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Born: April 26, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 1
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05/29/20 at 10:43 pm
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LondonThe Prodigal Son Returns
Created by Dante Kaspar
LondonChannels-Night Club
Created by Davina Kaspar
Created by Davina Kaspar
Davina Kaspar 05/03/20 "Hey big brother nice to see you on a poster. But what did you do and why did you leave us out?"
Donte Kaspar 05/03/20 He held the poster up beside his brother glancing between it and him. "Poster looks better than you Dannie boy, so whatcha do this time?"
Alyssa St Patrick 05/03/20 "Babe seriously what did you do this time to get attention?" Asking him while I press a kiss to his lips. "Everyone is just looking at the most wanted list of the realms today."
Marah Whitmoore 04/27/20 Welcome to the realm hope your stay with us is long. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Skylar Justicano 04/27/20 " Hello my name is Skylar. On behalf of Enternal Embrace, I would like to give you greetings on your arrival to the realm if you should need anything please let me know."
Briahne Christiann 04/27/20 Quite the Family you have there. Welcome welcome, if there's anything you need help with, reach out. Someone is around somewhere to get you that help. Enjoy.
Chiara Maxx 04/27/20


Davina Kaspar 04/27/20 At the mention of Mom she nodded. "Yeah but she isn't here anymore.." Donnie didn't pay to much attention when she had been gone. They had all let her be. "I know I shouldn't be out here but what else was I supposed to do? Just stay in that house without you there? School was horrible but I made sure to stick with it. I didn't want to disappoint anyone."
Davina Kaspar 04/27/20 "It got on their nerves. But im good at that." She knew he would ask that and with him being her favorite brother she wouldn't lie to him. "Having a little fun and causing trouble." She had started it after he had left. "I figured if I did it maybe Dad would send me away. But I never got caught."
Davina Kaspar 04/27/20 Nodding she already knew what had been said. "I was listening during that conversation. I was supposed to be in bed but I heard everything." Wrapping her arms around him she gave a tight hug. "I missed you like crazy the whole time. It used to be every other word out of my mouth was your name."
Davina Kaspar 04/27/20 He had been the first to call her that name. It had always been his nickname for her. "Yeah In the flesh." Hurt clouded her eyes. "No phone calls, no letters. Nothing to tell me you were coming home." There hadn't really been any contact from him since he had left.
Davina Kaspar 04/27/20 "Well it all depends on the days if i get bullied or not."Pulling out the card she took her own sweet time handing it over. Looking at the name she frowned. It couldn't be. Her brother hadn't been home for a long time. "Dante is my brothers name.." Handing it back over to him she actually took time to look. "It can't be! I knew you looked a bit like Donte but.."
Davina Kaspar 04/26/20 Most days the streets didn't bother her. When the man came back it was a little startling. Hearing him speak she put her phone away. "You know I have had worst threats from most of these connards (assholes) that pass by." The threat didn't bother her at all. Though the tone in his voice did. While they spoke her fingers played with the wallet in her pocket it was the same one her phone was in. Pulling out what she thought to be his identification card. Setting that to the side she pulled out his wallet. "Well here.."
Davina Kaspar 04/26/20 A man walked past her and she barely looked up from the phone quickly reaching into his back pocket. Pulling out a wallet and just as fast she put it into her own pocket and kept texting.
Mirko Angelov 04/26/20 Welcome.
Davina Kaspar 04/26/20 Leaning against the wall she pulled out her phone while texting one of the new friends she had made. Looking around she waited for him to pass by.
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