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Born: May 25, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 17
Affiliation: Valar Morghulis Mail Replies Sent: 67
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 15
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07/17/18 at 9:14 pm
Current Mood: Curious 
Anyssa's Biography
Name: Anyssa Jilliana Herveaux
Nicknames: Annie, Anna,Nessa, Jill
Features: Pierced ears & Tongue, Tattoo of a rope bracelet on her left wrist.
Siblings: 1 brother & 1 sister
Relationship: Single

Anyssa Herveaux is the daughter of former Werewolf Pack Master Jackson Herveaux and is very protective of her family and her Pack. She is the youngest of her siblings with her brother Alcide being five years older than her and her sister Janice being eight years older.

When her father was ousted as Pack Master, she left Mississippi and went out to find herself. Being a Herveaux her name was known by all Werewolves around the USA, so it wasn't hard to find others to take her in. She traveled the US and learned more about herself, not only as a Werewolf but as a woman.

She soon settled in Texas, where she worked odd jobs and fell in with a very violent Pack. One night, her feral instincts got the better of her and she attacked a young man who was on a cross country trek on his bike. Thinking him dead she fled and left the Pack that night, swearing never to let her Wolf take control all. And so she stayed, holding back the truth of who she was as she headed further west until she settled in Bella Vista, CA. The place she now called home. The place she was hoping to find peace and happiness.

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Xander James
Master Slayer

Ella Donovan

Remi Rose

Dr Van Helsing

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NeighborhoodRiders On The Storm:- Rebirth of an M.C.
Created by Alexander James
Remi Rose 06/28/18 Nodded, looking her over. Thinking that Jameson might just rip this one apart. Softly sighed and pushed a smile across her lips. "It was a pleasure, surely. Don't be a stranger. There are more of us around. And.. Don't go into the basement. It, uh... smells." Okay, that was weird but couldn't say there was a murderous group of vampires down there. Enjoyed there being people. It was a lot better than it being empty. Just kept smiling.
Remi Rose 06/28/18 For a while there, it was only Ciri and herself within the compound. Ella was constantly busy which left the sanctuary quite lonely. It wouldn't be too long before Ella had begun to fill up the rooms once more. The wolf in her breathed in all the new scents of her home. It was uncomfortable for her to just walk up to people. Though, she had in the past. It was how she met her husband and the cretin within their basement.

It would be a toss up if the introduction would be a win or lose. She was one for one. The statistics aside, she'd decide to introduce herself. After all, she wanted to know who she was living with.

After a few hours of spying since the woman had moved in, she'd take the step. Walking up to the brunette, keeping a distance not wanting to startle her as she hadn't quite seen her approach.

"Hello? I'm Remi. And you are?"

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