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Josiah Walker 08/15/18 Autumn. Such a strong, whimsical name. Name’s Josiah. But you can call me Joe.
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 What may I call you, then?
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 Fantastic. May I call you Siri?
Josiah Walker 08/15/18 Well, don’t mind if I do.
Where can a man get a good steak?
Aleister Carlyle 08/13/18 Autumn had made an error in her stalking. She stopped to admire. Out of the corner of his eye he could see bright red locks before they moved out of his peripherals. What on Earth was she up to? In their short time of acquaintance he had gathered she was of the devious variety. Did he mind? Not at all. He needed more surprises in his life.

Suddenly, he felt her fingers in his pockets. She was quick! Icy hues whipped back to catch pale fingers snatching a few bucks from his pocket. The man turned quickly with arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were stern looking down at the shorter woman. Then, they would soften with a slight smirk on his visage.

"Good work. I'm impressed. Keep it. I have plenty more where that came from." A wink was given to the woman. He truly admired a woman who could pull the wool over his eyes. It kept things exciting.

Autumn Summers just stole $23.00 from you!
Winter Summers 08/13/18 Winter gasped loudly. "Autumn you know damn well that stealth was never my strong suit! Thinking I could steal money goodness!" He smirked at his sister as he held his arm out. "If you didn't love ice cream I would certainly worry!"

"But enough about the ice cream is this friend hot? Should I investigate them? Ya know to make sure they are worthy enough to be your friend no alternate motive at all!" Smiles innocently.
Winter Summers 08/12/18 Yet another hand reached into Winter's pocket's who would it be this time? Winter turned to look at the one with the sticky fingers, icy eyes fell on familiar fiery locks, short in height, noticeable tattoos, green eyes. Autumn was picking his pockets!? And there she was taking the money like it belonged to her!

Hands went directly to his hips. "Excuse me little leaf just what is it you think you are doing with my funds? Do you know what I have to do to get that money? Let me tell you, you don't wish to know! But I will tell you in grave detail don't think I wont missy!" He did a sassy head bob then. "Unless you are treating me to all I can eat ice cream with my money I ask that you kindly return it." A playful smirk came to his face as he stared at his little sister.

Autumn Summers just stole $211.00 from you!
Kristoffer Forseti 08/12/18 Autumn Summers just stole $456.00 from you!

"Hey, that was my snack money! How am I supposed to buy a store's worth of doritos now?!"
AdonisOMaera 08/09/18 Stealing Mc'Stealerson
"Yeah, You're welcome, It's only money afterall. Hope you at least got something expensive and yummy.
Winter Summers 08/08/18 Winter gives his petite sister a reassuring smile. "I will not be going anywhere little leaf, I will be here to annoy you till the end of time."

He made a face to make it appear he was thinking on what they should go and do though he already knew what his choice would be. "Well I should test my liver out! I haven't had something good to drink in awhile! Come little sister we shall drink the night away! And in the morning I am making pancakes! Or buying breakfast depending on how the night goes." He smirks at Autumn then.
Aleister Carlyle 08/07/18 Autumn
[Location Recieved]
Bring comfy clothing and shoes.
There will be walking.
Also a knife.
No firearms.
Winter Summers 08/03/18 Winter was only slightly taken back as his sister's hands cupped his face. One of his own hands coming up, he gently placed it upon hers. "I am real Autumn, I'm not going anywhere." At least not if he could help it. His mouth did cause him to get into sooo much trouble.

"Oh? Do we need to go get a few drinks and catch up? It doesn't have to be booze, we can get food, or tea whatever you are into now a days." He smiled as he heard her next words. "I am much better now, I mean who couldn't be happy seeing your beautiful face hm?"
Winter Summers 08/02/18 "Yes little leaf it's me." Now that Winter thought about it, he was dead he could have come back with any name why did he still choose to go with Winter? Opportunity wasted. His muscular arms wrapped around her sisters small frame and he held her tightly.

"Not as much as I have missed you Autumn." He could attempt to explain why he had done what he did, why it took him so long to return but none of that seemed important right now. What was to him is that he was back even if it took a little longer then expected. "How have you been? Everything well with you?" He looked his sister over a dorky smile on his face.
Winter Summers 08/02/18 Winter stared at his sister from a safe distance, Autumn did have a very unpleasant temper about her. She probably would be infuriated with him. Leaving without saying anything well dying without saying goodbye. Regardless he took a deep breath before stepping out from his hiding spot and offered her a smile.

"Hello Little Leaf." This was harder then he thought it would be. "I've missed you so." He averted his eyes a little. "And I am sorry."
Aleister Carlyle 07/31/18 Autumn
Possibly. It may take a bit of whiskey to get it out of me.
I had a...mishap with an experiment.
While I can surely handle it on my own, I feel this would be a wonderful opportunity to introduce you to my world.
Aleister Carlyle 07/31/18 Autumn
My years of being in the entertainment industry are quite over, unfortunately.
However, I am in need of assistance.
If you have the stomach for it.
Blaize E Summers 07/23/18 Red
Yes, fly to me!
We have much to talk about!
I will put the tea on!
Blaize E Summers 07/22/18 Red
Oh, my sweet, wonderful sister how I have missed you so.
My absence was not something I had planned for but, alas, duty called.
How are you? I have been worried sick.
Orson Graves 07/19/18 Half Pint
I'll thank you not to mock my self restraint.
How about Snake and Jake's? They've got a bartender with an Irish elbow.
{Address attached}
Aleister Carlyle 07/16/18 "My mistake. Family and loved one's typically go hand in hand, but I can understand why they wouldn't. "
-gives a hint at a smirk-
"The truth to my knowledge, then. I'm no omniscient being so I cannot know everything. Yet."
-gives a wink-
"I could but most would find that unsettling and intrusive. So, use the card to contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to our future endeavors."
Elouise Warrock 07/16/18 Cheeto Scrooge
Elouise Warrock 07/16/18 Cheeto Scrooge
Seems like a personal problem, Autumn.
Elouise Warrock 07/16/18 Autumn
Maddie did it...
Aleister Carlyle 07/15/18 "Happiness is quite a fickle thing these days."
-a soft snort escaped the man-
"Now I cannot guarantee it will not involve either you or your family. However, I will always be forthcoming with you. I am a man of my word and pride myself on speaking only truths."
Aleister Carlyle 07/13/18 "Ah, yes, feline companions. They do tend to make life a smidge more bearable, hm? Still. You never know when something will come up."
-thinks for a moment-
"I suppose educating an inquisitive mind wouldn't bother me too much. I warn you, however. At some points it may cross a line; science is progress, and progress requires sacrifices. "
Aleister Carlyle 07/12/18 "What I do is a practice most do not openly vend. Many in the community would find it in bad taste. Or, simply, an abuse of natural forces. I call it science."
-smiles softly-
"My number and other contacts are on that card. Any situation, any desire, I'm sure I can find a way to assist."
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
There are some things you ought to know.
Best saved for face-to-face.
I'm actually at the airport, now. First to Dulles, then to Heathrow.
You still live in the same place?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Happiness has always eluded me in the many chapters of my life. I still think back to that brief glimmer I'd grasped when loving him was all I had to do. But things change, as does life. Having a child, needing to protect that child... other things.

Is it possible to love the thing that scares you the most?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Love is a funny thing, you know.
And so is trying to divorce a transient vampire. :)
Aleister Carlyle 07/11/18 -gives a soft chuckle-
"In my line of work it's best not to give out your base of operations without discretion. I don't only work on creating magical supplements. I can also make things disappear. If you catch my drift."
-playful wink-
"The charms and whatnot are just the base of my abilities. Anything past that won't be discounted."
Aleister Carlyle 07/11/18 "People are so caught up in their own selfish delusions they tend to forget the world outside of themselves is much more enticing."
-reaches a hand out with a smile-
"Aleister. Al works but it is not nearly as lavish. And, for your kindness, I can offer you a discounted use of my services."
-a business card appears in the extended hand-
"Hexes, charms, alchemical creations galore. If interested, we can chat another time over the extent of my services."
Aleister Carlyle 07/11/18 "I have learned to not take everything so seriously. Business is business, but everything else is fun. "
Aleister Carlyle 07/11/18 "That's exactly what I mean. Give'm the ole razzle dazzle!"
Aleister Carlyle 07/11/18 "If it's magic isn't, I'm sure I can compensate."
-makes twinkle fingers-
Aleister Carlyle 07/11/18 -quirks a brow-
"I shall be sure to hold tight to my rabbit's paw. Thank you."
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Wouldn't help much that I still find myself very much married to one Doctor Jameson Orlav.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Does that mean we're free to get married?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Guess I've missed quite a bit.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Just you and Maddie, is it?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
I've missed you quite a bit.
Read that to the cat. It's not for you.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
I’ve been in Lima too long. I need real company.
Give me a day or two, I’ll be there.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Good. I will however, bring plenty of rum.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Should I bring random men??
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Who else?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Need an unruly yet lovable houseguest for a night or two?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Where are you lurking these days?
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Depends who’s asking.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/18 Autumn
Are you still short?
Orson Graves 07/07/18 Half Pint
So, how about that drink?
Orson Graves 07/04/18 *grins*
Oh, you'll definitely be hearing from me.
*pockets phone*
See you soon, small fry.
Orson Graves 07/04/18 *shrugs, taking phone back*
I'm not great with names.
Nicknames, though? Them can handle.
*wasn't kidding about the memory thing*
Orson Graves 07/04/18 *fishes phone out of his pocket*
*unlocks it and hands it over*
Just make sure you put your name in as Half Pint.
Orson Graves 07/04/18 Hey, maybe we should grab a drink somewhere?
I'd hate to have you slip out of my brain again.
Orson Graves 07/04/18 Sure.
*offers hand*
It's good to meet you, Autumn.
I'm Orson.
Orson Graves 07/04/18 You're not wrong, half pint.
*furrows brow*
You know, that name does sound slightly familiar.
If we ever did run into each other, it must not have been for long.
Orson Graves 07/04/18 *glances down at gut*
*pats stomach*
Yeah, I should probably lay off the beer.
Really though, my memory is complete sh*t.
Tell me your name? That might help a little.
Orson Graves 07/04/18 *narrows eyes*
So do you.
But I have a terrible memory.
I feel like I would remember that hair. Maybe.
Jameson Orlav 07/03/18 -snatches, tucks away-
I'll take it. The parasites living in my basement aren't cheap.
Jameson Orlav 07/03/18 -smug little smirk-
It was worth the attempt. Though not nearly as satisfying, I'm sure, since my hand came up empty.
Jameson Orlav 07/03/18 -blinks-
You must have had to dig deep to find that. I didn't even know there was any cash in there.
Idris Mowbry 05/20/18 Ginger Snippy Snap
Baseball is a better sport.
Also, I like the sound more. I broke the last bat.
Aluminum, if you can find one?
Idris Mowbry 05/20/18 Ginger Snippy Snap
Golf clubs are for angry wives and rich old white guys.
I am neither.
Idris Mowbry 05/20/18 Ginger Snippy Snap
One that involves little fuzzy vermin that seem to love me despite the feelings NOT being mutual.
I want to see how far they can fly.
Idris Mowbry 05/20/18 Ginger Snippy Snap
Bring wine. We ran out.
Oh, an a baseball bat. I have a theory to test.
Idris Mowbry 05/19/18 Ginger Snippy Snap
Why not come see him yourself?
Maybe he will talk to you. All I get is silence.
I HATE the silence.
Summer 05/15/18 Autumn
The thrill never goes away. It just gets better. I feel empowered and sexy and in control of my life while on stage. And as you know, “empowered” and “in control of my life” are themes that haven’t been that prevalent in my/our lives until recently.
I am so glad you liked it! I bet you made a killing!!
Gideon Abernathy 05/15/18 -almost chokes as he's walking away-
-calls over his shoulder-
A scarecrow's a scarecrow, sweetheart, no matter what color its hair.
Gideon Abernathy 05/15/18 Ahh, well... It's just... from the back...
-rubs back of neck-
You look like...a scarecrow.
-apologetic grin-
-awkwardly hightails it out of the situation-
Gideon Abernathy 05/15/18 -visibly startled-
Sh-t, I thought you were... something else.
Summer 05/11/18 Autumn
Thanks honey. I didn't pick it, but it grew on me pretty fast. Plus, my tips have nearly doubled. I guess they match the cup size. Or something.
Of course I brought PJs. A night in marathoning movies sounds SO needed. See you soon, love.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
I’m landing in Heathrow in T minus 30 minutes. Snapped a pic in the galley, looking spiffy for First Class and to see my baby sis. You see this mug at your door, it’s a-okay.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
I have no doubt you picked up some skills along the way.
Which is why amateur night at the club will be so easy. I’m sure you remember the moves I taught you back in Paris!
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
What, like using it to brain someone during a mugging?
Nah. I just pluck a feather and jam it into their neck, quill side first.
It’s glorious.
Yes please- I’d love help with it. I’m not a total luddite, but sometimes these things confound me.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
Taking promo selfies for the clubs Instagram page. :D
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
I’ll get you a pic shortly. I got a new phone and can’t figure out the damned apps yet. I dropped the old one off the stage at work- blammo, shattered into several pieces.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
Maddie! Awww I can’t wait to see you both!
Oh! I almost forgot- I look a little different. Okay, a lot different. Still blond, same eye color. Still lookin like a snack. Other than that...when a curvy short haired blond walks in, don’t freak out, k?
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
You being at your old house has me feeling like everything comes around full circle.
I’ll be there in a few hours with a bottle, some spliffs and a bag of food from the corner chip shop in hand.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
I miss you too. Lemme know where you’re at nowadays and I’ll be there on the next flight.
Elouise Warrock 03/05/18 Autumn
You're not supposed to agree with me!
Elouise Warrock 03/02/18 Autumn
I can be very boring.
I'm the ultimate pillow princess.
Ask Jameson.
Elouise Warrock 03/02/18 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 03/02/18 Autumn
I offered, you declined.
I'd be an incredible wife.
I suppose that's up for debate. But still.
Elouise Warrock 03/02/18 Autumn
It's always nice to be adored, isn't it?
Elouise Warrock 03/02/18 Autumn
Nice butt, short stack.
Jameson Orlav 02/23/18 Autumn
Ooooh, right. Right. I vaguely remember paying the hefty membership fee. You might have a point. I'm pretty sure I still have a blockbuster card in here somewhere.
Jameson Orlav 02/22/18 Autumn
Which club are you referring to? I have too many membership cards.
Elouise Warrock 02/21/18 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 02/21/18 Autumn
I'll let you know.
I've been in Peru for a few weeks now.
Meet in New York this weekend?
Elouise Warrock 02/21/18 Autumn
Meet for coffee?
Elouise Warrock 02/21/18 Autumn
It's a promise of better communication.
Weston Norse 02/19/18 He was having a really f-cking bad day.

Wes had done about six laps of this goddamn parking lot, and his car was just gone. The one thing in his messy life that was absolutely spotless, fawned over, flawlessly maintained. He wasn’t sure how, but he was about 87% sure that somehow his brother was behind it. F-ckin’ Derek.

And he’d left his phone in the car.

It was late evening, just outside of a bar he frequented called the Flask and Cannon. Absolutely f-cking fuming, cussing under his breath to nobody in particular, he finally came to the realization that he was going to need some help. Doing an about-face, he stopped the first person he saw; a pale redheaded woman.

“Excuse me,” He took a few steps toward her, “I, uh… my car is gone, and my phone was inside.” Agitated, he ran a hand over his face. “Do you mind if I borrow your cell for a minute? I need to call a cab.”
Gray Taylor 02/12/18 Gray knows that look all too well. This is not the first time he has earned it in spades, and he doubts that it will be the last. The world is, after all, a cruel and unusual place. Still, she would earn no recognition.

Not even with that threatening little smile of hers.

"All men lie," His slate gaze narrows, and he leans in only slightly. Voice lower, he holds her stare with his own. "You just have to pay attention."

Straightening up, he flashes a smile that is all business. "Good luck finding your Gray."
Gray Taylor 02/12/18 A hand to his elbow causes him to falter, and Gray instinctively tugs away before turning a cold glare over his shoulder. He is angry, this much is true, and the sight before him does little to dispel the emotion. Still, he remains composed. The world would never see him falter.


This is a particularly painful sight on several different levels, and that stormy gaze that is only his would barely flicker over her features before settling upon her eyes.

Spring Taylor 02/12/18 Autumn
It f*cking wilted with my jew. I should have fed it memos.
Amducious 11/08/17 Thanks!
Lucius Dalca 11/06/17 Text: My Tum
I think its time our work outs turn into more training sessions, what you think?
Lucius Dalca 11/05/17 Text: My Tum
I was making a bank run!
Good. OMW
Lucius Dalca 11/05/17 Text: My Tum
You took my pocket cash...
Start running, love. I am hungry.
Sheridan J Mayfair 11/03/17 Thank you for the welcome but I have been here before. ~Sheridan smiles at her~
Elis Griffyn 11/03/17 Thanks...I think. I dunno...I was really drunk and, well..wait...what?
Lucius Dalca 10/31/17 Text: My Tum
I told you why we came to Romania and the castle. Its Halloween and they must get you ready for the ball. ;)
Summer 10/30/17 Autumn Gold
I had started to ease back, trying to learn how to control my emotions on my own. Turns out I need more practice. Apparently “sibling death” is too much for me to manage on my own. Hence smokin the country dry. I’m mostly teasing. I have a few plants of my own in my room.
I worry that while my intentions may be good, wonder if I’m just from bad stock? If we are truly cursed, could it rub off on others? Maybe I’m just looking for excuses. I don’t feel like it is me trying to run. It feels like me trying to protect him from the endless sh-t that happens to us.
Summer 10/30/17 Autumn
I’ll certainly take what you’re not going to use off your hands. Waste not, want not.
I’m so sorry to hear of your friend. That is terrible and I cannot imagine dealing with loss that close together.
It is incredibly odd. It’s certainly something I can get used to, but nothing I’m familiar with, something I am sure you understand. The strangest part is that I am a source of stability for him. Me. Being relied upon. It makes me scared but I also want to try. I don’t want to disappoint him.
Summer 10/30/17 Autumn Gold
I should’ve reached out too. I appear to have been sucked down a hole of despair. I think I’ve smoked Australia completely out of the good sh-t. I was aiming for a Blaize level of detached.
I suppose all of that is to be expected when the person I was closest to dies.
Despite being certain the Summers name is cursed, I’m doing better. Kiernan has been a rock, which has been nice. How are you holding up?
Elouise Warrock 10/26/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 10/26/17 Autumn
Lost my last one.
Let's meet. Your place?
I can make it to London, I think.
Elouise Warrock 10/26/17 +Unknown Number+
Elouise Warrock 10/26/17 +Unknown Number+
Lucius Dalca 10/25/17 Text: My Wifey Wife
We need this!
Lucius Dalca 10/25/17 Text: My Wifey
I'm open to suggestions, love. We are leaving this week.
Lucius Dalca 10/24/17 Text: My Wife
Alright but we need the escape..
Lucius Dalca 10/24/17 Text: My Tum
Well its a place called Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia. The Carribeans, love.

~Sends digital brochure~
Lucius Dalca 10/19/17 Text: My Tum
We need to go somewhere to relax.... Truly relax. I was thinking of the jungle. Thoughts?
Lucius Dalca 10/14/17 She drifted to the other room and he let her without the slightest resistance. Two deaths so close from one another did not help heal the wound.

He decided to stay where he was while the cats followed her out. He was going to give her space.
Lucius Dalca 10/14/17 Lucius sat beside her and held her quietly. No words could be said that could numb the pain she was feeling so none were uttered. He just held on like an anchor trying to keep the ship from drifting away.
Blaize E Summers 10/14/17 Red
Have you heard the news?
Idris Mowbry 10/11/17 Autumn
What I want you cannot supply.
I will be away for a bit.
I have a leech to catch.
Lucius Dalca 10/09/17 Text: My Tum
Lets do it!
Lucius Dalca 10/09/17 Text: My Tum
Its real sh*t...

Text: My Tum
So.... What we doing tonight? *insert waggles eyebrows*
Lilim 10/09/17 Yellow hues peer at the woman as she spoke. Taking a moment to recollect the language she lets a brief smile fall on her lips. "Thank you, miss." She speaks lightly almost nothing more than a whisper.
Lucius Dalca 10/09/17 Text: My Tum
They hate the movie lol
Lucius Dalca 10/09/17 Text: My Tum
That is so cultural inappropriate, I am appalled..

Hahaha! Kidding. Although lets not ever be around my family during that time. >_>
Lucius Dalca 10/05/17 Text: Autumn Dalca
How do you keep finding this@?!?@??!?!?!

Text: My Tummmmm
Love!!!!! I went something more for my birthday. I need the new Chevy Exorcist too :-3
Summer 10/04/17 Autumn
Blond??!? Why tho??
Blaize E Summers 10/02/17 Red
A catch, you say? Stop. You're making me nauseous.
Why you decided to get married I will never understand. Too many strings. Too many terms and conditions.
I will make sure he knows it is from you.
Love you as well, little red.
Blaize E Summers 10/02/17 Red
Me? Find somebody?
My dear, I am about as romantic as Trump is sane.
Besides, the few men who can keep up with my wit despise me. And women bore me as of late.
Lucius can get over himself. You are a big girl.
And I already planned on keeping Gray away from sharp objects. He is an asset to myself and important to you and Spring.
Blaize E Summers 10/02/17 Autumn
I will be back in London in a few days.
Spring's Coven in a sausage fest so I doubt I will stay here too long. As much as men are appealing, too many in one place sicken me.
I saw Gray.
It would seem the demon is battling some demons.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Red
Your passive aggression needs work, my darling.
I shall.
I prefer my vodka from the source.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Red
And I would prefer my sisters inform me as to why they are feuding.
I cannot simply go on as if nothing is happening.
That would be highly negligent.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Red
You would prefer I go to Spring rather than tell me?
I suppose she will, then.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Red
I sense hostility.
What did I miss?
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Red
And have their friction melt all of the continent?
No, I will sacrifice my sanity for the world's ecological stability.
I will be visiting Spring's new coven soon, as well.
Care to join?
Lucius Dalca 09/29/17 Text: Yes You Are
True.... I'll have to see the puppies.
Lucius Dalca 09/29/17 Text: Gorgeous Wife
Did you already check how much the car was?
Lucius Dalca 09/29/17 Text: Darling
Ill probably end up pissing off my ancestors buttttt they are cute.. How much are they?
Lucius Dalca 09/29/17 Text: Beautiful Wife
Love, did you forget we are cat people??
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
I warned you I was a snuggler!
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
I've asked Lucius enough weird questions.
Especially after that one time...when I jumped into your bed...
Still scarred.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Actual Hussy
I'm intrigued.
Do go on.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Ass-biter
No one here is complaining.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 'Awesome'
Kiss my ass.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
So what does that make you??
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
A hoe.
Just a hoe.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Actual Hussy
I am NOT a hussy! D:
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn liver is a fickle b*tch.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
As long as the nugget gets fed.
I need a bloody mary.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
Is Lucius still keeping Logan hostage?
I swear to god, he was serious about showing him every Disney film.
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Autumn
I think my liver is officially done.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Red
Well, stop on by the manor if you are in London.
Winter is going to be helping me unpack.
Did I mention while in Cancun, Piers and Winter would NOT leave eachother alone?
Snogging at all hours of the day.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Red
I have no plans of leaving anytime in the near future.
I can't be running off to Cancun when there I have Big-Brother work to do.
That reminds me, are you well? Need wine and some brother talk?
You can complain about Lucius to me. I live for any dirt I can get on him.
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: Yus! I have the best wife in the world!
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Red
You know, I take a vacation to escape it all, and Winter followed me.
No escape.
I missed you, by the way.
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: Totally Mine
Well among other things... ;-)
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: You Are
I guesssss.. Wait so you will get it for me then? .
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: Truth!
But but... It looks soooo shiny right now? O:-)
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: Nevah
Welll I was thinking my darling wife would buy me the new Dodge Challenger Srt Demon with all the money she has taken from my pockets :p
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: Loved
No but I dont have a muscle car in the garage and a new car came out that I reaaaaallly like!
Lucius Dalca 09/28/17 Text: Sugar Mama
You know what I would reaaaaaaalllllly like??
Atticus Hammond 09/28/17 He's grinning again, a gleam to his gray eyes as her curiosity gets the better of her. He gives another nonchalant shrug, lips pursed in a telling smirk. "There may have been some accidental zombie-ing, buuuut.. I couldn't confirm or deny that."

He stuffs his hands in his pockets, as casual as ever. "Maybe next time we run into each other, I'll tell you all about it."
Atticus Hammond 09/28/17 He snorts, another brief chuckle escaping him without effort. "She's gotten a head butt or two, but I can't say I've left as much of a mark as a cellhphone night when I'm excited." Atticus, for his part, can talk about his wife for days. So, he seems to enjoy someone who could reciprocate. "Glutton for punishment seems the to be the correct designation. I tend to think Cam is a bit crazy for going along with my schemes, but the support is unparalleled."
Atticus Hammond 09/27/17 "If it's trouble worth getting into, you should know I'm never far." He grins, a knowing look shared. "I can certainly sympathize. My wife keeps me very busy. And endlessly amused. And, if your husband is anything like my wife, there's a general support of controlled mayhem in the house."
Atticus Hammond 09/27/17

He stares with that mischievous look in his eyes, a very coy shrug his initial answer. "I'm only ever up to trouble. It's my forte. I'm just offended you didn't invite me along on whatever little adventure got your face posted for the realm to see."
Atticus Hammond 09/27/17
"Figured I'd be seeing you around again, Red. Hope you didn't get into too much trouble."
Miryam 09/27/17 Congrats on profile of the day lovely!
W_Kat 09/27/17 Congrats on PotD!
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Autumn
What even happened last night?
Elouise Warrock 09/24/17 Groupchat: Dalcas
I'm still hungover.
But we're also going out tonight.
Elouise Warrock 09/23/17 Autumn
Can we get really, really drunk tonight?
Just hammered.
Elouise Warrock 09/23/17 Autumn
I took an Uber from the airport.
I'm near-ish.
Logan is sleeping, and mama needs a glass of wine.
Elouise Warrock 09/23/17 Autumn
I thought Lucius was surprising you!
Lucius Dalca 09/23/17 Text: My Tum
I think she might have wanted for it to be a surprise? And I probably ruined it.... *coughs*
Lucius Dalca 09/23/17 Text: My Tum
So Elouise is here with Logan... Wanna meet in the other place?
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 *grins*
Maybe I could... I'd just have to ration
*more teases and another kiss returned*
Ill be waitin. I love ya too.
*smacks her butt playfully before she bounces off* Just lovely...
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 That is so gross.. Totally glad you don't though.
*tilts his head to kiss her lips*
Surprise me! Or just become the menu?
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 *chuckles enjoying the nuzzles*
You sure you aren't? Dam. I could have sworn...
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 You are too brave..
*He wraps his arms around her and gnaws on her ear*
I kinda want something french..
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 *felt that swipe and gave her a squeeze on her butt in return*
You think you slick, don't ya... *kisses her back*
Lucius Dalca 09/11/17 Text: My Tum
I was thinking Blaize if he was still around.. I worried that might happen with Winter.. Ohhh I can ask my brother too.
Lucius Dalca 09/11/17 Text: My Tum
Finnnne.. Can I ask your brother then?
Lucius Dalca 09/11/17 Text: My Tum
Really??? You have probably killed 3 times as many people as that clown though??
Lucius Dalca 09/11/17 Text: My Tum
Its a TV show from History Channel. It looks badass and has great reviews so we is watching it.
Lucius Dalca 09/11/17 Text: My Tum
Come on love you are british.. We learned this in school.
Lucius Dalca 09/11/17 Text: My Tum
We are watching Vikings tonight! Lucius Octaviansson hath spoken.

PS: I am buying munchies. What ya want?
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Autumn
He's a monster. And I'll never let him have my son. That's just a given.
Always safe. Same to you. Love you and Lucy. ❤️
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Autumn
Logan was early. I was banking on some time to figure out a game plan.
We're safe here, I think. It's weird... I don't believe he'd hurt him. That doesn't mean others wouldn't jump at the chance.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Autumn
He knows about Logan. We had a run in in Moscow not so long ago. But now, he's trying to follow me to Africa.
Elouise Warrock 09/09/17 Autumn
I feel like the worst BFF for not texting you while I was in London. Didn't have any time to socialize, but I still feel like sh*t. Jameson f*cked my trip up royally.
Lucius Dalca 09/08/17 Text: My Tum
Don't you dare harm it....
Very true ;)
Lucius Dalca 09/08/17 Text: My Tum
Surrreeee you do...
So I married a giant foot? Dam...
Lucius Dalca 09/07/17 Text: My Tum
I knew I felt a flash this morning...
I still have your morning picture. So cute!
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: You love me
Its my job! It comes natural to me, tum.
I wanna see it.
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: Do too!
Not on my watch... Which btw I am watching you from the cameras. Wave hi!

PS: Did you get a picture with the wreath?
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: I Love You
They range in the millions....
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: My Wife
Exactly why! No jewelry if I can't get my jet.
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: Wife
Cover your eyes while you still can! Go to the exit.
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: Wife
Don't go in there.........................
Lucius Dalca 09/04/17 Text: Not Really
Where did you go....?
Lucius Dalca 09/03/17 Text: You Know It
Me????? Nevah eva eva!
I love the sound of that.
Lucius Dalca 09/03/17 Text: Mine..
U know this!
And its a good idea... Fine no locks.. >_>
Lucius Dalca 09/03/17 Text: Totally Fair
I never said I would! Although the tower idea sounds interesting.. >_>
I just don't think modeling underwear for sales people is the same as going to the beach.
Lucius Dalca 09/03/17 Text: Nahhh
Nothing is lesser in importance than the rest but fine.. I'll erase the last 5 years of their lives does that sound fair?
Lucius Dalca 09/03/17 Text: Wife
Don't get them killed...
Lucius Dalca 09/02/17 Text: Nevah
That was super fast... I wanna see when you get home :D
Lucius Dalca 09/02/17 Text: Better Than Robin
Oii the cats would get them again. O:-)
Not Robin Hood Is that so? Fine. I'll go buy all new ones.
Lucius Dalca 09/01/17 Text: Innocent Thief
Nothinnnnnnn. But if I did, I'd charge you to get them back.
Lucius Dalca 09/01/17 Text: My Wife
Ehhhhh... They are? No way.... I don't believe it.
It wasn't me. It was the cats!
Lucius Dalca 08/30/17 Lucius heard his name across the house and almost jumped up from what he was doing. Autumn's voice was clear as daylight right across the house and soon inside of the room too. He laughed when she hopped on his lap, and stole a kiss before hopping back to her feet again. She was fast without a doubt. He could barely get a word in except, 'Suree'

"What you making for dinner???" He finally asked her already smelling the enticing aroma in the air and standing up to join her in the kitchen.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
Oh, did the rest of that text not send?
I wasn't cute. I was the CUTEST.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
I think I have one or two pictures of me as a wee one.
I wasn't that cute.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
He's getting so big! :'(
It's stressing me out. I can't seem to take enough pictures.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
Same here. You've been here for all of it, and somehow you still put up with me.
Love you, you silly goose.
P.S., Logan may or may not be wearing those little booties you got us for Christmas.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
I give him a special hug & kiss just from you every day. Because I know well enough. ;)
We'll get together soon. Logan needs some ginger love.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
It was nice! Good to get outside. And make Lucius hold the baby. Y'know. Standard stuff.
Lucius Dalca 08/27/17 Text: Wife In Trouble
Wait until I get there...
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
He's lucky he's so cute.
Takes after his momma! 😍
Lucius Dalca 08/27/17 Text: Trouble Tum
Don't you dare... I am heading there right now.
PS: Totally cheating.
Lucius Dalca 08/27/17 Text: Sad Panda Here
Im at the airport hangar..
Looking at your new Citrus Vision Jet.
Elouise Warrock 08/27/17 Autumn
He's for sale. $5 or best offer.
Lucius Dalca 08/26/17 Text: Awwwww
Elouise Warrock 08/26/17 Autumn
Oh, you know...
Just snuggling!
Lucius Dalca 08/26/17 Text: Pleassseee
It looks sooooo nice! and its such a big discount too.
Sends her a link to the brochure
Lucius Dalca 08/26/17 Text: I Love You
I know! But it was such a good deal..... >_>

Text: Fine
Okay okay I didn't do it. The deal is still on the table though. We can split it and it would come out to 6 mil between the two of us because of the conversion rate.
Lucius Dalca 08/26/17 Text: My Forgiving Wife
But it looks soo shiny!! And I got it at a discount. Its usually worth 18 million USD but I was able to talk him down to 15.5
Elouise Warrock 08/25/17 Autumn
I miss you!
Lucius Dalca 08/25/17 Text: My Tum
Ehhhh... So what do you think about the Embraer Legacy 500? O:-)
Lucius Dalca 08/25/17 Text: My Tum
So..... I might have bought a jet....
Blaize E Summers 08/24/17 Red
Sorry for my disappearance.
I was having complications so I had to return to recovery.
Plus, I needed a vacation.
Saw Winter there for a bit... I didn't relax much.
Summer 08/21/17 Birthday Babe
I hope your day is fantastic. I just know this year is going to be your best yet. Of that I have no doubt. You deserve nothing but the best.
In the box, you’ll find some earrings made by an artist here in Australia, made with opals mined here! And some emeralds for added elegance. They nearly called for me to buy them, knowing how amazing they’d look on you.
Enjoy. I love you dearly!!

Lucius Dalca 08/17/17 Text: My Tum
I just traveled a lot. Met many people and lived my days on step at a time.
Will do. I think she is home?
Lucius Dalca 08/17/17 Text:My Tum
Meh it's just not the same without my partner in crime. Ill probably just catch a movie. Maybe visit Blondy mama and bother her.
Lucius Dalca 08/16/17 Text: My Tum
I miss you too, darling. Moscow isn't the same without you.
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Well, red, seems we part as friends, then." He offers a hand to shake, seemingly pleased with the interaction. And, choosing to stick with the nickname than her actual name. But, it was nice to know if he had to call her out of a crowd. "Thanks for the chat. See you around, eh?"
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"E-readers are sh!t. Stick to books. They were never meant to be a dying medium." He replies with obvious conviction. "My mother was a librarian. S'pose the industry is just fine for a volunteer, but you'd sooner find me in a bookstore than shopping for e-books." There's an earnest passion in his tone, clearly having touched upon a subject of important with him. "Happy to find someone who understands the sentiment. Electronics are good for plenty... Just not the written word."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"My mother lived in books. I'm just happy I didn't get something worse, like Ishmael or Gatsby. Atticus, I can work with." He offers a teasing frown, which quickly reverts back to an easy smile. "You're familiar with Harper Lee's books, then? Mockingbird is a classic. Couldn't put down the sequel, though."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"I suppose you're more of a Greek buff than I am." He smirks, lifting a hand to dust off his shoulder. "I'm modestly well read. I do enjoy a good book. Why? Going to induct me into a book club?"
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"I'm named for the book character, not the philosopher. At least, that's what my mother told me. Hence 'Lee' as my middle name." He tilts his head. "Didn't catch a name there, red."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"What? Sarcasm? From me? Impossible." Atticus grins. "Name's Atticus. And you are?"
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Right. Thaaaaanks."
Lucius Dalca 08/13/17 Text: In Trouble Wife
Why would you do this to us?!
Lucius Dalca 08/11/17 Text: Arching an eyebrow @ Wife
Don't you dare Autumn Dalca...
Lucius Dalca 08/10/17 Text: My Sweet, Tender Wife
Please don't...
Lucius Dalca 08/10/17 Text: My Wife
I love you more :D
Soleil Whitaker 08/09/17 Soleil is very much aware that she's a long way from home. Anywhere outside the walls of the Compound, or away from the security of the New York brownstone could be considered a foreign place. London is no exception. Despite the New York-like bustle, the English hub often proves to be rather overwhelming for the young Whitaker. And she is not at all surprised by the sensation of nimble fingers reaching into her back pocket.

Autumn Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!

“My wife keeps telling me that my ass attracts unwarranted attention,” she laughs, turning to face the woman who’d just tried to rob her. Soleil immediately recognizes her petite frame and shockingly red hair - they’d passed each other in the Order’s halls once or twice. Perhaps that was the motivation behind trying to pickpocket her? With an amused grin, she adds, “That’s one way to greet a stranger."
Elouise Warrock 08/09/17 Autumn
I will exchange one baby picture for every muffin.
Elouise Warrock 08/09/17 Autumn
Send me baked goods.
Pretty sure your baking cures cancer.
Elouise Warrock 08/09/17 Autumn
I'm snuggling his little butt right now.
Still doesn't change a thing.
Elouise Warrock 08/09/17 Autumn
Of course it would be different.
There was a time where I was included. Now everyone feels I must be left in the dark for my own protection.
Elouise Warrock 08/08/17 Autumn
Of everything.
I'm not being taken seriously because I'm a mother.
Jameson is my husband, yet everyone is keeping me in the dark.
Elouise Warrock 08/08/17 Autumn
He's getting in the way.
Elouise Warrock 08/08/17 Autumn
I haven't heard anything since the night you left.
I'm just sitting here, waiting for someone to tell me something about my husband.
Elouise Warrock 08/07/17 Autumn
If it felt like we were married, I'd know, right?
It shouldn't even be a question.
I don't know.
Elouise Warrock 08/07/17 Autumn
I don't actually know if we're still married.
Is that weird? I guess it's weird.
Elouise Warrock 08/07/17 Autumn
Ugh. I know. Check your email inbox. It'll be swarmed with Logan pictures imminently.
Omg. Two months?? OMG.
9/27/17 will mark one year for Jameson and I.
WTF on that account, too.
Elouise Warrock 08/07/17 Autumn
All baby dates are Lucius-inclusive.
Speaking of baby dates, I can't believe he's almost a month old.
Elouise Warrock 08/07/17 Autumn
He IS super snuggly. :')
Skype date soon? You can see how much chunkier he's gotten.
Elouise Warrock 08/06/17 Autumn
Logan misses you taking him for several hours so his mommy can go drink.
Summer 08/02/17 Domestic Goddess
If you're still in a baking mood, Kiernan reports he likes 'samoas'. Didn't know what the fvck those were, so I googled them. Now I know why I didn't: guess they are Girl Scout cookies. I don't recall seeing any girl scouts come to our house growing up, haha. Probably were warned away by their parents.
Anyway. So I guess just some coconuty, caramely, chocolatey goodness would do. You're the kitchen witch, I'm sure you could concoct something amazing of the sort.
Winter stopped by for a visit. It sure was nice seeing his face. Where do you and Lucius live? I still owe you a visit.
Lucius Dalca 07/31/17 Text: My Tum
Nothing at all. But that is what they do over there with foreigners.
Lucius Dalca 07/30/17 Text: My Tum
I agree. The food is amazing. We shall begin planning!
PS: We might be followed around.
Lucius Dalca 07/30/17 Text: My Tum
Hell yes! I would absolutely love to. That place looks like heaven. The picture not the country itself.. Commies are *******s.
Lucius Dalca 07/29/17 Text: My Tum
I am? Look at your rear view mirror...
Lucius Dalca 07/29/17 Text: My Tum
You think you can take on my Mercedes?
Lucius Dalca 07/29/17 Text: My Tum
Autumn Leaf Dalca... Run
Lucius Dalca 07/29/17 Text: My Tum
Holy sh*t... I was sooo drunk... Where are you getting this?!
Lucius Dalca 07/28/17 Text: My Tum
Where you found that!? That photo should have been burned
Lucius Dalca 07/28/17 Text: My Tum
We gotta do it again :D Next week?
Idris Mowbry 07/26/17 Pretty Lady
[Picture Message]
He is very, and I will never be. But here's my face for ya.
Lucius Dalca 07/26/17 Text: My Tum
>.> How long were you planning for this time?
We will make it a date then! Sounds good with me :D
Lucius Dalca 07/26/17 Text: My Tum
If it is like last night for you then I might need ice :O
Let's do it! You know London more than me afterall. Know the best areas?
Lucius Dalca 07/26/17 Text: My Tum
I don't know to be honest but I would like to do it for sure. Sounds pretty fun :D First for everything, right?
Lucius Dalca 07/25/17 Text: My Tum
I am happy that you had fun, love. To be honest, I have never ridden a horse before.
Summer 07/24/17 Funny Girl
I laughed way too hard at your text. Maybe I should ask Kiernan if he was dropped on his head too. I don't think I know him well enough for that though.
For real though, we have like, the entire Samsonite set worth of baggage. It's a cute set though. Best believe we pack our crazy stylishly!
I'll ask Kiernan what type of cookie he likes. I meant it when I said we don't know a whole lot about each other. Knowing someone's Top Three Favorite Cookies seems pretty important, so I'll get on that crucial conversation as soon as I can.
Tech stuff, eh? What exactly does Lucius do? Or is that 'proprietary information'?
Summer 07/24/17 Domestic Goddess
My stomach just growled at the thought of your baking. There's one thing for your 'to-do' list. Send your dear, sweet, cooking-challenged sister a care package of noms??
You are smart as a whip, focused, driven, and talented. I have no doubt you'll figure out stuff soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the down time. You deserve it.
Things are good on this end. Winter is here for a visit, which is nice. I haven't spent quality time with him since London I think.
As for Kiernan, well, we went on a date. And I'm just adjusting to this idea that I'm someone who dates. Or is dated. It's weird. A very foreign concept. It is as jarring a thought as when I realized I had wings. Like, so I guess this is me now? He hasn't run, which means he deserves a medal of some sort, haha. At least a participants ribbon. "Survived a date with Summer and didn't lose my goddamned mind".

I look forward to that care package. :D
Summer 07/24/17 Hot Stuff
You still honeymooning? I hope so.
I thought of you when I was shopping today. Check out these shoes I bought. For work, of course. They glow under black lights!
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Autumn
I love Jameson.
But that love pales in comparison to what I feel for this little boy.
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Autumn
My happiness is a product of Logan's.
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Autumn
My child is safe, and happy.
Nothing else is as important.
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Autumn
Always waiting.
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Autumn
There's something they're all not telling me.
It can't be good.
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Autumn
He's not my Jamie anymore.
Lucius Dalca 07/22/17 Lucius looked up from his movie and saw an expression on Autumn that said it all before she even delivered the news, "Alright love. Let's go home." He responded back as he turned off the TV and went with her to gather their things before they were gone. The flight home was quieter than usual but once they made it to London it was as always. Their cats were happy to see them, and business was as every other day.

"You know if we ever have kids I want to get them all the disney movies.." He commented to Autumn randomly while she was cooking them dinner, "The old ones and the new ones coming out"
Elouise Warrock 07/21/17 Autumn
Just wanted to let you know (and Lucius), that everything's okay.
I'll be fine.
He's alive. He's with Noura and Jason. I guess...that's all that matters.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Elouise blinks, considering her words carefully. She recalled the prior discussion. She understood. "No. Not yet. If Logan is here...Jameson will come looking."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 "I think you and Lucius both should go." She replied quietly. "Once the security system defaults." There is a stillness to her then, as looks her friend over. "I don't know what happens, now. With me, and with Jameson. I don't know if he's the same person. But..."

She glanced down at Logan, allowing him to take hold of her pointer finger. "I have to be here for him. I have to see this through."
Lucius Dalca 07/20/17 Lucius looked around the room as the very familiar sound of a compound going on lock down rang across the building. He rose an eyebrow looking at Autumn, "Well well well... It seems our friend's primitive security just locked us in..." He commented to Autumn with a small chuckle before she went to Elouise room. He wasn't going to bother checking the timer on the lock down even though he could have disarmed everything from his laptop. They were secured enough and that's what mattered to him for the moment, "I'll just keep watching Moana....."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Bloodshot eyes stared up at Autumn, emotionless. "Jameson's..." She suddenly becomes aware of Logan's wailing, enough for her to pull back from Autumn and gather him up in her arms. "Jason's going to him. Noura's already there. Wherever the hell he is...everyone gets to know but me."

There is an obvious resentment in her tone, now. "I love him. I love him enough to walk away from all of this...and I can't even get a phone call, or a text. Not even a mention of his well-being."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Autumn
I'm in my room.
Come take Logan, please.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Autumn
that seems presumptuous~
i'm snugglin with the boy right now.
bring cheeseburgers
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Autumn
I'll let u hold Wolverine
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Autumn
hungover am need food pls and champagne thank u pls bye
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Autumn
omg where r u
this bar is FULL of nice man butts
Elouise Warrock 07/18/17 Autumn
You can hold him for as long as you want. Sh*t.
Elouise Warrock 07/18/17 Autumn
Interim* kitchen wench, then.
...maybe one butt touch. But a nice touch.
Elouise Warrock 07/18/17 Autumn
I guess I'll have to buy my bread from the store.
You're my new kitchen wench.
Elouise Warrock 07/17/17 Autumn
How good are you at making mac n cheese?
Lucius Dalca 07/15/17 Text: My Tum
I dont know, love. The money is stacking up!
Also don't I get those for free now? :O
Lucius Dalca 07/14/17 Text: My Tum
You mean you haven't gotten paid enough with those sticky fingers of yours, love?
Lucius Dalca 07/14/17 Text: My Tum
That is so weird... So weird...
But alright I will see you here, my darling wife.
Are you going to sit me?
Lucius Dalca 07/14/17 Text: My Tum
Yes for the second part... What do you mean about the first part...
Lucius Dalca 07/14/17 Text: My Tum
Yeah you are washing your hair when you get here... Camels are gross.
Lucius Dalca 07/14/17 Text: My Tum
You did?
Wait... You did??? I'd say just tie the reins somewhere and walk away
Lucius Dalca 07/14/17 Text: My Tum
What camel............
Summer 07/11/17 Baby sis
How did you get so wise, sissy-pants?
After reading your emails, I had a good long sit-n-stare with the wall. Well, me and my bong did.
I think...I think I'm gonna try to take your advise. What's the worst that could happen?
Or rather, what's the best that could happen? I could end up like you, blissed out and happy.
I'm scared though. Anyway. Thank you for your words and wisdom. I still don't get how you got so wise!
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
He's my guy. Always will be.
Might kick his ass when he comes home, but I'll always love him.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
...something about Jameson.
I'd have a f*cking litter.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
Mine work a little too well.
Wolverine is a prime example of that.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
I said something similar once...
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
Wishful thinking, on your part. You just want more babies. ;)
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
Hard enough to protect one child on my own.
Wouldn't risk anymore.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
He's so f*cking cute.
But no more.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
It's his smile!
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
He developed a cure for cancer.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Autumn
I think Logan is a baby genius.
Summer 07/09/17 Autumn
I'm glad it makes sense. Things felt different when I returned; my body, myself- I respond differently to things? Like, spiritual places feel almost nourishing so to speak. Hell, maybe they are. I don't get it most of the time.
Anyway, it's comforting to hear it isn't just me though.
Related-unrelated-whatever- when you and Lucius first got together. Like, romantically. How did you get past the barriers? The mental ones?
Sorry if that is too heavy to ask while you're trying to relax and bask in love!! You can respond later, when you're back to real life.
Summer 07/09/17 Autumn
I can practically smell the flowers and spices, practically hear the sounds of the city streets and the languages around me.
That temple though...I need to visit it. The picture alone looks very serene and close to source. If that makes sense. Being in those places makes me feel whole. I'm not even stoned, I mean it.
I'm really glad you're having a sublime time. It looks relaxing and romantic-the exact combination for a perfect honeymoon, imo!
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Autumn
Soon enough. Before he gets too big.
He just woke up from his nap.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Autumn
He gave Summer a run for her money!
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Autumn
He was 8 pounds at birth. Still premature. Pretty sure if I had carried him to term I would have ripped in half. WTF.
Only four fingers. Total. He's got permanent Spock hands.
KIDDING. He's all put together. I promise.
And he has the cheesiest smile ever. :)
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Autumn
He's so snuggly. And his tummy? Omg.
His rolls have rolls. The boy is THICC.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Autumn
He's too f*cking cute to be an Orlav.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Autumn
He's good. I'm good. We're all good.
And yeah! Logan Jameson Orlav.
...or Warrock. I think he's more of a Warrock.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
...that might be perfect.
Logan? Omg.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
I'm naming him Wolverine.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
Are you pregnant?
Middle name it is then.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
Lucius Jr. it is!
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
Nope. Pretty sure he's the Enola Gay and my garden is Hiroshima.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
My secret garden was just weed-wacked by a f*cking tiny, screaming goblin.
I'm naming him Hulk.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn*t. I'm straight out of ideas.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
Yes you do. Duh. Sit, stay, roll over, don't sh*t yourself...the mf basics.
Rambo is a great f*ckin name.
I'm going to name him Elouise Junior.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Autumn
Is it like a dog? I can't teach him tricks until he has a name, right?
No. Jameson and didn't discuss names. I don't know if Rambo was legitimate or a joke, now...Omg. Can I name him Rambo?
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Autumn
He doesn't have a name.
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Autumn; Lucius
Summer 07/07/17 New Bride
It looks like someone is living the sweet life- deservedly so! You know, I've never been to India. That picture alone has it bumping up the list. The food alone....omg the food. Get in mah belly.
Elouise Warrock 07/06/17 Autumn
New life.
Sometimes I forget he's happening.
Elouise Warrock 07/06/17 Autumn
What if he doesn't want to come back?
Elouise Warrock 07/06/17 Autumn
He's most likely dead.
I should be, too.
Elouise Warrock 07/06/17 Autumn
I'm not interested in a life without him.
Elouise Warrock 07/06/17 Autumn
When I wake up every morning, there's a few minutes where reality hasn't yet set in. And then I reach for a man that isn't there, and it all comes crashing down again.
I wasn't meant to do this alone.
Elouise Warrock 07/05/17 Autumn

Lucius Dalca 06/29/17 Text: My Tum
Ill make it count ;)
Lucius Dalca 06/28/17 Text: My Tums
You are mine. That is never going to change.
I put a ring on it
Lucius Dalca 06/27/17 Text: My Tum
In case I didn't tell you how much I love you too.
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 Autumn
Thank you for this, Autumn.
We'll talk more once you're here.
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 Autumn
Let me know when you arrive.
I've established new security protocols.
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 Autumn
Jameson is missing.
I don't know what to do.
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 Autumn
Do you have a secure line to communicate?
Ask Lucius.
This is serious.
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 Autumn
I need you.
Lucius Dalca 06/25/17 Text: My Tum
Ill just get more hungry :O
Lucius Dalca 06/25/17 Text: My Tum
Only when I am hungry for a certain red head. ;)
Lucius Dalca 06/24/17 Text: My Tum
I kinda want some mucenici bread. They are soo good! When are you going to be back?
Lucius Dalca 06/21/17 Text: My Wife
That is true. I guess we can have a second place in Romania too if that is what you would like. We will live in London for now but have another house in Transylvania.
Lucius Dalca 06/21/17 Text: Sugar Lips
Its quite lovely isn't it :-) What about your job though? You would actually want to live in Romania?
Idris Mowbry 06/20/17 Autumn
It's not nearly as bad as it sounds. The little ones are easy to deal with.
My mother has an obsession with her stupid husband.
I don't know why. Jace is nothing like a teddy bear.
I got TeddyJace's arm, though. Wanna see?
Idris Mowbry 06/20/17 Autumn
Yeah, my mom has been making them.
They have homicidal tendencies or they are just really depressing.
Their ring leader is a giant one named Teddy Jace who, after my last attempt on his life, disappeared somewhere into the castle catacombs.
Idris Mowbry 06/20/17 Autumn
Hunt murderous teddy bears of terror.
Peruse the castle grounds. There's a lot of hills and the ocean isn't far.
The beach is quite nice.
Also, the undead butlers will play hide and seek if you ask nicely.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
I love you, even married.
You know I'm selfish.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
I don't know where tf Jason is.
It doesn't matter, I'm up. I'm going to bake Winter cookies so he doesn't kill us all.
I'm grumpy. GDI.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
Ellie will burn. Ellie wants to burn. Ellie has not slept in two days because Rambo is doing somersaults in her f*cking ovaries.
I don't know where tf Jameson is. He only responds to my texts if I say I'm in labor.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
It can burn.
My feet and ankles are so sore and swollen I wouldn't be able to help him, or escape.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
I live with Jameson. I will have a half-me, half-Jameson baby.
My life has been over since he kissed me.
So long as you, Summer, and Winter are here to take me out once this satan spawn is born, take as long as you'd like in India!
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
Almost there still isn't THERE. I need this little assh*le out ASAP.
India sounds lovely! Promise to send pictures. Now that my life is almost over, I will live vicariously through you.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Autumn
I'm fine, Rambo is ready to GTFO.
Where are you honeymooning?
Elouise Warrock 06/18/17 Autumn
Adore you and miss you.
How is Lucy?
Lucius Dalca 06/17/17 Text: My Tum
Yes we are and I am not sure yet.. I think next weekend we will be doing it if I am not mistaken.
Oooo it depends where we go. Do you know a place?
Lucius Dalca 06/17/17 Text: My Tum
I can't help it almost all the time. Im the lucky man.
Lucius Dalca 06/17/17 Text: My Tum
I never get tired of it.. The words are so lovely. My wife is very lovely.
Lucius Dalca 06/17/17 Text: My Tum
You were recording me the whole time?!?
Lucius Dalca 06/16/17 Text: My Wife
Now you got my curiosity.... I am coming for you now.
Lucius Dalca 06/15/17 Text: My Wife
Nothing at all.. Although how you plan on making it more difficult for me? You would have to have a witch or warlock on your side for that, love.
Lucius Dalca 06/15/17 Text: My Wife
Awwwww you make me want to chase you down right now.. You know I can too ;)
Idris Mowbry 06/15/17 Autumn
Do you have any cats?
I really like cats. And my cat is lonely.
He needs friends besides me.
Wanna come pet him?
Victor Lockheed 06/13/17 Thanks, Red. Good to be back.
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Text: All Yours
Welll.. I learned a new trick recently.. If you see or feel a spark, it means I found you.
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Text: My Lovely Lovely Wife
It feels so good you know.
Besides that he is a Blaize#2? Welllll I guess he could be a baker.. And you do?
It is a big @ss cake

Text: My Lovely Lovely Wife
On my way now.
Blaize E Summers 06/12/17 Red
I love you as well, Little Red.
I made my presence known to him just a minute ago.
Hopefully, he doesn't take my text as a message from beyond the grave.
Blaize E Summers 06/12/17 Red
It would be my honor.
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Text: My Wife
Whatever feels more natural for you, love. I don't mind. The title is already mine ;)
Wow that looks impressive... I didn't expect that from the guy.. Is it 'just' for us?
Idris Mowbry 06/12/17 Le Gasp!
What? Really? No foolin'?
I mean, I may have one piece. Out of curiosity.
Maybe two.
Lucius Dalca 06/11/17 Text: My Tum
Well its true, and I am honest.
I don't know.. They might still want you to be prepared for a ceremony.. Just a disclaimer, it involved a ritual too...... Surprise!
Lucius Dalca 06/11/17 Text: My Tum
Yeah.. Let's say we did and don't..
I love you! Its a great color on you :D
Ohhhh she must like it.
Lucius Dalca 06/11/17 Text: Tum/Wife
I can tell ya know.
Its the first choice. Trust me.
Make it dark blue though. ;)
Lucius Dalca 06/11/17 Text: Still Tum
My mother and sister are amazing. The males just got to get used to you.
Nice! Try blue this time?
Lucius Dalca 06/11/17 Text: My Gorgeous Wife
That is normal, love. I get nervous too when you call me husband but it feels so good.
And its going... We are having a very long chat but luckily, they are calm now.
How is your ladies date going?
Summer 06/10/17 Autumn
I'm really happy for you!
Summer 06/10/17 Autumn
I wager I will be the last Summers. Guaranteed. Winter will find some fella who will sweep him off his feet, then I'll be the last man standing!
I look forward to the party. I won't get too trashed, swear.
Summer 06/10/17 Mrs.
I had this crazy dream a while back in which I got hitched (??!!) and you and Winter got super pissed at me for not inviting to the big event.
Weird dream, yo.
CONGRATS!!! I'm happy for you! And will 100% not be staying at Chez Honeymoon when I come to London! At least that settles that.
Did you have a proper wedding? Did you wear white? Did you get presents? Are you going on a honeymoon? Those last two things are literally the only reason I can see to get hitched.
And...did you change your name?
Elouise Warrock 06/10/17 Autumn
My gift to you will be...
Rambo! You can keep him! Woo!
Elouise Warrock 06/10/17 Autumn
Omg. If you waited until after Rambo... He could be the flower boy. Or the ring bearer. And I could drink!
Elouise Warrock 06/10/17 Autumn
I'm so happy for the both of you! I love you!
Now I have to go threaten Lucius.
Idris Mowbry 06/10/17 Very Excited
You did?! And I wasn't invited?!
I am wounded, Autumn... oh, wait. I heal fast. HA!
Sure, sounds good to me! However...
I will need to speak to your husband before I can confirm his entrance.
Blaize E Summers 06/10/17 Married in Red
Well, Dalca has good taste, I will give him that.
Though I'm not fond of this arrangement, I will not interfere.
He's not the worst man to marry.
Idris Mowbry 06/10/17 HOT DIGGITY
I was say HELL YEAH!
I love new members!
Elouise Warrock 06/10/17 Autumn
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Red
You may trust him with your life.
I do not with mine.
See you soon.
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Red
Tell him personal business. Anything that doesn't involve me.
Right now I only trust my family.
I will be there.
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Red
Of course you can see me.
Tell me where, I will come.Just make sure you are not followed.
And don't tell Lucius.
Promise me.
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Red
Hello, love.
I'm sorry for the scare.
I just had to...collect myself. Literally.
I was in pieces.
Lucius Dalca 06/05/17 Text: My Tum
You are too. Who do you think I get it from ;)
Lucius Dalca 06/05/17 Text: My Tum
The best feeling in the world is waking up to this every morning...
Lucius Dalca 06/03/17 Lucius suddenly gets pounced by a bouncy Autumn while he had his back towards her. He laughed and moves his hands under her thighs to keep her up, "I just like to have money on me and you seem to like taking it." He blew raspberries at her and smiled at her last words, "I love you too.... Now hold on tight.." He said before suddenly sprinting across the house.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
Kick Jameson in the nuts, and you won't have to!
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
I'll send pictures of it.
Kick him in the nuts, then. I don't care.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
Nature can kiss my ass.
I don't know if it will. Will Jameson still love me? What if it looks like a CSI crime scene?
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
It's called a voluntary c-section, my friend. Hell if I'm ruining my downstairs this early in life.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
Yeah? Don't worry, I'll film the birth and send it to you.
August 21st seems like a good birthday for Rambo. Let's do it.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
When's your birthday? I can hold him in or squat him out. Gives me less dates to memorize.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
Mid-August, bbygurl.
You can help Jameson deliver said spawn, if you so desire.
...not that you would.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
Booze and pot sound like a goddamn dream come true right about now.
Elouise Warrock 06/02/17 Autumn
Of course I'll come.
An excuse to have my three favorite siblings on one place??
Elouise Warrock 06/01/17 Autumn
Visit from Winter? Summer? ...Summer's 'friend'? What kinda friend? OOOOO.
It's a surprise, woman. Jeez.
Trista is f*cking Satan. The visit went as expected.
Spring Taylor 06/01/17 Autumn
Cheers for the f-cking mug. I'm going to draw hair on it, so it's a Jew douche muffin.
Elouise Warrock 06/01/17 Autumn
I love your brother. And you. And Lucius. And Summer!
How are you? When are you back in London? I have a present!
Summer 05/31/17 Autumn
I forget that about you, your love and talent in cooking! Homecooked meals sound perfect. I fully understand the feeling of flitting about. Hell, I've only just started unpacking in my room in Sydney. Living out of a suitcase for nearly half leaves much to be desired. Funny, since not too lohg ago, I was stuck and unable to leave. One would think I'd hate to stay in one spot for too long. Which I guess is kinda true.
Summer 05/31/17 Autumn
To answer your questions: I'm not entirely sure!
I'm guessing I'll head back to Sydney after, unless something else catches my attention. I hadn't planned that far ahead.
I have no idea if he eats or drinks. Make no fuss on our account. We'll be in and out anyway.
Summer 05/30/17 Autumn
To be truthful, I hadn't thought that far ahead. I am not sure how long we are staying. It was intended on being a quick trip before knowing a visit was included. To my understanding, he mentioned he doesn't really sleep. So I guess he won't need a room. An empty balcony or quiet rooftop would be sufficient as far as I can tell.
I don't care much for that town, Autumn. I very much treasure our visit in Paris. That was fun!
Summer 05/30/17 Autumn
Of course the friend has a name. It's Kiernan. He's like me, kinda. Showing me the ropes 'n stuff. Maybe I can learn to control things without weed.
Not that I want to. It's just a nice option, not having the monkey on my back.
I'm surprised our idiot parents didn't not name one of us. name. Doesn't that seem like some dumb sh!t they'd pull? Fvck those guys. Hard. And not in the good way.
Spring Taylor 05/30/17 Autumn
Lard didn't work. You think super glue will?
Spring Taylor 05/30/17 Autumn
Casey is a f-cking freak. I'm going to cover him in f-cking toes so he offs himself.
Spring Taylor 05/30/17 Autumn
Good point. I could put it with d-cktard's stank @rse toe collection. F-cking creeper . Gray's suits have the bloody Jew on them.
Spring Taylor 05/29/17 Autumn
Why? I can just grow them in Gray's blimey closet or on D-cktard's bed. A present??
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
Damn shame. I guess I'll just empty the bottle then, lest it go to waste.
A friend from Azhi.
Spring Taylor 05/29/17 Autumn
Quite a bit. Gray got me a sapling f-cking junior for my sapling.
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
I'll be dragging a friend along for the ride.
Does Blaize or Sky have a grave marker? Maybe I'll pop by and drop a flower or bottle off.
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
There is some loose strings that I need to handle in London, so I suppose a trip is in order regardless of phantom-not-phantom men.
Plus, I think I can hear your plants crying from Sydney! It's just heartbreaking!
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
Mulțumesc, soră!
Save travels back to the homeland. I was gonna head there myself, but that mysterious dude with messages from the grave stopped texting. Hmm, maybe I was just really fvkcin high and conjured up his existence entirely.
I'm gonna go contemplate that right now.
Lucius Dalca 05/29/17 Text: My Tum
She isn't lying either. Its always been my thing ;)
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: My Tum
You already know about them thou. There is only you now ;-)
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: Wut?
What do you mean????
PS: I love you very much also :-x
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: My Tum
Besides my father and brother's ability? I am the baby of the family and my siblings very shadow until I went to school and met you.
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: My Tum
She will probably laugh it up. My family knows my addiction to fine booty >_> XD
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: My Tum
Have fun with that :D
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: My Tum
Spring Taylor 05/27/17 Autumn
I'm a better f-cking Jew than Gray.
Elouise Warrock 05/24/17 Autumn
...don't damage the baby makers.
I expect a very large family.
...okay so maybe one kick.
Elouise Warrock 05/24/17 Autumn
Best option? No.
But it's a secure compound.
He probably wouldn't drag my ass back if I went.
Your poor brother is going to blow his brains out.
Elouise Warrock 05/24/17 Autumn
I think I want to be with my mother.
I think Winter would off himself if he had to endure her.
Elouise Warrock 05/24/17 Autumn
I think I just need to leave Moscow for a while.
Elouise Warrock 05/24/17 Autumn
Let me know when you're back in London.
Maybe I'll come visit.
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
Maybe he's having an affair.
I don't know.
I don't care, anymore. I'm used to not being enough.
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
...I'm talking straight from my vay, girl.
But seriously. Jameson is so cute. I have a feeling I'm going to end up with like...12 Orlavs.
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
I'll give you babies!
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
I'm willing to pimp you out to him from time to time.
As long as I get snuggles. Jameson is the only other person who lets me drool on them.
...well. Winter does, but not really by choice.
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
Will you marry me, then?
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
So, what's the verdict? Do we like the family?
Are we getting wifed up, here?!
Omg. If not, you can always come co-parent Rambo with me.
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Autumn
I'll always be here for Winter.
And you, too. So sorry about your sister, gorgeous.
Summer 05/21/17 Autumn
Good news about Spring.
You stay safe as well. Have fun visiting the in-laws...I mean...Lucius' family! :D
PS If you could pick up a bottle of Țuică while you're there, that'd be fantastic. Believe it or not, it's hard to find.
Lucius Dalca 05/20/17 Text: My Tum
I wouldn't move.
Lucius Dalca 05/20/17 Text: My Tum
I am home, love. Why?
Elouise Warrock 05/20/17 Autumn
You'll be his favorite aunt.
...not like you have much competition, but still.
Lucius Dalca 05/19/17 Text: My Tum
Then I would change my statement to reflect you. You are my woman.
Lucius Dalca 05/19/17 Text: My Tum
Be a tiny redhead named Autumn Summers from London.
Lucius Dalca 05/19/17 Text: My Tum
I woke up loving you.
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Autumn
There is always FaceTime!
...and I play Rambo the voicemails you left me when he gets rowdy.
He may just love you already. ❤️
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Autumn
Rambo misses you too.
He was calm af when you'd talk to him.
Now he just kicks my bladder.
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Autumn
Hey stranger.
I miss you.
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Text: My Tum
We.. we will? But what about work????
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Text: My Tum
I love you too, darling. How long is this marathon??
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Text: My Tum
I shivered... Why did I just shivered reading that?!
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Text: My Tum
Pfft I am an angel!
Ummmm who is Nicholas Sparks?
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Text: My Tum
I have no idea! I am innocent of all charges your honor :O
Wait we are? I don't think I have ever seen that movie.
Spring Taylor 05/18/17 Autumn
They make good businessmen. That's why I'm a Jew now. I'm wearing a f-cking pantsuit and everything.
Spring Taylor 05/18/17 Autumn
Stupid f-cking gits. I have the best f-cking manners. I out manner the jew.
Spring Taylor 05/18/17 Autumn
Chomp, chomp mother f-cker! Show that to Twitchy. That's going to be him if he f-cks around and sends me back to bloody manner t-ts school.
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Automatic Text: We're sorry, but the phone you have reached is currently dropped on the ground. Please check over the corner at the man running towards you. Thank you. Good Luck.
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: My Tum
Yes! You have 23 thousand to answer for ;)
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: My Tum
Oh they are very comfortable for me ;) I might take their spot.
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: My Tum
Never... You just are!
Speaking of which, are they both with you right now?
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: My Tum
OMG you are so f*cking adorable.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
I am in the terrace.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Lucius smiled seeing her text and knowing she meant it deeply.

Text: My Tum
You are my heart and lungs, Autumn Summers.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text:  My Tum 
It isn't, love. Every single moment with you was held dearly.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
True but we were only together in school for 3 years, love.
Spring Taylor 05/15/17 Autumn
Did you touch my f-cking b-tch? She looks just like me. Don't f-cking do that.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
I am used to you having tattoos like you are used to me not having them. It just fit us and I like it. Very refreshing ;)
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
I am teasing, love. I love your body as it is.
Wait you do? Seriously??
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
Hmm how about... "Belong to Lucius" with a lightning bolt? XD
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
Only if you get a tattoo too.. :O
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
I am always your pillow. Always
Might as well tattoo that on my chest :p
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
Order a pizza, darling. We can watch a movie here.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Lucius chuckled reading her last text as he hacked and zoomed in one of the street cameras to her @ss, "Mmmmmmm." London was filled with cameras in nearly every street and store. They were far too easy for him to take control from his home station without any issues of detection.

Text: My Tum
Hehehe I'll try to..
And that is up to you. I'd rather we just relax but I also love your pizzas.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: My Tum
Well I had you for lunch ;)... How about some pizza tonight?
Summer 05/15/17 She took a while before responding to her sister. The angel was indeed triggered. The invocation of her presumably deceased brother. What she perceived was a brush off. Isolation from her family-a trigger very deeply ingrained and tangled with a host of other issues. The conclusion that Blaize was in hell. All the feelings surrounding that- running the gamut from fear to familiarity.
Lastly, the meta notion of being triggered seemed to be a trigger. This man wanted to meet? She couldn't even read and respond to a text without her feathers getting ruffled. Literally. White wings stretched out, the pink tips brushing against furniture as she paced in her room. Space. She needed more space.
Walking into the main room at the Azhi compound, Summer paced more, treading a path around the room. This man wanted to bequeath an estate here in Australia. The nerve. She'd moved into Blaize's home before, thinking she'd be with her family. Au contraire, the halls empty and cold with all her family enthralled elsewhere. It had been, unbeknownst to Summer, the straw that sent her deep.
And now her brother sent a puppet to talk in his stead. Taking a deep toke, Summer sat back on an oversized chair. Feeling more herself, she replied.

Alright I'm feeling a little better. Nothin a little herb can't fix.
I am fairly certain his interest in talking to me has been rescinded after my last exchange. If I were to meet, my wings would be out. I'm not accustomed to having people see them. Isn't that funny? I take off my clothes for money, but won't let just anyone see that one part of me.
Sure. If Blaize can send a spokesperson, so can I, right? I only want words, something he never gave to me anyway. I have exchanged about three texts with this mystery man and it is nearly a longer convo than any I had with Blaize.
I do not accept the estate. Or any monetary inheritance. I'll send you my short list of charities for those.
I miss him too. And worry for him, especially if he is where I think he is.
I appreciate you, sissypants.
Summer 05/15/17 Autumn
I already told him where I am. I'm presently on holiday in Santorini, trying to fvcking relax but there's too many god damned tourists and I these texts from this fvcking grifter....
I need to blow off some steam. So help me god, if a hot cabana boy walks by, I'm gonna play "fvck, marry, kill" on one single person.
I don't think I can meet this person face to face. I can't keep it together. My wings...and...I can't. I'm trying but I can't figure out how to control it. Aside from blessed drugs.
Summer 05/15/17 Autumn
Sober. Yes. Again, still. Who fvckin knows.
If I were a good angel, I'd listen. Do unto others and all that horse sh!t.
You're the one he wants to talk to. That has been made abundantly clear..
Apparently there is an estate in Australia. Perhaps you can stay there and regale me with the story someday.
Summer 05/15/17 And just like that, her newfound buzz started to wear off as her wings threatened to make another appearance. Letting out a hiss of steam, Summer tapped out her reply.

I concur with all of what you say.
This supposed "inheritance"? Don't want it.
Information about Blaize? Blaize spoke approximately three sentences to me since I got back (NOT an exaggeration). And now he sends some sulphuric lackey to have a conversation?
Summer 05/15/17 Autumn
I got a text from some bellend talking about Blaize. Never got his name, didn't care to ask.
Just replied, actually. me worked up. Smoking now to settle myself.
Be careful with him.
Mackenzie 05/14/17 You'd think the Realm would realize that Mackenzie Brooks has a low bullsh-t tolerance, but no. Apparently not. There are still some who think the seasoned veteran of mayhem is someone to be trifled with, and it rather amuses her. The girl who chooses to test those boundaries this evening is far from slick, chubby fingers digging right into her pocket and wiggling as if she had all the room in the world.

What is with this millennial generation in the Realm? Tact has gone out the window, obviously. No care to perfect their skills, and it is both sad and unimpressive.

Nevertheless, Mackenzie sighs and allows the girl to think she's doing a great job, even going so far as to slow her pace as she walks. There is a small amount of cash in her pocket, and obviously this girl needs it more than her.

Poor thing.

A icy cold glance is tossed over her shoulder, blue eyes boring into the girl. She'd take the money, and Mackenzie would give her a tip.

"Next time, try to pick a less alert target."

Autumn Summers just stole $87.00 from you!
Lucius Dalca 05/04/17 Text: My Tum
Ooooo in that case then absolutely! I would love to. Wear something sexy ;)
Lucius Dalca 05/04/17 Text: My Tum
How does tomorrow sometime in the evening sound? I am not certain of the situation with preggy but she will have protection, if you want her to come along?
Lucius Dalca 05/04/17 Lucius texts Autumn literally from the other room. Text: My Tum
Wanna watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume:2?
Summer 05/03/17
Elouise Warrock 05/03/17
Jameson Orlav 05/03/17 *flexes*
Jameson Orlav 05/03/17
Caitlyn Darrow 05/02/17 *Inadvertently shoves poster in face*
Does this make me look sexy?
Elouise Warrock 05/02/17 Oh my god. I love you.
Summer 05/01/17 Hellcat
Well, that certainly isn't the news I was expecting.
Be careful. He's been nice to me, but I know that's just one aspect of him.
....Autumn....the Brothers are there. I saw them. I thought they were my punishment. Just...please stick to Lucius' side. Like glue.
Above all-fvcking come back to me. Don't stay down there. I don't care how great it is or if you don't find Blaize or if he doesn't want to return. Come back. I need you to promise.
I can't fvcking lose any more of you.
Summer 05/01/17 Summer stared at her phone and tried to remember if vampires could get pregnant. What else could Autumn be so hush-hush about? Trying to hold down excitement at being an auntie, she sent her reply.

Hot Mama
My lips are sealed. What's up?
Elouise Warrock 05/01/17 To be clear, Elouise and Autumn were most certainly sneaking away with Summer to learn how to poll dance. F*ck Lucius. Well, wait. Lucius is nice.

"You had every right to be mad. I was totally insensitive..." Without another word, the blonde give an awkward, one armed hug to the ginger, having to stoop since she's 'fun-sized'. "You're my best friend too."
Elouise Warrock 05/01/17 For the record, Elouise probably would have preferred her nude. Nevertheless, she stuffs her working hand into the pocket of her jeans, feet scuffing the floor beneath her. "I'm sorry I lied, and made you worry, and hurt you. I was reckless, and unfair, and stupid."

After a painful pause, she lifts her gaze. "You were right."
Elouise Warrock 04/30/17 As it was clear that Autumn would be ignoring her texts, (she was, of course, unaware the woman had broken her phone), Elouise manages to get herself out of bed to go and knock on the door that no doubt housed Lucius and Autumn on the other end.

"Are you still ignoring me? Can we talk, please?" She pauses. "'s Elouise, in case you didn't realize." Smooth.
Idris Mowbry 04/30/17 Autumn
We leave tomorrow.
I'll make preparations.
I will come to you in Moscow.
Summer 04/29/17 Juggling her purse, two bouquets of flowers, a suitcase, a laptop carrier and a joint delicately grasped between two fingers, Summer was unable to fish her phone out of her purse. Had she known an obituary was needed for yet another of her fiery sister's devices, she'd not even considered it. Ringing the doorbell again, she lifted her chin up and yelled in a sing-song voice, loud enough to wake the dead,
"Elouise! Autumn!!! I'm here! Open the f-cking door, I'm freezing my god damned t!ts off out here!"
Elouise Warrock 04/29/17 Autumn
I'll get out of bed and come to your room if you don't answer.
Your choice.
Elouise Warrock 04/29/17 Autumn
Are you still ignoring me?
Summer 04/29/17 Autumn
Sissypants- I just landed (omg finally). I have a driver- now I just need the address. And any code or whatever to get in. Name on the list, whatever. I guess I could tell security I am there for Elouise's stripper lessons. They'd be like "oh yea, we've been expecting you".
Winter is being curious. Like, more so than normal. If you see him before I arrive, stall his ass. I need to see him.
Jameson Orlav 04/29/17 Autumn
It's alright. I'm taking care of it. Elouise is not going to be leaving the compound for a while. She bares a striking resemblance to Rapunzel, don't you think?
Lucius Dalca 04/29/17 Lucius remained calm and relaxed despite the tension in the air. Usually he would be doing a spell to calm her down but before he had the chance to do it she had already stormed out and left her phone with him. Luckily, Autumn wasn't pregnant. She was considerably stronger than him so he didn't have much to worry about besides waiting for her to cool off and come back. If she had scratches on her hands he would be pissed though so he hoped she didn't do the one thing he didn't like her doing when she was in rage 'mode'.

For now, there was nothing for him to do except wait in the lobby on one of the couches with his laptop....... "Dam, we should have settled in the room first before my stupid @ss went to say goodnight.." He murmured to himself.
Elouise Warrock 04/29/17 Autumn
Oh my god. I didn't even leave The Order's grounds. If you had bothered to check beyond my room, you'd know that.
I lied because I'm not supposed to be out of bed, Autumn. I have protection, I'm not an idiot. And Jason is patrolling, regardless.

Don't bring my f*cking kid into this, or our friendship. You know I love you, Autumn.
You have no idea how frustrated I am, sitting in that room all day, totally f*cking hapless. I needed to feel the air on my bones. Is that so much to ask? For a moment to myself, outside of that glorified prison cell?
Lucius Dalca 04/29/17 Lucius started to get more serious when he noticed the change in Autumn, "I don't know, love" He paused staring at her quietly for a few seconds before bringing up a little detail she had forgotten, "I brought my business laptop... We can track her via her phone number if that is what you want? You have to be positive you want me to do this because she might not be happy to know she was tracked down.."

Buzz. Buzzz

He looked down at his phone and read the text message before looking over to Autumn, "She is on her way back now. I think she is packing a piece too."
Elouise Warrock 04/29/17 Autumn
I didn't ask Jameson to square away babysitters. I went for a walk, Autumn, because I wanted to be alone.
Keep Jameson out of this.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Autumn
I'll be home shortly.
Don't worry about it, Autumn.
I'm a f*cking adult.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Autumn
I, quite honestly, have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm right where you left me.
Go to sleep, Autumn.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Lucius listened to Autumn and from her reaction it wasn't going to be good. He sighed and thought to himself, 'No sexy time tonight.'

He looked at her quietly expecting an answer on what they were to do.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Autumn
Walking my goldfish.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 He returned Autumn's kisses and added another two more while he was at it, "I guess that is true...." He looked down at his tiny redhead, "Its going to be super fast though! I need my midnight snack" He winks before heading over to Elouise's room.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Lucius looked up once Autumn came into his sight and grin, "Darling! Do you know the room we are staying? I is tired." He went over to her and gave her a gentle bear hug.
Summer 04/28/17 Autumn
I don't care how cute a pilot or the flight attendant is, how much complimentary champagne they keep pushing on me, or how much leg room I have on this Dassault Falcon- transcontinental flights are a f-ckin drag. I think we're somewhere over Kazakhstan right now.

I'm just really looking forward to seeing you and Winter. Maybe Blaize's...disappearance? Death? Maybe it's hitting harder than I thought. Could be why I'm spending my time fantasizing putting one of my feathers into whoever shot Elouise's eye. God, that'd be glorious.
Ooo, they're bringing me fresh baked cookies. See ya soon!
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Autumn
You know where the extra rooms are?
I love you tons!
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 -squints at-
What the hell are you still doing here?
Oh. Oh wait. Are you and Lucius staying on the compound?
You probably should.
-pokes arm-
...speaking of, he's probably missing you. I've hogged enough Autumn time today.
Summer 04/28/17 A
Moscow is only 7 hours behind Sydney time. Trippy, yea?
I know Lucius has some business to tend to- making my vials!!! Or, you know, whatever you guys got going on. 😇
Summer 04/28/17 Autumn
Hmm. In Moscow? I suppose I could use some vodka and borscht. Not together though. That is disgusting.
I just texted a pilot I know. Don't ask. Or ask, I am an open book. Anyway. He says if I get my ass to the airport now, it's about an 18 hour flight. So...see you tomorrow?
I'll bring some "medicinals" for El. Wait, she's still pregs. Okay, more for me then.
Summer 04/28/17 Autumn daze
Mushrooms: I like to eat them and apparently I am one- I had not heard any pregnant women had been shot. Who the f-ck is gonna be on the business end of a roasting spit for f-cking with our girl?
Mushrooms, roasting spits...apparently I am hungry!
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
You are my air, Autumn.

Text: My Tum
On my way to the compound with the food. Im hungry too >_<
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 If only.
-yawns again-
I'm not even tired, I swear.
-leans on, already drooling-
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
Its fine. We both have a lot on our mind but that wouldn't stop us from looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Is that so? Well, your in my...arm. So.
-tired yawn-
We can always run away together, any time. I'm sure Jameson wouldn't mind.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
You never let me have any fun... :-/
Cu plăcere, dragă mea.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
Of course I do. Its very sweet!
Darling, if you are ever gonna be my manager you gotta learn the "Miscellaneous" tab on the bill..
45 minutes for the food :P
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
Awwwww you are using Romania. I love you very much too!
Doesn't she have a staff?
I am charging her husband extra for this..
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
You know exactly what I am talking about! Those are mine :D

Text: My Tum
Nobody can read this right?
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 It's just a snack...
Of course I'll share with you! You're my sister-friend.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 ...two pizzas. Extra cheese. And extra meat. All of the meats.
Oh! And mozzarella sticks, French fries...I'm not really that hungry, so maybe just one extra order of pierogies with that.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Lucius leaned on the wall to the corner of the compound and grin as he texted Autumn back.

Text: My Tum
Surprise, I know.
You are so freaking adorable!
Im gonna nibble you later... You know where. *wink emoji*
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Oh. Jameson usually just brings stuffed-crust pizza.
I am literally counting down the days until Rambo is here. ...mama needs tequila.
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
Ill be very careful.
You know I love you, right?
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: My Tum
I am sure it will be fine... Not a whole lot of people here that I can't handle. You seen me handle a gun ;)
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Sh*t. You caught my plan.
I can buzz him in, if he'd like. He doesn't have to lurk like he's my ex-husband.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 I only have a half-brother, and he's a sh*t. I can imagine...
-wraps good arm around-
I'm sure it has been, babes. But, we can be miserable together, right? wine date later?
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 What?
Oh. Oh my god. Autumn.
-reaches for hand-
Sorry, my brain is so foggy.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Well, if I wasn't shot, or, y'know, pregnant, I'd be in a position to be useful to my husband.
-licks cream cheese off a finger-
So instead, I get to sit here and wonder if anyone has died yet. It's great.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 -tired smile-
Thanks, Autumn. That means a lot.
I'm useless, so...I'll just be here, eating.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Well, it's not like I'll be going anywhere. And I have Winter!
-prods with good arm-
Thanks for coming. You really didn't have to.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Food is always welcome!
-already trying to stuff bagel into her mouth-
...m'fine. You?
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 -drugged and grumpy-
Too early for...
-food is mentioned-
I mean, hi! Come in.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Lucius looked down at her and thought about her question for a moment. It wasn't that he wouldn't be willing to help it was the fact that he never trusted demons to begin with. He trusted vampires even less until he found out his best friend to be one and that was a huge surprise. Many things had changed since then and now he had to put trust in her judgement with someone he hardly knew.

"This is a very dangerous thing you are asking, love.." He sighed adverting his gaze for a brief moment before bringing it back down to her. "I'll help but it is conditioned... I will come along and we will be there only to bring your brother out, if he wants."
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
And a vampire cannot pay in demonic power, can she? ;) Don't worry about it, toots.
He will. And if he's afraid you will be in danger, you won't. You guys will be invisible to all denizens of the underworld.
Nifty trick I picked up.
As for Kai...I'm working on that.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
Let me worry about that. The price is easily taken care of.
Now if you can get me someone who has lots of power I can make it happen.
However, you will need to follow everything I say. No exceptions.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Lucius felt her relaxing to his embrace and held her there comforting, "I knew he was a hell spawn..." He responded to her before pausing to listen to her words for her brother. It was hard to deny her the attempt to save Blaize. Truth be told if it was his brother he would be doing the same exact thing. Actually for any of his family members if he was being frank with himself. The Dalca were very close and they had to be in light of their past.

"You believe this man, Atom, can help get your brother out of hell? You trust him to do this?" He asked out of caution. Lucius and Atom had only met twice and the very first time it was anything but amicable. Granted, Lucius didn't do it out of malice but it is still a hell of a way to meet someone. Attack then rob. Not everybody takes that well.

"What does he want in exchange for his help?" Lucius knew everything had a price, especially with demons.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
You're still my soulmate!
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Why didn't I marry you?
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
He has the ability to grant demonic energy to anyone.
At a price.
We are going to need a LOT of power if we go that route.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Hey, at least love and marriage came before the baby.
I'm a hot mess, so I even surprised myself with that one.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
We can see if there's a demon willing to make a deal with him. He's dead, though, so he has nothing to trade...
We could just ask Lucifer.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
See, Jameson disguised his proposal as a business trip.
...and then we got sh*t faced and then married.
Same scenario created Rambo. 😎
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
I mean "does." Nobody becomes a demon of their own free will unless it's a mortal making a deal.
Damned souls stay damned souls...
Well, not always. There's certain exceptions...
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
He's a keeper.
I'd put a ring on that, if I were you...
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
So long as you don't tattle to Lucius!
He's incredibly anal retentive over my diet. London was a trip with him.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 "Just to give you a hug and asking if I can make her a remedy. That is pretty much it." Lucius said to her and chuckled a bit himself when she reminded him of Jameson, "I was reallly drunk.. I'll probably remember better when I see him again. Oh and I might have to take my business laptop with me too, they need more security."

Lucius nuzzles the back of her neck and murmured, "It is okay.. Its a lot of things happening all at once." Another pause when she brought him Atom, "The price of bringing him back might be too costly, darling. It takes serious power and that is coming from a man with a blood line of energy conduits. It would require more time.."
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
...secret red wine date?
Pretty please? 😇
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
I think I'm just overtired.
Winter is here now.
See you soon?
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Lucius held her in his arms comfortably but was surprised by the invitation to the point he almost blurted out, 'The one that is a stripper'. He decided to be quiet for a few seconds before responding.

"The older one we saw in Paris." He paused, "The did? Really? I have never seen the man but I wouldn't mind going to Moscow." He responded thinking that the trip would keep her mind less focused on her journey into the abyss.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 He gave Autumn a hug from behind out of nowhere, "Its from your sister."
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
Well, you can carry him in a little bottle for the rest of your life?
The only other way around it is to make him a demon, and nobody die that willingly.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
Oh... that could be difficult.
Getting a demon out of Hell is one thing but a soul of the damned?
That's a recipe for disaster. He could become a ghoul, a poltergeist, even a Lich!
The last one is, like, worse case scenario. They're really bad.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
No, I won't give it up. Not unless it's what's best for him.
Of course he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Jameson is the love of my life. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't met him.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Sometimes love just complicates things.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
I'm not a stellar person.
He definitely does.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
How should I know he'd become a monster?
I never get the full story anyway.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Yes. I couldn't place why, at first.
The box of photos Jameson keeps in his desk drawer confirmed my assumptions.
Cole was his friend, once. His colleague, confidante. Everything.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
LoL, you funny.
But seriously?
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
I almost got my son killed. Point blank range, Autumn. That lunatic could have done whatever he wanted, and I put myself into the situation because my curiosity got in the way of sensibility.

Do you have any idea what that would have done to Jameson?
He deserves a wife who doesn't do reckless sh*t, and a baby whose mother can protect it.
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Autumn
Maybe not. But I'm sure there is no place for you in hell, either. Your curse should not dictate your eternity, my friend. As for Lucius... He loves you. If you never heed another piece of advice from me again; follow your heart in all things. He will come around, or he won't. But you already know what's right or you wouldn't be asking.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
I'd be just as safe with Trista.
And then Jameson wouldn't to worry.

I put a helpless life in the line of fire.
My judgement is sh*t. So I'll do what Jim needs and say what he needs to hear. I shouldn't have been so f*cking stupid.
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Autumn
What's this about? Are you alright?
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Autumn
That is a very hard question. It honestly would depend on the circumstances and the livelihood of everyone involved. Elouise and Noura mean everything. And my son...

I have to believe in hell. I find that I need to believe there is some eternal justice for the evil in the world.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
A soul doesn't equate to living! Anything with free will has a soul!
He may be in Purgatory, as well, if he was a vampire like the rest of you. If a creature lives by instinct and that ends up causing misfortune to others they go there.
Why do you wanna find him? Final gikdbyes?
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
I think it would be easier for Jameson if I weren't in Moscow at all, but...
I know. But I'm stressed. I worry for his sanity, sometimes, dealing with all of this. It's too much of a burden for any man, even my husband.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
Oh geez. That's tough.
I can't do it but if we know the person in questions prime sin we can go to the designated ring in Hell and inquire.
Why for?
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Autumn
There are few people whom I would give my life for.
My sister is one of them.
Idris Mowbry 04/27/17 Autumn
What can I do for ya?
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Don't think me obstinent when I insist that I am not helpless.
Pass that along to my husband, because I don't think he believes me when I say it isn't his fault.
I don't want him beating himself up. He has enough to worry about.
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Autumn
Of course he is welcome. Time is not a problem. You understand where I am coming from here, I'm sure. If anything happens where I need to be away, I just need someone around who we trust. Elouise kind of loves you, so I think that fits the bill.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Don't come just because Jameson asked.
I'm assuming he did, because I'm not stupid.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Aw. I love you.
But, I think this is Jameson's mission.
I'll see you soon, yeah? Can't be locked inside forever.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
I know. And I didn't want to tell you, because I didn't need you plagued with more worry or grief.
I'm comfortable, I'm safe, and Jameson takes care of me. You can't help the past, right?
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Autumn
I might, but he's mine. El is doing okay, but may need an extra set of eyes in the future, possibly disguised as a friendly visit. Are you picking up what I'm throwing down, ging?
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Autumn
Look, I should have been more careful.
But also, it's just a shoulder wound. I'm fine.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 AUtumn
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
Okay, so first, relax. I'm fine. Jameson took it out and stitched me up, and now I'm sitting pretty with a bag of Cheetos.
And...Jameson's former best friend / Noura's ex-boyfriend? I don't know, it's 900 shades of really f*cked up around here.

Like I said, though:
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
People get shot all of the time. It's fine!

Autumn the cat's out of the bag.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
Chalk it up to a Freudian slip?
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
I'm here no matter what, but you know that.
Lucky for you, I'm resilient.
Bullets don't got sh*t on me.

Hypothetically, of course.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
Forget about me. Are you okay?
Are you in London? I can get on the next flight if you need me.
I'm so sorry, babes.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
How are Lucy and the sibs?
I'm not allowed to leave the compound at the moment.
And I'm boooooored.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Autumn
Hey, BFF. I miss you!
Summer 04/25/17 Autumn
It definitely does hurt.
Hang in there, sweets. If you need anything, let me know.
I love you too.
Summer 04/25/17 Autumn
I've heard from Winter. He's the last brother remaining.
I'm doing alright. As I told Winter, I guess maybe since I've been to the other side, I know it isn't that scary. I know maybe we'll see him again? Then again, I've never been the most balanced individual. So who knows.
I'm glad you're hanging in there. And I'm glad for Lucius. I know you and Blaize had a bond. I...have few words of comfort. Other than if we don't see him again, I'm sure he told lucifer to unseat the throne and to gtfo. But I remain hopeful. He's stronger than me, and I made it out. He can too.
Summer 04/25/17 Autumn
I heard the news. How are you holding up, baby sis?
Spring Taylor 04/24/17 Autumn
I don't f-cking know. Maybe? When was the last you heard from that slow @rsehole?
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: Autumn
I have everything packed. Where are you?
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: Autumn
The locator spell will only take a minute but if you feel so strongly about it then I'll make the preparations. I am coming.
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: My Tum
Ill have my family's private jet fly us to London then. You think is that bad? I could do a locator spell, you know.
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: My Tum
I am in the kitchen looking for food.
Why, what happened?
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: My Tum
It's okay I dont mind exploring either. I'll just bring my GPS just in case. Although, I do have a compass! That's gonna be your souvenir.
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: My Tum
You know you could have woke me up. You have never stayed here before?
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: My Tum
I was wondering where you went... I almost got lost going to the bathroom too. What do you see around you?
Lucius Dalca 04/17/17 Text: My Tum
Never! :D
Lucius Dalca 04/17/17 Text: My Tum
I am not moving even a tiny bit.. Although I will have to say your ass is so much better than mine.. Soooo much.
Lucius Dalca 04/17/17 Text: My Tum
Its hard to resist you and even less this morning.. We can postpone just for a tiny bit ;)
Lucius Dalca 04/17/17 Lucius woke up to find the bed empty of his fiery ginger. He looked around and spotted the note. He read with with a wide smile and almost leaned his face to see if she had sprayed some of her perfume.

"I love that woman so much..." He grin and sent her a text.

Text: All Mine
You are so lovely and beautiful. I needs to kiss you at least for 2 hours this morning.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
I dressed up as a playboy bunny for Easter.
...except the zipper got stuck.
And then Jameson said putting on clothes was a waste of effort still together.
Needless to say, I've still got it. Or he has brain damage. ;)
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Speaking of, you would be so proud of me.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
I'm more partial to Grant Ward.
I'd climb that like a pole in a SECOND.
So would Jameson, apparently. Omfg.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Rambo is going to be lethal af. I'll just say 'cheese sandwich' in German and wake him up, Winter Soldier style.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
It's not that pretty of a language. But Jameson could make anything hot.
And he's like...weirdly obsessed with turning my damn baby into a sleeper agent.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
I agree! Any romance language is, really.
Jameson speaks...Czech? Polish?
I don't know. I don't understand it, but we play tapes to Rambo in his mother tongue.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
I know Spanish, and how to speak drug dealer.
Useful as hell.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Me llamo un poco pero no más bien.
Todo lo que necesitas saber decir es 'más vino' y 'te quiero'.
En el espíritu de eso, te amo mucho.
...I have a lot of time on my hands.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Well, it's usually fine. But I'm getting fat and have to pee all of the time.
Now I'm eating cheetos in bed. This is true damn love.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Adventuring is for days when my back isn't killing me / when Jameson isn't needy AF.
Today, my back is killing BECAUSE Jameson is needy AF. ;;))
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
My lips are sealed!
I'm never leaving this bed. I'm comfy AF.
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Pregnant, not dead. ;)
Oh, omg. Okay. Are you two having fun?
Elouise Warrock 04/17/17 Autumn
Hold on. I need to put clothes on.
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Idris Mowbry 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands his adopted sister a basket full of different wines, chocolates, a customized wine glass with her name on it, and stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!
-Hops away to his next victim-
Elouise Warrock 04/16/17 Autumn
My gorgeous best friend! Happy Easter!
What are you and Lucius up to today?
Lucius Dalca 04/14/17 Text: My Tum
I can see you put your creative hat on :D
Its cute, love. What's for dinner?
Elouise Warrock 04/14/17 Sistah
I already ate all of my Easter chocolate.
....can I blame Rambo?
Idris Mowbry 04/13/17 Autumn
Whenever you want!
We are inordinately not busy.
I've been renovating a lot.
Lucius Dalca 04/12/17 Text: My Tum
How much would it cost?
Elouise Warrock 04/12/17 Autumn
I love you, and I love Lucius and I appreciate you both!
I left you both a note and a nice bottle of red.
Sick dog emergency!
Lucius Dalca 04/12/17 Text: My Tum
Because he wouldn't be able to do drugs?
Wait.... You want to buy a house... What kinda house we talkin about? Like a trailer?
Lucius Dalca 04/11/17 Text: My Tum
You are too, lovely!
Interesting... I wonder why Winter claims to be broke. I think that might be a tactic then :O
Lucius Dalca 04/11/17 Text: My Tum
Its all been taken care of my love. Although I thought your family was broke?? Blaize has a jet? Really??
Lucius Dalca 04/11/17 Text: My Tum
Then what do you wanna do while in Barcelona?
Lucius Dalca 04/11/17 Text: My Tum
Oh we will be great! Do you wanna see a soccer game? Never been a fan per se but I heard the big stadium is fun.
Lucius Dalca 04/11/17 Text: My Tum
Un poco. Why?
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text My Tum
Opps! I am good though. I am not into drugs. You are the only addiction I need ;-)
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 -pads in-
-wearing Panda onesie, hood and all-
I know I snore, mmkay.
-big, sleepy baby-
I'm here for pizza. And to use you as a human pillow again.
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: WD
Eh... Ill be in the room. I'll give you that much.
No drugs! Let's keep this to drinks. You know sane and normal.
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
Sorry I fell asleep and drooled at brunch. And in the Maserati after brunch. And on your lap while we watched The Notebook. Generally just sorry for drooling.
...who tf carried me to bed? I'm so comfy. What's for dinner? Donuts?
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text:  My Tum 
God you are so freaking adorable... Love you and miss you too! Me and Winter are gaming! 
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 -stalks in-
-actually put together-
You kind of look like the llama, f-y-i.
Alright, woman. I'm starving, I require a limited quantity of alcohol, and some serious girl talk.
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Slave Driver
The jeans are on, woman.
And the real bra. So, you're getting the whole show.
I can't wait until I'm a mom and no one can judge me for walking around like the hot mess I am.
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
Wtf. It's brunch, not a wedding.
Some sort of vacation...
I'm only putting real pants on because I want waffles like no ones f*cking business.
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
Who wants their...y'know what, nevermind.
I love you. I literally love you so much.
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
Okay, Ms. Adorable. You've redeemed yourself.
Can we go get brunch? I want a mimosa.
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
That's because my husband is a buzzkill.
Except I crash and burn while walking, so...
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
You won't let me drive the car, Lucius won't let me have red wine...
What fresh hell is this?
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
When do I get to drive the car?
Elouise Warrock 04/10/17 Autumn
I am NEVER leaving this bed.

...well now I have to pee.
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: My Tum
Absolutely Nowhere.
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: My Tum
I need you.. Tonight.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
God! You are so adorable and addicting. I would say many sweet nothings but nothing holds more truth than... You are the air I breath.. Every morning I wake up with a smile.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
You know you are very precious to me, right?
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
Witches are no strangers to demons or angels, love. You are powerful in your environment but hell is not one of them.
I will think about it but no promises.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Sistah
I'm good at persuading people.
I'm married to Kai, he's the most stubborn man I've met in my life.
I can give you guys a glimpse of it!
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
I have lived more than a lot. You know that.
However, I don't trust demons and even less with someone precious to me. You want to hang out? Sure. Hell? No.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Sistah
If he wants to come visit with you ,too, that's alright! We have plenty of room.
If needed be we can drug him until we've had our fun in Hell.
I'm kidding.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Lucy
They aren't twisted.
Eh.. I didn't know Kai had a husband. I'll think about it.
Definite no on the hell thing though.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Sistah
Did you let him know I am the Heir to the throne of Hell?
Or that there is a beach and spa and it's just a very nice local.
Never anyone there since the demons are always on the job and the sinners are all kept in their designated Rings of Pain.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text My Tum
That isn't Bora Bora or the Maldives either.
Who the f*ck is Atom?
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Adopted Sister
Oh awesome! I've never had a sibling. Just a little cousin. He's awesome.
Be sure to mention spa time and beaches and all of it is free.
I got the connections.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 Not even for naming rights?!
Alright. Fine. I'll live vicariously through you. Rambo may never forgive you, though.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 -squints-
I trust you. For now.
If you let me drive this around a cul-de-sac, I'll let you name this baby.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 ...fine. Fine.
-hair flip-
You know how to drive? Right? You're a good driver?
I don't have my license.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Sistah
Awwwwwww you're so sweet~
He would be mad...he likes my face. He's told me a lot.
One day I'll give Lucifer the good ole One Two Buckle My Shoe.
Or something.
But a trip to Hell would be fun. It's not all fire and brimstone like everyone thinks. It's like an alternate reality or something.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 -pauses at the car-
-stares blankly-
Autumn. Do I look like someone who is capable of going without tequila and weed any longer than I already have?
This is not human. And neither is the thing inside me. Definitely a f*cking alien.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
Fiiiiiiiiineeeeeee but I am not going hungry tonight!
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 -pft's-
-links arms with-
He'll survive. And he'll be the perfect example of why birth control is so important! If I ever think a second kid is a good idea, just like, send me the recording of this one's birth. That'll change things.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Sistah
True! I know you could knock my block off!
I also kinda beat the sh!t outta the King of Hell.
Not Lucifer. He's above my pay grade.
Next guy down.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 Yeah, well Noura's one of a kind. But she's family.
-pulls out phone-
Okay, okay. I'll ask!
Really? He can take Rambo any time, then. Like, say, for the first 18 years of his life.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Sistah from anotha Mistah
Really?! I need it. I like modelling and all but if Kai saw how touchy these people get we would have a mass homicide on our hands.
It would be sexy, but we don't need that kind of attention.
As for the trip to Hell, I know a back way. And demons typically leave me alone down there since I'm stronger when down under.
They're scared of me, can you believe it?
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 He must be close to some sort of break-through. I've just been harassing his sister while he's working. It's fun! Except I'm sort of afraid she's going to murder me one of these days. Anyways!
...what's that look for, giggles? Something you'd like to share with the class?
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Best Season
Right? It's why I can't get a real job. My records all say I'm 7. So I do modelling here and there.
I can take you there sometime. It would be like a day or two trip but it's not as bad as people let on.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 I have a suitcase full of corn chips and got a pocket knife through airport security. I definitely have everything I need.
-clears throat-
Jameson got caught up. Y'know. With work. Is Winter in London? It's been like, two days. But I'm having cuddle withdrawal. The man's cuddle game is on point.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
Can you do it after I taste you? This morning's taste is wearing off.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
Have you tasted my tofu?????
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Best Season
Yup. I turn 8 on the 24th.
I was raised in Hell where time goes faster.
One year is, like, 4 down there.
Trippy, huh?
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 Sure, I like tofu. Just as much as I like, say, fascism and my mother.
-beams right back-
Tofu is sh*t, and it gives people Alzheimer's.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
Those are fighting words ya know!
Why not?! We are supposed to be a team!
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 He is? I knew I liked him.
-narrowly remembers suitcase-
And the flight was great, minus needing to pee every 20 minutes. But Jameson paid for first class...not that he knows that.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Best Season
Well, I used to play music a lot.
Most of my life has been confined to a limited space with little free time of my own. My past is pretty weird.
Has Kai told you I'm actually 7?
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
It used to be sexy one time in history :-o
Its good for the baby! And it is my nephew so..... Don't tell her ****! Ill make the tofu taste and look like beef.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
I know but I was watching cowboy movies so it stuck :O
Do you think she will be mad if I made her a separate batch of tofu tacos?
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Best Season
It can be but it's been a rather slow week.
I haven't had much free time until recently so I haven't done much.
Now that I think about it, the only people I spend time with are my husband and mother.
That's embarrassing.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: My Tum
I think we got everything yesterday. What do you want me to cook for ya'll for later?
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Best Season
Well, he's off on another trip.
I'm just being a leader and junk.
My people are all doing their own thing and I'm here... making paper airplanes and throwing them at my cat.
It's important coven business, ya know.
Idris Mowbry 04/09/17 Best Season
Ey, yo gurl!
How have you been? It feels like I haven't seen you in forever!
You shoudl come visit some time. I think you, Kai and I should have a night out.
Burn down some buildings.
Cause a tasteful amount of chaos.
That kind of stuff.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 Autumn
Oh. Did you like, bring an oven roasted turkey instead? That'd be fortuitous AND amazing.

-drops suitcase-
-jumps / hugs-
Ohemgee. It's been like...weeks! Weeks that felt like years!
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 Autumn
I just landed, hoe.
There better be a hot red head holding a sign with my name on it at the gate!
Or, y'know, I'll catch a taxi.
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
I'll just give the uggos to Noura.
Who am I kidding, my kids are gonna be cute af!
Kid. My kid is gonna be cute af.
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
You've seen Jameson's sister, right??
I think he just got lucky. If I'm the only one bringing a good pedigree, to this scenario who KNOWS how these kids are gonna end up.
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
The Orlav-only basketball team needs alternates, omg.
But what if they're all cute??
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
Omfg. Give it another year.
I'm gonna have like 10 babies spontaneously.
You can pick your favorite!
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
I am happy! Which is why it's nothing more than hormones.
Pregnancy, man. I don't recommend it.
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
Don't worry, I'm over the puking part.
Now I just lay around and cry for no reason.
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
I'm gonna kiss your face off!
Or hug. Probably at least one kiss. 😉
And then we're gonna go eat until I puke!
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
I can handle him.
Well, Jameson can. I don't engage.
Suffice to say he and my mother go hand-in-hand in f*cking my life up!
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
I don't care if Lucius knows.
He might have to keep you from coming to Moscow and murdering Cal.
Jameson has him locked in the basement. 😊
Elouise Warrock 04/07/17 Autumn
Wait. Seriously?
I mean, I know I don't talk about it, but...
I figured I'd have at least told you!
It's kind of long story. Maybe talk about it on Sunday?
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
My first husband? He's .15th of a human. You can meet him next time we're in Moscow.
Haven't we ever discussed Calvin?
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
I'm not a wench!
I've been with 1.5 guys, you skank!
Well. Like 1.25? 1.15?
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
I'm not a total idiot. I got the sense he wasn't the 'friend' type. But if he's your family, I'm going to make an effort to be kind.
Because I love you, b*tch.
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
It's just know to know what you think of me.
Selfish isn't something that comes to mind when I think of you.
Caring, kind-hearted, stubborn. No opinion that might hurt, though.
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
The last thing you should be is worried about me.
I'm a big girl. I can handle my own sh*t.
I only care about what makes me happy, after all.
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
What do you mean?
I'm peachy.
What about you?
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
How might that be an advantage, exactly?
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
He has Jameson. He'll be fine.
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
Babies do need clothes and shoes.
From what I've heard, at least.
Elouise Warrock 04/06/17 Autumn
Yeah? Like what?
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
I'm just making everything about me. :-)
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
Wow! Tell me how you really feel, why don't you.
I'll just stay here, where I'm not a nuisance. Jesus.
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
Are you saying I'm not charming enough?
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
I didn't force my love on you!
...I did a little, but not a lot!
I just want him to not dislike me. I'm fine with whatever isn't hate, at this point.
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
What do I get, then? I just want him to be my boo, like you and Winter and Summer are!
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
Will he snuggle with me?
And watch Netflix with me?
And love me forever?
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Autumn
Why isn't Blaize as much fun as Winter?
I am determined to make that broody ginger my friend.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
This baby is already trained to kill.
And the display cases are baby-proofed!
Don't knock it. It's gonna look cool af.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
Why is it creepy? They're quality decorations!
And a whole series of bayonets and knives.
And some defused land mines and grenades, too.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
But you'll like the prezzies!
Aw. 💛💛
I just bought a giant collection of antique guns to hang in the nursery. Omggggggg.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
Sorry. :)
I can't wait to see you. And smother you. And I have presents!
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
No, I'm talking about unrealistic true love with unrealistically beautiful people, and at some point someone dies.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
Oh my god. What a beautiful friendship we have.
You tell me what porn is, I show you want true love is, via books and films.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
The Notebook! Oh my god. We're going to watch all of Nicholas Spark's movies now.
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
No need for debate! I'll give him a ball of yarn, or something. He'll be busy for hours. And then we get to watch The Notebook and cry together! :)
Elouise Warrock 04/04/17 Autumn
You *****.
Sorry, hormones talking.
Yes, assuming Jameson comes. He might be busy poking around in a chest cavity!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Hey, you may have been friends first, but I got snuggles first!
And it's worth sweeping up the glitter, thaaaank you~.
And then you can take Jameson out and do something fun, and Lucy and I can Battleships.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Fair warning, I will require at least one full day of snuggles. And movies. Mostly the snuggles, because I've been severely lacking. And I'll only glitter-bomb you once.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
You should know by now, I will eat whatever you put in front of me.
Jameson will be happy that someone can cook for him.
I used to just bake pot into everything.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
... :(
Okay, Polish for Jameson then? Pierogies, kielbasa, just not tripe soup.
Except he doesn't really like Poland. But I want pierogies, so he'll get over it.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Burritos, taquitos, tamales, nachos, churros, steak, mashed potatoes, pork chops, mashed potatoes, roast beef, steak, ribs, mashed potatoes...did I mentioned steak or mashed potatoes?
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Yes. Sold. Yes. Breakfast. Yes please.
You're the best! :)
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
If Jim-Jam comes, we'll probably go to the hotel.
Y'know, relive the romance of our wedding.
...might even break another beer bottle over his head for old time's sake.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Probably not, but feel free to ask.
If I show my face to ask, he'll find me. And I don't want to be pranked. I'm afraid.
Can we go dancing?!
Summer 04/03/17 Sis
I’m back home. Annnddd it doesn’t suck. Not at all.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Omg. Yes!
I booked tickets. See you Sunday, bff.
You can talk to the lil nugget all you want!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Yes it is! And yes you are!
Isn't he perfect? It kinda looks like he's waving. his Aunt Autumn. ;)
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Side note:
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
I just asked him if he wanted to be!
I'm still pushing for you stealing a baby so we can co-mom together. Rambo needs cousins to beat the sh*t out of!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
I'm self-conscious, okay.
Thank god this kid has you and Jameson, because I'm a damn MESS.
...Auntie Autumn. :)
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
I keep Jameson happy!
...why am I like this.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
:( I don't know how to do sexy!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
He hits ON me. Like all of the time.
Emotionally battered. I'm a victim of PH!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
I'm a battered woman, Autumn.
I deserve those owls!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
omfg. I'm about to buy four more puppies and a f*cking owl sanctuary.
Leverage, baby!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
His phone background is me elbow deep in BBQ ribs.
And mine is when I got him really high and dumped pancake mix on him.
I guess I don't really need to know, do I? I love him no matter what.

Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Omfg. Fine.

Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
What's porn?
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
... What?
That's sex?!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
Nope! No turkey Bastet. Immaculate conception!
I am a virgin. I've never had sex, thank you!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
I love you more, sister-friend!
Well, I would if I had one. But I'm a virgin!
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
You're family, boo boo. You know that! You'll be able to borrow this little sh*t any time.
Well, yknow. Ovaries. BOOM. It's why I'm like this, jfc.
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
So glad he is safe. Probably should have made sure he was wearing a helmet first.
In like 3 weeks, Rambo will be able to hear Aunt Autumn talk about what a mess his mom is! 💕
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 Autumn
It's called biology. 😉
Side note, I'm halfway. And pudgy now. VISIBLY.
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
Love you too. ;)
You could always kick her wife's ass. She called me fat!
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
So territorial. Please don't pee on me.
I think I'll leave this between you and Soleil.
She's good to me. She snuggles, and brings me snacks.
But she isn't you, Autumn. Don't worry.
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
You mean Soleil?
What, are you jealous?
Awwwwww. Here's her number if you want to tussle:
[Contact Shared]
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
Aw, that'd be a blast from the past. But I've been hiding in Soleil's room, living off of Oreos.
Also, omg. TMI, Autumn. We BOTH know what that means.
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
Well, it's still better than Moscow.
Jameson is waging a prank war against me. far, no causalities.
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
How is Lucius? And London?
Elouise Warrock 04/02/17 Autumn
Miss you too! 😍
I can get on a plane any time, my gorgeous friend.
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum
The hungry I am.. Only you can sate...
I'll be waiting.
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum
You are telling me.. Im hungry ;)
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum 
Well it has been a couple of years.. 
Same. He is a great actor.
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum
That sounds great then! Although, out of the two of us the Drift King is moi. *wink wink*
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum
Perfect! I am famished.
So if I used your Audi. You wouldn't be mad?
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum
Not really paid that close attention.
On a scale of one to ten? Zero.
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17 Text: My Tum
So far we are good. She hasn't mentioned anything in particular that she would like so I am going with the flow. Did you take your car?
Elouise Warrock 03/29/17 Autumn
Of course I'm happy!
What about you?
Everything going okay?
Elouise Warrock 03/28/17 Autumn
I take life as it comes.
And now I get to wake up every day next to my best friend.
What's better than that? Besides tacos and tequila, obviously.
Elouise Warrock 03/28/17 Autumn
Will do.
I'll show you the hotel suite we trashed also. I puked a lot there, too. And we also got married in it!
Ugh. Romance.
Elouise Warrock 03/28/17 Autumn
I appreciate you!
I might even make one for Lucius~
I'm not sure yet. I'll show you the bar where Jameson & I first said 'I love you', and then I puked on his shoes!
Elouise Warrock 03/28/17 Autumn
Oo. Mine is gonna be yellow and green!
Eh. I'll just model it off of mine.
This is purely an excuse to hand-deliver it to you, by the way. :)
Elouise Warrock 03/28/17 Autumn
Second favorite color? big is your wrist?
Elouise Warrock 03/28/17 Autumn
What's your favorite color?
I'm making us friendship bracelets!
Lucius Dalca 03/27/17 Text: Autumn
It is fine with me. She wants to take your cat.
Lucius Dalca 03/27/17 Text: Autumn I am not the oldest so the level of importance for me to be with another noble witch family is not priority. My brother is the one stuck with that.
I am not telling you not to help, I am just saying it is your choice.
Lucius Dalca 03/27/17 Text: Autumn
Its how it is between nobility.
If you want to.
Lucius Dalca 03/27/17 Text: Autumn
She is okay but I have to talk to her parents to know whats going on. She doesn't like her arrange spouse.
Lucius Dalca 03/27/17 Text: Autumn
Valentina needs a place to hide so I offered her our home until I can figure things out with her parents. Wayne is with her.
Lucius Dalca 03/26/17 Lucius could be pissed off at her but he wasn't spiteful. He saw her text and replied genuinely.

Text: Autumn Summers
Will do.
I love you too
Lucius Dalca 03/26/17 Text: Autumn Summers
Home. I am with Valentino. I'll be back sometime this week.
Lucius Dalca 03/26/17 Lucius was still simmering when he thought about it. If she hadn't done the one thing he told her he was completely uncomfortable with and caught her.. Maybe he wouldn't be so mad but it was too late for that.

Text: Autumn Sumner
When I get back we will talk..
Lucius Dalca 03/26/17 Text: Autumn Summers
I miss you too... But I am still pissed off.
Elouise Warrock 03/24/17 Autumn
Yeah, but why??
I ate an entire roast for lunch. Omfg.
Elouise Warrock 03/23/17 Autumn
What does 'maybe' mean??!
Elouise Warrock 03/23/17 Autumn
A FAT baby, maybe.
I'm grumpy.
Elouise Warrock 03/23/17 Autumn
The bump. It's happening.
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: Oh My
Just for you, love. Ill give you a private show :D
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: Mmmm
Of course I have. They are very mesmerizing. I got very good at it :D
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: My Darling
Ill show you some magic when you get home ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: My Love
Portals to other dimensions, cures to diseases, a lot of black magic... Some good. I am still figuring things out.
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: Bitey One
There are ways.. I would need to be much stronger and use the book you gave me.
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: Wifey?
True but you never know!
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: Lover
Just a while? Not forever an evar?
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: My Tum
Nah Ill kiss it all anyways ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: My Tum
So there is nothing for me to kiss??
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: My Tum
I can be blunt from time to time. Besides its not like you are showing anybody our texts, are ya?
Anything for me to kiss later?
Lucius Dalca 03/22/17 Text: Darling
Not unless my d*ck was made out of ecstasy.. Hehe have you broken anything?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Mine Too
So she is only about a year and some change.. Interesting! They are barely both babies then :D
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Cat Lover
They are smart animals and once they imprint on their owners it is hard to shake their confidence. How old is Maddy?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: All Yours
I don't want to sound like a clique being what I am but... Do you think it has something to do with it? I mean both of them almost every time you leave they come into the office with me.
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Sealed Lips
Interesting... Yeah they are a handful. The little one likes to cuddle A LOT.
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Well...
Do you know the first thing about owning a horse?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Mind Tricks
Would you want to buy one together?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Neva
Uh huh...
I did when I was in Italy. I love wine. Why?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Sneaky Pants
How much did the horse cost? Or the maintenance?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Always
So... You bought a horse.. Umm, love, we don't have a stable though?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Sexy Smile
I love you very much too but still not derailing.. What you mean by the horse??
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Sexy Gaze
Oh no you aren't getting away with that... What you mean by the last text???
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Is Cautious Now..
What do you mean.....?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Mine too
Why do you ask? Do you want to ride one?
Lucius Dalca 03/21/17 Text: Best Woman Ever
Not much. I rode a few of them here and there but never had one of my own.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Autumn
Also, check your email. I sent a list of baby names.
Let me know your opinion on the sub-list: Drug Names.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Autumn
I miss you! ❤
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 BFF
I have found my spirit animal.
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: My Tum
Hehehe well you know how to make me smile. I'll be waiting for you ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: My Tum
This is the latest I have waited. A lot of work?
Ill be waiting.
Lucius Dalca 03/18/17 Text: My Tum
Hey love I am making dinner for when you get here. Let me know when you are on your way to start it up.
Idris Mowbry 03/18/17 Fancy Fall
Yeeeaaaaah he is pretty possessive. It's pretty hot.
I know he won't do any funny stuff and he likes warmth. So it's whatever.
How much do you bring when you travel? You aren't like Elle Woods and require a full van just for your luggage do you?
Idris Mowbry 03/18/17 Autumn
He gave someone my number? That's a feat all in itself. He's typically very selfish about letting others talk to me.
I'm doing alright. Doing some work on the Coven.
Punching nuisances of assorted kinds in the face.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
I couldn't agree more! I am so excited. I dont usually get a lot of rest days hehe
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tums
I think that is very fair. One day of the week were I can rock that body, nap, eat, watch tv, do it all over again.. Yes! What day you want?
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
How soon? Ill make plans asap, darling. You know me especially after a good week ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
It was a lot of energy... Besides! Movies, series and munchies isn't bad :D
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
I love you too.
Wellllllll its in the family blood line. We can't help that boost very well. Out of my siblings I have always had the hardest time with it. My sister called me when the last two jumps happened.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Well besides the mystical vampire charm.. You are half my size and a lot stronger than I am physically yet you never lost your touch with me despite your growth in power.. I can feel it even when you don't show it. I don't know... Its always such an appeal to me.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
I'd say the same thing about you, darling. Although, I already knew about the existence of other creatures aside from my kind >.> I just never thought I would see you as one of them. Its very alluring :D.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Deal! And you do? Why? I would have thought all these movies on witches would bore you? Granted, they don't get sh*t right most of the time.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Is it a surprise or do you want me to prep the kitchen for ya? Also I am renting Fantastic Beasts to watch tonight :D
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Fiiinne... You are so dam adorable.
I dont know what do you want to eat?
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Then outside of home. You asked me about my work. Its only fair I ask about yours, darling. :)
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Ooh you have to tell me allll about it when you get home :D
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
Oh? Import & Export? Stock market? Business owner? Investor?
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
You feed me too well :D
About that... What do you do?
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
I am too but its making my appetite grow and you know I have a BIG appetite..
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Text: My Tum
I love you too. Muah! Where are you?
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
If I was jet-lagged and snuggling, I'd f*ck him up.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
You're my favorite Summers.
Don't tell Winter, he's sensitive.
And I think he's been camping out in my closet.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
We were destined to be pals from the first leg stand.
And that you didn't question the fact I brought my own keg to a bar.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
I admire your ass in exactly the manner it deserves.
You do the same for mine.
Booty booty booty. 🍑
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
You wish that I needed him to tell me.
Obviously your ass is whiter than snow. Cmon.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
If I didn't have two hundred pounds of Jameson weighing me down, I would come kick your lily white ass.
And then feed you a taco bowl, because I love you.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
I could have bagged up Jameson MONTHS before I did.
He figured out the way to my heart was through spicy meat and pico de gallo.
So, HA. Also, stfu. You're not that cruel.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
Looks don't impress me.
Show me what counts.
Tacos. 🌮
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
Zoloft, I assume.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
You love me.
And it was a valid question. I'd ask him, but with the significant brain trauma, he probably has short-term memory loss.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
Omg. Is Lucius okay?!
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
My uterus betrayed me for Jameson, MMK.
He smoothed talked it, made it a double agent while I was sleeping, probably. Kms.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
My uterus does not thank you.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
WTF. I'm not THAT stupid!
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
Conventional birth control methods do not work against an Orlav.
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
I'm being realistic. Have you seen my husband??
Well...I could always help dye your hair. 😁
Elouise Warrock 03/17/17 Autumn
It's okay. I'm probably going to end up having 15 blood-thirsty ninja babies. Some are bound to be girls. You can have those.
And, no. Blonde or bleach.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Lucius narrowed his eyes at her while he kept rubbing the spot. Heavy ass phone.. And she was laughing. "Yes I need my kisses to make it better.." He leaned his head down for her since she was vertically challenged.

"What happened? What made you throw the phone like that..."
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
It's okay. I threw my hands in the air and kind of broke my doctor's nose when I found out. Girls are so scary. 👶🏼💙
He better be blonde, though. Seriously.
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
LOL. What?? Why?!
Lucius Dalca 03/16/17 " ****! What was that???" Lucius rubbed his head looking lost for a moment until Autumn appeared, "What happened??" Shifty eyes everywhere.
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
Well, yeah. The nice lady doctor said so.
And Jameson said it had to be a boy because it's an Orlav.
I guess we'll really know in two weeks? LOL. Jameson will die if it's a girl. Like, seriously. He will have a stroke and die.
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
They shoved a big ass needle in my stomach awhile back.
An...a... it's a big word, hold on.

Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
Apparently, at 18 weeks the sex can be revealed, but we already know that. 19, the baby can hear all of the gun assembly tapes I'll be playing him, and 20 is the half-way mark. Wahoo! Still kinda looks like an alien though.
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
I know! I can't wait. I was meant to be a fat person.
I embrace it.
Dude. All of the fun stuff is happening in the next four weeks. Including the half-way mark. Kms. This is taking forever.
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
In other news, Rambo is hitting his first growth spurt.
I'm gonna start looking pregnant as f*ck, and no one at the bakery can judge me for ordering two boxes of donuts all for myself anymore.
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
I need to stop reading the tabloids when I'm half asleep and hungry. They made me irrational.
I love Jim-Jam ALOT, but somehow that mf loves me more. How is that even possible??
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
Like a dog uses a teddy bear, maybe. 😜
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
I think it's time to go back to Moscow.
Also, you have my blessing to marry my unborn child, because apparently that's happening too??
Elouise Warrock 03/16/17 Autumn
Do you think that's true?
About Jameson?
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: My Lovely
I love you too, darling. :-)
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
He could have had like 10,000, but he low-balled himself. Maybe reached in the wrong pocket.
Either way, it's still hilarious when people steal Jameson's money. And, thank you! I like my ass too. And yours. ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: My Lovely
I dont know.... But its a good tasty dish
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
Good question. He grabbed them the same time he took fifteen hundred bucks out of my back pocket.
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
I guess I'll have to think about it more.
I haven't heard from my mother in weeks. Probably on another bender.
You know, I really like Lucius. I don't know any guy who offers his girlfriend over without any qualms. Except he stole my dog treats. 😠
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
He seems interested in the prospect, though.
If he wants to be a grandpa, Jameson is just going to have to deal with it.
Nobody is perfect, right?
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
Sure, but he's father of the year compared to Trista.
He's done stuff for me. I guess. Kind of?
It'd be nice if Rambo gets at least one grandparent.
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: My lovely
Deal! You will love this dish then :D
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
Really? I mean, you met my father, didn't you?
He's a great guy. Minus the whole denying my existence to his other family thing. 😁
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
*heart emoji*
Finneeeee. What do you want for dinner?
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
Why do you say that?
I'm sure they'll get along really well.
Or Jameson will peel his skin off with a dull butter knife.
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
I'm happy if you're happy. 😌
Yeah, see Jameson and I have tons of secrets.
Like, for example, Nigel is coming to visit Moscow once I'm back from Moscow. He's going to be thrilled!
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
I love tacos with a love that is more than love.
Well, I only want Jameson with his cake, so I get where Lucius is coming from.
How is Harry Potter?
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
I'll repeat my previous question. WHAT!?
You are my love muffin why you wanna leave me?
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
What? You have a gift for cooking... >_>
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Autumn
I am in culinary heaven.
I may stay in Mexico forever.
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
Or just wait for you to come home ;-)
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
Ehhh that isn't my forte, love. Meats, salads and etc? Sure. Bakery? Nope
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
When can I get my desert though? :D
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
I am feeling particularly hungry..
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
Mayyybee. You are mine though ;-)
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: Autumn
I kinda like you more though hehe
Lucius Dalca 03/15/17 Text: My Tum
What, darling?
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Autumn
Omfg. It was a joke!
How about a basket of chihuahuas? Do you want a basket of chihuahuas?
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Autumn
Damn right I do.
Tell Lucius I said hi! I'll bring you both back a souvenir. How about tapeworm?
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Autumn
Cabo is amazing.
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Only For You
Exactly :)
I am all done.. Getting ready to strip down while I wait for you..
{Sends her a half naked picture}
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Definitely
When the time is right... Now where are you, Autumn Summers? I am going to steal the kitchen for dinner if I dont see you soon...
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Guilty
I am not talking about that.... Ill let you figure it out O:-)
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Hunted
Oh but you do... :D
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
I changed my mind.
I'm going to make popcorn and cuddle with the dogs. I'm laaaaaazy.
Lucius and I are looking at venues tomorrow.
Spring Taylor 03/13/17 Autumn
Give me my 960 euros back, f-cking nutter tw@t.
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
Fair point.
I'm going to make Jameson go dancing with me.
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: All Night

I like to work :D and they can't steal my software. My family made sure of it.
Well when are you going to get me a ring?
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
Spouse-swap? I need someone to party with.
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
I figured you'd say that.
So I proposed to him instead!
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Oh Baby..
I did.. Really??? :P
What do you mean? Of course it is. I need to earn a living :D
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
Why don't YOU propose?
I did, the second time. And like vaguely insinuated on one occasion that I wanted to marry the f*ck out of him.
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Rawr??
What does Priss mean? Well they are paying me 200k for this job alone so... I can't complain. Our house is not always cheap to maintain. *wink wink*
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: Completely
Darling you know what at order at the store in London. Caramel Latte with an expresso shoot ;)
There is a big energy company that needs a stronger software program so I have been working on it since you left :D
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: My Love
You are so sweeeet :) Some coffee would be nice. I am working on a big project to make some munees!
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
Some of this is definitely cheetos.
At any rate, Jameson and I only dated for five days before we eloped.
I married him for the tacos.
Summer 03/13/17 Autumn
1. Of course I'll share some tips and tricks to dancing. And "dancing". Two different things. Both very useful!
2. You are glowing, girl! Love looks good on you. And this one? This one I approve of. For whatever that is worth. Not like I have a great track record in judging dudes. Which leads me to:
3. That bartender? Of course I hit that. He's like...packin' down low, if you catch my drift.
4. Here's Winter's poetic words: [message attached]
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: My Tum
I forgot to tell you..........

I love you...
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
What? Jameson is still fun!
When are you and Lucius going to ruin a perfectly good relationship with marriage? I'll ask him. Or threaten him.
I need another married hoe to get fat with me.
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
When we lived in Bloemfontein, my bed was my sacred place. I didn't even want to let Jameson in there, mostly because it was a onesie-only zone. But he has a REALLY cute butt. And he used to be funny, and nice. He would bring me food, too. He pranked my room with spaghetti bombs, too.
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
For Jamie and I it's more of a contest to see who smothers who first.
I had a body pillow for awhile, but he got jealous. 😌
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
That would normally be the case, except I have to pee like every 10 minutes.
He's just lucky he's cute. ...and I'm comfy.
Elouise Warrock 03/13/17 Autumn
He's snoring right next to me.
And his arm is really heavy and I can't get out of bed.
...I think I'm going to die here.
Lucius Dalca 03/12/17 Text: My Tum
Ill be counting the minutes ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/12/17 Text: My Tum
That would be lovely. Wanna come sight seeing with me?
Lucius Dalca 03/12/17 Text: My Tum
I am just grabbing some coffee from across the street. Do you want some tea?
Elouise Warrock 03/11/17 Autumn
My heart just threw up and died. Look at his face!
Summer 03/10/17 Her set had ended just as they did in London, Sydney, New York, or anywhere else. It ended with her fishing various pieces of undergarments and single bills off the stage in a graceful-yet-hurried manner. Beaming a wide grin at the generous Parisans sitting at the rack, Summer trotted to the bar, aiming on sitting her sparkling bare tush on a stool, ordering up a double of whatever it was they drank in volumes in France, and having a grand ole time.
Maxime, the heavily tattooed, willowy bartender gave her a slow grin as he poured a drink. He fished her cell phone from a shelf under the bar. "Incoming text from someone named 'Red Hot'. Figured it was worth a mention."
Giving him a demure smile, she took the phone, her eyes remaining on him. His English was excellent, even tinted with an accent from her home town. She didn't say anything further, simply sipping her drink as she read the text. Let him think whatever he wants about who 'Red Hot' was. He was just a bartender at the club she was being featured at for a month.
Things are never that simple.
Thumbs poised over her phone, she glanced up at him. "How do you say 'My beautiful sister' in French?"
Chuckling, he leaned close, whispering it in her ear. She studied the tattoo that crept across his skull, a filigree crown in lieu of hair.

ma ravissante sœur
Welcome! I'd say that in French too, but it is loud in here and I don't want to keep yelling 'how do you say...?' like a god damned idiot. I just finished my last set. You can either pop by the club- I'm the nearly naked one at the bar flirting with Maxime. Woman: Everything you've heard about French dudes is true. Everything.
But you're off the market, so you don't care. MORE FOR ME.
See you soon, ma cocotte
Elouise Warrock 03/10/17 Autumn
You're probably right. Boo.
I miss Jim-Jam anyway. And the dogs.
Mostly Jameson, though. Body pillows aren't the same as real snuggles.😌
Elouise Warrock 03/10/17 Autumn
Do you think it's safe for me to go skiing?
I'm driving up to the Swiss border. Yay snow!
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Autumn
Of course I said no!
I've already got a bun in the oven.
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Autumn
Okay! I'll be at the docks flirting with Luigi.
He asked if I wanted to see his baguette. Is that an innuendo?
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Autumn
To the Cinque Terre!
I'm going to take tons of pictures for Jameson.
I'm pretty sure you and I use the same level SPF. My skin burns just thinking about sun exposure.
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Autumn
I worked on a summer booze cruise in Mexico. I know how to drive a boat... kind of.
Pack a picnic basket. And bring my fuzzy slippers. And my fuzzy blanket. Bring all of my fuzzies!
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Autumn
Ugh. Fine.
I'm renting a boat. Let's go sail the coast!
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Autumn
Do you think it's safe to swim in the canals in Venice?
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 ...what do you think of me?!
I wouldn't wear anything that would make Jameson have to murder everyone within a 100 mile radius.
Mostly because it's hard to get blood out of his clothes. And jealous Jameson isn't fun.
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 -toothy grin-
That's probably a good idea.
You're too good to me.
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 -stomps-
Agree to disagree! sexy is too sexy?
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 Aw. I love you. You're the hottest b*tch on the block, but you already know that!
-flicks nose-
I'm going to go put on some real clothes, then. See you in two wags of a lamb's tail! Also, I bought a lamb.
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 Ohemgee. Really?! We're staying out until tomorrow morning!
Damn right he's lucky.
Well, with you, maybe. I'm married and getting fat, so I'm probably the pity date.
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 -rolls eyes-
Cheese is my only luxury in this life.
You know what's more fun than a bed? Night clubs! Let's go dancing!
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 -wanders in-
-eating cheese-
-...a wheel of cheese-
Wanna go steal some relics from the Colosseum?
Summer 03/07/17 Smart Sister
You bring up a valid scenario- we don't feature many male dancers (outside Of one specific night of the week- talk about YUM and also talk about "barking up the wrong tree" if you catch my drift. They aren't buying what I'm selling sadly. Hey, a girl can still look!!). Anywhoosies. Let's shove your beau up on stage. I'll sacrifice some single Euros, makin' it rain on him. Hahahah I've never met the poor lad- this sounds like a very good introduction.
Wait, have I met him? Sh-t, I can't even remember if Winter and I crashed Elouise's wedding. Maybe I should ease up on the good sh-t??
Summer 03/07/17 Autumn
Arrested for butt-touching?! If touching butts is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Put that on my headstone when I die.
Normally picture taking in the club is a no-no, but I'll try to have one of the other dancers sneak a few shots. It is something best experienced live and in the flesh. Ahem. Bring your new beau- perhaps I can even drag your cute ass on stage for amateur night?? Omg my little sis, following in my footsteps! It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. Although honestly, I peg Winter as more the 'dancing naked on stage for cash' type than you. Someone has to be classy in this family. It went all to you, Red Hot!
Pro tip- while in Italy, don't try to lick the statue of David. If you thought they frowned on butt-touching....
Summer 03/06/17 Lil Sis
I miss you too!
Sydney is awesome. It is warm, the vibe is relaxed yet energetic, and the people are lovely. I am currently in Paris, however. Doing a month long stint at Théâtre Chocotte. It's as amazing as it sounds, minus the French winter weather. How's you? How's London?
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
I think I'm getting banned. This IS a great vacation!
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
Omg. No, you don't have to come right now!
You're such a good friend. I love you.
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
I groped a Vatican guard, now I'm in Vatican jail.
In my defense, the booty was DIVINE.
... I don't want to talk about how I smuggled it in here with me. Please help.
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
Thank you for that. I'm sure he threw it out. 😊
I have no reason not to be happy. Jameson is a great husband! But I appreciate you caring. 💕
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
I'd love to come to London. I'm overdue a visit with Nigel, at any rate.
But yes, check with Lucius.
I'm fine, really. You never have to worry about whether or not ELOUISE is having a good time.
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
Well, it may soon. Or not. Take your time and enjoy it!
It's fine. He's a busy guy. I'm not too worried about it.
Jameson does a lot, y'know? I can't always be the most important thing.
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
He loves you. Yes, it's a thing.
I don't know? I asked him to come to Rome with me. I'm here, having a ball. Solo vacations are also fun!
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
I have no idea where Jameson is. Literally. No idea.
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
Oh no! That stinks. Hope he gets better soon.
I think I'm going to Verona today. Gonna go touch the Statue of Juliette's boob.
Elouise Warrock 03/06/17 Autumn
Come to Rome. I'm bored.
Well, not really. I'm having tons of fun! But you should join!
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: My Tum
Muah! I'll be waiting for you ;)
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: My Tum
Fiiine.. Ill make us a good drink then!
I can't wait. I can almost taste the food :D
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 My Tum
I am :D
Im sooooo hungry though.. I can prep the kitchen if you want?
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: My Lucy
Just a tad.
Its just in case you ever need a space for you. I want this to be your home too, darling.
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: My Tum
I told you I was going to start clearing up a room for the things you want.
For dinner.. You mean besides you? ;) hehe I want steak.
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: My Tum
Im in the house right now moving a couple of things around. What about you, darling?
Elouise Warrock 03/03/17 Autumn
What kind of souvenir do you want?
I tried to steal some pennies from this fountain, but there were WAAAAAY too many people around.
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
Jameson and I only discuss topics related to tacos, whiskey, snuggles and movie-time.
It's the key to a healthy marriage!
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
EXCUSE. I'll have you know I campaigned for Rambo. And then I just ended up being pregnant anyway.
...and then I realized how un-fun pregnancy is. But worth it!
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
I'm a very convincing person.
I convinced Jameson a baby was a good idea, sooooo. I'm pretty much the best.
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 BFF
Just do what I do and rush head-first into everything without ever considering the consequences!
It's worked out so far. Husband with cute butt, probably a baby with a cute butt. ...I have a beautiful life.
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
Rent one? Adopt one?
Oo. Just co-parent with me! You'll be the one to make sure it survives!
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
Are you sure? Isn't he Harry Potter?
...can you steal a baby, or something?
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 No Fun
OH. I don't tell you about any of that anyway!
How is Lucius? Is he pregnant yet?
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
What wouldn't you want to know?!
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Love Thief
I'm trying to spoil him!
My dream honeymoon would be alcohol poisoning in Cuba, but I think he'll like Italy.
Plus, I want to eat ALL of the pasta.
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
I'm going to take the hubs somewhere fancy instead.
Rome, fancy.
I don't think he's found the note yet.
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
I wish I was 😫
I had way too much sugar. I'm in pain.
And thank you, so did you! I wanna walk around in that dress forever.
Elouise Warrock 03/01/17 Autumn
My head hurts.
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: You Know It
I am waiting for you...
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: Fully
I don't mind that at all..... I wanted something sweet to begin with.
Yeah he is a funny guy. The other is very serious.
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: Lovely
Perfect. Ill get ready then. Your going to be my desert though ;).

PS: Your brother is so funny XD
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: You Neither
Well I hadn't started yet so we can go out to a nice restaurant. What are you in the mood for? I want some steak...
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: Tiny Bit
I like it but I don't mind cooking also. What do you prefer then? My cooking or restaurant? ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: My Tum
Hey darling, Im cooking some food. What you wanna eat for dinner?
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 Autumn
I have a fantastic metabolism! Rambo is getting tons of protein, though.
Yay! See you soon!
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 Autumn
Thank you! I'm trying to break the record for fattest baby at birth.
Do you think eating an entire roast beef before lunch is good?
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 Autumn
I'll be here, eating my feelings and watching Netflix until then!
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 Autumn
I miss you!
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: My Tum
It happens, sweetness.
I am soooo waiting for you ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: My Tum
Yes, darling. Been waiting for you. Work took longer?
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: My Tum
Of course. You are my girlfriend. What is not to be happy about? ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: My Tum
Fineeee hehe
You mean tomorrow after we arrive?
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: My Tum
It to go on the other side? No?
I suppose so.. Ill buy the ticket for tomorrow then so I can be with you.
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: Mine
I might buy you another one too hehehe.
Perfect then. Do you want a day alone with Eloise?
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: Got Ya
I do see about that.. Hehe
I can come tomorrow or the next day. Just need to buy the ticket. We are we staying over there? Same hotel?
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: Totally
Well this is the age of equality but are you saying you would take it? The ring?
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: Never Ever
So the better question is... Are you going to put a ring on it? ;-p
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: Hehehe
Not my fault! Who told her to be noisy and look over your shoulder?
Its nice though isn't it? ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: How So
Well... If I was... I would be doing this...
{Sends Her a Nude}
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: Never
I figured it would be easier to start on from Sunday to Sunday ;)
You don't like?
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: My Tum
Ummmm sure... Thats not odd at all but in any case Im a hacker so meh.

I do have a question for you... You ready for the move? This is my week.
Lucius Dalca 02/23/17 Text: Completely
How about I show you when you get home...
Words are words but I like action as the speaker of truths. :)
Lucius Dalca 02/23/17 Text: Yours
Well its a legit question. Why would I trade a real woman for a girl? Thats a reallly bad deal.
Lucius Dalca 02/23/17 Text: Totally Innocent
I don't even remember they were tourists like I was.
Are you really jealous of girls when you are my woman.
Lucius Dalca 02/23/17 Text: Innocent
It was from Mexico. I spent about a month or so there then had to run. Remember?
Lucius Dalca 02/23/17 Text: Huh?
Where did you find that? That is a very old picture.
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
Where's the love?!
I'd let you move in!
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
Looks like we're moving in!
Hope you're ready to take care of two whiny babie!
...and Rambo.
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
I can count down the days on my calendar that I have left to learn how to be domestic af.
Or I'll just make you move in. You make sure Jim-Jam 1 + 2 don't starve!
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
I'd love an apple pie as a wedding present! 😊
I'm trying to learn how to cook, but so far I'm limited to ramen noodles and the occasional pancake batch.
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn cook?
Looks like I'm marrying the wrong person...
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
I'm pregnant, I relax no matter what I'm doing.
Bring tacos!
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
Planning is done! I'm just gonna nap until the wedding day.
Of course I'm excited! Jameson in a tux?? Damn.
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Autumn
I used to be fun! I used to snort cocaine off of hookers asses!
...okay, so I didn't do that, but I was fun. I swear. RIP Fun Elouise.
Elouise Warrock 02/22/17 Autumn
I went through all of my drug money planning this wedding.
What. Has. Happened. To. Me.
Lucius Dalca 02/22/17 Text: My Tum
I don't mind. You can be very fast sometimes ;). See you then.
Lucius Dalca 02/22/17 Text: My Tum
It was not bad. I usually get first class to relax.
If you can :D Get dressed at your house first. Something semi-formal.
Lucius Dalca 02/22/17 Text: My Tum
Hey darling, I just made it to London! Where you at?
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
This kid is going to come out ready to shoot a glock.
Jameson and I will create nothing short of a gorgeous, lethal af infant.
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
I should rephrase. The idea of drinking again makes the birth worth it.
Baby, totally worth not drinking ever again, as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to refer to him as Rambo for simplicity's sake. And because his name is Rambo.
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
There is definitely something wrong with it. Who wants to be sober for 9 months?? Jameson can carry the next one.
I am more excited to drink again than I am to have this baby.
Well, sort of. Still. Is that bad?
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
Then in that case we should be great. Plenty of time then unless she is one of those people that take a long ass time...
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
Ugh, stfu. Let me at least pretend.
It's not my fault he's so f*cking adorable. I just got lucky.
If I think more than three is a good idea, please lobotomize me.
Do I have to shave my legs for the wedding??
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
One child, Autumn. Jfc.
I'm not doing this sh*t again.
I don't care HOW cute Jameson is.
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
God damn it. FINE.
You're getting waaaaaay ahead of yourself.
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
Jammies are classy!
And I won't even have to worry about shoes, they're footie PJs too!
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
Sure.. Although its going to take me a bit to get there, darling. When do you guys planned this?
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
Suit? Tux? I don't care.
I know he's not going to show up looking like a hobo.
I'm wearing a tuxedo onesie, so it's only going up from there!
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
Sure. Hit me with it!
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
I thought that was one of yours being a vampire? I mean I like to please..
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
I thought we've learned you shouldn't trust my taste?
It'll be like 27 Dresses, except all of the bridesmaids get to look good.
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
I can't help it! Blame the fetus.
Any color you want! You'll have better taste than me, anyway.
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
Of course I know that, darling. I want to though. We can always talk more about it when I am there.

I might need some DNA samples... LOL JK JK
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
Maybe just a tad *tongue out emoji*. Good! Btw thanks for the key. I will have to give you mine when I get there :)
Spring Taylor 02/21/17 Autumn
Stop f-cking texting me. I'll break our god damn f-cking fingers.
Spring Taylor 02/21/17 Autumn
Square the f-ck up.
Spring Taylor 02/21/17 Autumn
I don't fcking play games, Autumn. I'll prove it, by squaring the f-ck up with your twitchy. F-cking b-tch. I'll off him.
Spring Taylor 02/21/17 Autumn
F-ck off. Go get f-cking electrocuted by twitchy f-cking fingers.
Spring Taylor 02/21/17 Autumn
Shut the f-ck up Autumn. You don't know f-cking sh-te. I practically fcking pounced his chav @rse in blimey lard. Who the f-ck wants to live after that? Apparently this mother f-cker of a cracker wanker. F-cking bullsh-te I'm not losing my touch.
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
I love bringing the rain. Hehe I am so corny.
Exactly! So by then it should be great :D She seem very excited too.
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
The storm that is coming to you. *wink wink*
Probably sometime this year... She will be coming to London in surprise.
Spring Taylor 02/21/17 Autumn
Nay. That dumpster baby, hobo d-ck sucking, f-cking @rsetw@t is still alive.
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
He loves me regardless hehe. You are important to me as my family so don't be sorry. Just be prepared to when I see you in London. A few more days to go :D Ileana wants to meet you though.
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
You know it. And yeah everything is alright. He just isn't happy on what he saw because has been very quiet. No clue....
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
Hehe I should be there soon.
Not much besides the title signing but I am still alive so that is a great thing? Tata isn't happy with me but like I said. Still alive :D
Lucius Dalca 02/21/17 Text: My Tum
I miss you too *kiss emoji*. How is London?
Elouise Warrock 02/21/17 Autumn
I don't even know anymore.
I've been eating since like 6AM.
When are you coming to Moscow? We need to find you a dress! ❤
Elouise Warrock 02/20/17 Autumn
I ate like 4lbs worth of beef today.
This tiny Orlav is KILLING me.
But he's going to be super cute, isn't he? Even if he weighs 14lbs. 😋
Elouise Warrock 02/18/17 Autumn
You're such a good wedding planner.
Jameson is going to hate dance classes. I can't wait~!
Elouise Warrock 02/18/17 BEARly Any Fun
Fiiiiine. What about puppies as party favors?
Omfg. I don't know how to dance. Well, I can salsa. But that's not dancing for a wedding, is it? 💃🏼
Elouise Warrock 02/18/17 BFF
I just ate a 🍪 the size of a small 👶🏼.
In other news, I can't seem to find a reception venue that will let wild bears walk around. 🐻😔
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: My Tum
Nah nothing to be sad *kiss emoji*
The cafe is right outside. Ill flag you down hehe
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: My Tum
Just a tad. ;)
Sure! Catch some breakfast too. You all packed?
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: My Tum
Alrighty tea it is.. Good tea too.
I might have used a spell *coughs*.
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: My Tum
Hey darling. I am at the cafe a block away. Do you want coffee or tea?
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
This is going to be the classiest affair ever, you'll think you showed up to the wrong wedding!
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
Wtf. That is definitely classy enough!
The veil is gorgeous!
... UGH.

Wait. Got it. Pinterest is fantastic!
[IMG] to just make the wedding planner find something close to this.
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
This is my top choice!
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
How sexy is too sexy for church?
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn*t. No.
I guess I'll put on some pants and go look!
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
You deserve a good time!
Maybe come back for the wedding, though. 😉
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
Jason is probably going to be the best man... again.
I'll work on the Nigel thing. If not, then definitely Winter!
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
You sound like Nigel.
Speaking of, did the hubs respond?
Need to know who's walking me down the aisle.
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
Kill me now.
I'll miss potato chips so much.
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 🚨 9-1-1 🚨
Jameson Orlav 02/16/17 Autumn
You know, she was so happy, and so I was happy. Thats all I really care about. So the answer is yes. I enjoyed myself. So? You???
Jameson Orlav 02/16/17 Autumn
Sorry. I've been a little spacey. V-Day was good. She seemed to enjoy herself. I'm glad I could accommodate. How was yours?

Nigel and Trista are out. You won't find Trista anyway.. Besides, my parents are dead. 😃
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
We were busy this morning.
Well, he has very specific feelings about mine. And I don't want to have the conversation with him. So I'll leave this as your one and only task! Unless you want to have a bridesmaid party. In which case, you have two.
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
OH. Chocolate. On chocolate. On chocolate, on chocolate.
I emailed him! Tell Lucius I said thank you~.
Ask Jameson if I should invite my parents.
...he'll probably be nicer about it coming from you. Thanks Maid of Honor!
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
It doesn't really matter which flavor I like, there's a bun in the oven. How about Macallan whiskey? That's Jamie's favorite. I think he loves it more than me. Oh! Steak. So much steak. Enough that it would be a tear to Ron Swanson's eye.
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Ugh. But it's so much fun to be trashy.
Is a champagne fountain classy? Omfg.
What flavor should the cake be?!
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Yes drugs! Hard liquor in everything!
I'm thinking every table gets a bong.
...this is going to be fantastic.
Wait. F*ck. Pregnant. Okay, so no drugs it is!
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Aw. I love you.
How do you feel about amphetamines in the punch?
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
You underestimate how much I'll need to sleep between now and the wedding day.
How about the 28th? Mark your calendar, sh*t's about to be LIT.
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
I have literally all the time in the world.
I want doves released.
And a chocolate fountain.
Omfg. Can we get Cher to perform???
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
So, like, next week?
I'm going to wife the sh*t out of him.
Bring your boy-toy! He can help with the flower arrangements.
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Like, this week doable?
...wanna be my Maid of Honor?
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Special anniversary?
What about just a 'it's been a few months and I still have a crush on you'? Is that reason enough? I never got to do the white dress, church thing. And I'm not super fat yet.
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
I'm glad you had a nice time. I'm warming up to Lucius. He still doesn't deserve you, but I'm not sure anyone does.
Jim-Jam is best. I want to marry him. Well, again. Can I do that?
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Omg. Piano? Impressive.
The hubs and I went on a carriage ride. And I ate a cheesecake. Like, an entire cheesecake, by myself.
I'm getting fat.
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
Yay! I want to hear all about it.
You were right about the whole 'effort' thing. I love my guy. 😌
Where did you go? What did you do? Wait. Do I want to know?
Elouise Warrock 02/15/17 Autumn
I have the best husband, seriously.
How was your night?
Elouise Warrock 02/14/17 Autumn
I'm excited! I haven't seen much of him lately.
Have fun! Tell me all about it tomorrow. Or... maybe don't. It depends on what there is to tell!😉
Elouise Warrock 02/14/17 Autumn
Jameson literally got me dress with space in the mid-section for my food baby tonight.
This is true love, isn't it?
I'm so glad double pregnant isn't a thing.
Summer 02/14/17 Autumn
A date!! That is exciting. In that case, I hope you have a wonderful time and that the person in question knows just how lucky they are to have you join them.
Summer 02/14/17 The Hottest Ginger
Happy V-day back at ya, hot stuff! I hope you have a fabulous day. I'll be working, shakin dat a$$ for the lonely single dudes, relieving them of their hard earned cash. It's a tough life, someone's gorta do it. 😘
PS I totally almost typed "the hottest finger". Funny how one letter can f-ckin change the whole tone!
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 Autumn
Dinner. So much dinner because she loves food. I've also shut down Gorky Park for the night. Its a little chilly, but I've got a carriage to take us through the gardens. I just want to spend time with her. Do you think she'll enjoy it?
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Autumn
I can hardly wait.. ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Autumn
Maybe . Will I get kisses though?
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 Autumn
More common than you might think.
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Autumn
I like the way I say it more.
Only if you come with me O:-)
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 Autumn
Aye, I've heard of him.
Best not be a knob. I'll kick his ass for you if he starts up with the fvckery.
..Actually, if he's smart, he'll be more scared of you than me.
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Autumn
Honesty is the best policy, darlin. *kiss* *kiss*
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 Autumn
Same to you.
Have you chosen a victim- er, valentine for this year? 😀
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Autumn
I have spent a lot of time there.
But thank you, they got my good side :D
Elouise Warrock 02/14/17 Autumn
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
Jameson is making me wear real clothes to go out.
And Cheech and Chong ate the lingerie. I give up.
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Autumn
How so, darlin?
Spring Taylor 02/14/17 Autumn

..I did not just call that wanker my husband.
Spring Taylor 02/14/17 Autumn

Spring Taylor 02/14/17 Autumn
Miss you too. Hope someone spears these daft f-cks in the face. Valentine's Day should be massacre day.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
I love him too! And have you seen that butt?
And he makes some mean scrambled eggs.
And something about being my best friend, etc.
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Magic
You said to surprise you, so tomorrow you will be surprised ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: About
Sure, I can work with that!
On the flight there wear something comfortable anyways :P
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Nothing But Love
Full on serious, darling. Bring a set like you did a few nights go. Something sexy too ;).
You can meet me at the Cluj International Airport. It should be close to both our locations?
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
If only...
Or I can just ditch Jameson. You'll make a great step-mom!
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Omg, so Lucius is~ your date tomorrow!
I was worried you'd die alone.
Well, that's not true. I'd marry you before I let that happen.
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Guilty
I am already on the other side and waving, darling.
We are going fly to Constanța and probably stay over at a hotel so bring extra clothes and I will pick you up in the morning. Sounds good?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Its a Secret.
And when you finally say yes, beautiful? What will happen then..
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: My Tum tum
Well if you are having fun with it... I suppose I can keep taking cracks at it.
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Don't Pretend
Ill answer that question when you answer mine. What pet names are your exceptions?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Mine Again
Oh yes you do. Just because you want to miss the lone pool party doesn't mean I do.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
How do I get the URL from my computer to my phone?
Do I hire a magician???
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: That's Cute
Okay then what do you like to be called besides gorgeous, gorgeous?
Then both of you owe me.

Lucius gets up from the heated pool naked, wraps a towel around him, and heads for his specialized computer-surveillance room hidden inside his walking closet. He tracks down Elouise number using Autumn's phone as the outlet and calls her.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
What's a URL??
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Denial
Never seen it. If I have to get out of the pool to do it you will owe me big time, babe. Did Spring's nudists photos leaked??
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
I am not computer literate!
I'm going to have to buy a new face, aren't I?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Investor
You really have to ask that? Its water resistant, gorgeous. Strong, sharp, steady, clean, smooth.. Overall a very good investment . One that I would be a fool to discard. :)
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 JUST DO IT
Lucius and I are friends now! Didn't he tell you?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: All Profits
Of course I know.. I am in the pool too so you know where to find me for that refund. ;)
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 CALL 911
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 THE MOST
I thought I was sending you my Valentine's Day outfits!
(hint: NSFW)
And I may or may not have posted them on the Mommy & Me forum I'm a part of instead. Guess I'd better change my identity!
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Truth Sets Free
I am sorry the manager is in vacation. In Romania. He is currently hiding in a mountain retreat. :D GPS don't work there.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Omfg
You haven't been receiving those??
Oh my god. This explains all of those weird texts.
Jameson is going to kill me.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Well, there goes MY hallpass plans. Thanks A LOT.
Does this mean I should stop sending nudes?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Hot stuff
Opps no returns, no refund. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Would it be?
I say go for it. You're the only hallpass I'd allow.
A sign of true love and respect!
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Pfft
Said the buyer ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Muah
No you are the one that hunts the lion that hunts the rabbit. I am just a... mouse. :P
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: A Tiny Bit
I love the chase but I still gotta throw around my snares, no?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Guilty
I need to do something to keep you from running ;)
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
I'm never having sex again.
But you can feel free! You have my permission. Jameson is hot af.
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Never Stopped
Oh I know... Very very good advantages.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Omg. You agree with ME??
I'm getting this date engraved on a plaque.
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Rightly So
How sure are you of that?
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Me
You do know I love the chase... I hope you know how to run on heels.
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: Yep Mine
Don't forget the hoodie. Also be careful, with a face that beautiful, I might not let you go for the rest of the week.. Rawr ;).
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: My Valentines
Very formal. Btw I miss your face.
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: My Valentines
I was hoping you would say that... Wear something formal ;).
Lucius Dalca 02/13/17 Text: My Valentine
Do you have a preference for food tomorrow?
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Okay but how? And WHY??
Who tf invented a sex swing?? I'm going to Google it.

Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Autumn
Omfg, I'm kidding. I trust you and Winter completely.
Well, I don't. But I do. Apparently he meant a 'sex swing'. Wtf is that?
I REALLY don't want to be pregnant .5 seconds after having this thing.
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Group Chat: Autumn; Winter
You are so not invited to my baby shower.
Lingerie is a gift for Jameson. Mama is the one who needs presents. Like tequila. So much tequila. Drown me in tequila. NOT baby-making clothes.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Autumn
This is 🐴 💩.
I'm not a prostitute, for Christ's sake.
I don't care if you two are the f*cking Steve Jobs of lingerie, it's not happening. I like my onesies. And elastic jeans. And baggy shirts. Basically anything that totally obscures my figure. 😈
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Autumn
My sex life is fine!
If you get me lingerie, I'm obligated to wear it.
And I'm lazy AF.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Autumn
Ugh. He's going to be so f*cking cute.
You'll have to fight your brother over the baby shower. He's totally taken it over. ...and I think he's buying me lingerie. Please help.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Autumn
The last time Jameson surprised me, I found out I was pregnant. And he didn't even do that on purpose.
Ugh. But my secret is good! Whatever, I'm telling you anyway! I'm having a boy. And I'm worried all of Jameson's name recommendations are going to suck.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Autumn
He forgot my BIRTHDAY. Valentine's Day pales in comparison.
Also, wtf. A secret? Is it Lucius? Omg. Is it??
I'll tell you my secret if you tell me yours!
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Autumn
I'll be busy watching Jameson forget another important day anyways, I think.
But. Who? I NEED DETAILS. Is he hot? Rich? Old? Is it a sugar daddy??
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Valentine
What are we doing on Tuesday??
Dinner? Movie? Sushi body art???
Idris Mowbry 02/11/17 -lets out a sigh of relief-
z"Good, Teddy Jace hasn't gotten you."
-gives a bright smile-
"The pleasure is mine! If you need anything of me, Kai knows where I am, like, always. Just if you see a creepy, living teddy bear missing an not engage."
-looks super serious-
"I have a score to settle with him."
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 *grumbles* So what about skinny dipping? *he had to ask*
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 "Yes! Family discount but it is mine!" Lucius grins wider and chuckles, "At least let me put my legs in."
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 Lucius winked at her, ''No I am the one that needs it. Well not as much that I bought the house from Tata''
Remi Rose 02/09/17 Autumn Summers just failed at stealing money from you!
Autumn Summers just stole $0.00 from you!

-must have popular pockets today-

Elouise Warrock 02/09/17 Autumn
I have a wife now.
You should meet her, she's great!
She brings me food, snuggles with me, and we got a dog together!
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 Lucius grins at Autumn looking back at her, "You know you could just ask" Autumn Summers just failed at stealing money from you!
Spring Taylor 02/09/17 Autumn
What the f-ck. Sod off the fcking shrooms. JFC.
Idris Mowbry 02/08/17 -catches a blur pass by-
-chases it-
-finally catches up-
"Hey, are you Autumn? Like, the Autumn that Kai hangs out with?"
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 Autumn
Why? I've got it handled.
I'm going to be a great mom to Roscoe.
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 Autumn
Why not? It was way cheap.
And I got the stroller for a steal!
...because I stole the cart.
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 Autumn
But I already have a collar and a crate for it!
Guess I'll just return all of my baby stuff to PetCo. 😔
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 Autumn
Buzz kill.
Does a kid count as an animal?
Omg. Another pet.
Spring Taylor 02/06/17 Autumn
Why the f-ck would I want to go there? Maybe to get away from this fcking chav nugget. Send me a picture! I might be over blimey soon.
Elouise Warrock 02/05/17 Autumn
Why not?! I'd be a good monkey mom!
What about a pygmy goat?
Elouise Warrock 02/05/17 Autumn
Can you bring me a Capuchin monkey?
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 Text: Tum Tum
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 Text: Tum tum
I was going to say you are helping me and yourself but I see you got the yourself part down already. :P
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 Text: Tum tum
Party going down in Dungeon. Home town. Let's go.
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Autumn
You're fantastic.
Can an Elvis impersonator officiate a fake wedding for us?
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Autumn
I think we should give roulette a try too.
I've got money to waste!
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Autumn
Don't doddle in Romania too, too long.
I'm going to practice my Texas hold'em skills.
Elouise Warrock 02/02/17 Autumn
To Buffalo? Or to Vegas?
I'm down to burn down either. I like fire.
...but I really want to gamble. Like. Obscenely. Rehab-worthy.
Zarek 02/02/17 I will be sure to take you up on that.
Elouise Warrock 02/02/17 Autumn
I prefer Buffalo, at this point.
We need to plan a real vacation, though.
Like Vegas.
Zarek 02/02/17 I do and I am grateful for it.
Elouise Warrock 02/02/17 Autumn
Romania sounds like fun!
Well, I suppose anything is an improvement from Moscow.
Look at you, trailblazer. I wish I had the same luxury.
Zarek 02/02/17 Oh, just stray thoughts, or perhaps I simply enjoy hearing my presence has been missed.
Zarek 02/02/17 I am not sure if that reaction is pleasantly surprised or not.
Elouise Warrock 02/02/17 BFF
I wish you were here.
How is London?
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
Uh huh. Sure.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum Tum You know what I mean :P
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
As long as they don't get the same as me.. Just saying.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Kisses
That is actually fine with me..
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Nearsight
Minor competition is still competition. That is just the nature of humans and supernatural.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Illusionist
It wasn't my choice. You know I couldn't be around....

I'll be nice.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Denial
I am the sweet spices of your life. Don't you f*cking forget it.
So many rainbows with no rain. Fine. Don't be late.
{Sends her the Location}
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Big One
You would probably kill her.. Just saying.
Who the f*ck is this friend?
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Hoe
Aren't you cute... I want a visit! I don't care if its an hour visit while you are here.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Bewitched
I am not saying RIGHT now. I am busy right now.
Add it to the agenda is what I mean. I'll talk to mom about that in the meanwhile. Not so much for them but for Tata ..
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Muah
Thats classified information.
You were the one that mentioned meeting them again when we were in Moscow. *tongue out emoji*
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tumsicle
Only for you, sugar-honey-ice-tea. Just u .
I haven't seen you in a couple of days what you talking about, Willis?
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum Tum
Ha! HA!! Already did that and more, Boo. You can visit more than one person, genius.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
No sh*t, Tiny Sherlock. Its my home. You are coming here and not visiting me???
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
You are f*cking with me.. I know it >_>
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
That is a fact. Have fun wherever you are going.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
I am your bestie not them other hoes.
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum Tum
Cold blooded.. I see how u is, gurl! I'll remember that next time *wink with stick tongue out emoji*
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum Tum
Yes, of course. Lobby.. *giggle emoji* And maybe one day as a drunken dare.
Still makes me curious. Can I know the name or is that confidential information?
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum Tum
Its something to keep the Dalca bloodline in check. You saw what happened in the room that night..
Wait what friend is this?!
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Text: Tum tum
They are great-ish. My family is still the same but I managed to bribe my sister for a spell I needed. Woot woot!
I miss you. How is London?
Summer 02/01/17 Autumn
The shoes are for you, babe. You can find them in the post soon enough. I've sent them to your flat in London. Maybe you can have someone fetch them if you're not in town.
I've found a couple clubs in Sydney- trying them out for a bit before I settle- Dollhouse, Minx, and Porky's are in the main rotation. They have body sushi at Dollhouse and reserved events only a few nights a week at Minx. That means more shoes for mama.
I'll be sure to let the bouncers know that not only will they NOT get tipped out, but a vicious petite red head will be on their ass if they slip up.
Love you! xxxooo
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I intend to have a ball.
And I'm not even too fat for my bathing suit. Small victories. 👌🏼
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I'm not too concerned with how he feels at the moment.
And he said I should feel free to leave Moscow whenever I like, so, I'm feeling very free.
He can take his sh*tstorm and leave it in the same place he left the birthday acknowledgement I never received.
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
Get in line. I'm just trying to keep my cool.
I left a note. Do you think that's sufficient?
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I'll bring back a case of the most expensive tequila, just for you.
And the most expensive cabana boy, too! 😉
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I just want to lay on the beach until I get skin cancer.
My solo honeymoon, with real cabana boys!
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
They're at home.
I was serious about the Mexico thing.
I'm going to celebrate my birthday, my way.
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I miss my kittens.
Well, they're not kittens.
They're angry behemoths now. But still.
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
Make the joke!
I wanna laugh! :(
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
We can go to the Amazon!
The sun can't breach the canopy in most spots.
And I can tame a python.
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
Have you seen my skin?
We'll just get matching ponchos and sombreros.
I want to eat a scorpion!
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I still am.
Seriously entertaining a trip to Mexico.
You're welcome to come.
Elouise Warrock 02/01/17 Autumn
I'm sure you've left Moscow.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry I was so childish.
And for taking you for granted. I miss you.
Summer 02/01/17 Autumn
I was shopping for some new work shoes and came across these. For some inexplicable reason, I thought of you! I don't think they'd fetch me a lot of tips, but...some days they just need to be worn, ya know?

Spring Taylor 01/31/17 Autumn
Miss you too. How is that b-tch as- cat of yours?
Camille 01/30/17
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
UM. EXCUSE. I can't help pregnant rage. It happens.
And then I apologize with snuggles and vodka.
Nope, pretty sure Jameson is dead. And if he isn't, then he'll want to be. 'cuz I'm gonna kick his ass.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
Well he is rude af, but I assume if he's your friend there must be something redeemable about him.
And I'm pretty sure Jameson is dead. Will you be my pity wife? And I mean that as in you're taking pity on me. 😉
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Autumn
You do that.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Autumn
For f*ck sakes, figure it out. I am not going to be alive forever.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Autumn
Oh I know.. I am swallowing the poison.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Autumn
I guess British stands for Better?
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Autumn
I would have loved if you left a tip.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
I took a nap. I'm sorry.
I love you. Thank you for defending me. ❤
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
Go play in traffic. I'm flying to Cabo.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
I've had a lot of sugar, and I'm very hormonal.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
Fine. Jameson isn't answering either.
I'll just go eat a tub of frosting BY MYSELF.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
You're like two feet tall. I think I can manage.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
I'm going to donkey kick you in the throat, b*tch.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
I will f*cking murder you.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
It's not MY fault my husband stopped loving me!
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
I feel like Jameson definitely should have told you.
I'm gonna eat my feelings. Thaaank you!
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Autumn
I think my husband forgot my f*cking birthday.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Then maybe she should learn some f*cking manners before asking for them. Pregnant doesn't mean you get to be an ******* to everybody. Thank you Autumn. Thank you for your support.
*shuts the door after her at will and gets a drink*
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 Coward? *narrows his eyes* You are f@cking with me.. I can't do anything to the b*tch. If I hit her I piss you off. If I roast her I piss you off. If I haunt her I piss you off. I can't win with you.
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 *whews and gets up from her* Good but I am not staying by myself either.
*helps her up* I don't trust that crazy @ss b*tch either.
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 Seriously?!?! What the f@ck Autumn!? *goes to tackle her* Oh no your not leaving. She is coming! That preggo bacon grease loving f@cking monster knows where we are.
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 *Lucius looks down at her and chuckles*
Welll..... You see... She texted me and said she was gonna kick my ass if I didn't give her a massage. As you can imagine that isn't going too well.. I didn't give her my phone # though. She started.

*reads the last text* Tell me you didn't tell her where we are staying...
Elouise Warrock 01/29/17 Autumn
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum Tum
I am! It was a great sale and of course I will show you later. Just as long as you don't get PTSD from it.. >>

Blah fine... I can deal with that.
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum Tum
Ha! Cute.. No.. I bought a haunting staff! If you listen in real close you can hear the screams of the dead. Its so cool!

Fine. Just us 4?
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum Tum
I have no clue what you talking about.... Although! Guess what I got?!?
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Well. Don't tell Jameson that!
I'll put on real clothes. I guess.
Can we go dancing after?
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Oh, I know.
And I've seen him naked!
I'll put on my fancy PJs.
Wait. Never mind. I can't wear that in public.
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum tum
Wait why is that sparkling rainbow coming?? I don't have that much money!
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Do I have to change out of my PJs?
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum Tum
Sweatpants and heels? Lovely combo :-p
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Potentially. Can I bring Winter?
He's currently cradling me like a baby.
His arms are HUGE.
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Oh. Could have sworn I did.
Either way, he's in Moscow!
I need someone to hold him down while I pull out his toenails.
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Ugh. Fine. I'll get up.
Did I ever mention my first husband?
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Autumn
Where tf is my massage?
Also, I have someone I want you to meet!
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum Tum
I am going to try to get us the main both to the show. Its going to be awesome! Wear something sexy and fancy. Rawr

Your friend is invited if she wants to. I don't care either way.
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum tum
Haven't you heard? Its always getting it back that is the fun part.

PS: I want to go to the Bolshoi Theatre tonight. Your in?
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum Tum
You are still getting charged. Muah ;-)
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Tum tum
I might just have to start charging you for them massages with the way them hands are going ;)
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Tum Tum

I'll behave but only if she agrees not to try to steal you away... >_>
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Tum Tum

Uh huh.. And no! She goes for the attack she gets no massage!
Also I don't do feet....
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
Well, it's not like you can get me more pregnant.
...or pregnant at all.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
No. I'm flirting with you, dumb ass.
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Tum Tum

You never let me have any day dreams.... :-/

Wait! You did? You sure I wouldn't punched by her man boo? I already got punched for the month!
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
We can change that ;;;;o
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
Gross? You two are NOT boning on my compound.
Don't tell my husband I'm getting a massage from another man. He'll kill me.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
...okay. I'm listening.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
I will kick his ass.
I'm pregnant, but I'm also fit af. I will RUIN him.
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Tum tum
I will roast her @ss faster than she can say 'pew pew cachu'........ After she gives birth. Probably never even after. But still!

I have dips!
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
There's nothing to see in Moscow. Case-closed.
I'm moody and I'm not sharing. That mofo better be prepared to sight-see on his own, because I need Autumn-time.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Tum tum
Someone keeps laughing like a f@cking maniac in the building. Newer guy....

Oooooo I am tempted! Its been a while since I been to Moscow. We have to sight see! When we leave?
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Tum tum
You are leaving me with these nut jobs?! For a few days!? You know I can't stay out of trouble. That is my curse!
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
Um. No. This is his fault.
100%. No debates.
... I wasn't sober enough to pay attention, okay. Scotch is powerful. Jamouise was NOT on purpose.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
He said I'm gassy, because I'm pregnant.
I need snuggles, hurry tf up.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
If I tell you, you have to promise not to laugh.
And yes, I'm in Moscow. It's too f*cking cold to go anywhere. And I think if I leave Jameson will probably kill Cal, and that's my job.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
I'm brooding alone in my suite.
I locked rude ass husband out.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
He said...
Long story short, every here is horrible and you're my only person left.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
WTF. I need my BFF.
And Jameson is bullying me.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
Ugh. Kittens.
I'm watching rom-coms and eating my feelings. Come join!
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
I know how to tango, you turd.
Ask Jameson! I used to drag him out all of the time.
Taco Tuesdays are all-inclusive.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
Summer, obviously.
I've got rhythm, bee-otch.
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Autumn
You're embarrassing af.
And for the record, I'm a great dancer.
Your sister taught me a lot. Maybe that's why Jameson is always in a good mood?
Elouise Warrock 01/25/17 Autumn
False. My stomach is happy 24/7!
Elouise Warrock 01/25/17 Autumn
So just imagine how many I had yesterday!
Elouise Warrock 01/25/17 Autumn
I may or may not have referred to him by your name.
It's not even lunch yet and I've already had four tacos.
Elouise Warrock 01/25/17 Autumn
I may or may not have pissed Winter off.
In my defense, it was hilarious.
Summer 01/24/17 Autumn
I didn't sneak out. I just didn't live with a bunch of people so nobody noticed. That and...everyone seemed a bit preoccupied.
Australia does seem to suit me. It is Summer here (hehe) so I can wander around in shorts and tank tops all the time! When these sunny days get old, I'll come to London. In truth, I had eyeballed a nice long visit to the coast of Mexico, but changed my mind.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
But you're more adorable. ;)
And I'm lucky to have you. ;) that good enough?
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
But he's so f*cking cute! Come ooooon!

I guess I'll stop. I can fawn over you if you want! ;)
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Omfg. No one is getting cut.
I'm just saying in comparison to my husband, I'm always the horrible one.
I mean, you've met Jameson, right? He's the best person ever.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Autumn. Think about who you're talking about.
Jameson is the best person ever.
I'm the sh*tlord in this situation, 100% of the time.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
...I think it's a term of endearment for us.
He told me I was perfect the other day. He's fine.
And, yes, I'm definitely offering.
...because it'
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Jameson says I'm a potato all of the time.
Literally before he kissed me for the first time, he called me a potato. I am the embodiment of a potato.
...I give better massages. F*ck that guy.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Omg. No. Jameson is the only one who gets to see me naked.
And even then, no. I'm a f*cking potato.
...time is a social convention. I'm obviously better.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Ha. Haha.
Sure, Jameson is my husband. So is Jason. See?
I don't like this Lucius. He's stealing my Autumn time.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
You mean Jason? He is my husband.
...and I think he's bi. Whatever. He's a great cuddler.
It's not MY fault Jameson works. Or that I'm needy.
Who the f*ck is Lucius?!
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
It doesn't count if they're gay!
If you'd come to Moscow, I would add you to the list of snuggle-buddies, but nooooo, you've got more important matters to attend to.
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Winter is a lovable, but a wh*re. I can't possibly be a wh*re, I'm monogamous!
...unless that's wrong. Who knows. Maybe we are alike!
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Ugh. Cats make me so happy.
Not as happy as you make me, though!
Come visit you b*tch.
Summer 01/23/17 Gorgeous
I'm chillin' in Syndey for a bit. The beaches are fabulous and there is eye candy galore. Here's me taking a picture of one while he takes a picture of me. If you're looking to be on the opposite side of the globe from London for any reason, I have a place for you to crash.

Elouise Warrock 01/23/17 Autumn
I have a great metabolism!
...and... other stuff.
Elouise Warrock 01/23/17 Autumn
My diet consists of tacos, burritos, cheetos, red wine and ice cream.
Elouise Warrock 01/23/17 Autumn
I was so bored today I went for a hike on my treadmill.
I EXERCISED. tbh it's fun I'm having a great time.
Am I a fitness nut now?
Elouise Warrock 01/23/17 Autumn
This is why we're friends.
Spring Taylor 01/23/17 Autumn
He'll be f-cking ace.
Spring Taylor 01/23/17 Autumn
Why would I want to watch that sodding pewpew motherf-cker?
Elouise Warrock 01/22/17 Autumn
My husbands are jealous of my extracurricular cuddling with your brother.
They'd probably be less jealous if it was with you.
Come back to me!
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Text: Tum Tum
If you say so. XOXO
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Text: Tum Tum
Never a threat. I just know from experience it isn't good to be alone for too long.
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Text: Tum Tum
Nu mă face să merg după tine.
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Text: Tum Tums
Im not entirely sure what just happened but... I think that way you storming off to the elevator and out the building.

I hope your okay but if you are not. Im here for 'u'.

PS: Painting the suite!
Elouise Warrock 01/22/17 Autumn
I think I just slept for an entire day...
It was beautiful.
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Text: Tum tum

Great! Then I will see you in my suite. Bring your appetite! Wait..... Sh*t, do you still eat regular food?
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Text: Tum Tum

Mayyybe a little bit of both... I needed to relax so I can decorate my new suite. You wanna help moi? I have your JWB!
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Text: Tum Tum

You always say that *wink wink*
Spring Taylor 01/21/17 Autumn
I have met the man of my dreams. He turns into dinosaurs. Will you help me kidnap him?
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Text: Tum tum

I got the magic rod of goodness and joy :D You know what I a talking about ;)
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Text: Tum Tum Its more like a rod >_>
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Tum Tum,

I will pray for you.
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Tum Tum

Lying is bad for your health. I dont want you to get sick :(
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Autumn
Cuddle buddy.
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Tum tums Did you watch the movie??
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Tum Tum He looks like he would have a red room.
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Gray So... You are the guy from 50 Shades of Grey?
Spring Taylor 01/20/17 Autumn
I.. do? Mum & Dad were always naked. That's what my marriage should be like, right? Victor can give them to the homeless shelters.
Spring Taylor 01/20/17 Autumn
....Aren't all wives nudists?
Spring Taylor 01/20/17 Autumn
I'm great! I'm giving all my clothes to Victor. I think I'm going to move into Casey's room now. How are yooou?
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Autumn
I saw it. NO THANK YOU.
... I think Winter is moving in. Help.
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Autumn
Can he carry the next f*cking baby then?
I don't think it's normal. UGH.
Why do babies and my husband have to be so damn cute?
Is there a return policy on children?
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Autumn
You're welcome! He's fine as hell.
No, no twins. As far as I know. This is just half-pregnant, half fat.
I think Jameson wants to have more than one kid. Is that normal??
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Autumn
Are you drunk already?
Have you seen my husband??
Omfg. Does that really happen? AM I GOING TO DIE?
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Autumn
Summer says double pregnant is a thing!
Now she wants to be a doctor. You should probably intervene.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Autumn
Of course I'll like the little sh*t, it's mine.
Minus the puke I think we're already friends!
But that doesn't mean I'm doing this whole sober thing ever again.
BORING AF. Unless our kid is really cute. Then maybe we'll have like 12-15 more. And name them all George Foreman.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Autumn
-Child-. CHILD. Singular.
One and done. I'm not a rabbit, jfc.
If Jameson wants more kids he can have an affair.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Autumn
Excuse? My mother always came up with the best games.
Did you ever run with scissors?
Oh. Oh my god. Okay I get it now.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Autumn
... Really?
What about 'metal pole in the lightning storm'? That was one of my favorites!
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Autumn
Am I the only kid who played 'toaster in the bathtub'???
Jameson Orlav 01/19/17 Autumn
Erm, I'm not sure there's room for you in the nursery..
Jameson Orlav 01/19/17 Autumn
Completely at peace with it. Who's idea do you think this was, anyway? You should see the nursery.. Don't tell Elouise I'm building a nursery. Its a surprise.
Jameson Orlav 01/19/17 Autumn
You're right. I'm even laughing right now. But she's asleep, I think, so covet your peace.
Jameson Orlav 01/19/17 Autumn
>.> what do you think I do in my office all day?
Spring Taylor 01/19/17 Autumn
Perfect & Delightful. How else would I feel?
Spring Taylor 01/19/17 Autumn
I'm giving it to him myself!
Lucius Dalca 01/19/17 Lucius rolled his eyes just watching her texting and all that ****... By the time she finally sat down he had downed his 2nd glass and was working on the third. He had a nice little buzz going on. "Do you have to be so conceited... Jesus, Autumn you are cute at best, Okay..." He shook his head as if she didn't know he liked women with more meat on the bones. There were times where he was attracted to her but there weren't that many. Especially when she acted all weird about it.. Shrugs. He despised the awkardness she seemed so keen on creating. To him some things were just natural though.

"Doctor Freud? What sappy soup opera you watching now? You know what don't even answer that... Just tell me whats been going on all this time. The last I saw of you was..." He looked thoughtful while he lightly twirled the liquid in his glass, "About 2 or 3 years ago? It was brief."
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
I think Jameson would kill me.
But I mean. COME. ON. The man has moves.
If you can't tell, he's still working. And here I am, covered in cats and dogs.
Can't believe I wasted like five months not molesting him. WTF was wrong with me.
Well, Tequila. Reefer. A smidgen of cocaine.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Also, what the f*ck are hashtags? I'm so behind. The Internet is really testing the limits of my mind, here.
I can understand Skype. Jameson did a strip tease on camera while I was in Buffalo.
... he's honestly a pretty good dancer.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
He'll LOVE it.
Jameson is so f*cking cute I want to puke.
I literally just want to hug him all day.
This is the hormones speaking.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
B*tch, I'm pregnant for a goddamn reason.
... had to lock this sh*t down, hard.
And he's so nice and sweet and cute. 😍😍
Don't tell him I said that. Or do. I don't care.
I LOVE MY HUSBAND. I'm printing t-shirts.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
And you're the only person I'm okay with having this knowledge! ❤️❤️
He's carved from stone. Jesus Christ. The least he could do is have a LITTLE body fat. How do you cuddle with a boulder??
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
I spent 20 of the 24 hours in the day with him.
It would be better if he spent at least 18 of those hours shirtless. But, we can't all get what we want.
Moscow is always open to you, darling. You know that.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Or come back to me!
You left Jameson and I alone for five minutes and it didn't end well.
Well, it did. But it also involved me not ignoring my feelings. Gross. Please return ASAP.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Spring and I would make great friends if she didn't scare the piss out of me.
You can solve any undesirable situation with fire, y'know.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 "So... a 3 out of 10... Ill take a 3.." He said drinking more of the vodka casually. Not that he didn't believe in her threats but they been friends for so long he knew her better.

Nods then looked around the room again. "Well I don't have it.." He looked straight at her then offered more of the vodka. "I can tell you it is somewhere here so.... Maybe your bed? Unless you don't trust me and want to search me. You are more than welcome to, pal." He stuck his tongue out at her knowing she sure as hell wasn't going to go that route.

He shrugged and looked pointedly at her, "Ill look for it before I go. Can you just sit down with me and catch up... I've had enough crazy for one day no thanks to you too." She knew EXACTLY what he meant too.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Oh god. If it's twins I'm dipping. DON'T JINX IT.
If I have to raise two tiny me's I will drown myself. Can you even imagine? They would just feed off each other's demon energy.
What did Spring do? Are you sure it's not funny?
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Double pregnant isn't a thing, right?
Did we go over this already?
Wait. Do I need to fly to London? Whose ass am I kicking?
Spring Taylor 01/18/17 ~Still salty af about kid photo~
Ask Gray. The wanker has the memo & the key.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
I miss you, come back.
Also, Jameson is SO. HOT.
He can make a sandwich AND pour juice all at the same time.
If that isn't sexy, I don't know what is.
Spring Taylor 01/18/17 Autumn
You're welcome, b-tch.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius gave her the tumbler with the vodka and searched his pockets for the key. Left, Empty.... Right, Empty.... Checked back pockets.. Empty too. "Right... On a scale of one to ten. How made will you be if I were to tell you I lost the key...." He grin innocently and looked the other way while drinking the vodka, "This is good stuff." He tried to change the conversation.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius chuckled grabbing two glasses from her cabinet and going to the living room to get the vodka. Yes! This was good vodka: Polugar Single Malt Rye. Now we are talking. He poured the liquid in both glasses and tasted his very slowly.

"Are the rooms as good as this one? This 'is' a suite..." He grin thinking he was going to be 'visiting' often. Probably raiding her liquor cabinet every time too. He sat down to enjoy the drink, "I poured you one too... So get your ass here and drink with me!"
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius gave a soft nod as he sat up on the bed then arched an eyebrow, "Where is my vodka from Russia? I've been waiting for that since you said you were bringing it." He stood up and gave the kitten a tender scratch behind the ears before heading to her liquor cabinet.

"Its good to see you too, old friend. I see you are living good. What wrong with the place here?" He asked with a grin as he opened the cabinet and marveled silently to himself. I like this..... "Classy...."
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius heard the door open and the small footsteps approuching the bedroom but he didn't really move or made any inclination to even open his eyes. The ball of fur was sleeping ever so peacefully by his side. He really like cats. When his life wasn't so f@cked up he might even get one himself.. Or steal hers.

"Spring..." He said it with a yawn, "She wants me to f*ck you then die.. Or was it die first and then f&ck you.... Hmmm I dont know, vampires are weird creatures." He started to stretch and when he did that is when the kitten started to move too like 'what what happened ohh owner!'

"Hell of a joke by the way..." He looked at her this time with a look that said I need to drink.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius waited and waited.... Okay either she was standing him up or she forgot they were meeting each other. He stroked the kitten's soft fur, "Your owner is taking a long ass time..." He chuckled laying back on the bed and yawning.

He started to rest his eyes before a buzz woke up. Ugh... He had just started to drift!

Text: Tum tums,

Im scared. I don't know where I am. It dark and there is a cat. Hurry. Save me!
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius made a quick escape from Winter and headed straight to Autumn's room. He had the key to her apartment, thanks to Spring, but he also didn't know where else to meet her so he figured that would be the best place. Opening the door, he saw that she wasn't there yet but there was a very friendly kitten there that approuched him with curiosity. "Hey there, buddy." He grin at the kitten as he petted her softly. He was never a big fan of dogs but with cats that was a whole different story. Talk about a stereotype that was actually true, at least with him personally.

He took a seat on the bed and tried to relax as much as possible. She was bringing him a vodka so that was going to help a lot. He waited as he petted the kitten and looked around.. Huh so organized but so plain...

Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Tum Tum

I swear to all the gods, Im going to decorate your house in mirrors on every side. Just hurry up and get here before I die from overdose. This is worst than Hogwart's training camp.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
I love your brother. If you ever get tired of Winter, you know who to give him to.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Tum Tum

Uh huh....

You are so conceited sometimes but I still love you. And I had some time in my past as a calendar model in Romania, okay? I am not proud of it but it did get me paid and laid. Thanks for the surprise! Ima get you for that.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Tum Tum

Ugh. Winter. The name sounds familiar.... Another crazy ass? No thank you.. I don't need to turn my life into battlezone galactica. Although the biting sounds fun if it is coming from you. Wink wink

Only because you love me and I am told I am hard to love. Ha! Can you believe that ****? Me hard to love? Harry Potter is hard to love. He is an ugly 4 eye motherf@cker. I could go for Warlock of the year though! Mrs. November.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Tum Tum

Because you never liked it very much. Its supposed to be cute like you! I can just pinch your cheeks. You don't have to steal it. You just have to............... borrow it... Yes, yes borrow.

*sighs* I suppose the vodka will work for now. Im going to need it by the time I get with today's session with your sister. By the way thank you for that! I didn't know my mental health meant so little to you.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Tum tum

Fun house? Of course you have to be the ironic one of the two.... This is by far the oddest coven I have ever encountered.

Come back soon! *whispers*

Yes! Bring me a medieval mural of the russian landscape.. Oh and russian ice cream too!
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Don't worry, I'll take care of the extraneous stuff.
Best of luck in London!
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Ugh. Fine. Only because I know you'll come back.
Don't forget to give Nigel his present! Call his wife fat or something too.
Maybe pop his son's soccer ball.
Jameson Orlav 01/18/17 Autumn
What.. Why are you saying that?
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
You can't leave! You're the only person here who doesn't think I'm horrible!
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Does this count?
[video recorded]
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
I'm scarred for life.
You're awful.
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
He won't tell me!
I don't want to ask the Internet. It's scary.
Jameson Orlav 01/17/17 Autumn
Do NOT fall for her lies. Believe me when I say that she knows what sexting is. She's just trying to get you to send nudes.
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
I'm not trying to get YOU laid.
I'm learning a lot about 'booty calls'.
What is sexting?
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Okay. Fine. We can go dancing.
I don't have any clothes that look good AND fit.
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Um, I don't ask. Or tell.
You can dance, and I'll stuff my husband's hard earned money into some guy's thong. Win-Win.
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Yes clubs. Elouise go to clubs.
Need shirtless men dancing on me.
Jameson won't get me food.
Elouise Warrock 01/17/17 Autumn
Food. Am need food.
Spring Taylor 01/16/17 Autumn
I'm going to beat the living fcking sh-te out of you with Gray Taylor's body.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 "Dad implies participation in my life. It's Nigel. And yes, mischief is one of the innumerable reasons we're friends."

Elouise flicks Autumn on the arm. "I'm going to go eat a double cheeseburger and take a nap. ...and then we're gonna do something fun. Like Yahtzee. And I'll even let you drink." With a little wave, the blonde teeters off, onesie and all.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 She lets out a groan, eyes rolling. "Autumn, it's a joke. I got him a watch. Okay? You're acting like I want to kidnap him and bring him to Moscow to be tortured, or something."
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 "No, that was a joke. I'm not crazy. I just need you to give something to my father for me. He said he'd be in Moscow, but, plans change..." The disappointment in her tone is palpable, but she simply shrugs, a smile replacing her mood.

"I'll give it to you before you leave. It's not a big box. ...and it should probably get through airport security."
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 "Pft. I'm pretty sure Jameson is close to ditching. Or kicking me out. He cleans up so much puke. Sometimes I don't even attempt to get to a trash can or toilet." Her brows waggle, a devious glint in her eyes. "How else is he going to know how I feel?"

Lifting one of the frames, Elouise donning a sombrero, double-fisting bottles of tequila. Classy. "London? Just some... light kidnapping. Nothing serious."
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Elouise releases the shorter woman, giving her a pat on the head. Because she's fun-sized and adorable. Taking her bag, the blonde begins trudging back from whence she had come, padded feet stomping as she did.

"You're right. My husband never makes me do anything. He's wonderful." As she guides Autumn through the heart of their complex, she shoots a glance back. "I guess this means you're on puke duty. Lucky you." An idle smirk dances on her lips as she stops, pushing open the door to an unoccupied room.

Everything seemed to be in order, and Elouise had even made the space a bit more homey. decorating it with several pictures of herself, of course. "And you can massage my feet. And my back. You're my b*tch now."
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn

Elouise finally crawls out of bed, grumbling under her breath as she heads towards the entrance, not at all thrilled to be a) awake or b) moving. She was dressed head-to-toe in her Wonder Woman onesie, and a cranky scowl. In the foyer stood one punny red-head, as well as her luggage.

"I won't even get out of bed for Jameson, so, you're welcome." Her attitude subsides as she grapples the woman in a bear-hug. "Welcome to Moscow, you skank."
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Actual Wench
That involves me getting up. Just come in, it's not locked, ass.
I hope you brought food, or we're not friends.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
You're talking to the master of knock knocks, here.
The door is not stuck.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
jfc. Who's there?
Jameson Orlav 01/16/17 Autumn
What do you call a nosy pepper?
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Details better shared in person.
And I don't want Jameson to know. He's stressed enough.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Pft. I do that all of the time.
When you go back to London, I may have a small job for you.
Nothing lethal, I swear!
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Did you tell Dr. Handsome you're coming to visit?
I think he's still mad I puked on his Armani this morning.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Guess it's back to clinging to Jameson's leg until he tranquilizes me!
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Um. That seems like more of a you problem.
I need constant human contact or I'll die.
Jameson can verify. I become more of a monster than before.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
I would say you could just come hide in my bed oasis, but Jameson is VERY territorial about cuddle time. He's like a koala.
But cuter.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Last week I left for like an hour to get some soup, and I think I lost a toe. So, no.
My movements are limited to the bathroom and my bed. And sometimes Jameson's office, but that's just to distract him. Or send him for tacos.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Oh, good. Just don't tell Jameson that.
He'll get a complex.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
Jameson and I both grew beards since you were here last.
Mother Russia, man.
Jameson Orlav 01/16/17 Autumn
She always seems to be. Doesn't do as good of a job hiding it as she thinks. I keep her on her toes. Don't want those wits going dull while she's unable to wreak havoc. That's ❤👍
Jameson Orlav 01/16/17 Autumn
Whatever Elouise told you, don't believe her. But you know you're always welcome in Moscow. We're happy to host you.

If you don't mind, I'd rather my little recruitment speech stay between you and I. Elouise.. Doesn't need the added stress. Its kind of a surprise.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
You should come back to Moscow.
That way Jameson can hang out with you, and I can do literally anything else. And I miss you.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
At this point, he cries more than I do.
And then he tries to rub my stomach for good luck.
Even tequila didn't make me this sick. Tequila was a good friend.
Elouise Warrock 01/16/17 Autumn
My favorite part of every morning is when Jameson holds my hair back while I puke, and we both realize our love isn't strong enough to survive this pregnancy. ❤
Elouise Warrock 01/14/17 Autumn
You touch my butt, I touch yours!
...maybe I'll get some chap-stick with this nine bucks.
Jameson Orlav 01/13/17 Autumn
Its no use. Its MY money, and I think she gets some sort of sick satisfaction from someone stealing it out from under her.
Summer 01/12/17 Hearing her phone buzz, Summer sat up on the couch, shoving bags of crisps and Cheetohs out of her way in search of it. It gave a second reminder buzz a few moments later. "F-ck!" She squealed in frustration, finally fishing her phone out of a now-empty ice cream container. Pinching it between two fingers, she wiped it off on her yoga pants. Clamping a short roach between her lips, she sent a reply.

Dude...I know of what you speak. I only know what day it is when Carl comes a-knockin' to pick me up and take me to work.
It was really great seeing you the other night. We need to do it more often. No need to wait for some bullsh-t reasons.
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
No. .. Well, I don't know. It depends on which side of the fence you're on, I guess. She's not completely squared with me, but she's blood. Something tells me you know what I'm saying.
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
Lol. You're cheesier than the dairy section.
She's, uh. Well. I haven't actually asked her yet, but. My sister, Noura.. Don't believe anything Elouise says about her.
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
Heh. No, but you're equipped with fangtastic other abilities. Like bloodlust. And strength. Look, its not too involved, I just need someone who is bipartial to accompany me. There's only one person in Moscow that I could sway...
-Oh, and Weevil who??
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
Its a bit of a merc mission. An extraction of sorts. Someone with your.. Strength, certainly could be considered a valuable ally.

Ano? Kdo je to?
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
Let me check it over with preggers.. And if you don't mind, this time I'll come to you. It turns out I have some business to take care of in New York. A layover us no trouble.

Unless you're looking to make some extra cash, in which case, I may have a favor to ask.
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
I was being a smart ass. That's just kind of my /thing/.
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
Assuming you're not some half-breed, vampire/alien hybrid, pathogenically speaking, you're all encoded with the same infection. So.. Yes, your blood would do. Am I to bid on it now?
Jameson Orlav 01/11/17 Autumn
Always.. Why? Did someone piss you off? Have you got a specimen?
Summer 01/09/17 Autumn
Here's something I don't miss from the old days: Hangovers.

Christ on rye, I feel f-cking fantastic. Fresh as a god damned daisy, despite tying one on as hard as we did.
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 Autumn
Daisy whoooo?
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 *deep breath*

Alright, I'll bite.
Who goes there?!
Camille 01/09/17 -laughs, hands clasping together-
"Whatever you wish? Hmm. Not yet. But maybe someday."
-toddles off-
Camille 01/09/17 -sated smirk-
"An invitation? Tooooo... Bite my ass?"
-Turns, tries to stare at her own bum-
"Not much meat there, I'm afraid. Bit boney, sweet."
Camille 01/09/17 -skips around-
-little blue gummies pop into her mouth, one by one-
-stops, stares-
"Oy, Red! You're too pretty to be muffling around this ghetto."
-looks around suspiciously-
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 Autumn
Did Elouise happen to hand you off the drugs she can't use anymore?
..also I'm stealing those jokes.
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 *skeptical typing*

Hanna who?
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 *twitches*

This is Sir Jameson Orlav, who's there?
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 *deadpan stares at his phone*

Autumn .. Cows go who?
Jameson Orlav 01/09/17 Autumn
Who the f-- I mean.. Who's there?
Spring Taylor 01/09/17 Autumn
Cheers. Wanting Casey to f-cking off himself brings out my eyes.
Summer 01/07/17 Despite her livelihood, Summer's current existence consisted mainly of going to work, then either having Carl drive her home or taking the tube to her gritty neighborhood. Maybe a stop at a chip shop, probably a stop at a grocery for necessities, then she'd hunker down at home watching some programs and avoiding the world. The peace and quiet was nice, but a little unnerving. She missed her family.

Forcing the corners of her lips up into a smile, she grabbed a hunk of her hair and dangled it over Autumn. Remnants of glitter may or may not rain down on her sister. Laughing, she commented, "You're pretty enough without the glitter."

Watching her sister finish off her last shots, Summer calls to the bartender. "Oi, Mary! Bottle of Penderyn's. To go." She cackles. "Put it on my tab, I'll settle up next week." Tucking the slim bottle of single malt in the crook of her arm, she caught up to her sister. Looping her free arm through Autumn's, the pair sauntered out onto the busy London streets. She waved the bottle at Autumn. "Something to get us from point A to point B."
Summer 01/07/17 Grinning a bit madly, it sure was being out with her sis. It had been far too long. Why? Eh, life. Stupid sh-t. The usual. When you've got forever, priorities shift. Urgency wanes. Nodding her head enthusiastically, her blonde mane swished in the light. Fragments of multicolored glitter glinted in the light. "I'm never danced out. Besides, this dancing is different. I'll eventually need something stronger than whiskey." Her voice was mild, knocking back another shot. Her family knew of her proclivities and made no bones about them, bless their hearts. They knew what she was running from, what she covered up.
Summer 01/07/17 Her younger sister was especially diminutive next to her while still in her work shoes. "Work shoes"=stripper heels, natch. Staring a bit openly at Autumn's doll face for a few blinks, she then clamped her lips shut and nodded. There were things in this world in which to push. Autumn Summers was not one of them. Besides, she'd never been a fan of her sisters beau- an odd grudge since she'd never actually met the guy. There was more to that, but nothing worth thinking about now.

Waving her hand dismissively as she knocked a shot back, she said with some indifference, "Eh, I'm not too sure stumbling drunk into a cathedral after a hot chick only to end up married is worthy of celebration. Being single definitely is, but..." She tossed another one back, not even bringing the shot glass to her lips, instead just tilting her head back and pouring the liquid down. "We can also just clear our minds entirely." Her grin was a bit wolfish, feral.
Summer 01/07/17 Set finished, money collected, peripheral coworkers tipped out accordingly, Summer made her way to the dressing room. Since she was hitting the town with one of her sisters, she decided to just shimmy on some skin tight black pants and not bother with a top. Instead, she slipped on a very fluffy purple faux fur jacket over her neon yellow mesh bra. Yea it was winter. Cold didn't bother her. As such, she could dress completely inappropriately no matter the season. Touching up her eyeliner and smearing on more lipstick, the blond didn't waist any more time.

That red hair could be spotted from a kilometer away. Grinning, she sauntered up, pleased to see her younger sibling had gotten started while waiting. Having not spent much time with her lately, Summer didn't notice the absent necklace, so she didn't comment on it.

"Babe! You look fantastic, as always. What's the occasion? Do we need an occasion?" Summer laughed as she went to embrace Autumn. She beckoned the bartender for another round of shots.
Summer 01/07/17 Figuring she had glitter in her eye, Summer stared at her phone blinking. Empty, eh? Huh. Probably Beige was out on business or some sh-t. ***** Better Have My Money blared on the speakers throughout The Windmill. " ****." Summer muttered. Fingers flying, she quickly texted in response before heading on stage for her last set.

I read that and figured I was high, but then realized I only dance sober. So ahhh, yea. We'll talk once you get here. Or not, talking's for p-ssies anyway. I've seen enough of that all day, knowwhatImean?
I'll tell Carl (the bouncer) to let you in. Meet ya at the bar, then we bounce and f-ck some sh-t up, like the good ole days.
Summer 01/07/17 Autumn
I'm working for another hour. You wanna meet me here, then we can hit the pub down the street? It's low key. I could use some ale. And chips. Mmmm damn, I'm hungry. Actually, I'm gonna cut out after my next set. Twist my arm.
What's up? Usually your dance card is full on a Saturday night!
Summer 01/05/17 Autumn
Thanks. I'm mellowing, thanks to a very nice batch of Purple Haze. I'm happy. I'm always happy. Except when my nearest and know what, never mind. Water under the bridge.
I saw Twig. Lurking near work, if you can believe it. Hope he doesn't come in while I'm on stage. #awkward #betterbringcash I don't think he saw me. I was rolling as Super Stealth Summer.
....he can't hurt me. Not like he thinks he can. Not after my...ummm "change". Stay safe sugar.
Summer 01/04/17 Autumn
They do when one half of the pair is a dumbass like me.
Clearly you are mad as well. I have a pill for that. Gonna go take it now.
Summer 01/04/17 Autumn
Winter is freaking out, so I figured I'd send a text to you to cover my ass. Yes, I stumbled into the cathedral and got hitched. I'm clearly being pranked, as I've never even talked to the chick, she's really pretty and was probably like- look at this b-tch, high as f-ck, let's see what happens. Well jokes on her, as now she's part of this family! An honor, yes, but one not many can handle. I didn't "invite" anyone for the same reason I don't invite people to watch me buy a pack of smokes. It just happened.
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 Autumn
I can't believe Camille and Summer didn't invite me. I'm DOUBLE offended.
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 Autumn
Jameson Orlav 01/04/17 Autumn
Damn, we really don't like this guy, eh? I've never met a Ghoul.. I wonder if Spring would let me borrow her hubster?
..Sorry, that made me laugh. Completely for my own amusement.
Jameson Orlav 01/04/17 Autumn .. Sky? Will? Oh, sh!t, not Spring? Damn, he's in for it. She's cra-Uh, crazy lovely and wonderful!
Anyway.. You're sure he's a 'Ghoul'? I mean, I didn't think that was really a thing..
Jameson Orlav 01/04/17 Autumn
A.. Ghoul? What do you mean? Can you be more specific?
Camille 01/03/17 Camille's teeth click together.

Click. Click. Click.

The noise a mere echo beneath the hollow bridge of her mouth. Aggressively it fights against the low rumble of her throat; vibrations rising like bile along her esophageal lining in frustration.

One sniff. Two sniff. Vampire. Even since the closing of After Dark, London was a mess of plague- riddled to the core with the disgusting excuse of the undead. What was worse than the vile existence of human beings which she loathed entirely was these f-cking leeches.

But oh, how London carried a swift tune against her cold little heart.

Mere coincidence would bring the blonde together with the flaming haired beauty. In another life Camille may have gone forth and claimed her in the name of the residual darkness inside. Not now, though. She had been tarnished by the eternal damnation. Much to the Angels dismay.

"Oh quelle honte." The words drip carelessly from her lips, like warm honey against a milky eve.

And then, as she passes, her fist rears forward and breaks through the wall of atmosphere between them. Camille strikes once, and then twice, until the girl is on her ass. Only then would she lean over and pluck a token of her satisfaction from the woman beneath her. Cami isn't even sure quite what she had grabbed, but it was hard and it was shiny.

She stuffs it in her pocket.
"Too pretty for this life, Mon Cher..." Tender fingers reach to caress the cold and undead skin of her aggressed, before she is off like a bolt in the night.

You hit Autumn Summers. You won the encounter!
Spring Taylor 12/31/16 Autumn
Love you too! Are you going to f-cking have a cold one with me & the sapling?
Elouise Warrock 12/31/16 Autumn
Hope you stay as ugly in 2017 as you did in 2016. ;o
See you in the New Year!
Spring Taylor 12/30/16 Autumn
Everyone. F-cking everyone.
Elouise Warrock 12/28/16 “Well. I wouldn’t say hindsight is one of my strengths. But. I’m glad we’re friends.” She shoots her a wink, pulling her winter jacket back over as she begins to stand up. “As always, you’re welcome any time you come to visit Moscow.”

“I’ll be back through soon enough. The trip to see my mother is one of those unfortunate, inevitable things.” All but back together, she’s toying with her phone again. No doubt to order a car. “Thanks for the drink, Autumn.” She places a hand on the other woman’s arm, giving it a small squeeze. “See you soon.”
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 "I feel like ****." She shakes her head. Finally, her shame shows through. "I wouldn't draw a gun on Noura. This baby is driving me crazy." It was the strongest impulse Elouise had ever felt. And it had led her astray.

"I think Buffalo will have to wait a few days. I have too much to fix at home." She's scanning her phone, fielding memos, checking flights. "After all, I'll still be married and pregnant when I get to my mother's, and she'll still not know until I get there. The fun will simply have to wait."
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 “It’s pretty f*cked up. I didn’t ask for any of this. For him.” She begins to toy with her wedding band, her smile only growing. “I love him so much. It makes me sick.” Literally. She’s puked on him more times than she can count. “We got married in London. I didn’t waking up that morning with a clue of how it would all work out. Sometimes… you just know.”

A low scoff leaves her lips. Her smile fades. “And if you had told me I’d have wanted a baby, I would have said you were crazy. But the truth is, Autumn… I’m not terrified of having the child. It’s the loving part of it. I didn’t think I could love anything more than I love Jameson. I mean… it’s not even here. What if it’s ugly? I’m going to love an ugly baby more than my own husband?!”

She’s starting to shift from exasperation to hysteria, the water works coming on. But, she shuts them down. “…I guess all newborns start out kind of ugly, don’t they?”
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 "He's not going to be there. I wouldn't let that happen again, Autumn. He's everything to me." Her fingertips grip her empty wine glass, jaw setting as she emits a sharp sigh. She's embittered. Still so enraged over the events that had transpired.

Her head hangs, eyes rolling. Mothering instinct. She could hardly take care of herself. But she was right, and Elouise knew it. She groans, head swinging back to rest against the padded booth.

"No, no. My layover is twelve hours. I saw Dad and." You. She finally manages a faint smile. "I have to get back to Heathrow soon enough. But I couldn't sit there for hours. So. Here I am."
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 Noura. "She's Jameson's sister. F*cking b*tch." A feeling of disgust washes over her -- it's visible in her expression. "And I'd do it again."

Elouise diverts her gaze, shaking her head as she mulls over the events of two days prior. "She threatened my baby. I... I don't know what came over me."
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 She's trying to continue. To explain exactly what transpired. She lets out a laugh, shaking her head. It's not amusement, but exasperation.

Elouise didn't know if she could ever get over it. The thought that she might have killed him if he had intervened at the wrong moment.

"Noura came for Christmas dinner. I tried to kill her. It didn't go as planned." With that said and done, she chugs the last of her wine, appearing absolutely miserable.
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 Elouise sits at the booth, arms folded, face pressed to the table. She lifts her head at the sound of Autumn's voice. She looks tired, like she hasn't slept since Christmas.

Maybe she hasn't.

"Hi." It's a start for her. Sipping on the glass of wine in front of her. Screw half a glass. She needed the whole bottle, as far as she was concerned. But Baby Satan kind of screwed up those plans.

Her voice drops to a mumble, the only audible words of the whole thing being: "...and I shot my husband."
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 Autumn
Chelsea. Meet me at the Bluebird?
Yes, alcohol. One glass of wine won't do anything.
Maybe if I watch you chug a handle of Vodka, I'll feel better.
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 Autumn
Was it the phone booth or Big Ben that gave it away?
Need a friend. Want to get a drink?
Elouise Warrock 12/27/16 Autumn
Guess who.
[img attached]
Elouise Warrock 12/25/16 Autumn
Oh my god. Those booties. My heart is going to burst. Thank you!
Merry Christmas, BFF.
Elouise Warrock 12/24/16 Autumn
Please. We even have cameras in the bathrooms.
I'll have material for the next hundred years!
Elouise Warrock 12/24/16 Autumn
Yeah, but none of them are gingers, so I can't even pretend!
...and they're all on their Christmas benders. Here I am, unfortunately sober, and folding socks.
Elouise Warrock 12/24/16 Autumn
It's the ugly red-head I pay to be my friend.
What do you think I'm supposed to do when you're not here?
Elouise Warrock 12/24/16 BFF
Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.
[img attached]
Jameson Orlav 12/24/16
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 -shifty eyes-
-dusts off more glitter-
Airport bar? Two birds with one stone. And you'll sleep great on the flight!
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 -rolls eyes-
He's so lucky to have me. And he's working tonight. Which means...
-taps chin-
No plans! Let's go get drunk. Well. You drink. I'll have two ounces of wine and pretend I'm happy.
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 -cackles-
-...coughs out some glitter-
He might forgive me after he gets his Christmas present.
It's that good.
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 -wide eyes-
Ohemgee. He's going to kill me.
I already glitterbombed him today!
But I'm pregnant, so he can't throw me out. And he'll never be free of the glitter now!
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16, nonono!
-miserably glittered-
-definitely deserved it-
...summ'uv'a'bish. Merry Christmas, assh0le.
Jameson Orlav 12/22/16 *goes limp*
*deadpans into oblivion*
..You two are going to be the death of me, aren't you?
*senses he will never get the glitter out of his clothes*
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Fifth? Try -...
-cringes, dive bombs to bed-
-...okay so it was filled with glitter-
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Well, Jameson does bring home tacos. That's the best thing anyone has ever done for me.
-devious grin-
Well...whatever you prefer. It doesn't make a difference to me. But if you open it in London, have Gray film your response.
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Even Jameson isn't this romantic! Come in!
I was just staring at a glass of tequila and pretending to book flights to see my mother.
-scrambles in, grabs a rectangular box-
Ignore the 'Happy Birthday' wrapping paper.
-offers box-
-definitely not rigged to explode glitter everywhere-
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Autumn
Fine. I need to put pants on.

-grumbling from other side-
-swings door open, screams-
You sneaky little rat! What are you doing here?!
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Autumn
So does Jameson!
I will! It's been a few months.
Well, since my wedding.
My father lives in Chelsea. Don't eat him!
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Autumn
No need! Jameson's credit card is great for over-night shipping.
I'm sure I'll chat with you again once you receive it. Enjoy London. ❤️
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Autumn
Neither do I~.
Your Christmas present is nearly wrapped and ready.
I might even put on real clothes to give it to you tomorrow!
Elouise Warrock 12/22/16 Autumn
So, *maybe* heels work.
Are you a magician?
Summer 12/20/16 Autumn
I love the overprotectiveness.
Summer 12/20/16 Autumn

I think you answered your own question. Some dude who fancied a shag. Nothin' I can't handle. Retract those fangs, Red Hot, I can see 'em from here.

Why the f-ck are you sober?
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Why did you feel the fcking need to text me? 💯 Let's get food b-tch. My stomach sounds like a fcking whale sending out distress calls, because a sh-tty creeper Shark arsehole is trying to fcking eat it.
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Definitely BFF
World cheese tour? OMG.
Wine tour!! I can still have wine. In moderation.
This baby better be fcking WORTH it.
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Still Lovey
No you're not, b*tch. Because in approximately eight months you'll get to play with a chubby baby and burn a city to the ground with me.
Plus, we have to start training to hike Everest!
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
Your fcking bullsh-t 'spidey senses' said Moscow would be Summer. IT'S NOT FCKING SUMMER. AUTUMN. MOTHER FCKING DAMNIT.
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Lovey
Of course you are! For ages 5-7. LOL.
Speaking of children, Jameson and I are naming ours Macallan Pilsner Orlav. Scotch whiskey deserves all of the credit, after all!
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Autumn
You sound like that mental tw-t of a bloid. NO I DON'T FCKING LIKE HIM.
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Autumn
I was taller than Jameson last night. Omg.
It's okay, sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. Even children's extra small! ;)
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Autumn
Glad we're in consensus! She's too much fun to be married.
I used to be fun, once. And probably better looking. Do you have any idea how f*cking weird I'm going to look pregnant? I'm 5'10 for Christ's sake. I'm going to be wife of Sasquatch!
...I'm just going to stare longingly at my tequila.
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Autumn
My feet hurt, and I'm blaming you.
Congrats on the impending brother-in-law! ;o
Summer 12/20/16 Autumn

Huh? You gettin' in my edibles again? I swear to f-cking christ between you and Winter, I'm gonna be left stone cold sober. JK no chance of that ever happening. Seriously though, wtf you on about?

Checks the mail, fishing out this weeks tabloids. A tiny, dim bell goes off in Summer's brain. She picks up the phone and resumes her text. Ah, I see what it is. I haven't read that rag yet, but maybe I'll just skip it next time I'm dropping the kids off at the pool and use it for some rolling paper. I suppose your reaction is dependent on who submitted the 'hot tip'.

PS This is what I looked like when I read your text.

Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
Of course! I'm practicing good parenting skills. Like bribery and compromise.
...and I'm buying him a puppy. Sorry!
Summer 12/19/16 Autumn Oh, haha. Sorry for the long text. It's this strain called 'Galactic Jack'. It makes me very chatty.
You do you, babe. I love you no matter what, so...just as long as you're happy. I'm glad your bloke is good. You deserve nothing less.

I'm serious about the Russian lady scarves. Need. Christmas is coming and I'VE BEEN SO GOOD.
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
He's with me. We're...
Um. I don't know. And I'm not even high!
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
Winter is tripping balls. Taking him for cocoa. Can you come get him?
Spring Taylor 12/19/16 Autumn
Ready to f-cking square up?
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
Omg. I'm getting sexy as we speak. Relax.
Your influence is strong, b*tch. ...and I don't need Jameson thinking he can do better.
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Rude Ass
Listen. I'm busy all of the time. And if he isn't going to shave his legs, why should I shave me?! FEMINISM.
...and I'm lazy af. But he married me before he really found out just how much of a p.o.s. I am. :)
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
Fine. He so totally doesn't deserve it though.
WTF, Autumn. Now I have to shave my legs. THIS IS A HORRIBLE DAY.
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
UGH. But these jammies are comfy and I'm watching Hallmark!
And Jameson is working. He can't afford to get distracted by my legs!
...if I don't agree you're going to show up anyway, aren't you?
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
I can't get double pregnant, right?
Because I can't even handle one.
...I'm sticking to PJ's.
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
Because that sack of potatoes married me while I was *wearing* a onesie. He's easily impressed. Or doesn't complain often. Either way. easily manipulated?
Jameson Orlav 12/19/16 Autumn
I am sure Gray will be thrilled that you purchased a pair of those heels on a other mans dime. Also, rumor is that your siblings are terrifying. Mine is enough trouble as it is. Sorry, kid.
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Autumn
I'm really going to have to turn off those text alerts on his phone. We deserved the shoes, obviously. It's like Manolo made the shoes just for us!
I don't dress up for Jameson. He's lucky to see me in my dressier pajamas. ...but maybe just this once.
Jameson Orlav 12/19/16 Autumn
I just found a very hefty charge on my credit card, post-adventure. Do I have your influence to thank for this?
Elouise Warrock 12/17/16 Autumn
I spent like three hours looking at parenting tweets.
If this isn't me, I don't know what is:
Elouise Warrock 12/17/16 Autumn
It's a date! Best of luck with Gray.
I'll just be watching more videos of baby pranks.
Like stacking things on their faces? LOL.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 BRING IT
Or you could come over and watch these creepy baby monitor videos with me.
Babies are creepy little sh*ts, aren't they?
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
I'm far too afraid he's going to do what Michael Jackson did. I refuse to raise a Prince Jameson Orlav!
...ohemgee. What if it's a little me?!
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Rude
OKAY. FINE. What do you suggestt?
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
😦 Offended!
How about something more normal, like Fido?
Or Beethoven?
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
What about Bulldozer?
Or Rambo?
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
When baby Flamethrower tries to cut my hair off in my sleep, you will be my first call.
And you're my girl too. ;)
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
I'm not over the fact that it's going to be at least 7'0 tall.
...and I miss weed.
But thank you. :) If it has Jameson, it can't be 100% stupid.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
...just the smallest bit.
Like, a gentle half cancer, only it's a baby.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
It's plausible that you randomly took on the body of a very large, very muscular man! Growth spurts can come at the most inopportune moments.
Just like a husband's irresponsibility can too. :)
So you'll have to drink for the two of us.
...or we can just wait. Though that sounds less fun.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
I'm on a fixed amount of time!
...just put Blaize in a longer wig and have him pretend to be you for a few months.
We've only got so long to burn several countries to the ground!
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
Night time safari?
Ooo. What about crocodile hunting?
Or a walk about in the Outback?
I'll pack you a sunhat and a poncho.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
They're allowed in the cage? Even better!
I've always wanted to punch one on the nose.
Can we go on a Safari?
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
But it still sounds like fun!
And I want to get lowered into the ocean in a cage so I can see sharks up close.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
World's largest hot dog?
And I want to swim in a pool filled with Nutella.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
Dog-sledding is #15. I'm trying to skip over the live-endangering things first.
After dog-sledding is swallowing a flame.
Maybe if you impress Gray with your joie de vivre, he'll unwad his panties!
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
I'd have to ask Jameson about the first two items on my list.
But I think dog-sledding could be viable!
...and then I can learn how to train mine.
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
Just making my bucket list.
Have you ever been bungee jumping?
...would you want to go?
Elouise Warrock 12/16/16 Autumn
Do you think it's difficult to become an astronaut?
Asking for a friend.
Summer 12/16/16 Autumn

Of course Blaize and I are the only ones who think it is a good idea. Blaize is a smartypants and I am the only one who is no longer a vampire. Kinda that whole 'can't see the forest from the trees' thing? Well, I'm outta the trees babe, and have a really good view at that fanged, bloody forest that was forced upon us. F-ck that, and f-ck it.

Besides, what's the worst that can happen? You die. Okay. Sorry to be that person, but- been there, done that. So you go to hell. Make nice with the devil, I'll call in my favor I have with him, you return as a demon. Bing, bang, bong (hehe, 'bong'), all fixed! But if it is Jameson who's searching for the cure, I bet you've got it. He picked a good wife, so he can't be a total mook, right?

Spring will come around, she just has to be angry. If Winter has his panties in a wad, I haven't a clue why. And as for your man? If he has an ounce of smartness, he'll know how good he's got it with you and not be a total dumbsh-t. He'll come around too. If not, you've got your rocks: Us.

Love you babe. Take care out there. And bring home some of those multicolored scarves all the old Russian ladies wear, please.
Spring Taylor 12/16/16 She was still pissed af at Autumn. However this called for her to text her sister a warning. All the younger siblings seemed to hone in on the rage. Sky was almost exactly like her.

Sky's f-cking home.
Summer 12/13/16 Getting on the tube to Brixton, Summer snapped her gum and tugged her fuzzy knit cap down on her head. Golden hair spilled out down her parka. The winter gear was for show. Running around in a tank top and shorts in the dead of an English winter would certainly cause eyebrows to raise. Not that she was opposed to raising eyebrows. She just preferred that attention while on stage and when people had their wallets out. A thread of excitement raced through her body. She was on her way to sign the lease and get the keys to her new flat in Brixton. Finally- finally she’d truly be on her own. Not beholden to anyone, not in someone else’s home, seeking permission to paint her bedroom walls or go into certain rooms. Hers. Where she controlled the locks and wasn’t held as a Nazi vampire patriarch’s fetish pet.
Swallowing thickly, her peripheral vision took in the people surrounding her. It was an old habit from her vampire days, always on the prowl for her next catch. Two chav’s sat with their legs ridiculously spread wide –like they really needed that much space- talking about the football match from the day prior. They then went on to talk about chicks they’d bagged, then onto the latest gossip. Giving her gum a loud snap, she watched the underground walls flash by.
“Ey! You hear ‘bout that hot chick in the rags, she’s goan to some quack doc to not be a vamp no more. That ginger one. So fookin’ hot.”
“Oi! No such thing as that. The only way to do that is a stake right to tha heart!”
“No, serious. Some fookin’ doctor goan fix ‘er right up. Too bad, that. I got somethin’ for her to suck.”

The chavs laughed ribaldly, moving their intellectual discussion onto something else. But Summer’s attention had been piqued. Hot ginger vampire chick in the rags. Math was never her best subject, but she could put two and two together. At her stop, Summer ducked out, holding the collar of her parka up against her face. Again, she wasn’t blocking the wind. She was hiding her expression from the throngs of people on the streets. Why was she learning her sister was seeking treatment to cure vampirism from some d-ckweed chavs on the tube? Same reason she learned about her family from those very rags the chavs talked about.
Early for her meeting with the landlord, Summer took a seat at the café and ordered a cuppa. She pulled out her phone, her face an emotionless mask.

To: Autumn

Hey baby sis. I heard on the streets you were trying to shake the vampirism . Not sure where you are or how that's gonna work but, I think it's a good choice. I've never want to go back to that. Every time I fed, I felt like I was still in that house...Not that life as a f-cking angel is perfect. At least they didn’t make me this way.
Anyway. say hello to your new man! I bet he's happy you are making this change and fully cutting the ties to your abusers.
xxx ~Sum
Elouise Warrock 12/10/16 Good! Then we should definitely go out tonight. He's not fun to drink with.
-lowers voice-
And I have his credit card.
Elouise Warrock 12/10/16 -blinks-
...oh. That's why she flashed her boobs for shots.
A lot of what she does it starting to make sense now. I've come full circle!
-eyes over-
I hope my husband has been a gracious host. He can be rather dense. ...don't tell him I said that.
Elouise Warrock 12/10/16 -stage whisper-
Yeah! She's fantastic.
I want to adopt her. She said she was an... 'exotic dancer'.
Is that like...the waltz?
Elouise Warrock 12/10/16 You're probably right. Though nothing could smell worse than the jail cell I spent the night in. It was like mini-Gulag.
But then your sister bailed me out! ...and gave me Valium.
Elouise Warrock 12/10/16 I took out a larger life insurance policy in preparation!
-big grin-
Soooo, how do you like Moscow? The vodka is so inexpensive. I may start bathing in it.
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 -stumbling down street-
-does a double take-
I knew you were here!
My husband isn't a good secret keeper.
...and I read all of his messages.
Elouise Warrock 12/07/16 Autumn
Ditched the husband.
I've got a bottle of tequila, les'go.
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 AUTUMN
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 Autumn
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 Autumn
B!tch I swear to fcking god you better fcking answer me tw-t
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 Autumn
WTF kind of message is this? What the f-ck are you doing?
Jameson Orlav 12/07/16 Autumn
There's a driver waiting for you. He will know where to go. I hope you don't mind, we will be meeting at my office. First floor, end of the hall. That place isn't too big, shouldn't be hard to find. See you then.
Jameson Orlav 12/07/16 Autumn
I'm in Moscow. Let me know when you arrive. I can't meet you at the airport, but there's a place downtown. I'll text you the address. If you need a place to stay, arrangements will be made. I believe you've made acquaintance with my wife already. She would be happy to have you.
Jameson Orlav 12/07/16 Honeyed eyes flicker as they glance back and forth between words on the screen. Looking for a cure. So, people knew. They were finally talking. What Jameson needed to decide was whether this meant impending danger, or a simple curious query.

..Your country or mine?
Jameson Orlav 12/07/16 1 New Message: Jameson Orlav

Jameson is fine. What can I do for you? I've got free time in the evenings, usually. Whatever works best for you.
Summer 12/06/16 To: Red Hot
Sorry for my late reply. My dealer arrived and he had some new sh-t, and, well...anyway. That's an 'in-person' story.
Of course I'm happy for you. Is there a reason I shouldn't be? Why are those silly brothers giving you a hard time? They love you bunches, just like I do. Blaize is probably just being protective and Winter probably just wanted a reason to b-tch someone out while naked.
That actually sounds like a good idea. BRB
Camille 12/06/16 Thanks dollface. I've got a really solid game plan. I'm working hard to win this year. So many drugs and hormones. I can practically feel a fragile male ego rooting deep within.

I got this.

Summer 12/05/16 To: Autumn
All is forgiven, cuteness. It looks like you have QUITE the reason to have been distracted! ;D
I'm happy for you, Sweet Chilli! You deserve it.
I saw JFC on the streets, does that count? I probably made a fool of myself, but what's new. I seem to do better with men when they are sitting at the stage, yaknow? :D I'll leave successful dating to you.
Seriously, are you the only one of us that can maintain a relationship? Gold star to you for that one! Teach lessons. Please.
Summer 12/05/16 Text to: Autumn?

Couple things:
Do I have your number in here right? Sh-t, I dunno. If this isn't Autumn- whattup, randos!
My goddamned redheaded f-cking siblings never f-cking text me the f-ck back.....
Sh-t dude, sorry about that. My pipe's empty, my dealer is late getting here, and the benzos clearly haven't kicked in. Sounded like Spring for a second, haha.
I have a bone to pick with you missy. I have to learn from a magazine that my baby sister is a)seeing someone and b)GETTING MARRIED?!?!!?! When do I get to meet this man of mystery?
Anyway. Text me back sometime or I'm wearing white to your f-cking wedding, you gorgeous b-tch! (Don't think I won't. I'm bringing Jesus as my date. Did you read that part? Aww sh-t! DOUBLE WEDDING.)
Elouise Warrock 12/04/16 Autumn
It's Sunday. Let's go rob some church offertories.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Autumn
Yes! Like a 'wow, I should put pants on today' kind of feeling.
He also brings home the bacon, and the tacos, pretty much all of the food.
...and we have furbabies. He's the Momma.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Autumn
Omg. I totally agree.
I walk around in a onesie 99% of the time.
...Jameson always looks good. It's intimidating.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Autumn
Joe sounds like a douche.
You're not last season! Gray might be. Until he puts on the sweater I knit him. ;)
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Autumn
Didn't Death and Style say they're getting it on?
It's fine! If he's related to you, he's probably cuter than me.
Don't choke!
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Autumn
Aren't kittens just the best?
Wait, Winter? That's the one who's having an affair with my husband, right? Small world!
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Autumn

How could he be mad? I got him a bowtie to match my cat's!
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 [Snapchat Sent]

What. Did. We. Do. Last. Night.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Uhm. Is that even a question?!
We're gonna close down the bar.
...and it's open 24 hours.
-flashes teeth-
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Good. Because otherwise I'd have to give him a firm finger wag.
Do I drink? I've been called a functionally alcoholic a few times. I have a punch card. Buy five drinks, get a free Uber home!
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 -wide eyes- That's him?!
He rejected my friendship sweater!
...and he may or may not hate me. But you're right, he probably does look damn good in a bowtie.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 -squints- Is he good at selfies?
He better treat you like a queen, because...
-bows down to-
Death and Style was wrong. I'd give you an 11 out of 10 any day.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 -gasp- So cute! This is my husband.

He's adorable. But I may have to leave him for your brother. Selfie skills are an important part of any relationship, after all.
Elouise Warrock 12/01/16 -fans self-
Brother? Red head? Let me hide my wedding ring.
-lowers voice- I swear to God I'm monogamous.
Elouise Warrock 12/01/16 You managed to break out Autumn Summers.

I was convinced blonde hair was the only good color, but you're changing my mind.
Spring Taylor 11/28/16 Autumn
Between that bloody bast-rd and That f-cking Girl, I'm going to be abstinent for like a f-cking week. He promised me a f-cking Jurassic Park lamp. Mother f-cker better give it to me. He f-cking better. Or else I won't bang in my f-cking room. I'll bang the sh-t out of his.
Spring Taylor 11/28/16 Autumn
Where the f-ck am I going to put my sprouts? Cheers for the bed. Tell Gray to not get his f-cking knickers in a bunch.
Jameson Orlav 11/25/16 Enlarged eyes dart suspiciously, "Look, I travel a lot for work.." Jameson takes a small step back, as though he were preparing to evade a beating, "That bright hair seems to be quite trendy at the moment. Mere coincidence, really."
Jameson Orlav 11/22/16 Dark brows knot into a 'v' shape over his now narrowed eyes. A heavily sleeved arm comes across his mouth, wiping the remnants of pizza crust from the corners of his face.

He shrugs.

"Worth it." Lips perk into an exaggerated grin. It says 'I'm adorable, thanks', just before he toddles off.
Jameson Orlav 11/22/16 Shoving the last piece of pizza crust into his mouth, Jameson chews hastily, swallowing fast as he wipes his hands together and makes a spectacle of having finished his meal.

"You must be a mind reader. I was starving."

Summer 11/21/16 She’d heard through the tiny grapevine that was her family that her sisters had a blow out fight. Summer flopped onto her bed, shoving pillows out of the way, staring at the ceiling. Fairly sober, she licked her lips out of nervousness and put her hand on her belly. Discord among the very few she actually loved in this world made her feel physically ill. She didn’t know what the fight was about and she didn’t need to. That was between them. Despite that, Summer felt like she needed to reach out to the two bullheaded women, knowing that they were very likely isolating themselves. With a sigh, she chuckled as she glanced at her tall, antique apothecary chest. Each tiny drawer contained a different means of escape and isolation for the woman. They all had different ways of quieting the storm.

Rolling over, she grabbed her phone and sent out a text to each, just needing to send out that tether to her baby sisters.

Autumn, my sweet little red-hot- I want you to know I love you no matter what. I’m back in London, brought you back a cat head pipe in celebration of your new kitten. While you’re in New York, will you have a black and white cookie for me? Also maybe a cronut. I hear those are super yummy. Xoxo- S
Caitlyn Darrow 11/21/16 *Glances around*
*Gnaws on squeaky toy*
Is this a paying position to be your feet warmer?
Because I could use the cash.
Lloyd R Darrow 11/19/16 You're the one from the paper, aren't you? With the dozen siblings with odds and ends for names? Seems only one of the two of us should have any parenting issues. Do have a good evening now, Miss.
Lloyd R Darrow 11/19/16 If you needed money for heroin, all you had to do was ask. I give donations to homeless people all of the time. What you do with it is your business.
Spring Taylor 11/18/16 Spring's lips turn upward into a domineering smirk. Autumn was talking her language now. Her blue eyes fluttered to Gray occasionally. A sadistic laugh flowed from Spring, "Happiness? F-cking cvnt. Don't pretend like we have those feelings. Your own f-cking heart was taken by a business man just like him. I will do whatever the f-ck I want Autumn. If I feel it neccessary to beat the f-cking p-ss out of your love interest, then I will f-cking do it. He's my f-cking neighbour, and was my f-cking neighbour first. Nay, It's not about me. That f-cking part is right, but it always comes back to me." She hissed and dropped her fists from her chest.

"News f-cking flash. If you're banging my f-cking neighbour and also a f-cking wanker. It involves me. You know what.." Spring taks a few deep breaths and makes a move towards the door. Allowing one final cutting eye to her sister.

"You're going to end up fcked up just like they are. You may f-cking end up with Gray, but do you still blow, Autumn? Don't bother sending me a f-cking card when you start seeing those invisible f-cking unicorns like mum and dad. Autumn Leaf, it's neither of our seasons. You're f-cking dead to me." Spring's voice icy and apathetic, she makes a final motion to where Gray was standing. "I guess you always make the right f-cking choices. Cheers."

Instead of keeping her date, Spring hobbled down the hallway and out the door. After this bullsh-t she needed a drink.
Spring Taylor 11/18/16 The whole name bit made her head steer towards her sister. She was mid-air at that point, which changed her landing course. Instead she landed face first onto the couch. Her hands curl around the back of the couch to twirl her around to face the both of them. Dark brown curls dishevel and create a curtain around her face. F-ck off, hair. F-ck off, Autumn. F-ck off, Gray.

Everything now is equally on her f-cking sh!t list. She fiddles with her removed shoe, and just as she was about to answer. He f-cking did it. That made her boiled blood pump over zealously. How dare he try to talk for her. Spring's eyes moved to glare daggers at both her sister and Gray. Zero f-cks. She tosses her shoe in his direction with a hiss.

"First of f-cking all. I did mean it. I didn't realize I was bloody Gray now. F-cking Wanker. What the f-ck does it look like Autumn?" The level of hostility continues to rise in her gaze. "I'm trying to kick Gray's arse. Glad to f-cking know he's a b-tch that brings you into it. Oi. Why the f-ck are you here Autumn Leaf? Did I cut into your f-cking date time?"

Spring finally stood from the spot she had incorrectly landed with a look of a dare cast to her sister. Her limbs creak and pop, as she rose her fists from her sides. It was clear from their upbringing it was a sign of 'come at me bro'.
Spring Taylor 11/17/16 Autumn
Right. Did you two f-cking bang?
Spring Taylor 11/17/16 Autumn
Ew. What the actual f-ck Autumn? You fell for that stupid sh!te. You know he's just a f-cking wanker that sends out memos, right?

No. I'm not f-cking happy. Stop acting modest and give me the f-cking deets. B!tch.
Spring Taylor 11/16/16 Autumn
Don't play f-cking dumb with me. You know the f-cking song. The one tr@mp song.
Spring Taylor 11/16/16 Autumn
What the f-ck is wrong with you? Stop humming that f-cking song c-nt
Camille 11/16/16 Never mind where she had gotten the key from. The guards were on her sb-t list, and it brought her immense pleasure to see them suffer. Evenings were the easiest- the chubby little men were so often busy with an influx of activity after dawn had passed, and that's when Camille would have her fun. With each new occupant that filled the void of empty cells came another opportunity. She would wait for the slamming of heavy steel and the vacancy of the officer before she freed the prisoners. When they returned, they'd be red faced and aggravated. Just how she liked them.

"Psst. You. Red." Cami wiggles her bony little finger at the fair skinned lass. "Hurry, before they come back."

You managed to break out Autumn Summers
Summer 11/15/16 Squinting at the yell, Summer let out a long exhale. A great plume of smoke followed, surrounding the blond and creating a near accurate depiction of her aura. Coughing a few times, she peered at her sister and remarked, "I didn't know you knew I was dead?" Was she talking in circles? It sounded like it but also made sense in her mind. With another puff-cough, she added wryly, "Death didn't know what to do with me. So...I'm baaaaack!"

Watching Autumn's reaction, Summer marveled at the differences and similarities between her sisters. Spring's prickles could be seen from a mile away. Meanwhile Autumn was a bit more like a porcupine- seemingly soft until you approach or touch her. Then: stabby stabby. Seeing Autumn's cherubic face sadden sobered Summer a little bit. Hugging her tightly, Summer felt a pang of guilt. To have caused her family worry and anguish, it was distressing. Glancing back at the smoldering Pabst can laying on its side, she knew she'd be chasing those feelings away shortly. Summer's smokey brown eyes met Autumn's greens. Smiling sweetly, she touched her sisters pretty face and said, "I'm so sorry you worried and am sorry I didn't come around sooner. I really didn't think anyone knew I was gone." Scrunching up her face, she asked, "I wasn't gone that long, was I? Time is so weird."
Spring Taylor 11/11/16 Autumn
Punch one news reporter and your life goes to sh-T. I also need your f-cking help setting up a Tinder profile to make Piss off Winter. Xoxox
Spring Taylor 11/11/16 Autumn
Stop by my loft later. Unlimited liquor and cigs. You better come over, f-cking c-nt. Xoxo
Spring Taylor 11/06/16 Autumn
Hey b1tch. We need to have f-cking words about those bossy, nameless tw-ts.
Spring Taylor 11/05/16 Gray; Autumn
They liked the samples of Sunglass Hut saleslady's brain. Do lepers enjoy plebeian brain?
Spring Taylor 11/05/16 Gray; Autumn

I had no clue that zombies like selfies.
...what the f-ck am I doing with my life?
Spring Taylor 10/31/16
Get a cup of joe? Eat some crisps? Shop? What do we do?
Spring Taylor 10/25/16 -Chews on brownie-
You know what's a stupid word? Spoon. Who the f-ck would think of that name? Heh, I got these brownies from the daft birthers..This is my thourth one.
God f-cking damnit, I'm high. I should have known better.
Ugh. Tweaker a-ses.
Spring Taylor 07/14/16 Narrowed eyes glanced from left to right. A whimsical tune started to flutter from her lips in form of a whistle. Using a pin she kept behind her right ear she knelt down and went to work on the cell door. "Well, come the f*ck on. This place can f*ck itself off the map."
You managed to break out Autumn Summers.
Spring Taylor 07/11/16 You always were the more observant f*cking one. To clarify I mean our f*cking parents.
Spring Taylor 07/11/16 It's about f*cking time. Did you get tired of those daft f*cking wankers as well?
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