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Original start date: October 09, 2017

Remember this I am not racist, be you wolf, angel, slayer, witch, demon or vampire.
When your number is called and you have done wrong, I am the one to hunt you down and be your jail keeper.
Unlike Gabriel I don't protect the innocence. I take out the trash and offer you death.
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Born: December 31, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Arcadia Mail Replies Sent: 1056
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 40
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04/23/18 at 3:12 pm
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Mortal ThoughtsBloodletting addict!
Created by Lucifer Morning Star
Mystic Legion 04/05/18 Thank you so much ,I will use it well. It time to train hard .
Amari Kohen 04/04/18 The Cleric saw one of the most interesting sights she had ever seen an angel with the name of Lucifer Morning Star. "Are you any relation to the owner of Hades?"
Gabriel De Angelo 02/22/18 Gabriel's stormy grey hues took in the sight of Lucifer's choice of a black fuzzy robe and pair of hot pink bunny slippers. His nose twitched wryly as the smell of the fallen angel's cigarette premeated the crisp evening air. He arched an eyebrow as Luci spoke to him. "Ohh those leather pants, Luci. Merely a fashion requirement at a photo shoot." Gabe brought up his camera and snapped a photo of Luci in his evening wear. His lips twitched into a slight smirk. "How many copies, Luci? I know Father would love one. Puppychow as well.. I am taking a photography class and some of us guys are doing eighties or ninetie for a time line to help a budding photographer..."
Seraphina Morning Star 02/14/18 The knowing and the waiting was the worst thing. Feeling him finally coming home Sera stayed put at the back door over looking the sun set. A grin puled at her lips as he held her in his arms and she heard his voice. Turning to see his face she kissed him with a smile. "Happy Valentines day Love."
Seraphina Morning Star 02/07/18 Hubster
"Looky at what I found."
Seraphina Morning Star 02/06/18 Seeing the face of her rescuer she smiled and then laughed.
"Hey I was telling the cabbie he went the wrong way."
Soul Darklander 02/06/18 Walking with tunes in her ears Soul turns the corner to head to the kitchen and finds him. Pulling out her ear buds. "Well look at this.. Welcome to Arcadia Lucifer! Where is the wife?"
Gabriel De Angelo 02/05/18 Gabriel arched an eyebrow as he saw a sight he could not quite believe and that was Lucifer Morning Star in the hallways of the Arcadia Compound. "Welcome to Arcadia, Lucifer. Get your wife out of the cold and safe inside...If you ever hurt or harm her. You will have me to deal with!" It was the best sort of welcome he could give his one-time brother. A small grin tugged at the corners of his lips. "I see another one of the Archangel popped through...Raphael."
Declan A Black 02/05/18 Welcome to Arcadia.
Dovima Bastet 02/05/18 Welcome to Arcadia. The boss lady loves oranges and orange juice. Any sort of orange, really.
Gabriel De Angelo 02/04/18 "Congratulations on tying the knot. Marriage between an Archangel and Lucifer. You have picked the appropriate mate indeed. Did she tell you she was the little snitch who ratted me out about Michael? Heaven hath no fury that hell itself could contain. May you find some happiness and contentment." Gabriel arched an eyebrow at Lucifer. His stormy gunmetal hues hardened to a glare. "I will be watching you both closely."
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/04/18 Using over-exaggerated care, Jocelyn withdrew her hand. Running sounded like a great idea. This was the Great Betrayer. But she stood fast, blue eyes wary. "I'm sorry I can't say the same. My name is Jocelyn... What are you doing here?"
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/04/18 Raphael.


Jocelyn's and clenched unconsciously. Either the man was a fanatic or his words were truth. Being what she was, that made her more inclined than a human to believe him, who might scoff at him, as they had at her. The chill turned to fear. "Are you him? The Light Bringer?"
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/04/18 A chill ran down her spine. Oh yes, she knew that name. Who didn't? Perhaps some on earth didn't... but angels did. Every single one of them.

Extending her hand to grasp his, Jocelyn asked only one question, "Why would your parents give you such a name?"
Raven Dragoon 02/04/18 "Why Congratulations is in order. Unholy union never thought I would see the day."
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/04/18 Blue eyes blinked once. The name meant little to her, save one. She doubted there was only one Gabriel on earth. "I don't know a Gabriel. You haven't frowned yet. Or ignored me. People do that. I don't know why. What's your name?"
Lylith 02/04/18 *She grins and lightly punches his arm* Congrats bossman. Don't let marital bliss distract you from other things, you sly dog.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/04/18 *waves*
Are you a grumpy one? Or friendly?
Gabriel De Angelo 02/03/18 Gabriel arched an eyebrow at Luci and smirked at him. "Welcome to the Angelic side of life. Did Father pardon you or did Azazel boot your arse out of Hell. Talk about a step up!"
Lylith 02/03/18 Oh and when you see Az, make sure he's aware that if I have to I will drag his arse to training. We all have a lot of work cut out for us and I'll be damned if we fail because people want to whine.
Lylith 02/03/18 *A sly grin falls upon her lips as she rubs her hands together, menaically* Oh, he is actually quite artful in the ways of torture. I wouldn't mind learning a thing or two from him.
Lylith 02/03/18 Yes finally. Thought I was going to rot with the rest of the riff raff. Only thing about being topside, it's frigging cold. *She grins, her hues dancing playfully* However, now I need to find a partner to help torture and make people scream, even if those screams fall of deaf ears.
Lylith 02/03/18 *Blue/Grey hues land on the king of hell, a smirk gracing her lips. A hand reaches up to tap his shoulder as she clears her throat* Well well well. Long time no see, stranger. By the way, hell is looking rather good these days.
Gabriel De Angelo 02/01/18 Gabriel smirked as he views the theft statement with disinterest. "Budgie bird talons? I was merely the distraction. Really Luci, I have the evidence that Lucien pulled from your other hidden pocket. Father will view these papers with some interest at your 'supposed' weekly meeting. Love letters? Another planned revolt down the toilet...and oh yes rumor spreading and lies as well. Father will scorch your tail this time." Lucien's little hands waved some papers that disappeared quickly from view in the form of a small white dove.
Gabriel De Angelo 02/01/18 Lucien chortled with glee as he tugged on Gabriel's shirt. "You could call me a bas..or a devil. Go tattle to Father. He didn't say not to get married." Gabriel smirked as his gunmetal hues gazed past Lucifer. "Maybe you should try marital bliss it may reform your misguided arse. Just the right demon for you of course." Gabriel turned and walked off with Lucien in his arms. "Then Father would have a damn good laugh at you."
Gabriel De Angelo 01/31/18 "Welcome back Luci. Hell too hot for you?" Gabriel shifted his son, Lucien in his arms. The infant's vibrant blue hues widened as his little face grew somber. "Yes Lucien. It's him and he's any little angelic's nightmare. Gabriel turned his attention to Lucifer. "My son Lucien. My little light and Father's newest archangel."
Lilim 01/06/18 "Rumor has it that's some nasty stuff. If your mind doesn't clear in a few days might need a labatomoy."
Lilim 01/06/18 "Must have been one hell of a drunk stupor to keep you down that long. Was worried i would have to call in the big guns.:
Lilim 01/06/18 "Hmm look what the cat dragged home. How long this time huh?"
Marah Boru 01/01/18 "Well...Well look what was brought back from hell. Welcome back Luci."
+hands him a bottle of whiskey.+
LillyEmperium 01/01/18 Welcome nack
Raven Dragoon 01/01/18 *Tosses a hellfire ball at you* How dear you just drop off like that! *tilting her head with a sigh* But welcome back.. Happy New Year. Try to stick around more.
Gabriel De Angelo 01/01/18 -Gabriel- stood rigidly as Lucifer spoke his piece. His bluish gray orbs held a glint of mirth in them."Take it up with The Father. Weekly meetings remember? I am here to keep an eye on things and take out the trash which includes you." -Gabriel- tossed Lucifer a bottle of Vodka. "A.A. is down the street, Lucy and Bill is waiting for you."
Gabriel De Angelo 01/01/18 -Gabriel- 's gunmetal hues glanced over Lucifer. His lips curled in a sarcastic smile. "You back again? Too bad I didn't punch your ticket as a NO return. But sadly I expected your return...I will be looking for a chance to cast you back in your own stew pot."
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