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Born: July 21, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 22
Affiliation: The Fraternity Mail Replies Sent: 1009
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 15
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08/09/20 at 8:18 am

Laila's Biography
(OOC: Open for rp's anytime)
Name: Laila
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Violet
Race: Angel (not known by Laila)
Family: none
Marital Status: in love with someone

Being raised in an orphanage is rough for anyone let alone a quiet and meek child, like Laila. There were plenty of battles raged and plenty more lost. The one thing they could never strip from her was her optimism and hope. When you are paralyzed from the waist down all you truly have left is hope.

Stripped of memories other than a name, Laila is lost. An angel who is unaware of being such. Perhaps she needs to find her wings or earn them or perhaps this is a second chance to show what she is capable of. Perhaps is the last step before final death. Time will only tell.
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Thora Carlson


Drago Fyre


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Los AngelesFun Time
Created by Thora Carlson
Gawaine 08/04/20 He laughs a bit shaking his head at how she was acting. "Laila what has gotten over you?" He asks as he covers his mouth a little as he chuckles unable to help it.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He let's her dump the water on him as he chuckles he really did put his foot in his mouth this time. "Laila you wound me dear." He said chuckling a bit.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "You still sure as hell love mine!" He shouts teasing her as he sits in front of some flowers. He flutters his wings a little on purpose just to be a ass.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "Oh? You admit you have a thing for wings?" He teases as he let's go. "Well I guess if that's true I should stop but at the cost of you can't touch them anymore Oh well." He said as he began to walk away laughing to himself.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "Me of course." He chuckles as he begins showering her with sweet light kisses before peppering some kisses cross her cheeks. Be couldn't help it sometimes it was like his heart beat only because she was in his life.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "Oh hush you know you know you love it." He said as he gets closer. Smirking he leans close as he reaches out gently touching her cheek. Smiling kindly as he leans in giving her a small kiss before leaning away.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "Well that's where you are wrong again I think you are." He replies as she steps just out of his reach. He grins as he jumps towards her trying to scoop her up. "Dont think you can get away that easily M'lady!" He scouts laughing softly as he tries to catch her.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "Oh that's it come here!" He yelled a little as he laughs starting to pick up his pace towards her. "I have no idea what that is but I am a great Knight!" He chuckles as he reaches towards her.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "True uncle Arthur isn't hear to pull me out of the fire. But I kinda like the fire." He said with a chuckle as he walks closer. He enjoyed this change she really seemed to open up a little and relax. It made him truly happy seeing this side of her even if she is teasing and poking at a bear.
Gawaine 08/04/20 "Well for one if you plan on running I'm not wearing the armor so I can get around fast my dear." He said noticing her backing away a little. He wanted to just scoop her up and shower her with kisses but the angel didn't want to step out of line. "I'm a Knight of the Round table I think that's proof enough. Unless you want me to prove myself some other way." He said in a teasing tone as he gave her a wink.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He smirks as he shakes his head no. Taking noticed of her attempt to tease him. "No need M'lady I think my heart knows what's right I'd be a terrible Knight if I didn't follow it." He replies as he steps away.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He smirks a bit as she pushes him lightly. Giving her a wink he then shrugs a little. "Uncle Arthur always said I was stubborn as a bull." He said laughing a bit. "I guess he was right after all."He said. A mischievous grin creeps across his face as he leans close to her ear. "Really the Violets have my heart..." he whispers looking at her from the corner of his eye.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He chuckles as he stands up and walks back to her. "Someone is lively today." He said chuckling as he stood in front of her. He then the looks at the tulips and smiles. "Perhaps they maybe the best after all I like the red ones." He admits with a playful smile.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He gasps in disbelief over exaggerating a little before he laughs. "Mlady I beg to differ they remind me of your eyes so in my heart they are supreme to all flowers." He said before crossing his arms and pouting. Though her favorites are definitely beautiful as well.
Gawaine 08/04/20 As he looks that the beautiful garden he comes to a stop at a patch of lovely Violets. Kneeling beside them he quietly admires them he's always thought them to be absolutely wonderful. "I think these are my favorite." He spoke up without taking his eyes off of them.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He arches a brow at her as he smiles it was a impressive feat to achieve in such little time. "That is astonishing Laila, I think you have a true gift for it...color me impressed. A quick learner to that's good to know." He states as he slowly walks into the garden to get a closer look at her hard work.
Gawaine 08/04/20 As his eyes are uncovered he is met with the beautiful sight of several different kinda of flowers filling the garden. His lips part to speak but he was left in awe. For someone who doubts herself Laila did have a green thumb. Turning to look at her he grins a little seeing her covered in dirty from head to toe. "They are beautiful M'lady Laila almost as beautiful as the woman that planted them." He said as he took her hands in his.
Gawaine 08/04/20 He didn't notice as she snuck up behind him, suddenly two hands quickly cover his eyes. Closing the book he hand been reading he couldn't help but chuckle to himself. He had a good idea of what it might be due to the smell of dirt on Laila's soft hands. "Of course lead the way I trust you to be my eyes." He spoke with a amused tone as he slowly stood careful to make sure she still had his eyes covered.
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