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Born: June 16, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 7 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 328
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 93
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OOC: I will pay any lvl 1-7 Handsomely for attacks on my character in BM.

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Julliet Swan

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Julliet Swan 08/02/17 As their lips parted, Julliet's face hovered about his as to keep their closeness. She brushed her cheek about his cheek, her long lashes dragging across his skin. "Very much, indeed." She replied, her now glossy lips curling up into a smile.
Julliet Swan 08/02/17 *tacklehugs*
Thank you, hon!
Julliet Swan 07/11/17 What a lovely rank you have. It's so shiny.
Julliet Swan 07/04/17 The angel snuck behind him, her fingers creeping into each of his pockets. "You should be a little more careful next time, hm?" She teased, making away with his pocket change.

You were successful in stealing $1,285.00 from Ulzaroth.
Julliet Swan 07/03/17 She couldn't deny that she was taken by surprise, but it turned into a rather pleasant surprise. The angel squealed as her feet left the ground, which only stopped after her feet felt the pavement once more. She kept her face close to his, her fingers slipping into the belt loops of his pants on either side.

"I'm inclined to say yes, even though you have been spending ample time at my apartment." She grinned, tilting her head back some. Her lips brushed against his jawline before placing a kiss upon his chin.
Julliet Swan 06/25/17 You managed to break out Ulzaroth.
You're being naughty, I see. Don't let those shiny new ranks go to your head too quickly.
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