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Lucifer Morning Star

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Raven Dragoon 11/28/17 *Sets up a summoning circle and speaks* Luci if you don't get you daisy eatting arse back here...
Athena Maximus 11/07/17 She smiled softly staring at the basket in front of her. It had a ton of goodies inside and she couldn't wait for him to see it. Inside was an amazing bottle of Italian wine, a treat for fluffy, a king sized furry blanket, chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, and a few deep red roses from her garden. She gently took the basket and placed it inside a rather large box. She sealed it shut and attached a note to the top. "Dear Luci, We are supposedly having a blizzard come through. Stay inside, and be safe. Love, Athena," She pulled a lighter out of her pocket and lit the box on fire. It burst into flames and disappeared before her eyes only to appear in Luci's living room waiting for him to open.
Seraphina Morning Star 11/02/17 Blue hues fall upon him. "My eyes can not believe what I am seeing." *Her head shakes* "I heard you to had entered here but did not believe it." *Her voice condescending of some sort to say the least*
Gabriel De Angelo 10/13/17 -Gabriel- eyebrow arched slightly and he gave Lucifer a sadronic look. He almost laughed at Satan and he smirked deviously. "You hoisted your own pertard, Lucy. Still have a case of delusional dreams of grandoise porporitions. Those walking blood bags have one choice, Lucy and it isn't you.: -Gabriel- fired back hotly and Lucifer 's wicked tongue had irritated hm beyond measure. He bit down another remark he had thought of saying

Lucifer chucked at his rising ire and -Gabriel- stood silent as he took Lucifer's parting potshots. He watched as Lucifer turned to leave then devil turned his azure blues over his shoulders and hissed demonically at -Gabriel- "Be warned, Lucifer and be prepared to fall again. The humans here are under The Father's protection and mine as well. I 'd rather kiss The Father's arse and Michael's included period. As for your arse Lucy It and your own arse-kissers will be driven back into the abbyss."
Gabriel De Angelo 10/12/17 -Gabriel's- steely grey hues narrowed as Lucifer's azure eyes almost sparkled as he was getting under ex brother's skin. He would be watching this mouthy devil with his gilded tongue. Gabriel was an Archangel and he was in this Realm to carry out His Father's justice and to join his brother Archangel. How to get under the Fallen Angel's skin was a task he hardly relished and it was a waste of his time.

"Tormenting my brother Michael isn't a good idea." -Gabriel's- facial features hardened considerablely . He knew Lucifer very well and Lucifer was the first royal pain in the arse Angel. The Father has created and the first big head who thought He was the next Head of Heaven. He found out different when -Gabriel- helped engineer his downfall. He wanted Lucifer's first spot. He had caused Michael's downfall and banishment from Heaven.

"I know which Arch will win. The Father works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Be advised soon the stage will be set and if any of 'your' hellraisers are about. They will be running back to Hell. -Gabriel-'s eyes became a virbant blue as he smiled deviously at_Lucifer_. "Stay away from Michael and those he protects that is your last warning. I am Gabriel and I will help to send your arse back where you belong. " -Gabriel- would have nothing to do with _Lucifer_ and he had aligned himself with Michael and his people. "Remember your little Season is a short time, Lucy."
Athena Maximus 10/10/17 She laughed when he talked about his age, "You said it. Not me!" Before listening to him talking about his roar. She giggled softly, "Well Mr. Morning Star, whenever you are ready to roar let me know." She smirked before continuing. "Ill let you join my pack as our mascot. You'll get a lot of practice roaring then." She teased.
Gabriel De Angelo 10/10/17 -Gabriel's stormy grey hues smouldered to a gunmetal grey as the Azures blues met his gaze. The light evil chuckle hardly phased him. He knew the need to tread lightly and he had no fear of Lucifer. He knew full well that brothers over threw brothers and even their own Angelic brothers. "Business as well." He gritted his teeth and said no more. His business was his own and keeping an eye on Lucifer was not his idea of fun. ~I will be watching you and watching my own back as well.~ -Gabriel- thought to himself it just wasn't his day and being followed by Lucifer into this place boded no good for him. Where he had trodden trouble would surely follow
Gabriel De Angelo 10/10/17 -Gabriel- smirked as his stormy grey eyes alighted upon the person who had followed him into the Realm. "Get your arse tossed out of hell? Or are you here on vacation for your health?"
Marah Boru 10/10/17 + Looking at him she smiled taking the cig from him she took a drag then handing it back as she exhaled.+

" I will be waiting Luci.."
Marah Boru 10/10/17 + Marah smiles slightly with a tint of evil in her eyes+

" Please do the realm needs more like you. And if you should need any help.."

+ Marah looks at him her smile increases+
Evaine Sterling 10/10/17 "Hello again! I have present for you." Evaine smirked slightly and handed Lucifer a dozen red roses. "Happy chomping! Eau de sulphur with a splash of brimestone?"
Nikoleta de Bordeaux 10/10/17 "I caution you against bedding these females. You don't know where they've been." Nikki shrugs slender shoulders. "Or maybe you do."

Her head tilts to the right side. The question is curious. "You have or have not done anything. I was out for a stroll and decided to stop for a chat. I have no designs on you." Nothing but the truth.

She chuckles once. "If you're unaware, motels are equipped with showers. They are as numerous as easy females."
Nikoleta de Bordeaux 10/10/17 "I am not surprised. Congratulations on surviving it. Some run for their lives." The females in this place are less than subtle, she's noticed. No wonder humans are so prolific.

He mentions the sulfur and she scoffs. "Sulfur. Oui. You should consider a remedy for that. Rotten eggs isn't very appealing." She is being extremely unflattering and knows it, and wonders how he'll react. A sweet smile finishes her taunt.
Nikoleta de Bordeaux 10/10/17 Luscious lips press together. Blue eyes appear entertained. She folds her arms below her chest and shifts her weight onto one foot.

"You mean other than the half dozen perfumes in the air around you? How many women assaulted you?" Her nose wrinkles. "You'd fit right in in the red light district." The French accent is thick but doesn't obscure her words.
Athena Maximus 10/10/17 She smiled softly at him mentioning he was just a whisper. She doubted that. “A whisper? If anything you’re a roar.” She watched as he bowed to her and she looked at him surprised. “Lucifer? But you look so old.” She teased and followed with a wink. It took her a few moments to run through the mile long list of other names he had. Interesting. She tried to remember if she had met him before. After being banished from heaven and losing her wings her memory was erased. Finally pushing all of those thoughts aside she bowed back to him. “I’m Athena,” she smiled brightly at him as she stood up normal. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She gently reached into her pocket and pulled out one of her business cards for her apartments. “If you need any help or need a place to stay. Let me know, I’ll be glad to help.”
Nikoleta de Bordeaux 10/10/17 Nikki appears behind the man and gives him a good once over. She can be a nosy creature, among other things. Curiosity often gets the best of her.

She inhales deeply. "Don't you smell... divine?"
Athena Maximus 10/10/17 She curiously walked up to the newcomer. She wore her dark navy blue jeans, her bright red tank top, and her leather jacket. She gently crossed her arms as she looked him up and down. “You must be the new person everyone is talking about.” She eyed him curiously before continuing on with a smirk. “What’s so special about you?” As she tilted her head to the side slightly and looked at him with her bright blue eyes.
Marah Boru 10/09/17 +Marah hands him a rose with a devilish smile+

" Welcome to the realm Lucifer I hope your stay is a long one. Please feel free to call on me anytime for help.I am always here."
EtaineNightBreed 10/09/17 "Of course not. Enough devils, demons or whatever you seem to have lost or let escape has but a little season. I imagine you are trying to get them back in line. Enjoy the Realm and raising some Hell while you are at it!"
EtaineNightBreed 10/09/17 "Who invited you here? But I suppose you are expanding your territory. Good luck and I know you will survive."
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 At least the man had some semblance of manners, though it was entirely possible the words were more mocking than genuine. Oh well. At least he made an attempt. That was more than Autumn could say for half the people around.

"My pleasure. Should you have any questions, I'm not too difficult to spot." Note the flaming red hair. "Until then... good luck."
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Welcome to the realm.
Christine Nightshade 10/09/17 Welcome to the realm
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