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 I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
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RealmA Twist of Fate
Created by Laila
Ori Yorogumo 11/05/20 “Welcome to the Realm, Traveler.” A brief smile crept up the corner of her mouth from behind her fan. “I am Ori. If you should need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.” She fluttered the sensu against her chest as she turned to glide away and paused, “Oh yes. This is a very strange place. Filled with many dangers and delights. I do hope to see you again, in good health.”
Laila 11/04/20 She peeks at his phone and then glares at him. Reaching upward she grabs his ear. "Why the hell do you need to go there? You know what never mind. I will get my answer another way." She begins to drag Mathias by the ear as she pulls her cell out and starts to dial a number. "Yo, chica. So I have this dude by the ear at the moment says he needs to find the sanctuary. I'm bringing him but need to know where to drag him to."
Laila 11/04/20 An irritated roll of her eyes and she spun around. No warning, no words, just a silent left hook to the bridge of the nose. A satisfied smile crossed her lips when she heard it crunch. "Maybe that will teach you to respect females, you prick."
Laila 11/04/20 She had spent the day down in the cells and wanted nothing more than to return to the sanctuary. She wanted a shower, clean clothes, and time in the forest behind the sanctuary to let her wings free. Pushing the large door open she quickly exits from the cop shop and races down the steps.
Mateo 11/04/20 Mathias
"Don't mess with the roja! She is friends with the Loca and if you don't want to die.. ya tu sabes. Besides I like the roja Bro!"
Mateo 11/04/20 Mathias
"Yeah the look on her face is priceless. Wait! How you know which redhead I was talking about? But yeah mom blowing us all up. Were you at? Going to share location with you. Not sure if you can get in privet and all."
Mateo 11/04/20 Mathias
Bro I found my prima man.. She want to kill me and shyte! But no la roja was good peeps. Funny I ran into another one.
Elizabeth Hawkins 11/04/20 Welcome to the Realm!
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