweat. It's funny.
Mackenzie 02/05/18 Dempsey
I stabbed her once.
She made me do it. Literally.
She's no saner than you or I.
But just for giggles, don't tell her.
Make her work for the information.
Let's be difficult. (:
Quinn Abernathy 02/02/18 Sometimes, Dempsey reminds Quinn of herself. Usually, the her manner of speaking. Pleasant, awkward, and decisive. So, when the woman finally says yes, Quinn breaks out into an incredible smile and bounces where she stands, hands holding to the strap of her bag to keep it from falling off her shoulder. At the mention of hungry goldfish, Dempsey would find her new friend to be completely trusting in the statement. "Poor fish. Say hi, for me!"

She takes a moment to simply look at Dempsey again, absorbing the fact that she had made a new friend. Her first new friend in ages, for which she has high hopes. "I'll see you tomorrow, Dempsey! Just let me know when you're ready."

With that, she releases her grip upon her bag and waves before carrying on down the street with a ridiculously pleased spring to her step. Her thoughts revolving around juice, and a friend.
Quinn Abernathy 02/02/18 No alcohol. No coffee. Quinn is fast learning things that Dempsey does not care for, in comparison to those she does. It doesn't case her to falter at all. Instead, her head would tilt, not sure if she had ever met someone who had never had coffee. Until, that is, the explanation came. "It's probably best. I can barely wake up without coffee in the morning. Otherwise, I'm just sleepy all day."

Quinn reaches into her bag, rifling through it before extracting a pen and paper. Many would find it odd that someone would still keep things like this, but she always finds a need to take notes. In this particular notebook, she keeps track of her interactions at the compound. To be honest, she needs it, as every day is a new challenge. Today, it finds new use.

A scrawl of block lettering forms upon the paper, her name and number filling the space now. With a bit more care that is needed, she pulls the page and holds it out to Dempsey. "I like juice, too. Apple is my favorite. Tomorrow you can text me when you're up, and we can go have breakfast and juice, if you like? Or call, if you prefer that. I don't mind either way. Or if you're hungry now, we can do breakfast for... um... dinner?"
Quinn Abernathy 02/02/18 It is decided, and Quinn, ever the hugger, would be the last person to deny such an experience. The smile on her face speaks volumes to her happiness at this new landmark in time. While Dempsey is awkward and stiff, Quinn is fluid and warm. Slender arms wrap around the woman, without care or worry. Friends hug. Quinn loves hugs, and never passes judgment on another. Though this hug did last for some time, she hardly finds it bizarre. Sometimes, a person just needs a hug. And Quinn, in her dark and awkward life circumstance, is one of those people.

She'd be the first to pull away, still pleasant, though she does wonder at how different this hug had been. In her mind, it is because Dempsey hasn't had any friends before. Warm hugs are something that would come with time, as they became more comfortable with each other.

There is an electric sort of excitement building up in Quinn. Dempsey is her friend. It has been so long since she's had the chance to make a new friend. She can be honest with Dempsey, and confide in her, and be that very same person for the woman before her. And then it strikes her, "I barely know anything about you."

While most would find the question to be something of doubt, Quinn instead is fueled by her own exuberance. "Do you like coffee?"
Quinn Abernathy 02/02/18 Despite the hanging silence between them, Quinn's smile never falters. It is absolutely true, she doesn't think at all like Dempsey. She wouldn't notice things like her, or begin to. Instead, she would think in other ways. Quinn would reflect on how nice it is to talk to someone outside of the cult. She would note how lovely it is to be able to be comfortable, and to speak whatever comes to mind. And, in a sadder little place in her mind, she thinks about how much she is going to miss it when she has to return to New Orleans.

It only serves to solidifying Quinn's desire to make a real connection with Dempsey, and maintain that connection, despite the looming distance.

Dempsey's slip would go unnoticed, and her confession would be met with surprise. How could someone so nice never have had a friend? "Now you do."

She pauses a moment as a touch of insecurity hits her. Confidence had never been an issue for Quinn before, but over the past several months, she'd found herself questioning many things. Her smile would be replaced with a hopeful sort of expression, chocolate hues locked onto Dempsey as if hanging on her every word and movement. "I mean, I'd really like to be your friend."
Quinn Abernathy 02/02/18 Personal space amongst friends isn't alarming for the trusting girl. Often, Quinn's nature of being a hugger is what alarms others... until she manages to worm her way into their heart. Something she is also prone to doing. So, unable to help the tiny little chuckle at their comical exchange, she takes the chance of proximity to really look at Dempsey. She hadn't done that at the bar.

She's pretty, with warm eyes and bouncy hair that Quinn just wants to toy with. Really, everything about the woman is warm.

"I really liked talking to you, at the bar," she admits, if it could even be called that. Quinn loves meeting people. She loves talking to people. And Dempsey had been a real breath of fresh air. "You're really nice. Like a friend."

It's like kindergarten, all over again.
Quinn Abernathy 02/01/18 Quinn felt something touch her. Rather, someone. It is far from familiar, but definitely not the sort that makes the hair at the back of her neck stand at attention. This is friendly, or at least that is what she thinks.

As the other woman had been reaching for her wallet, Quinn had been turning, resulting in a hand upon arm. To her, it feels like a call to attention. With a look, the blond would give a megawatt smile. "Dempsey! It's you!"

Dempsey Kasdeya just failed at stealing money from you!
Soleil Whitaker 01/31/18 With a smile still tugging at her lips, Soleil allows Dempsey to pluck the slip of paper from between her fingers. She’d find the address of the brownstone and a phone number. “Great, text me sometime,” she laughs, “Us, Whitakers like to live scandalously, so maybe we’ll even have breakfast for dinner.”
Katherine Murray 01/25/18 Getting phone numbers to contact the newer members of their ragtag bunch was easy. Figuriung out what to say when you're socially inept; not quite as effortless.

New Person1

Are you a real human?
Care to donate to science?
Blood. Donate blood.
Are you the one that needs to bury bodies?
Pig farms are easier.
I am Katherine.
Soleil Whitaker 01/24/18 Soleil takes a moment to regard the young woman, intrigued by her unapologetic confidence. “Ah, the one who shares Rhiannon’s love of pancakes,” she muses, taking the outstretched hand in her own, “Pleasure.”

Her grip lingers a longer than what would typically be deemed ‘comfortable,’ an amused smile to mirror Dempsey’s taking command of her lips. “And yes, the newest recruit. Welcome,” she continues, “Why don’t you…”

Soleil digs around in her satchel, frantically searching for something to write with. “Why don’t you come around for dinner sometime?”
Soleil Whitaker 01/24/18 Dempsey Kasdeya just failed at stealing money from you!

"Next time you have the urge to cop a feel, I'd suggest talking to my wife first. She's a rather... possessive creature."
Rhiannon Whitaker 01/20/18 Good. I like you. You're mine now.
Rhiannon Whitaker 01/20/18 *stares*
Do you like pancakes...?
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Great. So here is what I'm gonna do. I am going to slip you a key, and you can either follow me back to this cabin in the woods and dump some bodies... or not.

The choice is yours.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 It's what I do best. And not a single lie told. Except for the van. That's really just asking for trouble. I did, however, steal a whole ambulance once.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Sure. I got a puppy in the back of my van, too. With candy. It's the white one down the street in that shady alley that no one goes near.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 And if I told you that rent is free, a large man with a beard stocks the kitchen with his food for everyone else to eat because sharing is caring (whether he likes it or not), and we have a real, live zombie... how would you feel?
Mackenzie 01/20/18 What if I told you, crazy looking person, that I have a lot of property that is perfect for dumping bodies?
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