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Mackenzie 12/19/18 Blue
I bet you drive a loud sports car, too.
Something super flashy and expensive.
You can't make a rule, and be the exception.
F-cking men.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Blue
Well, I am certainly appreciative of your control.
Not that I ever spot check you. I'm just assuming.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Blue
I don't know if I am flattered, or disturbed.
Try harder. It's the gentlemanly thing to do.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Blue
Literally no one has ever said the word flacid to me, before.

And how do you feel about butt floss?
Athena Maximus 12/18/18 She smiled softly hearing a voice greet her. When she turned around she looked at him surprised. She had greeted him when he first entered the realm. “Thank you for the welcome. It’s good to see you again.” She laughed softly peering at him with her bright blue eyes. “Mackenzie has driven you mad yet has she?”
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
Fair. I'll give you that.
I can't imagine they're very comfortable.
Like a reverse wedgie. But constant.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
Your funeral.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
Oh, sweetie.
F-ck the shoes. Bring the hammock.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
You're a culture prude.
Shall I educate you?
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
Bom chicka wow wow?
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
You're such a prude.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Blue
The Brown Chicken Brown Cow dance.
Mackenzie 12/17/18 Blue
Wanna dance?
Winter Summers 12/16/18 Bites lip nervously, was this a male he spent a night with? He was always so careful with the people he slept with! He either killed them(back in the day) or made sure they had no way to contact him! Though he couldn't exactly remember this one, and he would think he would.

"I don't think so? I mean I think I would remember bedding someone as pretty as you. What's your name?" Arched his brow ever so slightly.
Fiona MacKay 12/12/18 "Ah trus' ye, Blue." He's been brutally honest and communicative thus far, why would she not? And Aleister's 'family', part of the 'Clan', something that has been missing in her life for the last eight years. Something she immerses herself fully. "But a Seer? Ah dinnae aboot tha'. Only ev'r heal'd pe'ple."

She listens curiously as the man continues on, explaining his heritage to Fiona when two vertical lines appear between light brows. His inherited abilities are interesting but he neglects to share what his father's were. And then he asks that she keep the color of his aura a secret. So the one she sees is a false aura? Does Blue somehow know how to mask his aura? The concept is mindblowing to the small Scot. "Ah'd n'ver disclose yo'r business t'anoth'r, Blue."
Jewel Valari 12/12/18 Let the games begin. Be careful. I might enjoy myself.
Jewel Valari 12/12/18 I'll enjoy taking your money. Every last penny.
Yoshima 12/11/18 "What a shame..." he grinned. Shakes the outstretched hand. "I'm Yoshi."
Jewel Valari 12/10/18 Actually, I can blame a man for just about everything.
Next time? You'll be charged.
Jewel Valari 12/10/18 -smacks hand away-
No, sir..

Aleister Carlisle just failed at stealing money from you!

Yoshima 12/09/18 given those looks you're giving me, mate...does that certain brunette *bats eyelashes*
Mackenzie 12/09/18 Yes. Just, yes.
This is what people are for.
Drinks. And gross pie.
Mackenzie 12/09/18 Holy f-ck. Blue. Sweet summer child.
I literally just hit- no. Nevermind.
Glad you like it. Weirdo.
Mackenzie 12/09/18 -rolls eyes-
Are you intentionally difficult?
Mackenzie 12/09/18 Well, I doubt it tastes good.
Sweet potatoes are, after all, highly aloof.
Mackenzie 12/09/18 Focus, Blue.
Mackenzie 12/09/18 ...Sweet potato pie.
For a Sweet Potato.
-Wags eyebrows-
Mackenzie 12/06/18 -Passes off a sweet potato pie-
Fiona MacKay 12/05/18 Jamison will be the one you need to be careful of. She's a menace.

Wrap herself in bubble wrap and walk slow when Jamison is around. A quiet laugh escapes Fiona. "Noted. Avoid Jamison."

She thinks quietly upon Aleister's words, her forehead creasing at the mention of 'experiments'. Is he a scientist employed by Sine Metu? Or is experimenting on people a hobby? A hand scratches at her scalp in thought then runs over unruly tresses. "What kind'f experiments? Ye mentioned explosions earlier.. should ah b'worried?" She's curious though and he seems honest enough so far. Plus, Fiona's a team player. "Are ye a witch then, Blue? If ye think ah could help ye, then ah'd be glad t'help."
Fiona MacKay 12/05/18 "Well th'n, ah'll be sure t'be on my toes at all times th'n." A melodic laugh escapes the girl. As for his questions, they're all valid, she finds no offense. It's not often you meet a blind individual that is receptive enough to answer. Thin shoulders lift and lower in a small shrug. "Ye don' ha'e to apologise, Blue. Ah see through auras, th'energy that surrounds humans n'other living things. Be it plant or animal."

Think kirlian photography; energy on an all black background. But she can also 'see' non-living things from time to time. What one would consider an infrared spectrum though not nearly as strong. "But when it comes to somethin' li'e concrete, in large quantity, an'nothin' else, ah do ha'e some difficulties. Ah hope that made some sense."
Fiona MacKay 12/04/18 -nods- Since th'day ah'ws born.
-smiles- Fe'l free t'move th'furniture aroun' f'r fun.
Mackenzie 12/04/18 “One step closer to besties, Blue.” Mackenzie is pleased with herself. It’s true.

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Aleister Carlisle.
Fiona MacKay 12/04/18 -stares blindly- Well met, Blue.
-offers a rare smile- Fiona, Fi.. or ye c'n call me by what'er ye'd li'. Cannae say ah'll ans'r.
-winks a blind eye-
Fiona MacKay 12/04/18 -stops at the question-
-holds a fish bowl-
-cannot see RBF- Thenk ye. Explos'ns? Nae. Cannae say th'do. Be'ng tied t'a stake an'burn'd alive makes m'nerv's. Ye?
Jamison King 12/03/18 Ahh..
-gets it now-
Okay, okay.. I get it.
-stared a bit as he spoke-
I can deal with that. Acquaintance.
-tips her non existent hat to him-
Jamison King 12/03/18 Blue? There must be a story to that. There -has- to be.
Aleister? Such a nice name. Whatever I'd like? Look at you being accommodating and all. It's seems as if you may like me a little.
Well, suiting.. is it not? You could cut down a man"s soul with that stare.
-would ask something inappropriate but would share the curiosity one drunken night-
Can I go as far as to call us friends?
Mackenzie 12/03/18 “Aw, Red. I like you, too.” Taking a step back, then another, a devilish grin is present as she makes her last declaration before running off. “You and me - dinner tomorrow. See you then!”
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Tenacious is right. Mackenzie doesn’t give in, or give up. Her stubborn nature would never allow such a thing. “You wound me.” Hand over heart, she pouts. “We will be besties. Just you wait and see. Besides,” she smirks, “I already know something about you. You are a fantastic dancer.”
Mackenzie 12/03/18 “Blue,” Mackenzie speaks his name as if she is about to deliver a life lesson. She isn’t. Not really. But that doesn’t stop her from being a royal pain in his ass. “You may treat yourself well, but a person will treat you better. As luck would have it, I have an opening in my person list. Congratulations. You have a new best friend. Now. I need all your secrets. We will start with something easy. Cats or dogs?”
Jamison King 12/03/18 -nods-
I'm on it. No worries.
Your line of business, eh?
-hmm's softly, wondering-
Oh? Jamison. That's my name. What can I call the coven's very own Mr. Death Stare? Unless you like that and I can make sure it catches on with the others.
-couldn't resist-
Mackenzie 12/03/18 “Look, I’m not very deep. I’m trying to do a good deed.” Still, he gives her a satisfactory answer and Mackenzie cannot say she is displeased. “Perfect. So, here’s the thing. You, sweet Blue, need a person. But first, we need to work on your wooing skills because honestly, for an ex-stripper, I’m not feeling the heat.”
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Mackenzie presses her lips together, gaze narrowing as he answers as if he has no clue what she is asking. With a big breath, she takes a step closer, placing a hand upon his arm as she begs him to understand her. “...Blue, are you gay?”
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Mackenzie can’t help herself as she lets out laugh, waving a dismissive hand. That laugh remains on her features, even after it has passed, in the form of a bright, wide smile. “Blue. Dear, sweet Blue. I don’t know what you are talking about. But really. Who are you into? I need to know.”
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Mackenzie squints at him, trying to decide just where he is going with this. Honestly, men are hardly ever this confusing. And yet, here Aleister is. It’s fine. “Do you have a little crush on Rico Suave?”
Mackenzie 12/03/18 “I’m psychic.” Mackenzie shrugs, making her bullsh-t excuse. “There was clearly chemistry. I’m just here to encourage you to be nice, Blue. This is like a reward.”
Mackenzie 12/02/18 “You’re welcome, Blue.” Mackenzie smirks. “Thought you might like him. No need to thank me.”
Jamison King 12/01/18 -smiles-
Not old at all, honestly.
You're actually very handsome and youthful looking. I wouldn't say young.. I'm young. But you, no sir.. Not old.
Sorry. I have moments where I just feel the need to create some type of chaos.
Jamison King 11/30/18 -pouts-
You've got me pegged all wrong. No insults thrown in your direction. I respect my elders.
-cants head-
Don't take it serious. All in good fun, hm?
Even if you meant all the horrible things you said, it's okay. Figure if you really had found me so disgusting, you'd been gone by now.
Jamison King 11/30/18 -stares-
You know I'm freaking adorable. It's okay. I'm sure your eye sight isn't what it used to be. You really should've taken your vitamin C.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Okay, okay.. I'll leave you be so you can get a nap in.
You're just so freaking adorable!
Now, don't go breaking your hip. I am looking forward to an exciting game of shuffle board later!
-crosses arms-
I'm just so glad that I can do what I can to help. Keep your last years full of love and support. You don't seem to have long but I'll cherish every minute I spend with your old a-s!
Jamison King 11/30/18 D'aw..
Angry old people are SO cute!
I know.. The depression must have been -so- hard! It's o-kay..
-exaggerates the last words she spoke, slowing them down-
Go get some rest. I'm sure you're all tuckered out. Here at Sine Metu, we look out for the elderly and disabled.
Jamison King 11/30/18 -blinks-
No worries, old man. No offense taken. I know many of your generation are bitter and angry.
-pats his arm gently -- didn't want to break him-
It's okay. I'll be by later to read you a story before bedtime. Around five? You'll have drank your dinner by then, hm?
Jamison King 11/30/18 Wow. I didn't know Kenzie was doing a senior program?
If you need assistance.. ya know, walking or whatever. I can assist. I love old people!
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 The man scoffs, skulking through the newly opened door with an indignant gait. “Hardly. You set one park bench on fire, and it’s in the stocks with you...” Moody as he is, Jasper is still grateful, and he claps his rescuer on the back in passing. “Appreciate it, Blue.”
Mackenzie 11/28/18 No interest in love. She'd heard that before, in one way or another. Mackenzie looks ahead, pondering him over for a moment. "Good," she would simply retort. Everyone has a person, and Jasper is hers. "Don't judge. There were mushrooms involved." There is no shame, but out of the corner of her mouth, she would ask say, "What are you smirking at."

"Well, aren't you just a Hermoine." Yes. Yes. Mackenzie absolutely does read and watch Harry Potter. It is ridiculously fascinating, and the woman is proud Slytherin, through and through.

"Mmm.. okay. Fine. Good. It better be. That's an Heirloom mattress, for f-ck sake." While the tunnels may be dingy, and they may be surrounded by subway tunnels and sewers, she had ensured that there would be comfort in their slice of the city.

"He is my best friend, and yes, my confidante. More than. This place is as much his as it is mine." As they pass the last doorway that makes up Sine Metu, she glances sideways and then up at him. "We keep going this way, we will come up on 38th and Park."
Mackenzie 11/28/18 "You met my Jasper. This is great. You're going to love him. But please, don't love him, love him. Just... you know. Friends." Mackenzie is, yet again, stalling as she considers her new question. There is no way she would ever let something pass, least of all anything interesting. It hadn't even been a serious inquiry, but... clearly, there is something there.

"What were you reading?" Kenz is, quite literally, allowing Aleister to lead her by the arm. Her attention has yet to turn away from the man, and she is hardly bothering to be aware of where they are going. "Furthermore, what do you mean, suitable? Just suitable? This is because I laid it on thick, isn't it?"

And then, her memory jogs. Mackenzie's head would tilt, a sly look in her eye as she asks the winning question. "What do you mean, assume to be Jasper?"
Mackenzie 11/28/18 "Blue," Mackenzie calls out in her breathless brogue, bringing herself to jog and catch up to the man. "How are you finding things? Everyone being nice?"

As if second nature (it is), Mackenzie loops her arm through his. The woman doesn't really know boundaries, or at the very least, doesn't care much for them. She pushes them constantly, allowing it to become part of her charm. She would duck her head slightly, if only to attempt to hide her wicked little smirk. "I've been thinking. We should go out, sometime. Buy me a drink, tell me your life story... are your parents still alive?"
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 The man’s sudden change in demeanor set off all sorts of bells and whistles in Jasper’s head, and his own eyes widened in anticipation. Thrown about like a ragdoll, he comes to rest on the edge of Aleister’s newly gifted bed, wasting no time in making himself at home while he has his moment of slamming doors and whirling dervishes.

What a f-ckin’ treat.

“That’s good news, then most of the people you’ve stripped in front of for Mack are probably here and have probably already seen the goods, if comfort is an issue.” An innocent grin plays across his features even as the mischief gleams in his eyes. But the man seems resolute, and Jasper merely shrugs.

“You don’t have dignity if you’re ashamed of it. And you’re such a pretty man, it’s a shame to waste it.” Aleister has a familiar air about him, one that Jasper knows all too well, having seen it fully displayed in another. A certain pride that really borders on something else entirely.

He won’t press it.

Instead, Jasper rises to leave, tapping his pen thoughtfully on the flat surface of the mess in his hands. “Well, Blue, suit yourself. I hope this doesn’t tarnish your opinion of me, I’ve been told I’m a bit... forward.” The grin that has never faltered somehow appears to shine more devilishly, even as he makes his way slowly to the door. “Should you change your mind, I’ll be around. Don’t worry, secret’s safe with me.”

The knob turns in his hand as he pries the door from its jam, but he stops, the crack only letting out a sliver of light from their shared space. Turning back, he considers the man before seemingly coming to a conclusion and acting upon it. “If you ever have a need for ladies underwear - forgive me, you seem the type - Camille has an abundance that she never even misses.” As if for proof, his thumb hooks around the lacy band just behind that of his jeans, showcasing his own plunder. With a wink and a smirk, he takes his leave.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 “I think you and I both know that’s a lie.” Still, he plays along, hefting his own weighty sigh and flipping through the papers on his clipboard rather uselessly. He retains all the information in his head, you see, which is why most of it gets lost. “Says here you’re a stripper.” A grin settles on the fortuitous man with the astonishing blue eyes, aptly named and looking like he’d rather be anywhere but here.

“See,” he continues, sticking the end of the pen between his teeth, “I promised some of my girls strippers for the party. What a way to get acquainted, am I right? And Mackenzie did speak highly of your talents. So I’m asking you... how long is your routine?”
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 “There you are.” Jasper stalks toward him with a clipboard in hand and a pen between his teeth. Glancing at it, he c0cks a brow and appraises him. “Blue, right?” Stormy hues give him a once over before resting on his eyes, and he nods to himself in affirmation. Only then will he circle the man, assessing the goods and scribbling something on the clipboard. Coming back around, he stops in front of him, a devilish smile stretching his features. “Mack told me of your... particular talents. In lieu of a welcome, I’d like to recruit you for the resident Christmas party. How long is your routine, then?” He waits, pen poised in his hand.
Camille 11/27/18 -squints-
-leans in for a closer look-
Huh. You’re right about the one thing. The glowy thing.
I think that puts you somewhere around ‘painfully ordinary’.
-wrinkles nose dramatically-
Just like the others. I swear, a little variety wouldn’t kill the woman.. -blink blink grin-
-wanders off muttering to herself-
Camille 11/27/18 "Hey. Blue, was it? Yeah. Huh. Ridiculously blue? Once again Mack overpromises and under delivers.”
Mackenzie 11/27/18 She can smell a play a mile away, and their meetings thusfar have been nothing short of a coy little waltz. Mackenzie waits, impatiently, for the ultimate answer. But she can smell victory in the air, even before it comes. If it were a no, he would not have been so slow to spell it out. Blue simply doesn't seem the type.

"I'm sure you'll fit right in, then," She grins, throwing everything out the window as she moves to take his arm. "Come along, Blue. Let's get you settled."

Never one to give pause, Mackenzie would take him to her home - the tunnels of Sine Metu, and all the privacy and safety they offer under the expanse of her beloved city.
Ashlyn Starling 11/27/18 She smiled and nodded. "That'll do."
Mackenzie 11/27/18 Slowly, Mackenzie would move to walk a close circle around the man, as if appraising him. All, of course, in jest. His questioning leaves her off balance, as her terms are what would normally make or break any potential newcomer's willingness. A playful sniff at his shoulder is had before she stops before him once more. "Blue, I would have you become greater."

A forked, silver tongue might just be her way of selling herself and her home, but Mackenzie speaks the truth, regardless. This is her will, and what she does. "And continue to be so damningly handsome, of course." A grin, her sights roving his face just once before meeting his eye again.

"My deepest desire is to help the grow the future of the Realm. There are rules, of course, that are mostly common sense. There are some requirements, because I do expect to see growth." She is stalling, if only because of that one minor detail. It is, in reality, far from minor. "I give my all for my people, Blue. And in return, my only true ask is that they only leave me to create a coven of their own, or remain."
Mackenzie 11/27/18 “Oh, my,” Mackenzie would only grin. “How unfortunate.”

Pressing her lips together, she considers his dilemma. It is a show, most certainly. She has had her eye on this man for some time, and with his reemergence, she would certainly not beat around the bush. “A new sanctum. Blue, I’m not sure of your business, but I like you. And you should probably know that home is my coven, which actually allows for a great deal of privacy.” He wants a sanctum, and she would lay out her offer. “So I will ask you again... when are you going to let me take you home with me?”
Ashlyn Starling 11/27/18 "I suppose it would."
Ashlyn Starling 11/27/18 "What kind of business?"
Mackenzie 11/25/18 “It was positively distressing,” she would pout. Not for long, though. She is far too amused, and as usual, Mackenzie wants something. “When are you going to let me take you home with me, Blue? I promise, no hostage situations. No funny business. Unless that is what you’re into.”
Ashlyn Starling 11/25/18 "Hello and welcome to the realm! I do hope you enjoy your stay!~" She flashed a smile at the newcomer.
Mackenzie 11/24/18 A quiet grunt of recognition would escape her, sights flickering over him the moment his own would withdraw. He is lucky he is pretty, or his RBF may offend. Thankfully, it doesn’t. “I’m sorry,” she would sass, “Should I call, instead?”
Athena Maximus 11/24/18 She had just gotten off her shift at the hospital when a sudden burst of energy ran through her. She could feel a new presence in the realm, and decided to go investigate. She eyed the new being curiously before walking closer. She smiled softly at them, “Hello there, and welcome to the realm.”
Mackenzie 11/24/18 Mackenzie peers at the face, a smile threatening to twist the corners of her mouth upward. "Blue?"
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