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See, the thing about real magic is it's a whole lot like crack.
People do surprising things once they get a taste of it.
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December-Rose 07/16/18 Her features smoothed into their usual state of indifference and she barked out a short laugh, her silver gaze seeming to grow bored. Her attention span had never lasted too long on things that did not involve immediate suffering and she mindlessly plucked a piece of lint from the hem of her simple black top. One eyebrow rose as she regarded him before the ghost of a smile touched her face for only a second. "Perhaps the spider does not want you for a meal."
Autumn Summers 07/15/18 Ah, but I didn't say family, did I? I said loved ones.
*offers a sharp smile*
Forthcoming is good, and the truth is difficult to find. I could start a philosophical conversation on 'the truth' but maybe we'll save that for next time. I don't want to keep you too long. Well met, Aleister.
*tips her head slightly*
Something tells me you can find me if you want to. Farewell.
Autumn Summers 07/13/18 She is one of the few things that does these days. *quirks an odd smile*
Cross lines and sacrifices... I'll consider myself warned. As long as it doesn't involve me or my loved ones, it will probably be fine. Thank you for your willingness.
December-Rose 07/13/18 She had gone by many names over the centuries, though she had settled for the one given to her at birth. The word meant nothing more to her except something to offer people in their simple pleasantries and something that connected her to the world she had left behind all those years ago. Swirling silver orbs seemed to come alive as she regarded him, silver and blue swirling together in ever ebbing waves. "Power will buy you many things in this carefully constructed web. Beauty will buy you just as many, though facial beauty fades with the passage of time." Curiosity dwelled deep in her swirling pools as she looked at this stranger, tilting her head this way and that as she shifted her weight from one side to the other, simple habits picked up from watching humans... it did help her pass as mostly human.
Pandora 07/12/18 She eyed the man curiously as he flashed the fake smile. When he continued on to the meaning of her name... She couldn't help but smirk. She looked up at him with her gray eyes. When their gaze met her eyes turned a brilliant bright blue, and the tips of her red hair began to burn like fire. She couldn't help but laugh as she spoke. "Al, you have no idea!" After a few moments her hair turned back to normal, and her eyes kept the bright blue hues. "It's a pleasure to meet you Al. If you ever need any assistance, I work at the hospital down the street. Stop by any time!"
Autumn Summers 07/12/18 You make an enticing offer. Although I can't imagine a need for such things... which is not a reflection on you at all. Me and Maddie-
*smiles a bit-
She's my cat, have everything we need. That being said, would you be adverse to letting me see what you do for educational purposes? I will pay you for your time, of course.
Pandora 07/12/18 She had gotten off her shift working at the hospital for the day. Despite her having magic powers she had a deep love for science. She loved learning how everything was connected. Starting all of the way from atoms, and elements. Then going all the way up to the universe and all of f the people in it.

So whenever someone new came to the realm. She knew! She could feel their presence, and her curiosity made her instantly want to meet them. She kept her eyes open in case she came across them. When she finally found a face she didnt recognize she walked up to them and smiled softly. Sir? She asked softly before continuing on. Im sorry to bug you, but I dont think weve met yet. Im Pandora! Are you new here to the realm?
December-Rose 07/11/18 An elven face painted itself with amusement as she regarded the curious man. Beautiful eyes blinked slowly as she gazed quietly before speaking once more, "Perhaps the most dangerous among us are the ones who are beautiful all the way through?" A single brow arched as she smirked once more, "Or perhaps not. But once one has a taste of true power it is quite hard to give it up. It's a hunger, a need." She tiled her head, waves of chestnut hair cascading over her shoulder as her small frame stood before this stranger. "I am December."
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 Base of operations, sure, but that doesn't mean you can't be a vendor as well. It doesn't suit everyone, however.
*bounces a brow*
*looks curious*
Things, or people? Admittedly, your line of work as it were, is not unfamiliar to me. Though your niche sounds different than what I'm more used to dealing with. I won't lie, you've piqued my curiosity.
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 Insightful, too. Color me impressed.
*gives the extended hand a firm shake*
Aleister it is. More flare and that seems to suit you better than 'Al', in my humble opinion. Pleasure to meet you.
*accepts the card*
*tucks it into a back pocket*
Thank you. I can't readily think of any need for charms or hexes but no doubt something will come up eventually. Do you have a storefront, or by demand only?
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 Shame more people don't share your outlook.
*smiles slightly*
I'm Autumn, by the way. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm not difficult to find.
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 *actually snorts*
*can't help it*
You're a cheerful sort. Not much of that around here. What a delightful breath of fresh air.
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 *laughs*
One of those, hmm? I'm assuming you don't mean spirit fingers or jazz hands...
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 I hope its luck magic is strong. You're going to need it.
Camille 07/11/18 I do my best. Sometimes. Even if it means being the best at being the worst.
December-Rose 07/11/18 Silver orbs stared at the face of a newcomer and she smirked as stepped closer, "Welcome to the Realm," the thick southern accent dripped like honey from her words, hanging in the air for a moment, "Careful where you wander around here, the monsters are ever so beautiful." The corners of her large eyes wrinkled as if smiling and her plump pout merely twitched with the slightest amusement.
Camille 07/11/18 I see a 'welcome' is in order. So there it is, I guess... Welcome, or whatever. Don't get killed and stuff.
*waves a hand*
*looks around suspiciously*
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 I would say welcome but I'll bet you've gotten quite enough of that, so instead I'll say... good luck.
Jameson Orlav 07/10/18 *squints*
.. Whats the average preference? What is it, anyway? Is it roofies? I feel like its roofies.
Devin Landry 07/10/18 -contemplates-
Unfortunately, for myself, I feel I may just walk away from you empty handed. Knowledge? I'm sure there is nothing that I know that you don't already. Power? When you get any extra - share. Sharing is caring. Secrets? That's fair but I'm currently attempting to figure them out. So, you see. I have nothing you desire.
Devin Landry 07/10/18 -smirks-
I only meant someone like you. A man.
How can I make an offer when I don't know what you like?
Devin Landry 07/10/18 -looks over-
-narrows gaze-
What would someone like you want?
Devin Landry 07/10/18 -brows perk up-
Your confidence is somewhat alarming. You must know something that I don't.
Do you share secrets?
Jameson Orlav 07/10/18 Cool completely before serving, or is this cold-pressed?
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Impressive. But... with those eyes, I doubt I'll be disappointed.
-Plucks card gingerly, pockets-
Talk soon, Blue.
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Just... just allow me to check real fast...
-Pulls out phone, does a thing-
So, we are talking stag. That means more of that.
-Presses lips together, looks over, studies-
Ten grand. But I expect some Bowie f-cking magic.
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Right price? What's the right price?
Devin Landry 07/10/18 No problem. Enjoy your time here. Who knows how long it'll last?
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Hi. Yea. Listen. Do you do ladies stag parties?
Devin Landry 07/10/18 Welcome.
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