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"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal."
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I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
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Vexa's Biography

October 13, 2001
A child is born beneath a waning crescent moon as the prophecy foretold. Within minutes of the birth, a spirit is assigned to the child as is custom for the females of the tribe. It is a symbiotic relationship between the two; they will nurture one another, protect one another until the physical body ceases to exist.

Sacrifices must be made to the demon, of course, but not without reward. Knowledge is gained through the consumption of the flesh. Strength and agility of the physical body becomes unlimited. Which is of the utmost importance since the child will be trained in the dextrous arts of the assassin. She will learn to co-exist with the spirit within until the duality move as one.

"And you will be brought low; from the earth you shall speak,
and from the dust your speech will be bowed down;
your voice shall come from the ground like the voice of a ghost,
and from the dust your speech shall whisper." Isaiah 29:4

A curse. A blessing. She is mute. As are all the women of the tribe. For the deal that was wrought with the Demons was tempered by the Holy. It suits all involved just fine.. for the most part. The Demons live on. The tribe survives. No others are tempted by their presence. It keeps the balance.

A balance Vexa intends to collect.

The past must be paid for.

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Gabe Marlowe

Katherine Murray

Cassandra Malinov


Draven Justicano

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The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2019~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
Gabe Marlowe 09/02/20 *lightly runs a finger down the side of her face*
Ravenous, hm?
*cups her face with both hands*
I'm so glad I met you.
*brushes his lips against hers softly before kissing her deeply*
Gabe Marlowe 08/30/20 Mmm
*returns her kiss*
All three?
*was really, really hungry*
Gabe Marlowe 08/30/20 I am starving. Moving bodies is such a work out. *laughs*
Gabe Marlowe 08/30/20 *grins and kisses her neck* Thank you.
*squeezes her a little tighter*
What kind of hungry? I brought home some fresh bodies. But I can order take out and put them on ice.
Gabe Marlowe 08/30/20 *comes up from behind and wraps his arms around her middle* I've made some massive judgment errors, Vex. This place has people more fucked up than me.
*nuzzles her neck* Remind me to stick to tourists
Cassandra Malinov 03/18/20 Cassie brings Vexa a basket of goodies and of course a bar saw for escaping if she got caught. With a snicker she walked up then handed her the basket then started to speak.

"Here you go my darling you have cookies I made myself, a bottle of Jack for if you drink of course, and got you a bar saw if you get caught. I do not know what you did to make it on the billboards of most wanted but I am pretty damn proud."
Draven Justicano 01/13/20 ~Draven thought he would stop by and say hi to his friend. He just has been so busy as of late. But he wanted to see how she was doing. As he walked up he tapped her shoulder gently then smiled.~ "Hello V how are you doing?"
Gabe Marlowe 12/16/19 Gabriel laughs, "Of course. Though, don't get mad at me if I suggest something very revealing. I think you'd look fantastic with a plunging neckline." He grins and lightly draws an invisible line from her throat down to her belly button. It would be just a suggestion though. He'd never ask her to wear something she was uncomfortable in.

He offers her his arm, "Let's go shopping."
Gabe Marlowe 12/15/19 Seeing her smile let him breathe a sigh of relief. He was a little worried, but shouldn't have been. "Hmm. It did say something about 'fancy dress' I think. We should ask Papa for some money so we can go shopping. I don't have a suit, but it'd be fun to be fancy for a night." Gabe plucks one of the lilies from the bouquet and gently tucks it behind her ear.
Gabe Marlowe 12/15/19 Gabe walks up to Vexa with a small bouquet of white lilies and grins, "Would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?"
Gabe Marlowe 12/14/19 *stares*
I'm...I'm pretty hungry.
*tilts head*
How about 3?
Katherine Murray 11/29/19 -blinks-
-carries with-
And I, you. How about we find some food?
That isn't beef jerky.
Or peesha. -grins-
Gabe Marlowe 11/29/19 *laughs at being licked*
*waits patiently*
*wraps arms around*
*snuggles into*
*falls asleep*
Gabe Marlowe 11/26/19
Gray Taylor 11/24/19
Vexa just failed at stealing money from you!
Gabe Marlowe 11/17/19 *phone rings*
*sits straight up, mutters* What the…*heart beating fast for other reasons now*
*grabs phone* Hello? *miiight have sounded very annoyed* Thanks, we'll, we'll be right there.
*clears throat and looks to her with a grin* Pizza's here.
Still want to come with me? *offers his hand to help her up*
Gabe Marlowe 11/17/19 *tries to think of anything besides her wiggling against him*
*holds breath too*
*her fingers in his hair, the kiss, so not helping*
*lets out breath slowly*
Me too
*reaches up and traces a finger from her temple down to her chin*
*pushes himself up and leans over her* You are so beautiful
*slowly leans down to press his lips to hers*
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~Dra watched her walk off his smile staying upon his lips. He then looked down at his watch swearing as he took off the other way he was late for rehearsal.~
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~Draven chuckled happily as she hugged him, he could see she was happy making him very glad she was. It was nice to make new friends. Taking the paper with her number on it he smiled again.~ "That would be awesome. Here is mine."

~He tore off a piece of the paper she gave him then wrote his down for her as well then handed it to her.~ "Any time you can text or call me. We will talk later I don't want you to be late for your training that is important. It was very nice to meet you Vexa."
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~Draven continued to smile he knew all about training his mother use to always be on him about it so he completely understood especially if a parent would make sure of it. He never understood why he always had to train but when he got a little older he understood then. Nodding his head to her question he then spoke.~ "Yes of course I totally understand mom use to make me and my siblings train all the time so training is good to do. But it is my treat okay."

~He took her hand smiled then bowed in respect.~ "I look forward to it. I hope your training goes well. I shall be around so whenever you are ready just let me know."
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~Draven smiled more when she shook his hand longer then anyone did but it did not bother him one bit. He then caught her name by looking at her lips.~ "It is a pleasure to meet you Vexa that is really a pretty name very unique. So what are you up to? Would you like to go have a drink with me or get a coffee? I know a great place to go to if you are interested."
Gabe Marlowe 11/17/19 *nods* Okay *kisses her cheek*
*starts the movie, casts it to the TV*
*drapes his arm over her waist and pulls her in close*
*rests his chin on her shoulder*
*could fall asleep like this, but also very curious of her take on the movie*
*lightly traces his fingers across her stomach* Comfy?
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~Draven wanted to get to know all of the members of the crew he just had been so busy with things as of late he had the time right now. Walking up to one he just saw he thought it would be a perfect time.~ "Hi there I wanted to say hi. My name is Draven what is yours?"

~He held out his hand as he introduced himself with a smile upon his face.~
Gabe Marlowe 11/15/19 *groans* Okay, that's fine. I'll get it when it comes
Only four? *grins*
*orders alla pizzas*
*looks at cash* Nooo, my treat
*gathers up cash*
*puts in her hand*
They'll text me when it's here
Do you want to start the movie nooow or after peesha gets here?
Gabe Marlowe 11/15/19 Oh really?? *waggles eyebrows*
*laughs and watches*
*scoops up*
*snuggles up on couch*
*starts to order their pizza* You think they'll deliver out here?
*shows options* Anything in specific you want on it?
Gabe Marlowe 11/14/19 *bolts up*
*rubs where she bit*
*pokes her ribs*
Remind me that pretending to be hurt gets me hurt
You bite hard!
Gabe Marlowe 11/13/19 *punched in the rib*
*over exaggerated cry of pain*
*collapses on top of her*
*slides off*
*dramatically falls onto the floor*
*reaches out hand*
It was nice...knowing you...
*hand falls to the floor too*
*acts lifeless*
*trying very hard not to laugh*
Gabe Marlowe 11/13/19 *body jolts*
Hey now!
*laughs harder*
*gets to cabin*
*lets her go and plops her on the couch*
*starts his own tickle assault on her sides*
Gabe Marlowe 11/12/19 Phew. I was scared for a second. I like my flesh.
Yes! Definitely peesha and Hannibal.
*picks her up*
*gently tosses over his shoulder*
*definitely not laughing the entire way to their shared cabin* Maybe some popcorn too.
Gabe Marlowe 11/12/19 *should have known he would have to explain that one too* Uh. Sex with...with three people.
*grins and slips his arm around her waist*
Well, unless you plan on eating my flesh, I think you need a little bit more than me.
But not much.
*pokes her side, a little payback for the tickle attack*
Gabe Marlowe 11/12/19 *bursts out into laughter*
No apologies needed
*leans over to kiss her cheek*
I'm just glad you're not into threesomes.
Of course I'll explain.
Just promise me you'll turn down anyone who asks for a booty call.
*sounds a little possessive, maybe*
*thinks how to not sound possessive*
I just mean, um. You know. I like you and and.. Well, if you ever do want to accept a booty call from someone just, let me down easy.
*awkward laugh*
Gabe Marlowe 11/10/19 *sighs in relief*
*catches up to her*
Not quite..
A booty call is for sex.
*no shame*
*also doesn't want to startled into think she wants threesomes*
Pizza is definitely something people do when they like each other. And so is I guess.
*shakes head* But no. I wouldn't call pizza a booty call in front of other people.
*now wondering why Nic let her believe pizza was a booty call*
Gabe Marlowe 11/10/19 Peesha *mutters, still very confused*
*Lord..he's escaped one Cult, has he found himself in another??*
*one that likes orgies? And.. Peesha.
*scratches back of neck*
*takes her hand and stands* Okay...
*what did being hungry have to do with..wait*
Do you mean pizza?
*still didn't explain the booty call*
Gabe Marlowe 11/10/19 *laughs* More like you.
*raises an eyebrow, better than donuts*
*likes where this is going*
*leans into the kiss*
*pulls back*
*sits up*
*opens mouth...closes mouth*
*so very confused*
Why is Nic offering you booty calls? Does Katherine know?
*he really wasn't one to judge, but they seemed like a very monogamous couple*
*and well.. he really just wanted Vexa to himself*
Katherine Murray 11/10/19
Gabe Marlowe 11/09/19 Ohh, yes. Of course, of course. I knew that
*snaps his teeth at her playfully*
I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.
*takes her hand and brings it to his face*
Any time *kisses the back of her hand*
*gently rubs their hands together, focusing*
*slowly pulls his hand from hers, allowing the orb to form*
There *grins* Now, have you got anymore donuts?
Gabe Marlowe 11/09/19 *was going to retaliate with his own tickle assault*
*too tired after catching his breath*
*rolls onto his side, facing her*
*props head up on one hand*
*watches her* You found my weakness. Good moons and tickles.
Gabe Marlowe 11/09/19 *watches cautiously after she licks him*
*heart stops momentarily*
*hopes she didn't see anything too bad*
*must not have*
Noooooo *gasps in between bouts of laughter*
*super ticklish*
I surrender! I surrender!
*waits for his opportunity*
Gabe Marlowe 11/09/19 *joins her in laughter*
*keeps face buried in her neck*
*until they're falling*
*yes, they*
*if he goes down she goes down too*
*bites the donut*
*rubs his face against hers, spreading the powder to her too*
Gabe Marlowe 11/08/19 *nearly chokes on the donut bits*
*too much laughter*
*swallows and breathes*
I'm very bad. *nods*
*wraps arms around her waist, dragging her in*
*nuzzles his into her neck*
*playfully bites and makes noming sounds*
Gabe Marlowe 11/08/19 *looks in her bag*
*shakes head, but still grinning*
Well, thank you for saving me one
*takes another big bite*
*does a chew and show for fun*
Gabe Marlowe 11/08/19 *keeps her snuggled in with one arm*
*graciously takes the donut*
*takes a big bite*
So good *grins*
*holds the donut in front of her mouth* hm?
Gabe Marlowe 11/08/19 *watches*
*wraps arms around and holds close*
Sounds like you had a very close encounter. I'm glad they didn't decide to throw a rock back at you.
*the rock part may have been the only thing he caught from that*
*enjoyed her interpretive dances though and didn't want them to stop*
Gabe Marlowe 11/06/19 Babawhaa…? Gabe didn’t want to look uncultured though, so he just nodded, eyes wide, trying to look like he wasn’t utterly confused. He tried to memorize what she said though. He’d learn how to make Baba..gah...noo. He was pretty sure he had no idea how to spell it. Thank whatever almighty there was for Google.

“Hmm, maybe.” He nods. Solar power could be good. There was probably something that protected wires out there, he’d just never really thought of it before. Probably because he’d never lived in a swamp before. Google was going to be one of his new best friends for the next little while.

Gabe laughs at her reaction to the ball, much like her reaction to the little wand he’d created for her. It was nice to see someone appreciate what he could do. This kind of magick was very second nature to him, so it rarely felt special. “Of course,” he replied to her mouthed words.

Then he stood there for a moment. This almost felt like a really awkward first date. Should he kiss her or not? Shake her hand? Awkward hug? C’mon Gabe. A voice only he can hear hisses. Invite her to yours...For fun. Except that fun meant kill. He did not want to kill Vexa. They just met, yes, but he was already quite fond of her.

He leans in and gently kisses her cheek. Before pulling back completely, “Don’t forget to lock your door.” He stood straight and smiled, adding, “You never know, these swamp creatures might know how to work doorknobs.” Gabe did his best to sound teasing, but even he could tell there was something a little off. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

He turned and headed in the direction of his new home.
Cassandra Malinov 11/06/19 Cassie smiled as she took the card and read it. Holding out her hand she then spoke.

"It is very nice to meet you Vexa my name is Cassandra but you may call me Cassie. Thank you for the warm welcome. How are you doing?"
Katherine Murray 11/04/19 Oh. There was a lightness; happiness and maybe just a wee bit of a puckish glint in her cerulean orbs; this could be fun. Vexa was such a darling and it would be terrible of Katherine to have her in on this without explaining it. And, so she would. "I think that we will be having a little fun with Nicky. He will absolutely love it. Or hate it. But we will have fun with it. Have you ever shopped before?"

Kat would offer her hand and a warm smile, they had some planning to do, best do it where her husband couldn't overhear. "Come along, little Vexa, we have work to do."
Gabe Marlowe 11/03/19 Loud laughter fills the silence of the swamp momentarily. Seeing the words 'We may even be able to lick someone and know their secrets', hang in the air long enough for him to read just about had him rolling on the ground, but he refrained and sobered up enough to say, "I'd be a willing subject in that department," and winks. "As long as you haven't recently eaten a dead person." A softer laughter comes out this time.

It really did sound unpleasant, but he wasn’t about to judge how she practiced her magick, it was just unfortunate that part of it involved consuming rotted flesh. “Well, anytime you want a nice meal afterwards, I’ll make sure to make you whatever you want. I’m surprisingly good at cooking, even without magick.” Which was mostly out of necessity. He would have starved when he was younger if he didn’t learn how to put a decent meal together.

Gabe’s gaze follows the direct of where Vexa points and nods in agreement. “I like the sound of that. I wonder what the electricity situation is out here...” He mused and looked around. It wasn’t to be running cables around out here and they were a bit further from the main house than the rest of the shacks.

“Hannibal the Cannibal?” He clapped his hands together in excitement, “We’re totally having a Hannibal marathon when things get settled.” Gabe walked the rest of the way to the shack that would be hers and grabbed the light that had been guiding their way. “This should last the rest of the night if you need it.” He held out the orb to her, “If you want don’t need it just squish it in your hands. Your body should absorb whatever energy is left of it. Though your hands might glow for a few minutes,” he teased.

”I’m glad we ran into each other, Vexa. I look forward to spending some more time with you.” And he was quite sincere about that. He didn’t make friends easily because most people just didn’t understand or want to understand him. If their first meeting was anything to judge a future friendship by, he didn’t doubt they would likely become very close.
Gabe Marlowe 11/03/19 He looked to her with a bit of shock as she forced out a whisper. Gabe had just assumed she was fully mute, but he could also understand and appreciate why she had gone the route of writing in the ground instead of the sort of hoarse whisper that just came out of her. He chuckled though, unsure if she was serious or not about eating people. Honestly, he wouldn't be surprised if she was serious. "A lot of concentration and sometimes a lot of failure, but since our bodies are already absorbing forms of energy and converting it, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I can try to teach you, if you'd like."

Gabe listens to her carefully, sometimes straining, but the swamp, the closer they got to their destination, the quieter it got. The occassional frog croaking became less frequent until it was eerily silent. He may just find a shack close by, too. The peacefulness out here was nice.

"Ahh, kind of like necromancy?" Gabe looks to her as he comes to a stop. He had dabbled a little in necromancy, but he had a not so nice experience with raising one of his subjects. Controlling energy? Easy. Controlling the dead? Not so much for him.

Then she drops 'I eat people'. "Oh, hey there Hannibal." He laughed. Maybe he should have tried that with his subject. Then he shuddered at the thought of eating dead flesh. "I hope you're not eating dead people. That doesn't really sound pleasant. Or healthy." Gabe grins, then points to a nearby shack. "I think that one would be the best one for what you're looking for. Most would probably shy away from this area too. It's a bit creepy. Not even the frogs want to be out this way."
Gabe Marlowe 11/02/19 Seeing her excitement over his little light pencil made him grin wide. Light and energy manipulation was probably the easiest thing for him from his studies, but many of his classmates had struggled with it. "I can...absorb or pull energy from just about anything and turn it into light. When it's dark like this, I can even use my body's energy." He glanced at her with a more teasing grin now, "So if you hear any growling, it's likely just my stomach and probably not a swamp creature trying to eat us...Hopefully."

Gabe laughs at his own little joke, but waits as she writes out where she wants to situate herself. He turns his head slightly, thinking for a moment. "Okay, follow me. I think I know a good place." Hopefully, by active, she meant like, spiritually active.

He waves the orb of light towards the direction he wants to lead them, then offers his hand to her to help guide her through the mess of the swamp. "Is there any reason you want to be near an active area?" Gabe was curious what her thing was. If she had a thing.
Daxx- 11/02/19 "Thank you and it is a way of life. Love is a wasted emotion and foolish. I should never have given in to it. I am a noble Captain and I was played for a fool." Daxx looked around and gave a soft smile. "I will gain power once more in time. Maybe even start a crew of my own down the road."
Daxx- 11/02/19 "Yes I am ok as I can be. In the last two weeks I have lost my Wife and Coven. I have joined a great coven in turn but its not the same as being the Second to being bottom again." Daxx put on a brave face and smiled trying to show how much he was trying.
Daxx- 11/02/19 Daxx watched her and listened. He nods his head with a smile. "How are you today. I am doing a little better the shock of the last few weeks is still a bit much to deal with."
Daxx- 11/02/19 Hearing her speak Daxx bowed. He just assumed she was would wish to speak in sign. He bowed his head. "I am sorry for my actions."
Daxx- 11/02/19 Daxx smiled to her and gave a wave. He then signed what his name is Daxx and she was a pleasure to meet.
Daxx- 11/02/19 Daxx tilted his head at the woman for a moment and seeing she didn't speak he pondered. He then did sign language for thank you.
Katherine Murray 10/31/19 Katherine might have stared at her like she was the blessed savior sent from above; not that she knew if she were this or not. However, that phone. A satphone. SATPHONE. Brilliant smile would grace, the favorite as Kat cradled said device to her chest like a lost child. She could cry. She probably would.

"You are the best. I'm going to build you a kitchen. All by myself if I have to. No more starving children."
Katherine Murray 10/28/19 Kat was going to call Liv; this cell service thing was a problem. She was hopping, dancing, twirling, to no avail and then, of course, she would hear the hollow thump of someone’s foot stomping one of the old cypress stumps; she would know this sound because she had, not too far in the recent past, been jumping on stumps trying to reach for service higher in the sky.

It was clear, she still hadn’t gotten the hang of cell phones and just how they worked.

Sheepish grin would creep across her face as cerulean hues fell on copper orbs; not exactly a stellar first meeting but honestly, Katherine literally would always be like this. Everyone should just accept it now; it won’t be the weirdest thing they see.

”Hello! How are you enjoying the swamp?”
Gabe Marlowe 10/24/19 He watched her intently, cautious not to make any sudden movements to startle her further. People do crazy things when they're frightened. Hopefully what he said was enough to put her mind at ease. Normally though, people would respond right away. Some how. Laugh, blow out air from their nose, put their hand to their heart because they were startled...

Instead, she starts opening and closing her mouth. Which, sure. She's speechless because she so scared or she is a Goddess and isn't used to being seen. He really had no idea what was going on. Maybe she couldn't understand him? Then she's dropping to her knees. "I'm not against random hookups, but..."

Gabe's voice trails off as she grabs a stick and starts writing in the dirt. He kneels down next to her and shines the light from his hand over the letters as she writes. "Vexa," He murmurs to himself. Not a Goddess. He laughs, "You could be." Erased and writing again. OdDities. "Ahh. That makes sense. Not sure why I didn't just assume that."

"I'm Gabe, also an OdDity." He grinned and cupped his hands together, the light shining a little brighter. Gabe released it so that a ball of light hung in the air and they wouldn't have to carry a light source. Then, he rubbed his fingers together like he was trying to snap them, but more light appeared. It took the form of a pencil and he offered it to Vexa. "You can write in the air with this.

Can I help you find a shack of your liking, Miss Vexa?" he stood and held out his hand to her, should she need assistance getting up.
Don Collier 10/24/19 That was too easy. Maybe he should have asked for one of the more difficult items from the treasure hunt list.

Thanks doll! Maybe we'll see you around! Later, alligator!

As he walked away, it occurred to him she had not said a word. Strange gal.
Don Collier 10/24/19 A pin striped zoot suit, black shirt with white tie, a fedora, and black and white wingtips. Don approached the dark and beautiful woman, and with his best Jimmy Cagney gangster voice, introduced himself.

Hiya Toots! I'm Big Don from Chicago. Say, I was wondering if you have any candy corn?

Swinging his watch fob in a tight arc next to his hip, he gave her an up and down. Nice gams, by the way.
Gabe Marlowe 10/22/19 Gabe was starting to learn that what he experienced back home, as a witch, was nothing, nothing, compared to this place. It had some very beauitful places. So beauitful that beautiful didn't even seem to be the right word to describe them. Then there were some places that just were so dark, so creepy, sometimes he just wanted to gtfo. Instead, he decided to embrace the weird because he was pretty sure he was going to be here for awhile and he didn't mind. The people were decent. So that's why he was out looking at the shacks in the swamp. He was going to spend at least one night in one of them.

Gabe held his hand in front of him, a soft light emitting from said hand, helping to guide his way through...everything. As he approached one of the shacks, that he was sure wasn't Nic or Katherine's, he sensed that he wasn't alone. There were so many sounds in the swamp and he swore he wouldn't psyche himself out, but there he was, debating on if turning around or running into the shack was the better option.

Turning around it was. He sort of wished he'd just run into the shack. The woman was... a sight to see. The soft yellow light flickering on her face from the candle was eerie, to say the least. "Uh...Please don't hurt me?" Gabe croaked. That's it. Way to embrace the swamp dude. YOU TELL HER GABE. "I'm just trying, um, enjoy the swamp. Did I, like, disturb a shrine to you or something?" She looked kinda Goddess like. "I'll go fix it if you'll allow it." Yes. A little better. Being polite to whoever or whatever lurks in the swamp. "Or, you know, whatever I did to disturb you, I'll do what I can do fix it." Que his awkward, but totally cute and endearing smile.
Dessa Chambers 10/22/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Daxx- 10/22/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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