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Born: January 17, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 104
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 475
Home City: London Mail Sent: 9
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09/16/19 at 12:13 pm
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 I Encountered the Red Death 2019
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Anakin Drake

Xander Kuma


Last five threads posted in:
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LondonKuroda Shipping
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MoscowSirens Bay
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NeighborhoodAnakins Cafe
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LillyEmperium 08/30/19 Congrats on pod
WildKat 08/30/19 Congrats on PotD!
Lesprit 07/12/19 I slipped up behind him with a wide grin and slid my arms around his waist.

"Someone's been naughty enough to alert the authorities. I can't wait to hear what you did. Congratulations on PotD, my love." Pressing a kiss to his cheek I went back to work.
LillyEmperium 07/12/19 Congrats on POD
WildKat 07/12/19 Congrats on PotD!
Lesprit 04/16/19 I nodded with a sigh of relief. If he got sick to I didn't know what I would do. "I'm sure that we're close. I'll be good as new soon enough. Alice is still bugging me about watching us train. You know how she gets." I put a hand against my head as another wave of dizziness hit me.
Lesprit 04/16/19 I smiled gratefully, a mask covering my nose and mouth and a fever patch on my forehead. "We are making progress, but you really shouldn't be here my love. If I infected you I would never forgive myself. You know that."
Anyssa 01/17/19 ~Nessa walks up to the newcomer with a bright toothy smile extending her hand.~" Hello my name is Nessa and welcome to the realm. If you have any questions or need anything please by all mean look for me. I am here to help those who are new."
Zoey 01/17/19 Hello there and welcome to the Realm. I am Zoey, and one of the mods here. I am here to help with any needs you may have, particularly with writing. If you need any help at all, feel free to mail the Admins from the drop down menu, and one of us with get back to you shortly. Enjoy your time here in the Realm, and most importantly, Have Fun!!
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