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"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal."

Anais's Biography
Anais (Ahnays)

The hustle: She's a Medium. (Professional Bullsh-tter)
The flow: Necromancy. (Almost)

The deetz:
Raised by a single mom. (Deceased)
Single. (Not looking.)
26 yrs old.
Servant to Pluto. (Black Cat)
Has no filter. (#Sorrynotsorry)
Upbeat. Friendly. Sarcastic. Self Sufficient.

You can forward my mail to the LA County Jail. It's where I live now. And if you're one of those weirdos that likes penpals, feel free to write this inmate.
That sounded weird.
Just kidding.
Don't send me sh-t.
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Last five threads posted in:
December-Rose 05/13/18 The woman smirked, "I am afraid that I have not consumed mortal food for centuries. My tastes are a bit more on the... exotic side so to say." Dark lashes came to rest on a porcelain cheek for a moment before silver orbs stared into her companions face. "I would be willing to spend time in the company of another person, but no pizza."
December-Rose 05/12/18 The beautiful face wrinkled as she tilted her head. She had never been one for social events or being social in general. She would occasionally befriend those that she could tolerate for longer than a few moments. An actual smile touched the demoness's face, white teeth flashing in a quick grin. "They were all to afraid to tease me." A real laugh bubbled past her lips and her silver gaze lightened to become almost glass like.
December-Rose 05/11/18 A laugh bubbled out of her chest and she allowed her head to fall back, the sound ringing out like so many church bells. "Oh, you poor dear. You have 'A' name, not 'The' name." The beautiful black flecks in her gaze danced like so many explosions against their moonlight canvas as she spoke, "I have had many names and I will have many more." She was very aware of the hobby that some kept, calling on demons, using their name to ask favors and questions... sometimes even binding them. Her gaze grew cold for a moment, "I hope you did not think that I would give you the name with which to summon me."
December-Rose 05/10/18 Moonlight eyes stared at the device in the other woman's hands. "My name is December-Rose, but December is fine." She sighed, she had one of the small devices that the woman was offering, but she rarely used it and often misplaced the blasted thing. Gentle fingers took it and slowly punched in the numbers before offering it back to her. She lifted her chin a bit, black flecks returning to her eyes as she gave a wicked grin. "Careful when calling on a demon dear."
December-Rose 05/09/18 Her frame jerked as she moved away. She flashed perfectly white teeth in a vicious grin as a soft growl ripped itself from her small frame. The demoness bristled with slight agitation at the thought of someone being so close to her. Her silver gaze swirled like an ocean, flecks of black stitching themselves into the glittering canvas as she stared at the woman. Her temper flashed hot like an ember from a fire. A wild look touched her face before she smoothed her features and drew a soft breath. "I do not tend to go many places. I am mostly a solitary being. I leave my home only to find food and to entertain myself for the night. I don't know of many people that would find what I do with my time very... enticing."
December-Rose 05/09/18 The small woman tilted her head, her ocean of chestnut waves falling over one shoulder. "I am originally from Paris,France but have spent a large amount of my life in Louisiana." Ethereal eyes stared at the stranger as her plump pout quirked into a smirk once more. "Ladies never tell their secrets." A dark amusement settled itself in the demoness's gaze and a soft laugh rumbled from her barely parted lips. Queen of Ice, Queen of Thorns, they were all names gifted upon her by those that had ventured too close to the elven like creature. "Monsters have the faces of angels. They are beautiful to behold."
December-Rose 05/09/18 One perfectly arched brow rose as she regarded the woman with a slight curiosity, amusement written deep in her eyes. "I am afraid that my age and lack of contact with anyone over the centuries makes me a bit, what is the word, anachronistic."
December-Rose 05/09/18 A stoic demoness stood quietly for a moment before noticing a face that she had never seen before. Silver orbs fixed themselves on the newcomer and lips turned up into a smirk. "Welcome to the Realm." Her accent spoke of a long ago south, an antebellum society ravaged with war. Her elven face gazed calmly at the newest member of the world and she flashed a toothy grin, "You must be careful of the monsters." With her words an almost manic laugh bubbled out of her chest.
Bree Ravencroft 05/09/18 Welcome
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