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Shadow Man
Born: January 03, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 1
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Home City: New York Mail Sent: 22
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12/10/18 at 5:19 am
I'm conscious that I'm self-conscious of the fact that my subconscious is better than I am.
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 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary

Jay Lian's Biography

Currently paying for misses on my character. Send me a transcript of the fight and I will pay 20 per miss. Feel free to attack on or offline, I don't give a damn.

If you want to know anything about Jay, try talking to him. No descriptions to be found here.

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Created by Cersei Lannister
Summer 06/26/18 Busy counting the money she’d just relieved somebody of, Summer did a double take at a poster stapled to a telephone pole in the Garden District. An amused smirk tugged at her lips. Well, well, well. If it wasn’t Mister Sticky Fingers himself as Realm’s most wanted of the day. Hell, maybe as celebration, she wouldn’t try to pickpocket him next time she saw him.

Nah. No need to go crazy.

(Congrats on PotD!)
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 I love that movie! But... I don't remember anything about bacon from that. Is there a sequel?
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 It'd probably be a great hair conditioner...
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 ...No...?
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 My uncle was a police officer...
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 How about bacon? Bacon is like a blanket.
Quinn Abernathy 06/07/18 Because no one ever asks!
Quinn Abernathy 06/07/18 Okay.. but what about like, actual vegetables?
Quinn Abernathy 06/07/18 I didn’t know that job loss or depression led to paralysis. Huh. That is unfortunate.
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 Unless it is canned food. Because that is already gross, so might as well just go the extra mile and make a smoothie.
Quinn Abernathy 06/05/18 Well, sometimes they are in beds. Or chairs. And sometimes, they come with extra equipment.
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Do you like vegetables?
Noli Joudain 03/08/18

Hahaha. *squints at*
Isabeau LaSalle 02/12/18 Jay Lian just failed at stealing money from you! Isabeau bats her eyelashes, a dangerously sweet expression gracing her features. "Oh i'm sorry, am i being annoying?" she raises a perfectly arched eyebrow before proceeding. "Because you keep trying to take my sh*t. Take a hint and stop trying, i don't keep valuables in my pockets for the likes of you to take as you please."
Amari Preston 01/23/18 Jay Lian just failed at stealing money from you! The Cleric smirked deviously as the man's hot fingers slide into her jacket. She left the pistols secured. The magick mini mousetraps in her pocket would do the job. The man could not comprehend the notion of staying out of her pockets. "Hope you enjoyed the small gift!" She waited for the snap of the mini traps and his reaction of course.
Amari Preston 01/22/18 Jay Lian just failed at stealing money from you! The Cleric felt the man giving her jacket a slight probe. He didn't get anything except an bullet clip. She released the safety lock from her pistol and leveled it at his fingers. "Unless you have an explanation for the multiple attempts at thievery. You may get a few missing fingers." Kohen's eyes latched unto the man's eyes. "Are you broke? If you need just ask."
Mackenzie 01/20/18 "Ex-fvcking-cuse you with that gun," Mackenzie grumps. "What do you think this is? America?"
Livia Vlcek 01/12/18 *carries a satchel, runs to the stranger*
*pulls monkey from said satchel, shoves at* Here, hold this!
*runs quickly away, no time to explain*
*off to find next vict...babysitter*
Summer 01/04/18 Strolling by, the woman gave a nod to the man she'd not seen before. Even though she didn't recognize him, he didn't look like he needed much help finding his way. Still, it paid to be nice, yea? So she gave a little smile and kept it short and sweet.
"Hey there. Snap judgment has me guessing you're capable of finding your way. But should you need directions anywhere or anything...I'm glad to help."
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