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I've been through heaven, can't wait for hell.
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02/19/18 at 6:12 pm
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Dovima Bastet

That Girl

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Contests2017 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
Theodora Hawthorne 02/18/18 Sometimes social media made satisfying her cannibalistic qualities a little too easy. Tinder, for example, allowed her to actually be picky. She had an abundance of matches, most of them unfortunate try-hard Chads, but tonight there was an interesting one. Nicole Rhodes. Theo occasionally got a female match on Tinder, but they didnít often stir her appetite. This one, though.

A self-satisfied smirk, and she swiped right.
Dovima Bastet 02/11/18 Vector?! I'm insulted! If anything, I'm Lucy.
Siblings are great. I have an older sister and a younger brother. One niece and one unknown on the way. How many siblings to you have?
Dovima Bastet 02/11/18 Getting warmer...
*winks, giving the hand a shake*
Nice to meet you, too. I'm Vee. No association to the mastermind V from the movie V for Vendetta, although I do like the movie.
Dovima Bastet 02/07/18 *grins*
"Sriracha? Oh-ho no, my dear. That's Little Leagues. I'm talking Thai spicy. There's where it's at. So, what's your name?"
*holds her hand out*
"I'm Vee."
Dovima Bastet 02/07/18 *shrugs but smiles*
"Depends. Some addictions are worse than others. Everyone has their vices. My top two are spicy foods and alcohol. Almost positive the spice will kill me before the alcohol does."
Dovima Bastet 02/07/18 "Only decent? I was trying for above average. Damn. Love to help you but I don't smoke. Would share if I did, though."
Spring Taylor 01/11/18
Do I look like a f*cking ciggie dispensary? Blimey f*ck off.
Mackenzie 01/11/18 Staring at the young woman, Mackenzie lets out a little breath of disdain. The fact of the matter, dear reader, is this. "Everywhere. Literally everywhere. Everyone here is constantly ossified. Drunk out of their minds."
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