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Born: March 12, 2008 Forum Topics Started: 4
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 24
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Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 1374
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The true man wants two things : danger and play.
For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.
Friedrich Nietzsche

"You want a reason to hate me, Sugar? Taste of my lips and let me give you one."

Special Items:
 Dr Van Helsing's Party Favor
Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
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My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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Otter380 gave me a scary new quote this Halloween, 2011
Dracula the Snowman brought me some Holiday Cheer - Christmas 2011
Zeddicus Zorander fooled me again on April Fools 2012
Limited Edition DemonKnight Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
May Role Play of the Month Winner
Winter Bloodies 2013 - Best Witch
Summer Bloodies 2014 - Best Witch
Winter Bloodies 2014 ~ Most Missed Crew

Mona's Biography

It's a strange thing when you have to remind yourself that it's okay to smile.
And suddenly stranger still when you no longer need the reminder.

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The Thorned One
Black Lord

Damian Veron

Adrian Jaye Michaels

Aubry Kainen

Sue Wanda Prescott

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Adrian Jaye Michaels 05/05/15 Adrian gives Mona's gorgeous shoulder a gentle kiss. "Almost as delicious as your pic on the front page. Congrats Beautiful."
Adrian Jaye Michaels 01/25/15 Mona, Mona, beautiful lady. Here you are once again on the front page. Congrats on being there too.
Adrian Jaye Michaels 09/21/14 Congrats on your beautiful POTD. You look good on the front page.
Lenny Shultz 09/21/14 Congrats on making profile of the day.
lacigam 01/14/14 Very nice page its Sexy! as are you,and what kind of distractions please you lol just curious!
Michael Arch 10/02/13 The Immortal's thunderous orbs met those of a very familiar friend. A smile lit up his quite rarely clean shaven face. Michael would give his old friend a bow as his voice would soon boom around them.

"Well I do thank you very much, Mona. It means quite a lot to me. It seems now we are both achieving our goals. Soon I will see you matching, or actually surpassing, my own strength, quite soon."

Giving her an even furthermore widened smile, Michael would nod his head as he gave yet another bow before turning on his heel and returning to his new home, of which he was putting merely finishing touches on.
Michael Arch 06/02/13 With everything being so silent, it was as though the Archangel never walked the earth. He had crept himself into the background, silently watching those around him, alongside his wife. He heard things, and lately, they were getting quite the buzz. A smile had found it's way to his lips as he had been informed of a long time friend getting her way to the top, as Leader.

She had been wandering about, as he knew her to always be, and soon he was standing behind her, his large presence more than known now.

Soon, his voice was heard, a melody of a beautiful creation of God, though flawed with the experience of living upon this earth, which made it oh so very unique to be heard by anyone walking on this planet.

"My congratulations go out to the woman who most certainly deserves these golden robes of Leadership. So I say, Congratulations, Mona, on your long deserved accomplishment."
Katherine Murray 05/13/13 *feigns shock* NO PROOF!
Katherine Murray 05/13/13 *snorts* I was not the one that poured the coffee in the sink acuz the mug was still on the table. All you, sweetheart.
Katherine Murray 05/13/13 Aiii nawt allowed! Today would have been a thousand times worse if I had you want to stop breathing? I think not!
Katherine Murray 05/13/13 OH! I got a new more perfume. *grumbles*
Katherine Murray 05/13/13 WOOOOOOSAAAAAAAAA! *twitches*
Katherine Murray 05/13/13 Stoopid bowls. Captain Sparrow. Perfume flavored drink. And spilled coffee. We are not accomplishing anything. =.=
Katherine Murray 03/10/13 A jaunty hum played over an upturned smile, steps light, waves of gold bouncing lively; joyful for the first time in many moons her oceanic orbs shifted into glossy stygian; Katherine was famished and could smell blood in the water. Her dark witch had returned and madness reigned; and so the bell tolls.

Pallid digits twisted into the silken shadows that wrapped the vampires lithe form as the purr from twisted lips slipped easily into a husky sing-song voice; a hum no more.

"Someone is gonna die..."
Katherine Murray 03/24/12 *tackles and nahms* Congratulations, my pretty!!
Katherine Murray 01/12/12 *shifty eyes* I was playing hooky? *nods sagely*
Katherine Murray 01/12/12 *gets squished* "I missed you too, Mo. As for the length of time, well, a hole in the head tends to slow one down. That slayer had bad aim..."
Katherine Murray 01/12/12 *tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap*

Zarek 11/26/10 *I nod slightly my most charming smile playing along my lips* "It is a derivation of Belshazzar, the last king of Babylon, I don't know why but my father peopled it suited me." *I said simply, my eyes moving slightly seeing the your treses framing your face*
Zarek 11/24/10 *I take your hand in my own dipping my head in the gentlemanly fashion, placing a single kiss on the back of your hand* "I am called Zarek, but mostly simply call me Zar, you may refer to me in whatever fashion you like. It is a pleasure to meet you Mona."
Zarek 11/24/10 *I raised the brim of my hat up a little so that it no longer obscured the mismatched green brown eyes. My customary smile stretching my features perhaps quarter of a inch, my eyes lowering to meet you* "There is nothing to be sorry for, when a lady has her head in the clouds it only compliments the one she is thinking of."
Michael Arch 11/17/10 That sense of his distance between everyone had resurfaced much stronger now. Having heard her words, he took them into thought, thinking them over. And over. Until he finally found himself giving her a firm shake of his head.

"Sadly Mona, I feel no need to converse with anyone...Including old friends, despite the fact of my recent occurrences. I do deeply apologize..but I must be going now, thank you though..for the invitation."

Giving her a slight bow, the Immortal slowly turned in the direction he had originally been walking, and continued forth.

Of course what he had said was a complete lie. He had nowhere to go. Nowhere to be needed. He simply just walked. After having come to the full conclusion of his life, he knew that was all he had ever really done in the world.

Michael Arch 11/16/10 The emptiness he felt revealed itself within his eyes as he peered into Mona's infamous emerald ones. Rarely did he ever reveal what he was, but lately, the care for his own upkeep had slowly faded. He, over the span of the last few weeks, had become distant from everyone. He talked rarely and if so, it was with people he knew on a very good basis.

The feeling of her soft hand upon his rugged face washed over him as a twenty story high wave would crash down upon him. His Thunderous orbs closed slowly and he remained silent for a very long moment. Days had gone by as a few seconds would go by for a mortal or any other. His thoughts, if any ever found themselves within his blank mind, were that of what had occurred to him. The one thing he had spoken to no one about.

Finally though, The Immortal spoke as he placed his larger hand upon hers which was held upon his face.

"I am afraid, young Mona, that there is nothing you can do."

His stare into her eyes was one of distance from all mankind, a strange new stare that had never before been seen within the Prince of Light.

"Really...there is nothing anyone can do."
Michael Arch 11/16/10 The Immortal must have been sitting on the side of the building for days on end now. Time was of no importance to him any longer. Neither was caring for himself, eating though he did not require it, nor cleaning himself up. His clothes, a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, were dirtied and slightly torn at random spots. His hair, though, was just as it had always been, to his shoulders, the sandy blond tint seen within the light, and his facial hair had grown to a little bit thicker than five o'clock shadow. His Thunderous Blue orbs, once filled with a sense of guidance..a sense of Light, were darkened....

Finding that he would need to move sooner rather than later, the Arch slowly rose to his feet and turned, slowly making his way down the sidewalk, slightly busied by the people who had places to be in the world, their shoulders would run into his, only to affect them and have them stumble a bit, yet still be on their ways. His bare feet would thud upon the concrete sidewalk as he made his way down it.

Having had his thoughts eat away at any possible thoughts, he just merely walked with a blank mind.

This walk, though, was interrupted as he heard the voice of someone he had not seen nor spoken to in quite some time. Thunderous orbs looked down to the source as he slowed to a stop and gave a nod to her question.

"But of course I have time Mona...though it seems that is all I have. Anyway, it has been quite some time since I have seen you, how do you fare?"

His eyebrow arched in curiosity as he kept eye contact with her, trying his best to appear a bit better than he was, though so far he was failing miserably at it.
Mackenzie 12/14/09
Livia Vlcek 09/14/09 A playful, half cocked smile touched scarred lips as Livia glanced to the ring that adorned Miss Mona's finger. Married? Why hadn't she been invited to the wedding? She was a slayer...but a relatively indifferent one at that. As her weight shifted from left to right, the slayer's left hand slipped into her jacket pocket and remained.

"I'm hurt didn't invite me?" A soft giggle escaped her as bright eyes found the soft green pools of the witch. They had known one another for quite a long time, longer than Livia had known most. Mona had always been kind to others, Livia especially. Maybe the witch saw that the slayer needed it at the time or maybe that was just her demeanor. More than likely the latter but Mona's kindness had not been forgotten. It seemed lifetime's ago they had met. Strange... "Afraid I would become the buffet?"

With a cant of her head, the thought passed and Livia's attention was now back to the present, to the woman that stood before her. An invite to New Orleans? Hmm... She hadn't visited the Big Easy in quite awhile, maybe another visit was in order. Soul food was one of her favorites and the sprawling mansions with the large manicured lawns were joyful to look at or pass out on...

"Miss Mona...have I ever minded your company? As long as I am not the main course, I think I can handle the company of a vampire...Hell...Half the time I don't know they are vampires until its too late..." Slender fingers played at the gorget about her neck, a quiet reminder to be mindful of the creatures of the night. She had forgotten once that vampires roamed the streets and that not all were kind. Especially the one she had kept company with for a short walk. Maybe that was why the slayer always kept Lycan's close. "I have some business to attend in London for the time being, but, I think after the weekend passes I'll head to New Orleans...How is the weather?"

Please don't say humid...please...
Livia Vlcek 09/13/09 The slayer bites her lower lip as she contemplates Mona question of well being. Was she ever truly sane and doing well? Of course not, but she was happy as of late, her extended vacation doing much to brighten her outlook on life. She has even made a few new friends and is quietly ecstatic of another's return. With a nod of her head, Livia bends to return the hug to the petite woman.
"Things are looking up so...things aren't too bad Miss Mona. And you? Have you been well? Any exciting news from your side?"

Anxiously she awaits to hear any news Mona may have. It has been quite a long while since the slayer has seen the joyful witch and her curly, fiery locks. Not since...New Orleans? Livia attempts to remember their last meeting. Had it really been that long?
"Miss the Cafe du Monde still around? I'm kinda in the mood for coffee with chickory and beignets now...and its all YOUR fault."
Livia Vlcek 09/13/09 Livia gasps quietly as hands find their way to cover her pale blue-green orbs. While most rely on sight to recognize people, places and things, the slayer does not. She has learned from her past that not all that is seen is truth and that much can be learned or 'seen' without the use of ones eyes. Years of living in a dark cell will do that to a being. With a wicked smile upon scarred lips, Livia processes the voice of her attacker. The deep southern drawl, the honied voice, could only mean one person.
"Easter bunny is that you?"

Mona...Mona...Mona...what ever am I to do with you...
Michael Arch 08/18/09 "It is never too much Mona. I am returning from Mexico City."

The changes that had occurred resulted in the man before her to become the Arch Angel he had been eager to become once again. Now his mere presence brought a calm and soothing feeling to anyone who happened to be around him.

Though at times this would be difficult if he was trying to be serious with a person, but for now he enjoyed this sense of calmness to everyone that approached him or was around him.
Michael Arch 08/18/09 With a shake of his head his smile returned.

"No need to worry Mona. I was just returning from a long journey. You are the first person I have seen since my return. And to be more truthful I am glad it is you."

Michael did speak the truth. His mood had always changed when she was around. She was a very kind woman to him. He always loved the thought of having her around. She had become a greatly known and well trusted friend in his eyes.
Michael Arch 08/18/09 A kind hearted laugh was heard passing through his lips as he gave a nod of his head. With his other hand he tipped his cowboy hat to her and set the travel bag he had been carrying onto the cold pavement. His eyes stayed with hers as he slipped his hand from hers. That hand was then slipped into the pocket of his jeans.

"I am surprised you recognize me Mona. It has been quite a long time since our last encounter. I must say I miss the days when we had our daily conversations. They were interesting."

It was true. The woman before him knew more than most about his old self. His old ways. Even after all that has changed whenever he happened to run into her he always felt like the days of old were returned to him.
Michael Arch 08/18/09 The dirtied up Man walked the streets of a town as he tried contemplating on whether or not to return to his home. As he thought of this his right shoulder made contact with a woman. His black duffel bag fell to the paved sidewalk yet nothing bad escaped the large man's lips. Instead his thunder blue eyes met the all too familiar green eyes of the woman he had known for quite a while. He lifted up the bag and slung it back over his shoulder and offered her his rough and large hand to help her up. His angelic voice then was heard escaping from his lips.

"I am so sorry Mona. I did not mean to do that."
Michael Arch 07/22/09 Congratulations on Profile of the Day Mona. You deserve it.
Edward Brollachan 12/26/08 Well done, lass! Meal a naidheachd! Alba gu brath!
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