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Born: October 30, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 1)
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 133 (House only: 59)
Affiliation: The Fraternity Mail Replies Sent: 219
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 18
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09/16/21 at 2:39 pm
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021
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NeighborhoodDungeon Breaks
Created by River Song
NeighborhoodAddi's Tattoo's (open forum)
Created by Addilyn
RealmA Twist of Fate
Created by Laila
Wayne Rirnef 09/16/21 Bun venit meu? Ce inseamna asta?
Wayne Rirnef 09/16/21 Buna ziua?
Addilyn 09/16/21 You...
Beer and your wanted poster...
Sounds like the perfect date
Addilyn 09/16/21 *grabs coffee*
*sees wanted poster*
Well well well. Seems you have made Most Wanted. Congrats Weirdo.
Addilyn 09/15/21 *glares at*
Beer in fridge. None until you done with all your stuffs. And no sneaking in bed stinky!
*Ha, that will teach him*
Addilyn 09/15/21 *growls*
*steals food*
*plops in chair and eats*
Mine. Get your own
Addilyn 09/15/21 *sneaks beers into the fridge to chill*
*orders chinese food*
Santa Diabla 09/15/21 "No where you need to worry about. But your mom said hi. Give her a call will you! She got questions." Grins as he should know what that means. Wiggles fingers bye as she walks off then yells back "Love you Primo!"
Santa Diabla 09/15/21 Walks by and smacks in head "Por el amor de todo. Tell me you been behaving?" The answer he gives will give him a pass or a smack in the head.
Addilyn 09/15/21 *winks*
*blows kiss with a wave*
*runs off*
People to kill.
Things to do.
Mateo 09/15/21 *Is sort of a push over*
*Likes it from her*
*drinks coffee*
Addilyn 09/15/21 Er slow down? What is the meaning of this word? I have already gone 2 rounds heading on 3. Tsk tsk.
*shakes head*
*pokes tongue out*
Drink your coffee, weirdo. Then back to work.
Addilyn 09/15/21 *tracks down*
*hands over xl black coffee*
Coffee break. Then get back at it.
Adeena 09/14/21 So mean, now you have to throw a fancy party
Adeena 09/14/21 She gasps "where was my invite? I am dying to see Bas in a suit"
Addilyn 09/14/21 *On the top of the dresser was a box and a note. The note read, "Weirdo, I left you a gift. Feel free to open it. Don't worry, the money from your tattoo covered it. XOXO Shortstop*
*Inside the box he would find a ring*
Addilyn 09/14/21 *All things were fair in love and war. And she was just getting started. She had a lifetime to pull things over on him*
Addilyn 09/14/21 *She would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he had opened that drawer just to see his face but alas she had other things to do*
Addilyn 09/14/21 *sneaks in, places spiders in his drawers, runs back out to do things*
Adeena 09/13/21 You innocent? The world must be ending. Just kidding.
Adeena 09/13/21 Uh huh I am sure that isn't all you did.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Well you know what they say right? Drunk mens words are sober mens thoughts. *Rolls her shoulders as she finishes her coffee*
Adeena 09/13/21 You probably deserve it
Addilyn 09/13/21 Not me personally. Men like to talk when they are drunk and you get all the gossip you want in a bar!
Adeena 09/13/21 Stop being mean to her or I will flick you
Addilyn 09/13/21 Drinking also causes drooling. So does um wet dreams. Just saying.
Adeena 09/13/21 She popped by to tease him "M! where you at?"
Addilyn 09/13/21 You fell asleep in my chair and you also snore.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Hate to burst your bubble but they don't make enough sanitizer to wipe that image from someone's mind. I don't need to see drool and all. You are safe there.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Hate to burst your bubble but they don't make enough sanitizer to wipe that image from somekne's mind. I don't need to see drool and all. You are safe there.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Well no shit sherlock. Not like I can just barge in your door since I am not privy to where you live.
Addilyn 09/13/21 I may be little but I am mighty. *Not mighty at all. In fact was not even bark but who was paying attention* So don't turn into a crybaby when my bite is bigger than yours.
Addilyn 09/13/21 I'm a dog. We don't care what we bite looks like. It is an animal instinct after all.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Look like what? Something my dog drug in? *Reaches forward, almost fallung off the stool to tap his cheek* Think you need to sleep longer. It's not really working for you.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Yeah it will never get boring because you spend most of it getting beauty sleep
Addilyn 09/13/21 *snorts* Keep dreaming weirdo. Besides gotta keep you on your toes somehow
Addilyn 09/13/21 Keep it up and I will bite something. But I guarantee it won't be a damn ankle!
Addilyn 09/13/21 That is pushing your luck! You get 5 minutes of the nice me and not a minute longer!
Addilyn 09/13/21 That's a bummer. Maybe I should have gone deeper then. *She smirks lightly* But since you brought me coffee I will be nice for like 5 minutes
Addilyn 09/13/21 Shhhh! How's your ink? Still good? *Moves so she can sit on the stool*
Addilyn 09/13/21 *She takes a drink and smiles in pure bliss* Shut up! I have a long love affair with my coffee. Don't be jealous.
Addilyn 09/13/21 *opens the door reaching for the coffee* Mmmm my one true love
Addilyn 09/13/21 You wanna die? You never mess with an angry woman and her coffee.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Excuse. Excuses. You know they are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Your five minutes was up an hour ago and now the coffee is cold. What a waste of good coffee.
Addilyn 09/13/21 *After reading his text she put her phone back in her pocket and went downstairs to unlock the door*
Addilyn 09/13/21 Just remember, what comes around goes around.
Addilyn 09/13/21 It worked though didn't it? Besides you know you want to see my face anyway
Addilyn 09/13/21 Not cranky you ass. Sore and in need of coffee. But go ahead get your beauty sleep. I would hate to prevent that from happening.
Addilyn 09/13/21 Weirdo
If I wanted Uber I would have called them instead of texting you. So get your lazy bones to moving.
Addilyn 09/13/21 My Weirdo
You owe me a coffee. After 8 hours of an uncomfortable position to slap ink on your shoulders, coffee is the least you can do.
The Preacher 09/13/21 *snickers*

I always hold out!

*Pushes in closet, closes door and locks*

I'll be back shortly. See what you can find in there!

*dies laughing and walks off*
The Preacher 09/13/21 *laughs hysterically*

Kinky huh? Get your mind out of the gutter. If that were the case I'll break out the rope.

*Points to the closet.*

Or the business tie!
The Preacher 09/13/21 *Watches turn around and gasps*

Why did you do that to yourself?

*Grins and takes ointment. Instead of using ointment, he takes the tip of his finger with his fingernail and pushes it against the fresh ink, drags it down because he knows the flesh is still tender.*


*Dies laughing*
The Preacher 09/13/21 *Raises a brow and stares*

What are you talking about? Hard to reach places? I'm confused, what have you gone and done now?

*Just stares blankly*

Let me guess, its all your fault huh!
Adeena 09/12/21 She huffed softly and teased him "You are no fun M"
Adeena 09/12/21 She smiled excitedly "Yes! But you are carrying me. I don't want to walk."
Adeena 09/12/21 She groaned slightly bored "M, please tell me you have something planned for today. I am so bored."
Addilyn 09/12/21 My weirdo
Address attached. See you when you get here
Addilyn 09/12/21 See you in an hour to inflict some pain upon you
Addilyn 09/12/21 My Weirdo
I am just finishing arranging my shop. Give me about an hour and I will text you the location. Unless you have other plans?
Adeena 09/10/21 Awe, thanks M!
Adeena 09/10/21 Apparently, I didn't get lost or anything.
Merida Campbell 09/10/21 Her heart felt warmed that others had missed her. Merida could only push the words of her father back into the shadows, filing them away knowing that he was wrong on her new family. "I will try not to vanish. Just don't put a low jack or gps on me." She softly laughed while shaking her head "I do believe the married life looking great on you. I wanted to tell you and Levi that I wished the best for you both. He does have a special gift that I gave him to share with you."
Merida Campbell 09/10/21 Merida smiled feeling that she was truly missed "Thank you. Its good to be back."
Addilyn 09/06/21 *A small nod and she slowly began to follow him in the direction of the book store*
Addilyn 09/06/21 "I suppose that couldn't hurt. You never know the rare finds you may end up seeing."
Dominic Russell 09/05/21 Thanks man.
Addilyn 09/05/21 "Why don't you just surprise me?"
*She tilted her head and hid the giggle that threatened to escape*
Addilyn 09/05/21 "Who would have known? What would you suggest to see?"
Addilyn 09/05/21 *She wasn't exactly trying to look at him as if he was crazy or stalkerish, he was just genuinely the first person to approach her*
"Tour guide? You mean there is actually things to see?"
Addilyn 09/05/21 *head tilts slightly as she looks at the male.*
"Um... it is going okay so far."
Kayla Holloway 09/04/21 "May the odds be ever in your favor."
Kayla Holloway 09/04/21 *gives Mateo some sanitizer and sandpaper to get rid of the cooties*
Adeena 09/03/21 Thank you for the warm welcome
Sebastian Hernandez 09/02/21 Thanks! I be sure to keep that in mind.
Addilyn 09/01/21 "Thank you very much, Sir."
Nina Parrish 08/21/21 Nina smirks at Mateo. "Congrats on PoTD. Watch your hinder, Mateo. Gushy time!"
Fallon Parker 07/27/21 Thank you.
The Preacher 04/20/21 *Gets flushed in the face*
"Awww hubby I have never wondered to far."
*Pinches tushy*
Neva Guillory 02/25/21 Thank you very mich
Whitley Wyatt 02/18/21 That is totally Caleb's goat.
*shifty eyes*
The Preacher 02/16/21 *Pokes at the new boy toy*
The Preacher 02/14/21 *watches pinch and looks curiously*
*Pinches too!*
Nessa Oisin 02/14/21 *she didn't expect anyone to be roaming the Realm this evening. Turning like a naughty child that had been caught stealing a cookie she smiled brightly, holding out the iconic emblem of the day, still warm, crimson droplets falling through her fingers* "Happy Valentines?" *she offered awkwardly, she could find amother*
Nina Parrish 02/13/21 Congrats on the union!
The Preacher 02/13/21 *Strokes his hair and spoons him*
Sienna Parker 02/12/21 Thank you Sir.
Azreal 02/12/21 He nods and smiles " Thank you for the welcome!"
Elizabeth ORourke 02/11/21 Eliza looked at the guy who was prowling about the area. Her itchy finger slipped the safety guard on her gun holster. Her hand lifted the revolver that contained bullets and she fired a shot in the air. "Hey what are you up to?"
Caleb Guillory 02/05/21 Glancing towards Mateo he gave a nod before reaching out to shake. "Thanks. Caleb. Nice to meet you. I appreciate the offer."
Whitley Wyatt 01/19/21 Thank you!
Santa Diabla 01/19/21 Butthead
Fea is your father pendejo! I'm on my out what is going on? We will get food on the way to the airport.
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 Having finished talking to Laila she followed her inside the building picking up the paper along the way. Looking at the front page Santa grunted. Laila had told her there was someone that looked like a male of her. "Well this should be.."
Her phone chimes and the message was not a pretty one. Santa headed to the office to find his room. That wasn't hard as she spotted a blue familiar hoody walking the hall. Santa sped up her footing and snatched him by his backpack. "What in all the saints are you doing here!?! Your mother is going to kill me?!"
Nina Parrish 11/03/20 Welcome to The Fraternity!
Merida Campbell 11/02/20 Slipping her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket, Merida took a deep breath in then let it out slowly "Well, there is not many to choose from. The Fraternity is my home and the Preacher is a very respected man within the Realm. If you wish to join, I would suggest to seek him out." She smiled as she bowed her head slightly.
Merida Campbell 11/02/20 Her gaze dropped to his hand then back up to his face. She slipped her hand into his as she spoke "An honor and a pleasure, Mateo." She didn't realize her hand was still within his as she glanced around then looking back to him while speaking "Since your a bit new, I would suggest to find a sanctuary to join. It doesn't hurt to have friends to lean upon now days."
Nina Parrish 11/02/20 Welcome!
Merida Campbell 11/02/20 Amber colored hues glanced about as she sniffed the cool morning air. She spied a new face (to her at least new) and wondered if they needed any assistance. Quietly she approached with a sweet smile upon her lips "Please forgive the intrusion. I noticed that you seemed to be new around here. My name is Merida. Welcome to this place, all call the Realm. If you need any help or a friend to talk too, I'm that girl."
Rose the Hat 11/02/20 My wild Irish Rose,
The sweetest flow'r that grows,
You may search ev'rywhere,
But none can compare
With my wild Irish Rose.

Sweet, dulcet tones poured forth from ruby lips as the top-hatted femme boheme absently hummed to herself. A crooked smile spread over angelic features at the sight of a new arrival; a mischievous glint in those emerald eyes.

"Well, hi there." She drew closer, handing you a small bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers, "Welcome to the realm, stranger. You look new around here. This place can be dark and scary sometimes. If it gets too lonely or you need a guide, do seek me out. Either way, I will be keeping an eye out for you, and I do hope you shine"
Ori Yorogumo 10/31/20 “Welcome to the Realm, Traveler.” A brief smile crept up the corner of her mouth from behind her fan. “I am Ori. If you should need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.” She fluttered the sensu against her chest as she turned to glide away and paused, “Oh yes. This is a very strange place. Filled with many dangers and delights. I do hope to see you again, in good health.”
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