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Dec 31st Note: The 26 ouncer drank tonight means bad things.... get back to me when I am not a sarcastic Bast*rd like my brothers Gabriel or Michael!!
Likely late Jan 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th.... until further notice.
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Born: December 31, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
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RealmIts 12' clock some where!
Created by Lucifer MorningStar_
Cassidy Axelsen 01/12/18 Walks a slow circle around the the man a half smile on her rad painted lips and wickedness in her eyes "I do hope my eyes are no deceiving me?" Coming to a stop in front of him. "So it is! Lucifer in the flesh. Tis a pleasure to see the man himself."
Lilim 01/06/18 "Rumor has it that's some nasty stuff. If your mind doesn't clear in a few days might need a labatomoy."
Lilim 01/06/18 "Must have been one hell of a drunk stupor to keep you down that long. Was worried i would have to call in the big guns.:
Lilim 01/06/18 "Hmm look what the cat dragged home. How long this time huh?"
Evaine Sterling 01/06/18 "Are you back to rein havoc yet again,Lucifer? Welcome back I guess as you have come back. Where is your side-kick? Azazel will he be returning?"
Marah Boru 01/01/18 "Well...Well look what was brought back from hell. Welcome back Luci."
+hands him a bottle of whiskey.+
LillyEmperium 01/01/18 Welcome nack
Raven Dragoon 01/01/18 *Tosses a hellfire ball at you* How dear you just drop off like that! *tilting her head with a sigh* But welcome back.. Happy New Year. Try to stick around more.
-Gabriel- 01/01/18 -Gabriel- stood rigidly as Lucifer spoke his piece. His bluish gray orbs held a glint of mirth in them."Take it up with The Father. Weekly meetings remember? I am here to keep an eye on things and take out the trash which includes you." -Gabriel- tossed Lucifer a bottle of Vodka. "A.A. is down the street, Lucy and Bill is waiting for you."
-Gabriel- 01/01/18 -Gabriel- 's gunmetal hues glanced over Lucifer. His lips curled in a sarcastic smile. "You back again? Too bad I didn't punch your ticket as a NO return. But sadly I expected your return...I will be looking for a chance to cast you back in your own stew pot."
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