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Your perfume smells like your daddy's got money.
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Mackenzie 03/09/20 Mackenzie gives Jasper a once over, a smirk upon her face as she silently takes his overall temperature with a single look. It's fucking time, and she knows it. If there is one thing they both realize, it is that home is not a place.. but themselves, together.

Stepping up to the man, she meets his lips in a kiss, arms lazily finding their way around his neck. "Time to go, love," she whispers, nose nudging his softly before a soft laugh escapes her. "The world awaits."
Mackenzie 01/15/20 It's been days, and Mackenzie is chomping at the bit. Even on the lower deck, away from direct sunlight, she can't very well go waltzing outside. No, she has to stay inside, in a tiny room with none of the comforts of home. And while Jasper is away, cabin fever is at play. When he returns from whatever short trip he took around the sizable ship, he would find the housekeeper's cart outside the room, the door slightly ajar, and the metallic scent of blood wafting out of the room faintly.

And then, Mackenzie, hauling the corpse of the larger woman toward the bathroom. At the sight of him, she glances up, sheepish as she drops her spoils and stands to her full height. "...Dearest."
Mackenzie 01/11/20 "Dearest," Mackenzie coos, stepping up to Jasper and smoothing his shirt over his chest with a soft touch. "I made the executive decision to contact Claire and let her decide how we proceed." We, because she would never let him go off on his own. Being separated isn't an option, even if it means being confined to a tiny room for a large portion of the trip.

"I know you want to be there for Sarah, but.." Trailing off, she lets the obvious go unsaid. In one fluid motion, she wraps her arms around his shoulders and tilts her head back to look up at him. "We women are very particular."
Mackenzie 01/07/20 One year. One whole year, after several of loving a man from a distance. And now he is hers, and has been, and she has settled into a life that has been utter bliss. Mackenzie would celebrate in their favorite way, with a twist. Securing a small family inside their home, she would claim the upper hand easily. Candles are lit, lights dimmed, and as they all sit around the perfectly set dining table, she texts the address to her beloved.

Happy fucking anniversary.
Kyla 01/06/20 "Such flattery. Wrong on both counts. I am far from the best nor was it luck, but there is always room for improvement, aye?" As before, her Irishness was apparent in the lilting accent of her words. Their sharpness had softened, if only moderately, in response to the man's easy-going reply.

"Adh mor ort." A shadow of a smile would appear. "Good luck to you." Slipping her hands into her coat pockets, Kyla continued on her merry way.

Let the games begin.
Kyla 01/03/20 Jasper Thompson just stole $88.00 from you!

You were successful in stealing $797.00 from Jasper Thompson.

'Bitter' or 'petty' were not descriptive words often applied to the petite redhead, but recent events had brought out those particular, less desirable traits. This would change with time, but for now, her tongue could be sharp as her wits.

"You make this game too easy, Patch. A little more practice, perhaps? I'll even leave a bit more in my pocket to level the playing field... if you think you're up for it."
Jewel 01/02/20 Tell me something I don't know.

Jewel 12/31/19 Break free, little bird.
Fly, fly.

You managed to break out Jasper Thompson.

Mackenzie 12/29/19 A quiet tsk escapes her as she approaches Jasper with a slow step, grabbing a shirt along the way if only to attempt to wipe the drying blood from her hands. “Framed.. this time. Though, your work will be cut out for you. I am, after all, completely innocent.”

Already, she is twisting up the stained shirt in preparation, desiring nothing more than to whip it in his direction. And then, with the greatest pout and saddest eyes, she lays it on thick. “Besides, you wouldn’t let me rot in a cell... would you?”
Mackenzie 12/27/19 “Dear,” Mackenzie busts in, sauntering across the room in all her freshly fed, blood splattered glory. Upon her face, a devilish grin plays at her lips, and she tosses her husband an adoring look. “I have definitely just framed you for murder.”
mist 12/27/19 ! Congrats on profile of the day !
mist 12/23/19
Mackenzie 12/23/19 Jasper Dear
Want to wreck the floats for the Christmas parade?
Mackenzie 12/16/19 Jasper Dear
I just checked.
Definitely a fucking monster.
Can't believe you lied to me.
Mackenzie 12/16/19 Jasper Dear
Hurry up and get home, then.
I'm inviting them in and I can't promise anything.
Who the fuck does this?
I'd literally rather be in hell.
Jingle bells my fucking ass.
Mackenzie 12/16/19 Mackenzie takes a deep breath, bouncing where she stands at the door, and prepares herself to touch her hand to the handle. But she does it. One twist, and the door is opened just enough for her to snap a picture of what lies outside it before shutting it once more.

Someone clearly followed you home.
[Image attached]
Mackenzie 12/16/19 Jasper Dear
You fucking heard me.
It's really loud, too.
Mackenzie 12/16/19 Jasper Dear
There's a fucking monster outside our apartment door.
Gray Taylor 12/16/19 Jasper
Good luck.
Gray Taylor 12/16/19 Jasper
Mhmm. Just let me know what happens there. I can only keep Claire from losing it for so long.
Gray Taylor 12/16/19 Jasper
Just because her feelings are valid, doesn’t mean her reaction is of proportion. It’s a city. Nobody died.

I’ll take that.
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 Jasper
Wow. That hurt.

If a city is her actual problem, there isn't much I can do about that. She's never cared about any of that before, so I'm not sure what it is that is eating at her over this. We've both been, before. It's not new. We're fucking Jewish. Where is the problem.

I don't agree.
I'm a fucking treat.
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 Jasper
Not for nothing, but your father was the literal worst person I ever met.

Is that what she told you, or what you're assuming? Because things were just fine until we made the move to Jerusalem. It was the weirdest thing. Like we were related or something. Maybe even siblings.

I've always compromised. Asshole.
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 Jasper
Pretty sure she was satisfied with taking an eye.

That's all fine and good. And yes, Claire is a member of Mercy. I just wasn't aware that Sarah felt homeless. She's been living with Claire for forever.
Whatever the case, I don't understand what her issue is.

Cruises are on boats, yes.
And I am going.
He's looking forward to it.
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 Jasper
I don't remember her ever saying that you had to stay away forever. I'll followup on that.
Claire lived. I got Sarah killed. I think we are even.

She's yours? What does that mean? When did we call dibs on sisters? I'm not trying to tear her away from you. She clearly has her preferences. But she can't just stay in New York and expect Claire to be the one to keep it together.

I fucking hate boats.
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 Jasper
First, you can't avoid your sister forever.
And yes, I meant Sarah.
But you two are apparently the same person, so I'm sure you know how to direct her better than I ever could.

Claire is literally planning a cruise right now, just for her.
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 Jasper
Claire is in a fit over Sarah.
Can you help with that?
Mackenzie 12/14/19 Thank fuck for their afflictions, lest they be lambs in a lion's den. Mackenzie watches Jasper as he steps to the window, looking out into the pitch black before confirming their bountiful advantage and offering up a good time. There is little time wasted as she rises from her lounging state, stepping through their small space to the pile of clean clothes on the floor and setting about changing.

"I love date night," she grins, glancing up at him as she tugs on fresh jeans. Satisfied, she stands to her full, unimpressive height, already radiating her intent to murder and maim.

"Trial by fire," she murmurs, full of adoration and appreciation for Jasper and his talents. Tonight would be one hell of a trip, filled with all their favorite things.
Mackenzie 12/14/19 "God, I love it when you talk shitty to me," Mackenzie practically chirps, settling down and molding herself into his side as she picks up the remote. A mere thirty seconds of scrolling has her choosing The Confession Killer on Netflix, and just as it begins - the power cuts off. "Oh come on."

Blinking, her eyes adjust to the total darkness before she looks at Jasper, bewildered. "...Did we forget to pay the bill again?"
Mackenzie 12/12/19 The thought of Jerusalem hits her funny, and a wicked grin forms upon her face as she bites back her desired reaction. “Interesting choice,” she mutters. “Well, I hope she enjoys that.”

Pursing her lips a moment, Mackenzie glances over Jasper with a mischievous gaze. “...He’s lucky you’re in the drivers seat.”
Mackenzie 12/10/19 Mackenzie, sitting just inches away from Jasper on their bed, glances at him. So immersed in his phone. A brow raised, her own device in hand, she shoots off a message.

Jasper Dear
What's her name?
Gray Taylor 12/10/19 Jasper
Fuck if we will ever be good.

He didn't know what he was choosing.
I suppose he chose Jerusalem, since it is closer to his home.

Bodhi isn't like that.
And I'm not worried about fitting in.
You know very well, where my concern lies.
Gray Taylor 12/08/19 Jasper
It's fine. I'm just trying to be better.
Suppose that is an ominous thought.

The others were Bloemfontein and Tokyo.
Honestly, I thought he'd go for Tokyo.

Also, I meant political climate.
Gray Taylor 12/08/19 Jasper
I'm not. Not with him.

You're right. I did the damn thing.
But I still think this climate sucks.
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Jasper
Yes, but no.
I think we need to work through the bombshell I landed on him first.

It wasn't a bombshell.

You know what I mean, asshole.
Is it something anyone realistically wants to do right now?
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Jasper
I'm sure the shrew will be thrilled.

Not sorry.

That's the difficult part.
That is all I want.

Fuck, Jasper. Do I even want to do this?
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Jasper
Are we there?

I want to be...


Maybe. I'm not so sure that would go over.
It's sometimes difficult to discern between what he wants and what he does, for me.
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Jasper
Jury is still out.
Someone gave me vodka, beforehand.
But I meant it.

I gave him three choices.
He chose Jerusalem.

He didn't exactly know, when choosing.

Are you sure you're okay?
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Jasper

Fuck. I'm okay.
I told him.

Thinking about moving.
Definitely moving.
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Jasper
How are you holding up?
Mackenzie 12/05/19 It had all been a ruse. Mackenzie makes a run for it as Jasper's hand dives into the unnatural cavity of their cadaver, practically scampering around the counter as she attempts her escape from his great fistful of guts and gore. But he is quick, and he knows her too well, for the majority splatters over her petite form. Becoming still, she shudders out a gasp, turning to looking at him as she raises her free hand to reveal her bounty.

"Sucker," she laughs out, fanning the cash for his viewing pleasure.

You were successful in stealing $5,797.00 from Jasper Thompson.
Mackenzie 12/04/19 Mackenzie stops in her ministrations, casting a sidelong glance at Jasper before casually grabbing a serving spoon off the counter. One glorious scoop later, she flings the innards of their evening meal directly at her sweet husband with a delighted, twisted little grin.
Mackenzie 12/02/19 Hey, good looking.
Mackenzie 11/26/19
Mackenzie 11/25/19 Jasper Dear
Yes. Yes, you do.
Is he done yet?
I require attention.
Gray Taylor 11/25/19 Jasper
I suppose you would know.
What sort of King would you be, otherwise?

Nope. Too soon. Still too soon.

See you soon.
Gray Taylor 11/25/19 There is an obvious pause that Gray thoroughly understands. He isn't enjoying any bit of this, either. The headache is oncoming, but the rest of his issues are greater. Sighing heavily, he glances at the response given. "Yea, I know you will..."


Just to be clear:
The sewers are still disgusting.
Gray Taylor 11/25/19 Jasper
This time, I actually do.

Gray sits for a minute, trying to judge the scenario entirely. Does he desire to rip open the wound? No. Absolutely not. Does he want Bodhi? Yes. Is this a necessary step to meet that end? Apparently.

He would have been happy to leave this all behind.

She certainly didn’t help the situation.

Pausing, he takes a breath.

It has to be done, Jasper.

He’s going to murder me if he ever finds out...
Mackenzie 11/24/19 Jasper Dear
Looking good tonight.
That a new cigarette?
Gray Taylor 11/24/19 Easier than expected, Gray's steely stare wanders away from the screen as he gathers his thoughts. There is a disgusting feeling rising within him, something like shame mixing chaotically with guilt and distaste.

Of course, he'd be there. Everything is different, now.

I need you. Yes.

I don't know where to go.
Gray Taylor 11/24/19 There wasn't a single thought in mind as his fingers flew across the surface of his phone, his intent clear in his mind. They hadn't spoken since that night, months ago. Gray hadn't realized how much he missed this man. Not until now, and he must swallow it down to see this done.

Why is he even doing this?

What God forsaken city are you in?
Mackenzie 11/21/19 There are no words, no sounds, nothing. Mackenzie merely looks at Jasper, her thoughts are written clearly upon her face. With a quiet sigh, she steps up to the man, raising a brow as she slips her arms around his waist in a warm embrace. Just like that, all is right.
Mackenzie 11/19/19 “No response from Levi,” Mackenzie mutters, tossing her phone into the mess of blankets before rolling over to sidle back up to her husband with a wicked little grin. “Can’t blame him, really. I’m such a bitch.”
Mackenzie 11/18/19 Jasper Dear
I’m not even that intimidating. Honestly.
I’m thinking we shoot for the moon.
Let’s hit Wall Street.
Mackenzie 11/17/19 Jasper Dear
Never heard back from Levi.
Sent him a follow-up this morning.
Seems like a pretty delicate personality.
I guess we will see what's up.
Are we doing dinner, tonight?
Mackenzie 11/15/19 "I have a vision," Mackenzie declares, setting out of the bathroom wrapped up in a towel. "You. Me. Coney Island."
Mackenzie 11/12/19 Carefully, Mackenzie shifts, lifting her head and letting her sights rove over his features before pressing upon him a soft, heartfelt kiss. "Me too," this time, however small her smile may be, it does complete it's path to reach her eyes.

She wants more than anything to tell him that everything will be okay, and that they will figure it all out. But it'd be a lie. Mackenzie lacks the tools and knowledge, and has so little to offer. None of which, Jasper would allow. Pressing her forehead to his, she closes her eyes. "I always wanted you, Jasper."

And nothing would ever stand between them, now.
Mackenzie 11/12/19 "I'm sorry." Her apology comes on the tail of his acknowledgment, swift and begging for forgiveness. Mackenzie hates that he holds all of his, incapable and unwilling to share the responsibility of it all. Taking a moment to get herself right and find her center once more, she truly does try to find an answer.

In the end, all she can ask for is, "This." Support, and allowing her to support him. And yet, Bodhi's voice is stuck in her head. She feels small, but safe within Jasper's grips. "What can I do?"
Mackenzie 11/12/19 There is a quiet, sardonic laughter escaping her as he describes Bodhi Jones. Now that she has truly met him, she can see the truth in all of it. At the end of the day, however, he is a better man than both of them combined. Jasper is right. They are the problem. Mackenzie simply doesn't want to admit to it. Jasper dips into a pit of.. something, and Mackenzie joins him far too easily.

Her arms tighten around him as she moves with him, and for just a moment, she lets herself falter completely. They never talk about this, and this is precisely why. "I'm not," she whispers, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. A moment of silence is taken before she would finally come out with the God's honest truth. "It's getting harder, Jasp."
Mackenzie 11/12/19 Just like that, the smile melts from her face and Mackenzie finds herself reaching out for him just as much as he does, her. Standing, she lets go of his hand if only to wrap her arms around him in a tight hug. "Fine," she offers quickly, before letting out a sigh.

"He's lovely, and kind, and I was so rude." Cheek pressed to his, Mackenzie glances a kiss to his jaw. "I'm sorry, for not telling you."
Mackenzie 11/12/19 Mackenzie's grin widens, and she laughs quietly with him, watching him the entire time. There is something off, and she can only really blame herself. Maybe going to meet Bodhi was a bad idea, all around. "Of course not, love. I'd be mad if you didn't go, honestly."

Squinting slightly, she inclines her head just slightly. "What's going on?"
Mackenzie 11/12/19 "Sure, sure," she smiles, tired not of body but of mind. Sighing heavily, she trails her way over to a wayward chair and takes a seat. Mackenzie would lean forward, sights raised as she watches him. "You go fighting without me?"
Mackenzie 11/12/19 Walking into Sine Metu, Mackenzie casts a wary glance around before trailing her way through the tunnels. She checks their room. She checks common areas. She checks the office. No sign of Jasper, in any place. Defeated, it is only when she is about to give up her search entirely that she spots him, stepping out the door of his old room.

"Wow, you really are mad, huh?"
Mackenzie 11/12/19 He's angry. She can tell. At the very least, he is thoroughly annoyed. Jasper knows her better than anyone, and he knows what this will bring down upon him. Requests, things he doesn't want to hear, and more. Sighing, she raises her brow and rolls her eyes. "Just admit it. Christ."

Jasper Dear
I will. Boarding now.
I love you, Jasp.
Mackenzie 11/06/19 "Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck me." Mackenzie is groaning quietly at her phone as the response rolls in. She shouldn't have even gotten into this conversation. She should have just let things go. But she feels dishonest, and for him, this is a big deal.

"God dammit..."

Rolling her eyes, she begins to type out her reply.

Jasper Dear
That's a yes.

Jasper Dear
Which is why I felt it prudent to say platonic.
Because, you know.

"It's only funny because it's true," she mutters to herself. Mackenzie isn't laughing.

Jasper Dear
Are you angry with me?
Mackenzie 11/06/19 Mackenzie looks from the phone to her recently deceased dinner, grimacing as she considers what to say. Lie, or tell the truth. Lie to her person, or suffer his wrath.


Jasper Dear
Friend is a strong term. I think.
For tea, that is.

Jasper Dear
I'll tell you all about it when I see that stupid fucking smile of yours that I love.
Mackenzie 11/06/19 Jasper Dear
She's my favorite little shit.

Jasper Dear
I made a new friend.
The platonic kind.
Mackenzie 11/06/19 Jasper Dear
Hah. Very cute.
She's a precious angel.

Jasper Dear
I do have a confession to make, though.
Mackenzie 11/06/19 Jasper Dear
I hate every woman in your phone.
All of them.
LillyEmperium 10/24/19 *quietly Lilly affixed the black balloon at his door. Knowing full well it would pop. Leaving him covered in black paint with pink and gold glitter for a personal touch. Was it bad to do such a thing? Maybe. Would it harm him? No. It wasn't her intention to harm anyone, just a little harmless prank. She'd already gotten Mackenzie with teal paint. She still had others to get as well.*
Mackenzie 10/21/19 Mackenzie moves to respond to her husband's response before realizing that she has a lot to say in very few words. Instead, she opts to return to their apartment. Away from the tunnels, away from civilization, tucked into the tight space that is their shoebox. She adores it for two reasons: lack of space, and complete fucking privacy - she had made sure of that.

"You know how she is," she would childishly mimic him as she locks the door behind her. "Yea. I know I how she is." Waving a hand, she indicates wordlessly that their conversation had been short and far from satisfactory. "That will come back to bite us, Jasper. Major fucking party foul."

Mackenzie tosses her bag aside, setting about to pace. "And what the fuck with the Den? My goddamn property has been evacuated, Jasp. Do you know how difficult and costly it is to move wolves?" With that, she stills, suddenly realizing the one thing that had been left behind. "Oh my god... the mustang.."

Fury and despair are her favorite colors.
Mackenzie 10/19/19 Jasper Dear
Some guy opened a Sanctuary.
Adara sponsored him and then closed the Den.
Kat ran off to New Orleans to reopen her crew.
But she doesn't know where she is.
My head is going to explode.
Mackenzie 10/11/19 -squints at-
I'm drunk.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear
You really are the f-cking best husband, and the best of men.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear
When are you coming to LA, again?
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear
I'll be waiting. Impatiently.
You're an addiction, Mr. Thompson.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear
If you could see the monumental tantrum I just had.
Three days. Three days, and then I want to see your ass here.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear

Jasper Dear
Be still, my heart.
I wish you could be here.
But then you and I would get nothing done.
Doesn't sound half bad, at all.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear
Love of my life, don't be ridiculous.
Of course I love it.
But it also seemed like an interesting collection to start.

Jasper Dear
Themed dinners, with a token to remember them by.

Jasper Dear
You still haven't told me you love me back.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Jasper Dear
Did I mention today how much I love you?
LA is dull, and I miss you.
Though I did manage to snag a false eye from dinner.
Mackenzie 10/09/19 Jasper Dear
I don’t deserve you.
It’s a date.
Boarding now. I’ll text you when I land.
Love you, d-ckweed.
Mackenzie 10/08/19 Jasper Dear
I’ll make it up to you in spades upon return.
It’ll be so quick, you won’t realize I’ve gone.
Mackenzie 10/08/19 Jasper Dear
It’s just LA.
Maybe the hipsters...
I heard the plague is making a comeback.

Jasper Dear
No idea what I’m walking into but will do my best.
Left you a present on your pillow. 😘😉
Mackenzie 10/08/19 Jasper
Jesus f-cking Christ.
I f-cking love you.
How about syphilis?
Mackenzie 10/07/19 Jasper Dear
Going to LA with Richard.
He's on a suicide mission.
Definitely had to punch him, already.
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 Jasper
I'm sure the girls will appreciate it.

Enjoy your sewers.
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 Jasper
Go f-ck yourself.
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 Jasper
Read 8:06 pm

You understand that I have no intention of leaving him here. Don't you?
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 Jasper
Not of the details.

We need to get out.
Mackenzie 09/24/19 Jasper
I love you.
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 Jasper
It's hardly unexpected.

I'm in Wahnsinn.

They're in London.
Gray Taylor 09/21/19 Gray had thought long and hard about this. He'd struggled with himself, with who he has become, with who he is still becoming. He struggles with their current predicament, and the heavy weight of his fears as history seems to repeat itself. His anger is still present, simmering beneath the surface. If Jasper were to ever look, he would find those telltale three dots, randomly present throughout the day as Gray desperately works through these difficulties while burying himself deep within the partner he has been truly blessed to have.


How bad is it?
Mackenzie 09/17/19 Jasper Dear
But I will be.
Mackenzie 09/17/19 Jasper Dear
I love you, but f-ck off with that line of thinking, Dear.
Nothing will keep me away.
If you see me in there, don’t trust me.
I’ll let you know when.
Mackenzie 09/17/19 Jasper Dear
There’s no way to tell if who you are protecting is who they say they are.

Jasper Dear
We are both in a bad way.
He’s a million times worse.
But I’m coming home.
Mackenzie 09/16/19 Jasper Dear
I have him.
Where are you?
Are you safe?

Jasper Dear
Get out of there.
Mackenzie 09/11/19 Jasper Dear
I love you.

Jasper Dear
location sharing enabled
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 * from a darken corner in the hallway Lilly stood waiting before calling out* something for you... *At the first sign of movement she lobbed a balloon full of paint as she said* tag..... you're it
Mackenzie 09/02/19 She's not exactly very subtle, and never has been. Exhausting all her options, Mackenzie follows her gut until she finally finds Jasper on the street with a clearly interested woman. Swallowing back the desire to snap her delicate neck, she walks up to the twosome and makes her intent known. "I need to go to London."
LillyEmperium 08/28/19 *hands Jasper a basket of cookies* shhh....say nothing
LillyEmperium 08/24/19 *walking up, Lilly taps Jasper's shoulder. Then hands him his wallet* Jasp.... might wanna put this some where....(You were successful in stealing $103.00 from Jasper Thompson.)
Mackenzie 08/23/19 “So,” Mackenzie sidles up beside Jasper at the bar in which she’d found him, a hand resting comfortably upon his thigh once she is settled. “I’m thinking that we should lure victims into the bath one by one until the place is empty, or there is no possible way to fit another in there.”
Mackenzie 08/19/19 “Obviously, it was not.” Mackenzie shoots back, moving out of his way easily as she steels herself for one those rare, difficult conversations. “God knows how long Victor has been missing. It’s going to take ages to pick up any information on him.” It isn’t as if she is trying to lay blame. Quite the contrary, really. It is fully understood that Jasper did as he felt necessary. “But this is bigger than Victor.

“This is Claire. Sarah. He is the center of it all, and they are just as alienated as he is. He was your friend, and now, what? Who does that ******* have now, to navigate him away from his own stupidity? Jasper, Love, please.” With a deep sigh, she approaches him, gently taking his hand as she lowers and calms her voice. “You deserve to be happy, too. If this rift between you doesn’t content you, then do something about it. You know you have my support. I’m not going anywhere.”
Mackenzie 08/19/19 “No.” The word is resolute as she meets Jasper’s gaze, cool and collected in the face of all her worry. Taking his face in her hands, she moves to press a kiss upon him, lingering long enough to convey all her love and support for this man. “I need to figure out where he got to. You need to fix this with Gray. You are not wasting all that time and energy, and we are not going to alienate him.”

Leaning back, she gives him a look that is telling of her understanding that these are the last words he wants to hear from her. “I love you, but you are both stubborn. There is a better way to go about all this, whatever this is.”
Mackenzie 08/19/19 Mackenzie is down for the count, moving with Jasper as she is silently bid. It isn’t difficult to tell that everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, and she would wait patiently for him to speak to it all, tracing lines up and down his neck soothingly as she does. And then, she stills, a dark stare settled upon the floor. “He’s not letting on. Victor doesn’t just disappear.

“Why would he feel that our alliance evaporated? I don’t understand what led him to believe that.” But she does, or at least, she thinks she does. These f-cking men. “So, Victor is gone and Gray is, too...”
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 Jasper
New one what?
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 Jasper
It starts at the top, Jasper.
I was your only bridge and you turned it to ash.
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 Jasper
Get the f-ck out with that.
Not everything is about you, Jasper.
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 Jasper
It means I’m not sounding the alarm.
The property is safe, and is vacated until his return.
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 Jasper
He’s not been around.
Mackenzie 08/16/19 Frowning slightly, Mackenzie taps aggressively at her phone, pausing only a moment before letting out a groan of discontent and tossing the device aside. A dark look is cast toward Jasper, pout evident upon her bottom lip, and she pushes herself to move if only to wrap her arms around his middle where he stands and lean into him.

"Victor hasn't answered a single message in forever." A moment of musing is had before she tilts her head back to look up at her entire world. "Have you heard from anyone?"
Jewel 08/09/19 Welp!
She threatened to light me on fire..
So, yeah..

-heavy sigh-
I don't know his name! He's dark and brooding.. and completely adorable.
You know.
-comes in for a hug-
It's just one of your many charms, Jasp.

Mackenzie 08/08/19 "Jasp," Mackenzie rasps out as she practically stumbles out of bed, voice hoarse from disuse as she sleepily works her way to the fridge. It'd been a long night, and she really just wants - a startled sort of half scream escapes her as she glances the contents, very much awake. Turning to face him, eyes wide, she whispers, "...god, we got f-cked up last night, didn't we?"

Nothing quite like diced human in the morning, to invigorate the senses.
Jewel 08/04/19 Mack..
-knows it's going nowhere-
She let this mean guy join!
He's super rude!

I still love you for the fact that you were super down to get dirty.

Jewel 08/03/19 -runs to-
I need you!
Back me up!
Against her...
Katherine Murray 08/02/19 Darling Jasper
This is good to know.
Hypothetically speaking, if I had to get rid of a witness.
I know you will back me up.
Thank you, Jasper darling!
Katherine Murray 08/02/19 Darling Jasper
Would you say you or the Irish loves me more?
Mackenzie 07/25/19 Jasper Dear
I’m sure. Space isn’t what I need.
Mackenzie 07/25/19 She coughs, glancing around before deciding to be honest. It’s fine, really.

Jasper Dear
Location sharing enabled
Mackenzie 07/25/19 Jasper Dear
Whatever you want.
Mackenzie 07/25/19 Jasper Dear
I’m upstate.
Mackenzie 07/20/19 Jasper Dear
I think I'm going to take some time away from the city, soon.

Jasper Dear
Where are you, now?
Katherine Murray 07/16/19 Kisses are enough.
-smiles brightly-
Oh how I have missed you, Jasper dear.
Katherine Murray 07/16/19 -swoons-Only reason I came home was for all the kisses! And maybe a hot tub.

Katherine Murray 07/16/19 -blinks-
Mackenzie 07/16/19 Jasper
Okay. Love you.
Mackenzie 07/16/19 Jasper Dear
There’s a lot, okay? I’m trying.
Mackenzie 07/16/19 Jasper
Might be too late for that.
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -squints-
Mackenzie 07/15/19 Jasper Dear
Have a load of new faces.
Want to see yours the most, though.
LillyEmperium 07/12/19 Hmmmm....those are fun when they run dear.
LillyEmperium 07/12/19 Been eating donuts? Haven't ya.....*chuckling Lilly smiled*
LillyEmperium 07/12/19 *chuckling Lilly looked at him*

no Jasp.....I'm smart.... your easy on the eyes bur we do need to get you toned up
LillyEmperium 07/12/19 *chuckles and clears her throat*
mmm might be...
LillyEmperium 07/12/19 *walking up Lilly poked Jasper in the side*

you need to work out more Jasp
Mackenzie 07/12/19 Jasper Dear
Love you.

Jasper Dear
Let me know when you get somewhere you know.
Mackenzie 07/12/19 Jasper Dear
Read 9:13am

Ten minutes later..

Jasper Dear
Mackenzie 07/12/19 Jasper
Where are you? I could come to you?
It sucks without you around, Jasp.
Mackenzie 07/06/19 Jasper Dear
Read 4:49pm

Several deleted messages later..

Jasper Dear
Mackenzie 07/06/19 Jasper Dear
Back in New York.
I miss you, Dear.
Mackenzie 06/30/19 Creeping up behind the embodiment of her entire world, Mackenzie tries to be quiet. Truly. But when you are in a five hundred square foot studio apartment, that is something that is fairly impossible. Thus, it has become a game. Silent steps bring her with mere feet, but the moment he begins to turn, she makes her decision. Act fast, bring him down, and the attack - may the best Thompson win. Her mission is clear in mind.

Never a dull moment.
Mackenzie 06/08/19 Jasper Dear
You smile a lot, too.
Mackenzie 06/08/19 Jasper Dear
Jim Jones Lite.
Picked him up off the street.
Mackenzie 06/08/19 Jasper Dear
Baby, I got the kool-aid.
Mackenzie 05/26/19 "Mm.." Mackenzie would grin, her arms tightening around him as she partakes in her usual games. It is her favorite thing to do, attempting to kill the space between them, no matter how small. "Maybe, but this is her heart, Jasp. It's broken, and she is about to feel that." Lifting her head, looks up at him, brows pulling upward, "Just don't forget what it is capable of."

Just like that, she would drop the conversation. She has said her peace, and she knows precisely what it is each player in this game must do. As such, a devilish smirk would appear, and a demand made before she presses her lips to his once more, "You are mine for the next hour. No excuses."
Mackenzie 05/26/19 "I suppose," she would barely tease before she is locked effortlessly together with him, pouring out all the love in the world and then some. There is a level of understanding between the two that transcends anything either have experienced before, and Mackenzie would not be the first to pull away. That is precisely why she would pout when he does, pressing her lips together. His absence is deeply felt.

"Whatever you need, love." The promise is whispered, and Mackenzie mentally prepares herself for a marathon of lies. Her arms would drop only to find purchase around his middle, her cheek finding a home against his shoulder. "Sneak out tonight. I'll keep her busy, give you a proper head start. She won't get anywhere with me."

Absently, her hand smooths a path up and down his back, a pattern carved with love. "How dangerous is this for you?"
Mackenzie 05/26/19 Sarah is on the warpath, and Mackenzie feels like a mother hen. She'd never wanted children, and yet... here they are. A young woman in their charge, and this situation far too damning. No matter her feelings, she would always support a single person, and he is walking in the door. Within moments, they are alone.

"No," she shakes her head, calm and thoughtful. "I think you're right. She will see that, eventually." A rueful smile turns into a smirk, and Mackenzie would saunter up to the man and take his face in her hands. "Did you want to hear it from me? Whatever you want."
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 “Yea..” the weight is heavy and the air thick, and Gray is suffocating within it. There are many things he wants to say, and needs to, but can’t. Whether it is pride that keeps him from opening up, or something else, he isn’t sure. Another time, he tells himself. Every time. “I’ll start giving her placebos... get her off the sedatives.” Just like that, it is clear that they are in this together. The olive branch is extended, promising to lift an impossible weight that would never leave, and Gray smirks just slightly. “Yes, well. You weren’t shot. Shame it didn’t stick, though.”

Despite it all, he doesn’t quite mean it. Not completely, at least. “I’ll see you soon.”
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 A deep sigh escapes him, and he shakes his head despite the silence that drags on. There is no way Gray would make him do this on his own. They are in it together, and it would remain that way. But then, he finds himself stunned. “Jasper...” Gray swallows, eyes scanning the room as he attempts to get his act together. “I don’t..” The man has no idea what to say. Such simple words call back to better days, and it rakes at him until there is nothing left to guard him. “I’m so sorry. Truly.”
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 “She will damn us both, Jasper,” Gray’s tone speaks to just how sure he is. They would both play a part, unwinding her until there is no possible way for Claire to hold it together. For this to proceed, they must both be in agreement on its necessity. “Claire will not forgive something like this so easily and I’m not sure that I am willing to put it all on the line like this.”

And there it is. Gray absolutely loves the tiny fire-starter, likely more than his own sister. “And Sarah... Jasper, she holds a grudge so tightly.”
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 “She has nothing to offer,” the words are easy, and Gray pushes back in his seat as he ponders what sort of deal might have been made. This is abnormal, and highly curious. “And quit getting sh-tty with me. You chose to trust me to be Claire’s guardian, and I’m doing my f-cking job.”

He wants to make some sort of snappy reply about his own sister, but cannot bring himself to do it. Neither girl is in a good place, and it shows. “Why is it so important that she mourn her father and Sarah? Who else is on your roster? Shall we just kill me off, too? Let her think everyone is dead?”
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 Taking a deep breath, he does his best to see things from where Jasper sits. Hell, Gray has been nothing but stressed over the situation with Claire, hating every moment of her medicated time. “This is a horrible f-cking idea. The only reason I’m going to allow it to fly, tentatively, is because there is no other option.” Jaw set, he works it through in his mind. “Who called for him.”
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 “Yes. As do I.” Gray can tell that his counterpart is annoyed, much like he is. Steely hues are glued to his computer screen, and he makes himself look busy as he attempts to make an impossible decision. “As I understand it, you want to let Claire think she killed Sarah. I’m not sure what part of that is meant to be a positive reinforcement.”
Gray Taylor 05/26/19 It had been the most ridiculous call of his life, and that is saying something. Gray is fully aware of where he stands in his sister’s life, and it is painful. This chance to rise up and be there for her is significant, but he also knows there is more to it than meets the eye. So, he makes a call, and upon answer he would get straight to the point. “Sarah called me.”
Mackenzie 05/15/19 “...We should burn that painting...” Mackenzie mutters under her breath, staring up at the painting that only serves as a reminder of all that went wrong.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
As your friend, I can be as rude as I like.
I suppose I should have a sedative ready.
Mackenzie 05/08/19 Jasper Dear
There are plenty of alternatives, dear husband.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
Can she? Doesn't seem she can do anything without you.
Lay it on thick.
You mean manipulate her.
Mackenzie 05/08/19 Jasper Dear
I don't know there are any?
I wasn't very social.
There are only pictures from the last decade or so.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
You are being judgmental. Own it.
I didn't do this to punish the woman.
I promised her safety, school, her family.
She just needs to help with this one thing.
If you had to do this for the shrew, how would you tell her?
Mackenzie 05/08/19 Jasper Dear
You are literally the most romantic man I've ever met.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
It's more like a catch and release.
Can you stop being so judgmental for two minutes?
I need f-cking help.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
It was f-cking horrendous. And yes, it’s weird. But short of bringing a complete psycho into our home, this was the best I could conjure.

And of course I will. She’s not a prisoner, ffs.
Claire will forgive this, right?
Mackenzie 05/08/19 Jasper Dear
I need to see you in the 60s and 70s.
It's very important, Dear.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
She was the first one I agreed to see.
They kept bringing minors.
I'll be talking to Victor about it.

She's got the face only a mother could love.

That's a lie.

Is it better that we came to agreement in our transaction? She helps me, I help her?
Mackenzie 05/08/19 Jasper Dear
I did. She doesn't have one.
Something about a ghetto.

Jasper Dear
There must be photographs of you somewhere.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
And when I saw her, I couldn't very well leave her there.

I'm allowed friends, aren't I?
Elise can be my very nervous friend.
That is living in Sarah's room.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
F-ck sake, Jasper. This isn't for me.
Besides, I saved her from a sh-t situation.
It was like a goddamn puppy mill for vampires.


She can never know.
I can't tell her.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
That's not a f-cking promise.

Fine. F-ck.
I went to a flesh market.
I dropped 200k on a girl.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
Claire doesn't know yet. She's going to murder me.

You have to promise not to judge me.
Gray Taylor 05/08/19 Jasper
I think I f-cked up.
Mackenzie 05/07/19 Jasper Dear
Yes. Everyone has one.
Give me.
Mackenzie 05/06/19 Jasper Dear
Where is that photo album?
Don’t fib. I’ll know.
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 Gray is ready to interrupt him so many times over as Jasper goes about his assurances. This isn’t a game, he wants to remind him. Everything is out of balance, and he cannot keep her sedated for the rest of her life. He has no more strings to pull, nor favors to call in. This is something that must be dealt with organically, and that is not his strongest suit. And when it comes to the weight of Claire’s sorrow, Gray is already crushed. But something else comes to mind.

“Is that a rabbit hole you are prepared to go down?” There is no telling what there may be in those notes, and Jasper could find their weight unbearable. But a door would creak open, and Gray glances once more beyond him. Time is limited, and he knows neither woman wants to see him. Not now.

A moment of frustration passes, everything heavy and unsure. He’s never not had a plan, and he simply isn’t sure when he might see Jasper again. Hands pulled from his pockets, he steps forward to pull Jasper into another hard embrace. “I love you.” The words come out fast and quiet, laced with his concern but ringing far too true. In whatever capacity, he’s just not there yet. But Gray is quick, and he releases Jasper in hopes that he would be forgiven this one instance. One more look as Sarah begins to emerge, and Gray is turning on his heel, thankful for a means to escape an impossible situation.
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 This hurts. This is just killing him. In all honesty, it is difficult for Gray to witness Jasper so broken, and so desperately trying to hold it all together. It is even worse when he takes into consideration how forcefully Jasper is holding himself together by focusing on everyone and anyone but himself. His brow creases, finding no humor despite the attempts.

"I-" He stops himself, clearing his throat. A rueful look is given to him, and he pockets his hands out of habit. "We're going back to London in a few hours. She's going to be okay. We have a plan, to get them through this safely." Regretful, he adds on, "Sarah may get sick... more than once. But I'll um... I'll keep it under control."

It is abundantly clear that Gray isn't so sure they will be able to pull this off, but he is going to do his best. And yet, still, "She's scared, Jasper.. and I am, too." The world has been passed from Jasper's hands to his own and back again, and Gray is smart enough to realize his faults. Hidden away, his fingers would fidget with some lost piece of lint in his pocket. "I don't know if I can pull this off."
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 A wave of relief washes over Gray when the embrace is returned, and for just a moment, everything seems right. Nevermind the dire circumstances, nor the way things have turned out. Everything is fine in his book, because everyone he holds dear is alive. Broken, but here. "No, it wouldn't. You two need to learn to be more f-cking responsible."

It's over, too soon. A soft shake of Gray's head would indicate that he feels there no need for Jasper to be remorseful, at least not where he is concerned. There is simply nothing to be sorry for. A telling sigh would escape him as Jasper presses on, and he ducks his head down in a small nod of understanding. "They'll be fine. Claire just needs time, and Sarah doesn't understand." Still, he steels himself, speaking words he never spoke enough. "Thank you."

Lifting his head just barely, he listens and hears every word. "She knows that wasn't you, Jasper," Gray would cut in. But the rest? The rest has Gray lifting his head entirely. The words left unsaid would always be the hardest, and he understands them entirely. There are a million things he wants to say, but none feel right. "You know I will."

A glance is afforded beyond Jasper, knowing that his own sister is just feet down the hall. "Don't.. don't let her do anything stupid. Alright?"
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 Gray knows he is in at least one doghouse, and it truly makes things difficult. The woman had already given him a piece of her mind, and he was thankful there had been a barrier between them at the time. Now, however, he must tread lightly. That is what drove him to remain closer to Claire, leaving the rest to cluster together. They are a family unit he is not privy to, and he would never pretend to be.

A quick text was shot off, a reply received, and Gray made quick work of finding Jasper in the hallway, a few doors down from his own room. A promise that his hopeful executioner is preoccupied, it left him to see Jasper without any eyes upon them.

He can see his exhaustion clearly, mirroring his own tenfold. Where Jasper mourns, Gray worries. But right now, he shoves those worries aside as he makes a presumptuous move and steps up to the man, enveloping him in a tight hug. "You're an idiot, putting yourself in a position to get sick."

Grayslation: Don't f-cking worry me like that again.

"I'm so sorry, Jasper."
Mackenzie 04/14/19 “Don’t worry about me, Jasp,” withdrawing her hand, she lets out a sigh and simply watches him. How helpless, this feels. “I’ll order in after we get back. F-cking Jeeves is already on the way, so.” Her fingers twitch, itching to do something to help him but ultimately, there is nothing.

She tries for humor. “Want a horse tranquilizer?”
Mackenzie 04/14/19 She is right there, ignoring his insistence and crouching down beside him with whispered protests. A sidelong glance is afforded, a quiet growl, and she stands to stalk across the space with frustrated steps. Two small hands take hold of their terrified victim’s head, and with a resounding snap, they are no longer.

“We are going home,” making her way back to Jasper, she makes her intentions clear with a quick call for a ride as she crouches beside him and soothingly brushes her fingers through his hair.
Mackenzie 04/14/19 Mackenzie can’t help watching him since the market, somehow managing to always be touching him or have him in her peripheries, or both. They stalked their prey, though her mind is elsewhere and it is obvious. She would chalk it up to being overly concerned, and who could blame her? He’s her person.
With their dinner cornered and in tears, she turns her sights upon Jasper and looks him over. “Are you sure you’re okay, Dear?”
Mackenzie 04/06/19 Standing in the makeshift ring, Mackenzie wipes away the blood that swells from her split bottom lip. It stings, and she revels in it. With a wicked smirk, she lifts her sights to Jasper. "Come here, love. Let me knock you senseless."
Mackenzie 03/29/19 They'd barely been back in London for days when the package arrived. Mackenzie glanced at Jasper, scooping it up without a thought as he unlocked the door to allow them access to their temporary home. But upon opening it, she finds herself quirking a brow at the bottle. She knows where this is from before the card is even opened. In the end, it's a punch in the gut.

Glancing up at Jasper, she shakes her head gently before passing the card off. She'd failed to talk to Victor about this, and she knows she's done wrong. A few quiet words, a quick kiss, and she is out the door with the bottle in hand.
Mackenzie 03/23/19 They'd just arrived in a new spot in the New York underground, finding a place to survey the scene and make their best assessment. Well, Jasper is assessing. Mackenzie is wrapped around the man, pressing adoring kisses beneath his chin, more than once intentionally nicking the soft flesh. There is a devilish smirk etched upon her lips the whole time as she feeds off the violent energy of the room, anxious to put on a bloody show with the only person that matters.

And then, his phone rings. A more demanding nip is laid upon his neck as she plucks the device from Jasper's back pocket, bringing it up so that she can peer at the caller before letting out an annoyed huff that tells all. Swiping, she presses the phone to Jasper's ear for him.
Mackenzie 03/22/19 Jasper Dear
Mackenzie 03/22/19 Jasper Dear
This isn’t the Taylor I wanted to beat.
Is she staying with us? You know what happens when we fight.
Mackenzie 03/22/19 Jasper Dear
Well then, we're already best friends, then.
Don't corrupt her too much. I'll be out shortly to meet you.
Mackenzie 03/20/19 Jasper Dear
Does this one at least like to drink?
I'm going to be disappointed if both Taylors are lame.
Gray Taylor 03/19/19 Jasper
Of course she didn't.
I trust you.
Mackenzie 03/17/19 “Hey...” she calls attention softly, watching as his thoughts assault him bodily. Frowning, she slips into his lap and wraps her arms around him, placing her chin upon his shoulder. She would go, but not until he is comfortable. Jasper comes first, and she tells him as much with a soft squeeze.
Mackenzie 03/17/19 She’s about to say something when the other end picks up, and her nose wrinkles. “Calm down, you desperate piece of f-cking sh-t. You’re not so lucky. I got a text from someone claiming to be Spri- ...” Hanging up, she looks at Jasper, not quite sure what to feel. “Not a trap.”
Mackenzie 03/17/19 The first real smile in days touches her lips as she sets her own phone aside in favor of his. She could kiss him right now, honestly. But this is pressing. So, pressing the phone to her ear, she meets Jasper’s stare with her own. “I want it to be,” honesty is the best policy. “I miss her.”
Mackenzie 03/17/19 “Jasp,” pressing her lips together, she exhales slowly. She has nothing to come back that with. He’s right. It could be just that. “...give me *******’s number.”
Mackenzie 03/16/19 “Jasper,” she knows he’s stressed and bothered, and she doesn’t want to add to that weight. But still, she approaches his desk, pushing his work aside gently so that she can lean upon the edge. Holding her phone out to him, she shows him the message. “I can’t not go.”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Jasper
You will understand, I am sure.
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Jasper
Five minutes.

For the record, I never wanted to keep this from you.
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Jasper
Can you handle a phone call?
I'm not sure I should leave.
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Jasper
It's time to talk. About everything.
You were right.
Mackenzie 03/14/19 Her head healed though still pounding, Mackenzie is torn and it shows. The intention is to return home. She knows and understands why, but... "Jasp," she turns to look at him for what feels like the hundredth time in an hour, she stops. Frowning, she stuffs a shirt in her bag. "Do we have time for a snack before the flight?"
Mackenzie 03/09/19 Familiar footsteps come to a stop outside the door, and Mackenzie sits up immediately. Watching the door, it feels like forever before he steps into the room. Instantly, she is out of her seat and in his space, throwing her arms around his neck and raining kisses upon him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I feel so goddamn useless, while you carry the world on your shoulders. Lashing out was wrong. It’s not your fault.” With a sigh, she rests her forehead against his. “I choose you, remember? Every time.”
Mackenzie 03/08/19 His answer has her sitting up, shoulders squaring as she prepares for one of those rare arguments. They never last. These moments between the two are constantly fleeting, but seem to rise under copious amounts of stress. “Do not get sh-tty with me for caring, Jasper,” Mackenzie calls him on the floor easily. “This isn’t fun for either of us. You aren’t going to get an apology from me for wanting to do something about it.”
Mackenzie 03/08/19 The look she bestows in the face of his apology is something that speaks one thousand words. She hates this. She hates watching him walk out the door, knowing what will happen. Mackenzie realizes Jasper enjoys it all as much as she does, but it still stings. He’s sorry. He is always sorry. She is, too. “If you’d just let me try to talk to him... I’m sure there is something. There is always something.”
Mackenzie 03/08/19 Mackenzie watches as Jasper readies himself to go out. They had been reckless, letting time slip away from them, and it left him running behind. "...Is there no way that we can negotiate you out of this?" Usually she is quiet about his necessary task, bottling it up and putting on a good face. For whatever reason, she cannot seem to put a lid on it tonight. "There must be something else of value. Anything else."
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Jasper
Wednesday. 8pm.
Game on.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Jasper
You are coming for dinner. Period.
And Nazis.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Jasper
You should be confident.
Let’s plan on dinner this week. The three of us.
She’s fine. We are fine. We are getting on well.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Jasper
I always have.
She wouldn’t have come if not.
It’ll take time, but it will be fine. I’m sure.
How are you holding up?
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Jasper
I don’t think she is nearly as hardheaded as she presented herself to be.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Jasper
Claire is really coming out of her shell.
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Jasper
Best ever. See you soon.
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Jasper
Fairly hungry. Can you grab wings or something on the way?
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 "F-ck.. f-ck f-ck."

Sounds good. Got your key?
Mackenzie 02/27/19 "Jasper, it's been days. Only days. And she has just uprooted her entire life." Licking her lips, she glances downward toward his phone before finding her own resolve. "I think, if I were her, I'd hate it more if you didn't check in on me."

Taking a breath, she lifts her chin. "Tell you what. You do this, and if you still want to go home after, we will go. If not, we will just find ourselves a place to stay. Deal?"
Mackenzie 02/27/19 Narrowing her eyes, Mackenzie makes a slow approach until she is stood right before him. Staring up at him, she studies him carefully as a decision is made. "...No. It's not even been a week. We are going to give this the time it requires."

A hand on his shoulder, she raises up to press a kiss upon his cheek. "I think you'd feel better if you saw for yourself, Jasp."
Mackenzie 02/27/19 Mackenzie is beginning to catch cabin fever. A hotel is not home, or even close to. With a sigh, she looks at Jasper, brow creasing with concern. "You alright?"
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Jasper
All good.
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
It's fine. I get it.
You know I will. She will get to New York.
One step at a time.
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
Surpassing passive and going straight to aggressive.
How refreshing.
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
You're not concerned about pushing so much, so soon?
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
It's been a while since I shared the apartment.
It's weird.
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Hasper
She's cleaning. She is cleaning.
And I think I smell food.
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
If that's what you prefer.
At least you don't have to clean up.
Isn't she just the best.

Some time later...

She's taking over.
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
A hotel is going to get expensive.
Yes. I'm fine. Just wrapping my head around it all.
How's your keeper?
Gray Taylor 02/24/19 Jasper
She seems fine. She's in Sarah's room.
I'm doing my best.
Are you busy?
Gray Taylor 02/23/19 Jasper
Made it to the apartment.
How are you?
Gray Taylor 02/23/19 Jasper
You're a d-ck.
We'll see if you survive the shrew's wrath.
Gray Taylor 02/23/19 Jasper
First of all, she's five.
Second, I'm not scared of you.
Third, she's five. No.
But I am drunk, and she's not.
She seems to enjoy being the smartest person in the room.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
Uncle Gray, The Godfather.
Maybe your mother will finally like me.
That'd be nice.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
That was not an invitation.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
No, no. I enjoy a challenge.
Uncle Gray, The Godfather.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
You're right. A sip.
I have a feeling she is going to be a handful.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
No you wouldn’t. Liar.
She just thanked me.
I’m going to make her a drink.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
I’d haunt the f-ck out of you.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
It’s fine. She’s not going to kill me.
I’m too pretty to die.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Jasper
Tell me I’m The Godfather.
I’m not drunk.
Mackenzie 02/22/19 She had woken up to a text message, and she had been fuming thereafter. There is not a single word that quite fits how Mackenzie feels, but instead a million. Predominately, irritated, worried, and jealous. She had portrayed this emotions perfectly in a simple text before hunkering back down into the large hotel bed, drinking herself into a dreamless sleep.

He'd return, and she doesn't even stir. Mackenzie remains still as she becomes aware of him. It is only once he has passed out that she rolls over to take her place curled into his side, a tangle of limbs and sheets.

But don't get it twisted. He's still in trouble.

She just loves him.
Mackenzie 02/21/19 Jasper Dear
Yea, you are.
Love you. Don't get caught.
Gray Taylor 02/17/19 Jasper
[Address attached]
Room 1932.
Gray Taylor 02/17/19 Jasper
Of course. Where do you want me?
I'm at my hotel, currently.
Mackenzie 02/13/19 Mackenzie's hands are bloodied and bruised, knuckles busted after the beating she had bestowed upon their creation. The blows had been no match for the tongue lashing she had bestowed upon him, and in the end, he was barely recognizable. All the while, she'd felt Jasper's eyes on her.

Leaving their fledgling unconscious, she crosses the space to Jasper, landing one last kick along the way. "F-cking b-stard," she murmurs darkly. "You'd think he'd do better. He's a f-ckin' father." She sucks in an indignant breath, she catches a whiff of him. A quiet 'hm' would sound as she looks him over before leaning into actually sniff him.

"...what are you wearing?"
Mackenzie 02/07/19 Mackenzie got off the plane in a huff, stalking her way through and out of the terminal. She finds Jasper easily, immediately gravitating to him and finding comfort within his grasp. The return home is quiet as she mulls over what has just happened, remaining tucked into Jasper. She'd never strayed so far from home before. Her sights would land on the stained mattress upon entering their home, and Mackenzie does her best to put on a good face.

A hand reaches up to his face, turning his head and pulling him down so that she can plant one of those tell-all kisses upon him. "We need a mattress protector," she whispers in close quarters. "Now where is that f-cker. I'm going to bash his goddamn face in."
Mackenzie 02/06/19 Jasper Dear
He’s paying for this one.
You make sure he knows it.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 Jasper Dear
Love you too.
For the record, the babysitter sucks.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 Jasper Dear
Thank you. I’ll see you soon, love.
And no worries, okay?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 Jasper Dear
Sometimes, I wish you’d tell me I just drank too much.
It’s okay. On my way to Heathrow now.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 Jasper Dear
So.. why the **** am I in London?
Mackenzie 02/04/19 The bed has arrived. Mackenzie is a cheap b-tch, make no mistake. But she'd insisted on taking the lead on this, and as she watches the delivery men walk the Heirloom mattress to their sixth floor apartment, she can only smirk. It would only widen when she tells them to drop it on the floor next to the heap of blankets that had served as their makeshift bed. It's the little things that keep her sane while her husband is out doing his job.

So when Jasper did return, he would likely trip over not one but two bodies on his way into their cramped utopia. His wife? Lounging on the plush pillow-top mattress, thoroughly pleased with herself. "Hello, love." Mackenzie holds all the affection in the world for this man. "I think one is still breathing, if you want a snack."
Mackenzie 01/31/19 “Once we get moved into the apartment, it’ll be better,” Mackenzie practically coos at the man, taking every opportunity to soothe his frayed edges. Things have been stressful lately, and she must remind herself that he expresses his emotions where she tries to bottle them up. “Think about it... a big comfy mattress on the floor with a mess of blankets and pillows. It’s going to be great.”
Mackenzie 01/30/19 “Why do you assume I did something, just because I’m appreciating you?” A quiet tsk would escape her before she presses a quick kiss upon him and releases him. He’s such a goon right now, it’s a wonder he’s giving her the time of day. “Who pissed in your Cheerios, hm?”
Mackenzie 01/28/19 She hadn't realized he was so close. Jasper had managed to sneak up on her, and Mackenzie turns an appraising gaze upon him. Setting her phone down, she stands and makes her approach. "Why so agitated, Dear?" Pouting, she cups his face and pulls him down to her. "So handsome. So dreamy. I could eat you up."

And she can butter him up. She can butter him up real good.
Mackenzie 01/28/19 Jasper Dear
Have I told you lately how handsome you are?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Gray stares at his phone for a moment, rereading in disbelief. Is it that serious?

I'm on my way.
You just say when you want me.
I'll be waiting.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
You know better than that.
Where are you?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
You could make me do it the hard way.
Or you could just tell me where.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
I'm serious, Jasper.
I'll be there.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
See you soon, then.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
I'm glad.
And how close are you to solving this mystery?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
Oh, good. That's great.
Sounds like it's going well.
Does Victor know?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
She tried to kill you in her sleep?
Not ready to mingle.
Now f-cking be clear before I get on a plane.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
Now what the f-ck happened.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
I sincerely hope you are joking.
Don't deflect.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Jasper
How's married life?

With the shrew...
Mackenzie 01/24/19 She stares. Mackenzie stares so hard it hurts. They got the apartment. It's theirs. They officially have their own, shared space. Pressing her lips together, there is little she can do to suppress the grin forming. Suddenly, she has energy again - despite the constant beatings she endured for weeks. "That is the most romantic thing. What's for f-cking dinner?"
Mackenzie 01/17/19 "That's why I have you to keep me in check," Mackenzie grins, watching as he pulls out his laptop. She doesn't wait for prompt, she knows what he is doing, and has already abandoned ship to cozy up beside him. At his question, she glances over the space. Tiny, cheap but overpriced, and barely room to breathe. Perfect for smothering, which is precisely what they love. Turning her head, she presses a lingering kiss to his jaw. "Surprise me, love."
Mackenzie 01/15/19 “I want...” Mackenzie pauses, straighten up where she stands in a sea of clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. She’s not a hoarder. She just forgets. Looking over her shoulder at him, she gifts a smirk. “I want a shoebox studio apartment in East Harlem, so I can trip over you constantly.”
Elisa Stratten 01/12/19
Mackenzie 01/12/19 "Jasper f-cking Thompson," Mackenzie is tearing apart her room, doing her very best to work through items she might keep or throw away. She is making room, as if the two weren't already sharing two living spaces. Her room has always been larger. Without a second thought, she tosses a dead burner phone at him. "New plan. We're starting over. New space. This is too much. I like my stuff. You married my stuff. So."
LillyEmperium 01/08/19 *chuckling as Jasper handed her the system and game, Lilly nodded* don't worry dear Jasper, I won't. I was kinda wondering where you were hiding or tied up at...
LillyEmperium 01/08/19 *walking past, Lilly poked Jasper for no real reason. Just to poke him. Chuckling she thought for a moment then continued* what game is good now? You remind me of someone who might know..
Mackenzie 01/06/19 "Holy f-ck, you take forever," Mackenzie is already on her bullsh-t when she sees Jasper. Who cares if she is extra loud as she calls to him from across the terminal? She's already approaching, a single bag in tow. Once within arms reach she holds the envelope out before snatching it back, thinking better of it. "Pay the toll, Dear."
Gray Taylor 01/06/19 This is by far the most difficult conversation he's had to date. Gray is staring Jasper in the face, watching him completely slip away. There hadn't been room for hope before, yet now it is absolutely impossible. So, when the answer finally comes, he nods in turn.

"Then I am, too."

What a bitter pill to take, it is.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
One can only be so spontaneous when you're not here.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
Good man.

Jasper Dear
Hurry it up. I'm told our flight leaves in three hours.
No idea where to, but.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
Sure. I love a good stoning.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
That's it. We're going to Syria.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
You better be wearing pants.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
I thought we agreed anywhere but Syria.
I'll see you at JFK.
I'll be the one with mystery tickets and your sh-t.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
Please. Nudes are child's play.
Where are we going? When? Are you ready yet?
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
F-ck no. Who knows what I'd find in your phone.
I'm excited. Don't you dare dirty delete.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
I'm being nosy, per your invitation.
You're right to be suspicious.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
I'll need your phone, please.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
I definitely would have noticed.
But I can absolutely be nosier.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Jasper Dear
I'm going through your bag right now.
There's no rainbow hammock.
This is false advertising.
I want a pre-divorce.
Mackenzie 01/05/19 OOC: Oh hey you're welcome xx
Gray Taylor 01/05/19 An amused huff escapes him before he can stop it. A long time, indeed. Maybe for Jasper, but not for the rest of the world. Least of all, himself. Turning his head, he looks out the window, churning the information over in his head. Assessing it. "You barely-" Gray stops himself before he can even get started.

Jasper isn't his to go at, anymore. He must remember this. But f-ck, he hates this decision with every fiber of his being. "Are you happy?"
Gray Taylor 01/05/19 Jasper hasn't even agreed before his phone is out, a message being shot to his attorney. It is short, to the point, and Gray merely glances at him with a slight upward curve to his lips. "None at all." Jasper had saved his life. Granted, he hadn't desired any saving. But Jasper's life now depends on his ability to do his job, and Gray would do all he could to preserve him.

But the bombshell is soon dropped, and Gray finds himself staring at the device in hand for a moment as he processes before looking at Jasper with carefully blank stare. And yet, his comfort level would betray him quickly. "...What? Why? It's been months."
Gray Taylor 01/05/19 "First class and Business were booked up." It's clear he is seething beneath the surface over it, and likely pitched a fit when there were no upgrades to be had without changing his plans entirely. At his own expense. "And don't give him attention, f-ck."

Without a thought, Gray is draping an arm around Jasper's shoulders and guiding them outside. His driver would have no doubt had ample time to get to their provided car by now, and he needs a f-cking drink. "How are the ladies of New York? I saw something online about you. Not very flattering." Still, as much as it eats at him, Gray makes a sincere offer. "I can have that wiped for you, you know."
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Deplaning doesn’t go fast enough. Disgusted, Gray practically beats his way out, making a beeline for where he knows Jasper will be waiting. Little does he realize that Big Carl is, actually, not far behind. Upon setting eyes on his counterpart, he closes the distance and mutters lowly. “Economy smells like piss and sweat. Never again.”
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
A man has to do what a man has to do.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
See you in a few hours.
Can't wait to introduce you to my new boyfriend.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
This might be the gayest conversation we've had yet.
How I long for the days when we habitually lied.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
Big Carl is nosy and needs to stop reading private messages.
You never said any such thing.
You were nice to me, then.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
Funny how the truth comes out now.
Anything else I should know?
Big Carl is very interested to hear.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
I don't fidget. I work.
And there is no amount of work I can do.
Not with Big Carl seated beside me.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
I'm sure it will be gay enough without extra effort.
How do you fly economy? It's so crowded and unpleasant.
This is a nightmare.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
Big gay airport pickup?
Sure. Why not.
Gray Taylor 01/04/19 Jasper
Are we still on for tonight?
Landing around 4 at JFK.
I was thinking we might go to Ninja.
Cheap is great but not when it kills you.
Mackenzie 01/03/19 A deep breath is taken and slowly exhaled, another soft nod given as she relaxes in his grip. Yes. That's a yes. The end of the line. Everything they have done so far in their lives culminated to this very point in time, and it only makes sense. Mackenzie would smile into the kiss, contented and fulfilled.

No one would ever guess that Jasper is such a smooth talker, but damn - does he have a way with words. Their life is a mess, but it's theirs. Excuses are exhausting. She's ready to stop making them, and cannot fathom how she ever had. Why pretend? Why haven't they celebrated themselves? Another kiss is pressed upon him, an electric expression of just how she feels.

And then, she laughs quietly in the midst of it, her thoughts forming quickly but her lips pushing them out even faster. The words come out muffled in their proximity.

"I'm so happy to be your beard."
Mackenzie 01/03/19 Puffing out her cheeks, she gives him a look that tells of how grateful she is to him for not laughing. Most would. Mackenzie expected it, especially after all they've just been through in recent months. Nodding softly, she exhales, pushing away that nervous energy along with her held breath.

"Fancy isn't who we are, Jasp." Taking a few steps forward, she manages a smile, finally able to let herself begin to relax. "We're wild. ...Is that a yes? Because that is a completely crazy thing I just threw at you, and we both just.. you know. So. Only if you're sure. No pressure. I'll stop f-cking talking now." As if to highlight her promise, she motions as if zipping her lips and tossing the key.
Mackenzie 01/03/19 Again with the texting. Her phone is out, and she knows he's within screaming distance. So, naturally... "JASPER!" Attention demanded, she is already on the move. Once more she calls his name, if only to ensure she has his attention wholly when she finally finds him in some old, closed off station made specially for FDR's use.

"So, I had a crazy idea," she can feel her nerves begin to get the better of her. It's enough to force her hand at just... getting it out. "For while we're away." Beating around the bush, Mackenzie presses her lips together, squinting slightly as she watches him carefully for a reaction. "Lets get hitched."
Mackenzie 01/03/19 Jasper Dear
Let's just pack our sh-t, go to the airport, and let fate decide. Next flight out. Tinder is everywhere, right?
Mackenzie 01/03/19 Jasper Dear
I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't have interfered.
We could travel a little? Away from NY or London.
Somewhere different?

Jasper Dear
[Screenshot attached]

Jasper Dear
It really is a great picture, though.
Mackenzie 01/03/19 Jasper Dear
Well, they're calling me stupid and an ableist.
But you... Quite a few upset, pregnant women commenting.
It's a great picture of us, though.

Jasper Dear
I think that b-tch you were talking to snapped it at midnight.
Mackenzie 01/03/19 Jasper Dear
So, don't be upset, but.
There's a picture of us floating on social media.
It's not good. Not good at all.
Gray Taylor 01/02/19 Jasper
Chinese takeout.
The cheapest in the city.
Must keep up appearances.
Gray Taylor 01/02/19 Jasper
Ever the gentleman.
Where at?
Gray Taylor 01/02/19 Jasper
I'll be flying in on Friday evening.
Are you free?
Gray Taylor 01/02/19 Jasper
Where are you?
Mackenzie 01/01/19 Turning, she looks at the corpse at her other side. A smile spreads upon her features, and she gives the nightmare of a dead woman a slap on the cheek before worming her way closer to Jasper. “Later, we are totally hunting her friends via social media and framing her stupid f-cking arse for murder.”
Mackenzie 01/01/19 “F-ck off. You talk just as much.” Rolling onto her side, she sends an unenthusiastic punch to his shoulder. The same hand would fall into the empty space between them as she laments a sigh. “It’s fine. I’ll just kill her. And all her friends.”
Mackenzie 01/01/19 “We made it...” Mackenzie groans, heading turning where she lays upon the heavy wooden table. It is morning. She doesn’t know that, but she feels it. They’d closed down a bar... which would explain the dozen corpses and the stench of death and booze. “You have got to stop courting women with crazy eyes, Jasp. She wanted to wear your skin.”
Mackenzie 12/31/18 "Of course you wouldn't," Mackenzie grins, downing her drink as she prepares herself for what she must do. There are many times she has found herself climbing atop a bar, but this one time may just be her favorite. Petty, she perches upon the stool beside her before hoisting herself up and standing at full height. So rare, to see the tops of people's heads.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, who here has someone to kiss tonight?" she calls out, hands cupped around her mouth as if that might help project her voice. Mackenzie needs no help in that department, and once she has the attention of a few (and Bridget), she drops her hands. The result of her question are some whoops and cheers from the intoxicated swath of mortals celebrating and proclaiming their useless resolutions. "Me too. Me. Too." Nodding, she gestures toward Jasper. "This f-cking man is my goddamn favorite person, and I am kissing him at f-cking midnight. So f-ck the lot of you!"

Pleased with herself, she looks at Jasper with a smirk. "There'll be no work tonight."
Mackenzie 12/31/18 SMACK.

If Mackenzie hadn't just pissed in the woman's Cheerios, she might just make way for another brawl. Instead, she waits, smirking into quickly served glass as she takes a drink of victory. There is little concern as Bridget is waved off, "So sorry about Rover."

Attention on Jasper, she presses a hand softly to the great pink splotch upon his cheek before raising her own glass to him. "Never have, never will," she promises, taking a sip before setting the glass down. "Want to give her something to really talk about?"
Mackenzie 12/31/18 Mackenzie is walking back to the crew after a night of debauchery. It had been boring, no matter how hard she tried to make it less so. From getting into a scuffle with her prey, to playing chicken at the edge of a high rise, she simply could not get into it. And that's when she sees it.

Jasper, standing in a bar with a woman. Now, she knows this must be work. She knows she shouldn't interfere. But f-ck if she can control her impulses. Just this once, right? One time won't hurt.

Stepping inside, she intentionally brushes by him and goes to the bar. "Two Jamesons," she demands. "Neat."
Mackenzie 12/30/18 Jasper Dear
Blue. 🥺
Mackenzie 12/25/18 So far, so good. Mackenzie is home, without incident, and she has her person. There are no presents, and there doesn't need to be here. She simply enjoys him, and on this simple morning, her gift would be climbing back into bed after terrorizing the crew. No jumping, no diving. A kiss is placed to his cheek, a quiet Christmas wish, and Mackenzie is nestling in close for a lazy day with Jasper.
Gray Taylor 12/22/18 A shrug, infuriating as it may be, is what is gifted Jasper at his allowances toward Gray's words. They both realize he had been a little more than aggressive about his opinions, and they both know why. He will, however, take the pass thrown.

Sighing, he turns and looks at Jasper as he declares his leave, moving for the door. How the f-ck is Gray going to even begin to mend what is left of their relationship?

"...I was wondering if you might be willing to teach me how to actually play Call of Duty?" Clearing his throat, he bows his head. Shamelessly, Gray hadn't actually been playing when they'd gotten into that fateful fight. He'd been attempting to look like he knew what he was doing. "If you're not busy."

Grayslation: Please stay.
Gray Taylor 12/22/18 Gray is good at making promises, and even better at breaking them. He'd said he could do this, and each time he declares it, the stakes get higher. As such, met with Jasper fully prepared to leave, that cold and calculating set of storms would sweep over him before he moves further inside, shutting the door behind.

He can do this.

"One of our people live in a box. This tiny little thing that looks like it is made for jewelry." Gray is actively ignoring his declaration, instead opting to deflect the situation entirely. "I was in the box with her when you texted. She is intriguing..." A conundrum, to be precise.

"You are still upset with me for what I said." Not a question. Gray knows he had struck a particularly sensitive nerve for speaking the way he did about his best friend. "I apologize. I wouldn't have been doing my job had I not aired my concerns."
Gray Taylor 12/22/18 It isn't long before Gray is letting himself into his own apartment, kicking himself for being so volatile and also for entertaining the idea of going to his London apartment. Not just that, but actually doing it.


Honestly, it wouldn't be surprising if he left.
Gray Taylor 12/22/18 Jasper
You have a key for a reason.
Gray Taylor 12/22/18 Jasper
Read 3:15 PM

Gray sighs, already gathering himself to return to the apartment.

Gray Taylor 12/22/18 Jasper
The Circle. What's wrong?
Mackenzie 12/22/18 Jasper Dear
I know, Dear.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 Jasper Dear
Because I can’t be trusted.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 Jasper Dear
There’s a reason you’re doing that.
It’s just a few days.
I can do this.

Jasper Dear
I’m bored already.
Mackenzie 12/21/18 Jasper Dear
You need time away from me?
Mackenzie 12/21/18 Jasper Dear
Yet you didn’t invite me.
Mackenzie 12/21/18 Jasper Dear
You don’t accidentally do that. What are you doing?
Mackenzie 12/20/18 "Oh, for f-ck sake," Mackenzie strolls in, kicking the door shut behind her. A wicked smirk takes up her visage as she approaches Jasper, and she only glances upward for a second before closing in. Once upon a time, this game had been played on her. Now, she is passing it on the fun.


There is no hesitation as she throws her arms around his neck and presses her lips to his. How's that for a f-ckin' wooing?

Mackenzie 12/20/18 Jasper Dear
Two minutes, Dearest.
Mackenzie 12/20/18 Jasper Dear
I can do that.
Mackenzie 12/20/18 Jasper Dear
I see you ignoring me.

Jasper Dear
Don't be like that.

Jasper Dear
I don't have admirers.
I have a Jasper.
Mackenzie 12/20/18 Admirer #1
Please tell me.
Mackenzie 12/20/18 Admirer #1
Now I do.
...who are they?
Mackenzie 12/20/18 Jasper
Or a challenge.
I have admirers? Aw.
Mackenzie 12/20/18 Jasper Dear
I need to be wooed.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Jasper Dear
Why are we texting? I’m literally staring at you.
We are in the same room.
Adapt to that. B-tch.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Jasper Dear
...are you kidding?
People wiped their asses with that stuff.
You’re full of sh-t.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Jasper Dear
Don’t make me push you into a fatberg.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Jasper Dear
Absolutely not.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Jasper Dear
I’ve never utilized.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Jasper Dear
Because... I don't know.
It just sounds less satisfying.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Jasper Dear
Because greed is more fun.
Mackenzie 12/18/18 Jasper Dear
I really don't see how everyone comes out happy on the other side of a ménage ŕ trois.
Mackenzie 12/16/18 Jasper Dear
So, Dingleberry is extra flirty and you speak man.
Testosterone, and all that.
I give you full permission to call me a prude.
Mackenzie 12/13/18 "JASPER!" Mackenzie is screaming. Literally. Walking the tunnels she calls out more than once. Until, finally, she finds him at the 47th Street manhole. Grinning, she places her hands on her hips. "It's sealed."
Mackenzie 12/11/18 Phone chiming, Mackenzie casts a glare at the lump once the message is read. A preparatory sigh is taken, her device set aside, and she dives into the covers to launch her attack.

Tell her no? Pffft.
Mackenzie 12/11/18 Mackenzie glances at the lump of blankets to her left.

Jasper Dear
Wake up.
Mackenzie 12/08/18 "I really did a number on him," she woefully admits. "He sent me this video message - he was with another woman. Can you believe that sh-t?!" But Jasper is bringing her attention elsewhere, and Mackenzie is quick to change focus. Just like that, she flips the switch, going from terribly upset to eager and excited.

"Oh, Jasp," Mackenzie whispers, eyes wide and mouth salivating. "I love a good murder mystery." Smiling wide, she is completely dazzled.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 “Seize the day!” Mackenzie declares, her arms wrapping around his middle as she hugs herself to his side. Jasper could lead. He’s in better shape, mentally. This is the best she could do to prepare for this, at least, after the texts. Ugh, the texts. Those stung.

His question pulls from her a wide, toothy smile. How is she? Mackenzie is dealing, self- medicating after being served by Spring and then again by her hobo. “I’ve been better,” she begins, feeling her emotions begin to slip under the influence. Sniffing, she presses her lips together as she considers.

“She left me Victor.” Oh god. Here come the feelings. Simple, drugged out feelings. “And her clothes. And...and... her hobo. He’s so mean, Jasper.” Mackenzie sniffs again, shaded eyes welling up. “So mean.”
Mackenzie 12/07/18 Mackenzie stood inside outside the gate, waiting impatiently for Jasper’s arrival. She had arrived just hours before, finding her way to the arrivals board and watching. Waiting. More waiting. Until now. Now, he is arriving.

...With Gray.

Huffing, she glances toward the other as they approach, not at all stalling as she hurries forward and wraps herself around Jasper. She missed him, and she is hopelessly out of her mind. More than one pill has been popped. It’s obvious.

Rubbing her cheek against his, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, she practically purrs, “Dear.”
Mackenzie 12/07/18 Jasper Dear
Mackenzie 12/07/18 Jasper Dear
I’ll be the one with sunglasses.
Gray Taylor 12/07/18 Jasper
You better be dressed.
Gray Taylor 12/07/18 Jasper
My sh-t is always together.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 Jasper Dear
No murder.
I'm boarding now.

Jasper Dear
I want an alliance.
I'm high af.

Jasper Dear
Texted Victor.
Spring left me a Hobo.
Cashing in.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 Jasper Dear
Change of plans.
Meet me in London.
We're going to impose on Seventh Circle.
Might as well let Chuckles know his attendance is required.
Mackenzie 12/06/18 The last thing she wants to do is hang up the phone, but they are running out of options. Neither want to talk about the heart of their issues, and neither desire to be alone. Tonight, miles upon miles apart, they would both face their demons; alone, and together.

“I’ll meet you at the airport,” she whispers, already feeling her emotions set in. It’s shared, really, as she knows what Jasper is going through and feels for him strongly. She always has.

Eying the bottle that sits before her on her desk, she makes a grab for it, screwing off the cap as she answers to him. “Love you too, Jasp. I’ll see you soon, then.”

Reluctant, she hangs up, heart in her throat.
Mackenzie 12/06/18 A small smile finds it's way upon her features as Jasper indulges her, and Mackenzie feels guilty for it. But his words quickly wipe it from her lips, and she closes her eyes at his lack of confidence. Swallowing, she lets herself focus on him, rather than the thoughts rattling about in the back of her mind at her own shortcomings.

"Jasp, you didn't fail." Mackenzie would forever dole out advice she is better meant to take herself. "She only ever wanted two things from the people in her life: their loyalty, and happiness. She's a b-tch, but..." Trailing off, she bows her head. Kenz understood Spring more than most might, which is what made that letter hurt even more.

The subject changes, an observation and question posed. Selfishly, she wants him home. They've been inseparable for so long, she can feel his absence.

"Just.. don't be gone too long.."
Mackenzie 12/06/18 Jasper's call comes sooner than she would have expected, and Mackenzie stares at the buzzing phone for several seconds before snatching it up in a moment of sheer bravery. Swallowing, she plays his game of soft greetings and softer words.

I don't want to do this.

Sucking in a deep breath, she would murmur quietly to her person, "I know, Dear.." Jasper dives in, and Mackenzie is unseeing as she listens to him narrate Spring's last words to her. There is little recognition for the emotions flitting across her features and blurring her sight. Lips pressed together, Kenz remains silent throughout.

You okay?

"Yea," her lie is delayed, his question taking longer than it should to register in her head. Gaze lifting to skyward, she would proceed to impart on a familiar dance. "I'm more concerned about you."
Mackenzie 12/06/18 Jasper Dear
Whenever you’re ready. I’m here. 🖤
Mackenzie 12/06/18 Jasper Dear
I’m sure I’ll regret this, but yes.
I want to know what she wanted to say.
Mackenzie 12/04/18 Jasper Dear
How about I tell you that you can. Right now.
Mackenzie 12/04/18 Jasper Dear
Good. I miss you. Come home.
Mackenzie 12/04/18 Jasper Dear
It’s my mission to make him extra uncomfortable.
Today, I touched his butt.
It didn’t work.
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Jasper Dear
When are you coming home?
I've gotten so bored. And lonely.
And I've made Blue uncomfortable.
Gray Taylor 12/03/18 Jasper
Mackenzie 12/02/18 You are the sweetest, most perfect person ever.
You deserve all the compliments.
You deserve more than all the compliments.
Look how handsome you are.
You look sexy with your hair pushed back.
Mackenzie 12/02/18 Jasper Dear
Okay. Just be careful.
I'll be fine. I promise. 🖤
Mackenzie 12/02/18 Jasper Dear
Is this because of the thing?
I swear, Jasp. I didn't do it.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Jasper
I'll explain later.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Jasper
Are you able to come to Moscow?
It's a lot to explain via text.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Jasper
Are you busy?
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Jasper Dear
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Jasper Dear
There's a whole lot of inspiration at your favorite bar.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Jasper Dear
Glad you appreciate.
I worked hard to develop it.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Jasper Dear
I smell hanky panky.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 "I called you better than pretty, Jasp," instinctively, she moves to adjust the straps that dig into his shoulders. If he's going to wear this, he's going to do it right. "You're a vision, remember?" Satisfied, she glances the picture and grins, immediately sending it off to Camille.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Snatching the bag quickly, Mackenzie makes a face as she takes her handful and stuffs it in her mouth. These things still make her want to gag, but she is such a fan of the high. Despite the taste, she snaps the picture, swallowing before dropping down to the floor and scooting over to sit beside him. The phone rises in the air, camera aimed right at them, and she presses her lips to his cheek as she snaps the ridiculous selfie. “How are the gummies?”
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Brisk steps bring her around the corner, pull her forward, and stop her right before him as she pockets her phone. Biting down on her lip, Mackenzie looks him over before glancing over his shoulder at someone passing by at the other end of the hall. “You put Cam to shame, Jasp. What a vision.” Her sights pull back up to him, the corner of her mouth quirking upwards.

Without warning, her phone is retrieved again and the flash lights up space momentarily.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Jasper Dear
Took you long enough to ask.
Let me just sniff you out.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Jasper Dear
That’s her husband. Atticus.
Feel free to send nudes.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Jasper Dear
Omfg is her phone in there?
Dear, make me proud.
Find her stash. She deals gummy bears or some sh-t.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Jasper Dear
Jasp, there was no fuzzy bra.
What did you open?
Where was it?
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Jasper Dear
But this is very important.
I promise, you won’t be disappointed.
This is the Christmas gift that precedes it all.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Jasper Dear
It is not for Christmas.
It is for right now.
Mackenzie 11/27/18 Jasper Dear
Stop. You’re making me blush. (Go on.)
I’ve noticed you didn’t open the gift at your desk.
You should. There’s a lot of love under that wrapping.
Mackenzie 11/27/18 Jasper Dear
I gave it to him.
I’m so glad you’re pleased. 🥰
Mackenzie 11/27/18 Jasper Dear
His name is Blue.
He strips. And is into pyrotechnics, from what I’ve gathered.
Mackenzie 11/27/18 Jasper Dear
I've brought home someone pretty.
Mackenzie 11/26/18 Jasper Dear
You’re a lucky man, Dear.
Mackenzie 11/25/18 Jasper Dear
Where are you?
Meet me at the apartment.
Gray Taylor 11/23/18 Jasper
Have you had sufficient space?
I f-cking hate London.
Mackenzie 11/20/18 Small, familiar hands would land upon Jasper's shoulders as she steps up behind him, moving up into his hair as if it is the single greatest thing ever to be felt (it is). A soft laugh would escape Mackenzie, and her hands drop, moving to encircle him as she leans down to whisper. "Hi, Dear."

High. As. A. Kite.
Mackenzie 11/19/18 “No work today.” Her voice is coming from somewhere in a sea of blankets. “We are taking the f-cking day.”
Mackenzie 11/18/18 Mackenzie cannot help the roll of her eyes as he puts on his show. Honestly, it’s pathetic. But he does use this quite a bit, and she does realize it will inconvenience him. It’s the smile that saves him.

“...It can wait.” Without a second thought, she reaches for his hand and tugs him back toward their dwelling.
Mackenzie 11/18/18 A small grin appears as she turns to face Jasper, sights flickering over him briefly. He isn’t sleeping. She can tell. This would be made quick. “I want to cut off access to certain streets,” she points up toward the grate. “There are too many ways into our home. I realize you use this often, so how heartbroken would you be if I killed it?”
Mackenzie 11/18/18 Jasper Dear
Depends. What gets you here faster?
Mackenzie 11/18/18 Jasper Dear
I require your presence at the 45th Street grate.
Mackenzie 11/13/18 You were successful in stealing $6,093.00 from Jasper Thompson.
Mackenzie 11/13/18 Jasper Dear
Please don't call it that.
It's disturbing. I'm disturbed.
Mackenzie 11/13/18 Jasper Dear
So... only women that are menopausal?
But they taste so lifeless...
Mackenzie 11/13/18 Jasper Dear
For you, Dear, I'll give up women.
But only for you.
Mackenzie 11/13/18 Jasper Dear
What if I accidentally murder someone?
What then?
Real question.
Mackenzie 11/12/18 Jasper Dear
Why not? It'll be fun.
I'll just wait a couple days.
Mackenzie 11/12/18 Jasper Dear
I hate her and want her to die.
Mackenzie 11/12/18 Jasper Dear
Going to need you to take me out again.
Mackenzie 11/11/18 Jasper Dear
What a gentleman. 🖤
Mackenzie 11/11/18 Jasper Dear
But I need you.
Mackenzie 11/11/18 Jasper Dear
You should advise them that their appointments have been cancelled.
Mackenzie 11/11/18 Jasper Dear
Too late. Who is Rachelle?
And Daphne?
And f-cking Monica?
Mackenzie 11/11/18 Jasper Dear
You’ve also been a perfect gentleman to me.
Let me clear your busy schedule for you.
Mackenzie 11/11/18 Jasper Dear
Come on. Be a gent, love.
Mackenzie 11/10/18 Jasper Dear
You should take me out on the town.
Mackenzie 11/07/18 Jasper Dear
For you, anything.
Meet me at the apartment.
You remember where it is, right?
Mackenzie 11/07/18 Jasper Dear
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Mackenzie 11/07/18 Jasper Dear
Some young, pretty thing. Preferably a desperate one. 😇
Mackenzie 11/07/18 Jasper Dear
You are too good to me.
Mackenzie 11/07/18 Jasper Dear
I didn’t say I’m dead.
Mackenzie 11/07/18 Jasper Dear
Too late. I’ve wasted away.
Mackenzie 11/06/18 Jasper Dear
Are you ever coming home?
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Because Gray wants Jasper to break up with him.
See answer number one.
F-ck yes, he is.

His resolve is shot.

Why would you say that?
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Gray stares at the message, surprise evident. He seriously thinks.. it's fine. It's completely fine. It best to let it go on this way. It would only speed things up and get his partner out of the fire sooner. So, despite the twisting of his gut and the sinking of his heart, Gray sets the phone down.

Read 12:29 pm
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Indeed. And when you're ruined, remember.
I told you so.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Like mother, like son.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
As if I care.
Still the best I've ever had.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Too late.
Lilith is here for seconds.
Love you.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
I could be.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Though I'll take it with a grain of salt.
She's not known for good taste.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
I know how to treat women.
Wonder what Mackenzie would say about you.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Does Lilith prefer black diamonds, or standard?
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
I hope you're very f-cking happy together.
Enjoy it. I hear she's incredibly vanilla.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Tell your mother I say hello.
She's f-cking delicious.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
I'm saving for Fallout.
And I have.
Nothing to write home about.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
Get the f-ck on. I already bought a new TV because of you.
What's the login.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Jasper
What's your login?
Mackenzie 11/03/18 There is no reservation as he thieves the square, but rather, she takes it right back once he's done. Sharing, after all, is caring. "Lilly's tastes best be met," raising a brow toward him, she puffs away before offering her smoke up once more. "And I require something specific as well."

Smirking, she looks at him pointedly. He opened this can of stripper worms, and he would deliver. "Thanks, Santa."
Gray Taylor 11/02/18 Jasper
You got Netflix?
Mackenzie 11/02/18 Lighting a cigarette from where she lounges on the bed, Mackenzie turns her head to look over Jasper before wagging her eyebrows. "So, about the strippers..."
Mackenzie 11/02/18 "Oh, you f-ckin' b-stard," Turning to follow him, she watches as he opens the drawer and peers inside at her mussed up stash. The door is closed behind her, and steps are taking to cross the room. A heavy pillow lifted from the bed before it is launched at the back of Jasper's head. "Pick something. We're going to have fun."
Mackenzie 11/02/18 "...Things. Jerk." Crossing her arms, she pouts. "And I swear they aren't in the order I left them."
Mackenzie 11/02/18 "JASPER." Mackenzie crosses the hall from her room to their shared office, eyes narrowing at the sight of him. "...were you in my top drawer?"
Mackenzie 11/02/18 But I love you.
Mackenzie 11/02/18 Watch the goods.

Jasper Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear me in the office in 5.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
Whatever. I'm high af.
It's great.
I told him I would cut him in his sleep.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
Jameson Orlav.
He's my prodigy. Kind of. I don't know.
He's just another b-tch.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
Don't f-ck this up, dear.
I smell Jameson and he cannot have Virgil.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
Wow. Just wow.
It hurts.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
I don’t know? Maybe? One way to find out.
That explains several failed relationships.
You tell me if I know how men work.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
He doesn’t have a mum, so that’s out.
Are you going to woo him or not?!
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
F-ck off and get me this pet.
I’m just love psychopaths. 😘
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Jasper Dear
There is a Virgil and I need him.
He’s like a Teen Beat version of Pennywise.
Help. Me.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 She really had thought she lost it, but Mackenzie simply got lucky when one of their own returned the head to her, her name crudely carved across its clammy forehead. She tosses it by the hair to Jasper as she approaches, a wild grin on her face. There is no time given to contemplate before he is met with a powerful hug just moments after. “Good morning, Dear!”
Mackenzie 10/26/18
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Groaning, he glances toward the middle aged man at the bar, clearly waiting for his golden ticket that comes in the form of Gray. Sighing, he glances toward his phone again. He's in the doghouse, he knows it.

One more thing.
I'm sorry.
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Gray frowns at his phone, typing out several replies that would never get sent. Finally, he settles.

Good. I'll see you soon.
I love you.

He means it.
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Jasper
You have your key with you?
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Jasper
Where can I find you?
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Jasper
Where are you going?
I'm flying in tomorrow afternoon.
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Jasper

I'm coming, tomorrow.
Gray Taylor 10/24/18 Jasper
Are you still in New York?
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Dobby the Bed Elf
Sure. You can explore my Chamber of Secrets anytime.
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Lucius MyBoy
You can expecto my patronum.
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Snape Dear
Fine. But you're wearing this.
[Screenshot attached]
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Pimp Daddy
But it's nearly all my skin. Not some. All.
...Can we at least murder a nice family or something?
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Hell Beast
So sorry for trying to be an honest woman.
Is it so wrong to have some virtue?
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Cradle Robber
No. Look at that thing.
It leaves nothing to the imagination.
It might as well be lingerie.
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Spinster
I'm not a spinster.
I'm a maneater.
..I'm not wearing this outside.
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Jasper Dear
You passed the test.
I'd have to clock you if you called me a Hufflepuff.
And no? I stay in.
Too many freaks. I don't like that taste.
Mackenzie 10/20/18 Jasper Dear
[Screenshots attached]

Jasper Dear
Which Hogwarts house?
These costumes are so tiny.
Do women actually wear these outside?
Mackenzie 10/18/18 “I have no idea,” Mackenzie laughs out the words, giving him a squeeze and lifting her head to press a ridiculous kiss to his cheek. This guy. Pulling out of his grasp, she takes his hand and begins to tug at him. “Let’s f-cking gooooooo. I’m starved.” A smirk would be passed to the man, and before anything else could be said, she is pulling him along.
Mackenzie 10/18/18 Mackenzie grins when she hears him attempt to sing. Poor dear, he really is doing his best. It doesn’t much matter, anyway. He’s grabbed her up and is spinning her heels before dipping and turning her. She f-cking loves every second of it. Breathless laughter continues to escape her and she steps forward to wrap him up in a grateful hug. “I might have. How about lunch, and Netflix? Chill, a bit.” Leaning back, she looks up at him with a mischievous glint in her eye.
Mackenzie 10/17/18 "Keep trying, dear," Mackenzie grins as she feels the familiar hand attempting her pocket, turning to lean in toward Jasper and lowering her voice to a whisper. "Maybe you'll actually get something, soon."
Mackenzie 10/16/18 Jasper Dear
Good. If it doesn’t, I’ll be forced to step in.
I have it all planned out.
Mackenzie 10/16/18 Jasper Dear
Don’t threaten me with a good time. 🖤
How’s your conquest?
Mackenzie 10/16/18 Jasper Dear
So, he’s here. But it’s fine.
I’ll let you know if anything happens.
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
Two seconds.
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
He’s just angry, is all.
Wouldn’t you be?

Jasper Dear
Wait. Meet me in the office?
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
I really feel you shouldn’t go near London for a little while.
It’d make me feel better.
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
I told you, Jasp.
I just need to go gather my things from the apartment.
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
Actually. I’m going to London.
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
Thank you, dear. 🖤
Mackenzie 10/14/18 Jasper Dear
I think it best if you not go there. Just for a little while.
Mackenzie 10/13/18 Jasper Dear
You're not going to London anytime soon, are you?
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 Gray stares at his phone, mind numb and body rebelling against him. He is on a bender, and each time he begins to sober up, Jasper resurfaces in his mind. Jasper, and the sh-tty things he said to him. This is one of those times.

Those three telling dots would show up on Jasper's phone if he were to look at precisely the right time. Several messages typed and swiftly deleted by Gray; none are good enough. And then, they would disappear.

Once more, he turns to the bottle.
Mackenzie 10/11/18 Why didn’t you say something?
Dammit, Jasp. Let’s f-cking escape.
I’m wounded. You wound me.
Mackenzie 10/07/18 Ninety-nine problems, and I'm not one.

You were successful in stealing $99.00 from Jasp Thompson.
Gray Taylor 10/05/18 Jasper
I'm in my office.
Victor is here. Give me an hour?
Mackenzie 10/04/18 Steal it back, Dear.
Love you more.
Mackenzie 10/04/18 First of all, I will cut him. Second of all, I’m not coddling you. I’m spending your money.
Mackenzie 10/04/18 No. You’re not. And yes, you can. Why are you so touchy? What’s going on? Who is coddling you?
Mackenzie 10/04/18 Anything you need, I’ll order it. Think of me as your human piggy bank.
Mackenzie 10/03/18 Could you like... at least carry a $20 on you or something?
Mackenzie 10/01/18 Things are awkward. Moscow is cold in more ways than one, and Mackenzie needs nothing more than to keep her mood light. This is why booze was invented, though vodka is not her drink of choice, it seems that is what she gets. But, seeing Jasper walking her way, she bites back a smirk and waits until they are passing to land a resounding slap to his backside before lifting what little cash she can grab.

You were successful in stealing $92.00 from Jasp Thompson.
Mackenzie 09/30/18 Jasper Dear
OMG yes.
Marathon night. Door is unlocked.
Mackenzie 09/30/18 Jasper Dear
You know where I am.
Come get sloppy with me.
I'm wearing my Dobby socks.
Mackenzie 09/30/18 Jasper Dear
I'm drunk, okay?
Mackenzie 09/30/18 Jasper Dear
The compound.
Wait. Hang on. I left the goddamn TV on.
Mackenzie 09/30/18 Jasper Dear
Why is it so f-cking loud in this place?
What the actual f-ck.
Mackenzie 09/28/18 "I'll text the time too you," she mutters, glancing at her watch before setting about to gather her things. "I love you more, Jasp." She kisses into the phone before hanging up, pocketing her phone as her stony gaze would set about the area for anything she might have left behind.

Next stop, Moscow.
Mackenzie 09/28/18 "Thank f-ck," she mutters, leaning her head into the phone as she continues to hear her best friend speak. Brow raising, she is already feeling feisty. Need to go to Moscow? In her world, that means someone is getting f-cking stomped. "Out with it, Jasp."

Spring is dead.

She stops. Mackenzie is still as a statue for seconds before she turns her head to look at her intended meal. "Hold on just a second..."

There is a ruffle of noise as she sets the phone on the nearest surface, her hand peeling off the man's mouth before she takes his head in her hands. There would be a scream, cut off by a loud snap, followed by a minute of silence before she picks the phone up once again. This is normal, she reminds herself. Completely, utterly normal.

"I'm on my way."
Mackenzie 09/28/18 Mackenzie is having the time of her life. When her phone rings, she picks up, pressing it to her ear despite the breathless giggles that are erupting from her endlessly. Who knew murder could be so hilarious? "Jasp, dear, I f-cking miss you so much right now."

And then, he speaks. Her laughter ceases slowly, the tone of his voice catching her. She knows this man. She knows him well. This is not the tone of her sweet, handsome Jasper dear.

Her dinner begins to scream for help, and Mackenzie's hand moves fast to clamp over it, a steady glare aimed at the man. Chewing at her lip, she looks upward, preparing herself for the blow that is to come. "You're breaking up with me, then?"
Gray Taylor 09/25/18 His phone is chiming, and he cannot quite grasp the concept of talking with these people. He can't. Gray is totally shut down, unwilling to discuss anything. So, with a glance at Jasper, he pushes the phone toward the man before lifting the limp form of Spring. There are things that must be done. "Handle them. Don't tell them. Not yet."
Katherine Murray 09/25/18 Jasp
I understand.
About the toy.
Because I have one.
But not the fire.
I have literally burned down houses around me.
How do you burn yourself up?
Oh, yes, she failed to mention that part.
Gray Taylor 09/25/18 Jasper
Thank you.
Gray Taylor 09/25/18 Jasper
I don’t know what happened.
Just get here.
Gray Taylor 09/25/18 Jasper
No. It’s not. I can’t meet you at the airport. I’m sorry.
Gray Taylor 09/25/18 Jasper
I need you.
Katherine Murray 09/25/18 Jasp
What is the new toy?
Irish said to ask.
Because apparently it is coming between our playtime.
Mackenzie 09/23/18 "Oye," Mackenzie looks over her shoulder from where she is, leaning over her desk in attempt to reach something that had fallen between it and the wall. Nevermind doing things the easy way. "...I suppose you're allow that."

Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 09/21/18 Upon his arrival, Mackenzie’s squeal of delight over Jasper’s presence is perfectly audibly. Her arms would snake around his waist, hugging the man warmly. With a grin, she looks up at him as her hands dip into his back pockets. “Two blocks? That was a long two blocks.”

Moments later, she would reveal her high dollar theft and wink. “You are too good to me.”
Mackenzie 09/21/18 Jasper Dear
You got it.
I'll be the one in red, waiting for her Jasper.
Mackenzie 09/21/18 Jasper Dear
And me, an honest woman.
Hurry up. I miss you.
Mackenzie 09/21/18 Jasper Dear
We can work on that.
Dear, you know that you've had my heart from the start.
Mackenzie 09/21/18 Jasper Dear
Is that what we're calling it now?
You are allowed to work from wherever the distraction is, you know. Of course, I understand why you don't.
Hurry up. Dinner in our office. Extra fresh.
Mackenzie 09/21/18 Jasper Dear
Sure do love doing your paperwork, Dear.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "Good," Gray smirks, looking over him momentarily before rolling out of the bed and heading to the shower. "Don't forget it."
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "Not everything," Gray smirks, catching the man's lips with his own and lingering, as if proving his point. "This will not change."
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "Trust me," he mutters, assuming Jasper might be insinuating the worst. "Nothing is going to change."
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Setting his phone aside, Gray lets out a groan from his place beside Jasper. The bed is warm, comfortable, but he finds the need to move. Turning onto his side, he would trail kisses along the man's jaw as he speaks. "I'm going to Moscow. Just for a couple days. I just want to fix things with Spring."
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Gray opens the door, glaring at the man immediately. He stands there for only a moment before making a grab for Jasper’s shirt and pulling him in to wrap him up in his arms, kicking the door closed behind him. “F-cking *******.”
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
Read 6:46 PM
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
Read 6:41 PM
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
Somehow, I started to get very sleepy.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
Anything to make you hurry the f-ck up.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
[image attached]
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
Get over here.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Jasper
You should come to the apartment.
Mackenzie 09/16/18 Jasper Dear
What a stick in the mud you are.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
Fine. I'll shave my head.
No I won't. I can't. I love my hair.
But I'd still go out.
What's it going to take to get you away from the enemy?
I already purchased the thing.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
You are, if you're hiding away from KitKat.
Jasper, if you weren't sleeping with the enemy, I'd hit that.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
Dear, we can get you a wig, and false eyelashes, and microblading.

Jasper Dear
Honestly, if you weren't devilishly handsome, I'd tell you.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
I forgot to mention Kat reached out. She's in NY.
Wants to meet with us.
When are you free?
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
Rude, Dear. Rude.
I live for discomfort.

Jasper Dear
Victor is an excellent snuggler.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
Listen, I'd be happy to go into graphic detail for you.
F-ck him. He's an *******. Look what he did to you.
We're going to snuggle. Period.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
Listen. Now is the time for honesty.
Who the f-ck am I supposed to cuddle with?
Mackenzie 09/14/18 Jasper Dear
You are handsome. Always.
But, between us, I never did care for that hair thing.
Mackenzie 09/13/18 Jasper Dear
🖤 You are everything.
Mackenzie 09/13/18 Jasper Dear
But I’m your number one hag, right?
Elisa Stratten 09/10/18 B-tch
Don't worry...I'm full of surprises.
Elisa Stratten 09/10/18 B-tch
Can't prove it was me, but a b-tch never reveals her secrets.
Elisa Stratten 09/10/18 B-tch
There may or may not be some rather loud crickets set loose under your bed. Friendly warning. With love,

THE B-tch next door.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
Honestly, it’s like you don’t know me.
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 Staring at the screen, Gray doesn’t know quite what to do. This is a lot. More than a lot. It is heavy, and he feels that weight easily. Feelings don’t come easily to the man, and he finds himself quite still as he processes.

Read 1:23 PM
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
Listen. If ever we are both single again, I’m going to marry your ass and eat all your cats.
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 Jasper
You made it abundantly clear you wanted space. And you know exactly how you presented it, Jasper. You are as petty as I am passive aggressive.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
Honestly, it sucks, but sometimes we need to be completely transparent in our emotions for people to understand. I f-cking hate it. But. It works.
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 Jasper
And you informing me of your departure to home. You realize that’s the firs thing you’ve said to me since, don’t you?
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 Jasper
There wasn’t much opportunity for that.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
LMAO this is why I love you, but that’s not how you get what you want. F-ck I love you so f-cking much.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
How’d you do that, dear?
Why did he walk away?
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
Okay, but what just happened? Help me, help you.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
He doesn’t seem the type to beg on his knees, Jasp.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
Did he break up with you? Because that’s a serious offense.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
So I can break his kneecaps now?
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 Gray waves over his shoulder, bowing his head but not stalling in his step once. He knows this game. He’s aware of it. But that doesn’t make it any less bothersome. “Seemed pretty straight forward to me, Jasper.”
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 Gray barely manages a grunt of acknowledgement as he stares, giving Jasper a small nod before turning and walking past him, lighting a cigarette up as he makes his way to nowhere in particular.
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 “Don’t insult me. You know what I’m getting at.” Gray frowns, the desire to hate the man rising at a rapid rate.
Gray Taylor 09/10/18 “Excuse me?” Slate eyes settle coldly on Jasper, shoulders tensing. The fvck is this supposed to mean?
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Jasper Dear
No. I shan’t.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper
Ouch. And here, I thought our friendship transcended all that.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
It’s one of two things. They either fear me, or hate someone as much as me.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
I knew I liked him.
Fine. I will tell him.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
Will do. Right after you tell Jeeves to pass on my message.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
I don't want to see him from any angle.
Gross, Jasper. Gross.
I've a Redcoat, and he is perfect at any and all angles.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
Listen, he's far prettier than your Jew.
Just saying.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
Aleister Carlyle.
He has an actual business card.
Tall drink of water, that one.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
I think I know the perfect revenge.
He's tall, dark, handsome, and has beautiful blue eyes.
And he's about to owe me a lap dance.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
You’re my knight.
Getting on the next plane. I’m keeping my service on.
You be safe. Don’t set yourself on fire.
I love your hair as it is. So much fun to pull.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
Did he? He f-cking knows better.
I’ll make him know better.
I’ll be with you ASAP, love.
[Location sharing requested]
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Jasper Dear
I’m here. Checking out the old tunnels. Where are you and who do I need to murder?
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
In a good way, or?
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Anything, now that I think about it.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
But you didn’t say I’m wrong.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
The sweet sound of winning.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I am. You like me too much to be otherwise.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
You’ll be fine.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
But did you die.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I kind of enjoyed the attitude.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Are we done fighting now?
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I know. You, too, Jasper.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Pot, kettle.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Oh good. So this is just your charm.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I fvcking try. No need to take it out on me.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
And I don’t want you to be there either but I am trying to do what is right for you.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Abandon you? Fvck right off. You know I didn’t want to leave. And you know well why I tell you to stay there. Want me to come back? Fine. But you better be prepared to fvcking bury me.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Love it when you get sh-tty with me.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Done yet?
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Let’s dine. Then, we talk.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Okay. But how about I talk yours off.
We can be miserable together.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Jasper dearest, I lend you my ear.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 And you doubted me.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Yes, but I was thinking we could terrorize them first and then let them run. Fear is delicious.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Well, for starters, the other neighbors.
The might be locked in the basement.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Listen. I was hungry. But the other neighbors are alive and well. For now.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Okay. Fine. I definitely murdered the neighbors.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 I think I just murdered the neighbors.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Good. I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I don’t fvcking like it, Jasper. You have to think long term.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
You leave now, and when this blows over he will have me in there for some extended period of time because you can’t be there. Be patient.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
You won’t be able to return to the States again.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Because you are anxious.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
You were highly against it.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
You know why. You aren’t to leave the state.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Don’t do that.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Booking flight out now.

I just got called to Moscow.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Not every ending is a complete fvck up. She threw herself off a roof.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Read 2:18 PM
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Cheap arse.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 He smirks.

Read 12:16 PM
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Read 11:57 AM
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Depends. You like her more than me?
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
She had stock photos in her wallet.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
And now, she’s talking about her cat.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
So, this woman is crying to me about her children as if I don’t know she doesn’t have any.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I’m confident in your innocence. And they’ll be sorry if they aren’t, too.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
You’ll only implicate yourself further.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
It’s criminal.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Do I need to answer that?
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
I know, Jasper. I know. I’m sorry.
Gray Taylor 09/05/18 Jasper
Landed. How are you?
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Read 11:11 AM
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
I hope you’re not insinuating that I am capable of doing anything less than better than my best.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Yes. I did. And it was thoroughly enjoyable. Hoping for a repeat performance.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
What do you mean by that?
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Don't know what you are talking about.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
You did an amazing job last night.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Try to contain yourself.

Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
We can discuss tonight.
Preferably while her majesty is in earshot.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Thompson.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Sure, it is. It's highly valuable.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
I’ve always had a type.
Then why the f-ck are you two acting like that?
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Do you?
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
Not my type.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 Jasper
We aren’t going to get into this. There is no comparison.
Gray Taylor 09/02/18 Jasper
She leaves a path of destruction in her wake. She is impossible to ignore. But as far as we are concerned, I thought it was my dapper charm and good looks.
Gray Taylor 09/02/18 Jasper
She said no? I heard that she goes through husbands like there’s no tomorrow. And did he? How big of him.
Gray Taylor 09/02/18 Jasper
She’s still here? Seriously?
Doesn’t she have a new husband to get to?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
You speak my goddamn language. Sleepover and a burial.
Boarding now. See you soon, handsome!
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
I’m so goddamn excited to see you.
Where are we hunting first?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
That is as nice as it gets about this fling of yours.
You are a goddamn catch and he best recognize that.
I’m not above murder.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
I hope we are never married, but if we are, I’m not worried.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Some things never change.
And just in case we end up alone together, I just want to make clear that I’m not actually a nightmare of a wife.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Me f-cking too. Men are exhausting. Except for you. 😘
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Ugh. Fine. But if we both end up spinsters, we are swearing off everyone else and marrying to the death.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
I wish it were. Can’t I find you a nice boy toy? A fun one?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
If stick up the arse is your thing. Does he even know what fun is?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Keep it up and I’ll murder him.
...but really. Him?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Then I am going to pretend you lied and live a happy life.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Nope. No. Just no. I’m going to need you to lie, now.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
No. I wanted you to tell me the truth.
He must be boring and predictable.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
What do the Americans say now? Fake news? That.
And gross, Jasper. I shan’t imagine anything.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Love your face off.
How is he? Is he as boring as he seems?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Fine. I will be nicer.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
It’s in my head. And that’s different. First impressions.
Taylor is far beyond that point.
Vic always knew he bats for the home team. Huh.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
You have to let me threaten him at least once. It’s in the rules. 😟
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Tell me, which appendage does he value most?
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
I’m practicing my overprotective threat speech in my head.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Read 8:53 AM

Jasper Dear
Of course I’ll be nice. If you’re happy, I’m happy.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper
You already know the answer to that. Tell. You tease.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
That’s settled.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
Not worried. Never worried.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
Just don’t leave me alone with that harpy. I can’t promise her safety.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
Our life is sudden.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 No.

Anything for you.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 F-ck. Dammit. Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Estimated arrival?
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
I promised never to lie.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
Why yes. I would love for her to stay with us. By all means.
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper
Bless. See you soon, Jasp. 🖤
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
Wait. What? This woman is literally going to be my undoing.
Gray Taylor 08/30/18 Jasper
Mackenzie 08/30/18 Jasper Dear
Early in the am. 4:30. They must hate vampires, huh?
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Jarred on my bedside. I know.
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
You had me since forever.
You goddamn gentleman.
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Um. Yea. I’d hit that.
Sleepover? Or do you prefer space for your one night stands?
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Bless. For the best. Rot in peace.
Listen. I’ve decided we are going to go find you a man.
Can’t get in trouble when you’re getting busy.
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Oooo. You got caught?
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Say no more. We are going to have so much fun, it’ll be criminal. See what I did there? But like... **** New Orleans. Seriously. I thought you had better taste.
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
You are dapper and charming.
But really. What can I do? Don't say nothing.
And none of that thoughts and prayers bullsh-t.
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Legal trouble? Perfect.
Here's the plan.
I get on the jury.
Will there be a jury?
Can I be a character witness?
Mackenzie 08/29/18 Jasper Dear
Where are you? Where have you been all my life?
Not in Moscow. That's for sure.
Mackenzie 08/28/18 Jasper Dear
Miss you more.
Mackenzie 08/25/18 Jasper Dear
I just found a guy that looks like the Human Centipede guy.
Dinner is served. 🍴
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
You crushed the coffee and the pastry.
I took you for a simple man. Sorry.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
You do. And I demand nothing less than four stars.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Land at 7:24am. Seven hours to the next flight.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Something just came up and I have a layover in New Delhi.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
[Image Attch'd]
We're all here.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Oh. Well. Carry on.
I'm at dinner.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Lose signal?
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
I'm not one to waste my time.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Her mom is a good cook.
They also think we are still dating.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper

We dated. Recently.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Wow. Just wow.

That's the direction you're going?
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
To the ballet?
And dinner at her parents?
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
I take her out for appreciation events.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
Don't be f-cking ridiculous.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
No. I'm offering Alice to be your secretary.
Under my advisement.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
But they literally announce where they are going at the start of the flight.

You're never buying your tickets again.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 Jasper
How do you not know where you landed?
Gray Taylor 08/24/18
Mackenzie 08/22/18 "Don't you dare talk about Marky Mark that way," Mackenzie readjusts, turning her glare to the TV. "But... well, you usually have a good nose for that sh-t. I don't think Spring would do it, but she can definitely help..."

Without hesitation, she tugs her phone from her pocket and proceeds to text her twin b-tch. "I am sure she can make some magic happen. This is our good deed for the day, Jasp."
Mackenzie 08/22/18 "I try to be culturally relevant..." she mutters, taking the bottle as the opening credits roll. Taking a drink, she tosses him a look before turning her attention. "Besides, you'd just turn on f-cking Transformers."

Smirking at the mention of Gray, she tilts her head back and looks at him. "He doesn't like anyone. He just walks around with a stick up his arse all day, throwing people dirty looks and getting Spring all riled up about latkes. He's washed up, Jasp, and he knows it. It's sad, really."
Mackenzie 08/22/18 That electric, icy stare meets Jasper's dark squall as she drinks straight from the bottle. Vodka isn't precisely her cup of tea, but she is feeling different. She wants a change. "What were you doing in the lab? It's a f-cking lab, Jasp. Of course there's going to things. I mean, it takes effort to wake them up, now..."

She follows him inside, closing the door behind her with her foot. Within seconds, she is on the couch and tucking herself against him comfortably. Remote in hand, she navigates the TV until she finds an acceptable chick flick: 10 Things I Hate About You.

"Honestly," she sighs, taking one more sip before passing the bottle off, "I'll go kill them tomorrow. It's fine."
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
F-cking waiting.
Gray Taylor 08/22/18 In the safety of Death, Gray Taylor walks through the hall with a gun in hand. He isn't far from his destination. Paces, really. The man is on autopilot, until he sees another walking toward him, going the opposite direction. A set of steel eyes would lock into his, a fiery brew of emotions storming behind them upon recognition. Not a word is spoken before he disappears into the lab.

There's a thing, in a fridge, that must be dealt with. Gray Taylor locks the door behind him.
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
This is why you're my best.
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
You're not dressed?
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
Literally standing in the door.
Waiting. Expectantly.
Vodka and pj's.
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
Let's roll.
wtf is a spaghetti man?
Are you talking about the guy she's banging?
Haven't met him.
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
Shut up. Where are you? I need a good f-cking cuddle.
And some gossip. You got gossip?
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
It wouldn't be a need if things were normal.
It'd be a demand. Or a chair through the window.
Mackenzie 08/22/18 Jasp
Come on, now. You know where I am.
What’s wrong?
Katherine Murray 08/19/18 Jasper
It would probably be better in person.
His name is Derek.
Beautiful, he is.
I think he said it is 420 Me St.
Or you can send it to the Den in NY.
I tend to stay there. A lot.
You get settled. Then we drink.
Got to catch up with the rude Irish one too.
The Redcoat likes if you bite his fingers.
Just saying.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Jasp
Love you too, Jasp.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Jasp
He won't like you if you kill Grace.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Jasp
No. He must like you. I demand it.
I'll get my way. Somehow. It's what I do.
Katherine Murray 08/19/18 Jasper
My Spaghetti Man is in Cali.
You would like him.
I think.
What the hell is in Moscow?
Are we burning Russia?
Send postcards!
Give the traitor Irish a kiss for me.
Have you met her Redcoat?
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Jasp
Can't kill her. He won't let me.
I'll explain later. I f-cking hate her.
Let me butter him up.
Katherine Murray 08/19/18 Jasper
Got called to Cali.
I owe you a drink soon.
Bring the wee Irish.
About time we burned something down.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Jasp
But there's a b-tch in London I can't trust.
Around my Redcoat, I mean.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Jasp
Do you have to go to Moscow?
Gray Taylor 08/19/18 “So you are to blame for her inability to be loyal? Good to know.” The corners of his mouth turn upward into a Cheshire grin, and he steps in just slightly, shameless. His hands are shoved into his pockets, elbows tucked in but relaxed. Gray is taking the bait, on purpose.

But he says nothing. Instead, he merely takes a slightly closer look. The man is interesting, that is for certain. The exact opposite of himself, to be precise. “What makes you special, Jasper?”
Gray Taylor 08/19/18 “It’s my job.”

At the mention of Mackenzie, Gray barely flinches. His opinions of the woman are strong, and he could alienate half the Realm with them. Or, make friends. It all depends on who he is talking to. He’s not judging. Not at all. “Lucky you. Tell me, does she miss her Sanctuary?”
Gray Taylor 08/19/18 “You are completely full of sh-t,” Gray annunciates clearly, each consonant sounding off softly but directly. He isn’t quite sure how this man found his way here, but it doesn’t take much to realize that this would be his burden. “How did you come to find Spring? Follow my wallet?”
Gray Taylor 08/19/18 There is a telling sigh that escapes Gray as that steady, stormy gaze remains fixed on Jasper. The man is aggressive, and the things he’s heard are common, if not irritating. “Gray Taylor,” his sights flicker over Jasper briefly. “And you are?”
Gray Taylor 08/19/18 “Spring let you in?” Gray muses as he studies the man, recognizing him instantly and taking the liberty of observing him. “Maybe you are patient.”
Mackenzie 08/18/18 "Oh, I did wish her the best. Literally."

Grinning, she meets his gaze with an equally wicked look and pushes herself to stand, marching over to where her heels wait to be retrieved. It takes seconds to shove them upright and slip her feet into them.

"I f-cking love murder. Jasp, you speak to my soul."
Mackenzie 08/18/18 Mackenzie half-tosses the phone to rest upon the surface of the table, watching it slide to a rest before meeting Jasper's gaze. "Julian is the reason Sine Metu fell. You know that? It is his fault." She would never forgive the boy for that. He'd practically slept with the enemy, inviting them in.

Mackenzie is seething. More and more, she is finding the flaws in those she once counted as friends. They would lay their blame on her, but she would turn right around and set the record straight. And so, she would go right into it all. Edward, and how he intentionally drove down standings. The way he declared war, and why. And how, after all that, no one bothered to check in. "It's not loyalty that's dead, Jasp. It's honor."
Mackenzie 08/18/18 "Jasp!" Mackenzie hisses as she makes a beeline for the man, bare feet padding heavily with each rushed step. The woman practically vaults the coffee table to get to him, nearly colliding into him haphazardly. "Jasper. Jasp."

It is immediately clear that the weather is stormy with a 95% chance of salt, today. Mackenzie would thrust her phone into his hands as she makes her declaration. "Can you believe the nerve? It's like we never existed? And also sided with my ex-f-cking-husband? And then- Jasper. There is so much... so much..."

She can't even get the word out.

Mackenzie 08/17/18 You're right. He is going to be pissed.
UV blocking windows aren't cheap...
-Musing costs, still grinning-
-Turns to watch the door-
I've never actually seen him angry.
-Stands and cracks necks-
Challenge, accepted.
Mackenzie 08/16/18 Well, yea. It was an accident that I flooded the bathroom.
And I'm sure you didn't mean to break the window.
Your intention was making a grand entrance.
-Grins wickedly-
Mackenzie 08/16/18 Okay. Okay. Jasp. But.
-Shoves phone in his face-
He's in the elevator.
-Wide eyed-
Mackenzie 08/15/18 No... just making sure.
Could you, like, put your ass away.
Maybe the little bits in there will soak up that extra ego.
Mackenzie 08/15/18 Not into it.
-Scrunches nose-
Sorry, dear.
Why are we even... why is your ass...
Are we high?
Mackenzie 08/15/18 -Squeals, lunges for phone-
Or maybe you just can't wipe properly.
-Scrunches nose at butt selfies-
You are such an animal...but you're right.
-Looks up at him-
Smooth as a babies bottom.
Mackenzie 08/15/18 Jasp!
-Snatches at phone-
F-cking Christ. Don't do that to Elisa.
-Practically climbing him-
And poor f-ckin' Kat! Are those... is that...
Bits of bath tissue?
Katherine Murray 08/15/18 -smiles brightly- Oh, darling. You read my mind. Drinks. Lots of drinks. Lead the way.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Jasp, I love you, but I don't want that on my phone.
-Takes a step back, looks him over-
I never would have guessed you were hairy. Huh.
-Invades his personal space, takes selfie-
How does this Snapchat thing work, again...
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Please. I'm either too trusted, or neglected.
-Pulls out phone-
-Types text, shows, presses send-
Now, we place bets on response time.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 The Redcoat is going to just love you.
-Grins, moves to pinch his cheek-
So adorable.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 -Narrows eyes-
-Leans in-
Exactly f-cking what were you look for, dear?
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Jasper dear, you should probably know I don't keep cash in my back pocket.
Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 08/14/18 ...sometimes, I really don’t know what to make of you. Huh. Such an enigma.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Good thing I didn’t ask for your respect, Jasper, dear.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Hey. Sh-thead. Black strapless or red ****tail?
Katherine Murray 08/14/18 -arches brow-
Oh, dearie. More than words can express.
Katherine Murray 08/13/18 -stares-
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 “Patience.” A single reminder.

Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 “Am I?” Gray casts an amused stare, not moving from where he stands despite the clear challenge presented. A slow, twisted grin would curl the corners of his mouth upward before he finally looks away. Is that a rat tail? “Or maybe I just know that patience has quite the payoff.”
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 The man stops, stormy eyes flickering over the man who has intruded upon his personal space. And... nothing. No recognition. No concern. Just advice. “You are moving too fast.”

Jasp Thompson just failed at stealing money from you!
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